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We know Android is on of the best mobile operating systems. New upcoming Android versions are packed up with several impressive & exciting features announced regularly; their updates gives the enhanced operating platform for all Android users. But the updates does also come with their own Android issues. Nowadays two errors are most annoying issues of the common android errors which came into the Android devices repeatedly showing the popup message ‘com.google.process.gapps has stopped unexpectedly’ or ‘Unfortunately, the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped’ related to Google Play Services problem.
Fix the process of "com.google.process.gapps has stopped"
Android users are used to searching; What does com Google process Gapps has stopped mean? Why does my phone keep saying Google Play Services has stopped? How do you update Google Play service? How do I reinstall Google Play store? How do I fix my Google Play services? What can I do my Google Play is saying server error? Why is my Google Play Store Not Working? And so on...

Most of the times it's easy to fix Android errors, and sometimes it takes the time to get solve. But these errors are just two labeled but are the same issues and mostly occur when the applications are unable to connect to their servers or if they are not in sync mode of your android device settings even though the mobile Internet is working fine with other apps on the phone.

These Android issues are looks pretty hard but believe me, it’s very easy to solve. In this article, we will list out various solutions to fix the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped error. In case the first solution not worked for you then try the second, and that should help you. In short, the error occurs when the Google Play services have stopped & not working to fetch the system files.

When I was working on Google apps & to fix Android error myself, I found out different ways for different mobiles phones of which this can be fixed. So let’s go through different possible clarification to fix this dreaded error of ‘com.google.process.gapps has stopped unexpectedly’ and ‘Unfortunately, the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped’ keeps popping up. Here we have updated this article to make it work with a Lollipop, Marshmellow OS, HTC One M9, Hudl, Moto G, Samsung Nexus S, or Lenovo mobile phones.
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After updating the new OS, Android phones getting screen flicking problems with the display. Do you have an idea about why this flickering occurs? Yeah, I know, and that's why you are here. Don't worry, it's not a PROBLEM neither with your phone nor OS. When the screen is on low brightness, browsing through web pages causes the screen to flicker.
Fix Android Phone Screen Keeps Flashing
Android users used to search; why my screen is flickering? Why is my phone screen flicker? Why does my phone keep glitching out? What is a flickering screen? Why phone display randomly flashing?

With the new release of Android Oreo 8.0 or Jellybean 4.2, KitKat 4.4, Lollypop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0 or even custom firmware CM10* including ROM & TeamEOS 4; everyone is getting this problem where the screen starts flickering.

Screen display flicker/ glitches/ flashing can happen due to multiple reasons. The device screen would irregularly fluctuate between being bright – blurry – unclear – dim and this occurs more in a low light location. It's incredibly annoying. When the screen is on low brightness or low light on all latest Android, the browsing causes the screen to flicker because of the wicked setting in the brightness sensor.

Here’s our complete guide on how to fix Android screen flickering problem. So stop searching for Android screen flickering, or display flickering problem and learn how to fix constant screen flickering, flashing, jittering backlight error on screen display after updating Android ROM.
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Android & iOS systems are obviously the best mobile operating-systems for smartphone till now. It is easy to use therefore it is widely used systems at the moment. But wait, your mobile phone keeps rebooting & you don’t even know what to do. It supposed to be work anyhow, at least, it would be acceptable if there was a single reason or cause that tells why the phone keeps restarting randomly, but there is no quick solution that fixes it asap. So on this page, I'm going to discuss what are the most causing reasons making your phone keep rebooting and won't allow starting again. I’ll also be going to explain the possible solutions on how to fix the restarting problem of your Android/iOS phone.
Why does my Android phone keep rebooting automatically?
Users used to search; Why does my phone keep restarting itself? Why does my iPhone keep restarting on its own? Why is my phone turning on and off by itself? how to stop your iPhone X restarting itself? Why does my Samsung phone restart over and over again?

If your iPhone keeps restarting over and over again on iOS 10/11/12, then here I'm going to explain some quick suggestions to fix the iPhone X/8/7/6s/6 keeps restarting again & again problem.

Android (operating system) is a Linux based open source operating system specially designed for screen touch devices like tablets, computer, smartphones etc. Like all other systems, after some period of time, the version needs to be updated. That is the reason, there are so many versions of Android OS available from cupcake to latest marshmallow.

While updating and operating these updated devices and its functions, many times it is noticed that they come across many issues & the most familiar of them is "Android phones reboot automatically". So in this post, you will see why such problem occurs & how to get rid of it.

It looks great when your mobile devices work well in a way you want but it makes you frustrated when it creates randomly phone rebooting issues like this. These frustrating things create a doubt in mind about the device even though the Android operating or latest iOS system is a pleasure to use. The feeling is like a fired of the device. I would like to mention here that, this is not a big problem at all although it has to sort out ASAP to enjoy the greatness of the device. So let's see the reasons behind it and quick solution to fix the restarting issues of phones.
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And a message comes out showing: "Unfortunately, TouchWiz home has stopped" I was really annoyed by this error while using Samsung galaxy series that shows "Unfortunately, TouchWiz has stopped" too. First, it gets unresponsive then a popup message will display that error and it gets stopped and then it will get restarted. Furthermore, once your play store app down; one more error shows; "Unfortunately, TouchWiz has stopped" is also the same type of most annoying common Android errors... Grrrrr!!!
How to fix "Unfortunately, TouchWiz home has stopped"
Users used to search; How do I get rid of TouchWiz easy home? How do I change from TouchWiz easy home? What is Touch Wiz home? How do I restore TouchWiz? And so on...

Since the online market website like PlayStore owns by the Android development console, the Android developer console allows developers to easily build and share their apps directly with users. And it's easy to have Google app developer account for application install and test. Learn how to get rid of the most common Google play store Android errors.

Moreover, "Unfortunately App Has Stopped" is a different kind of error and have different solution. Now, here we have addressed the Android errors and solutions: Touchwiz home crashes on moving icons to folders, Galaxy S5 freezes then Android shows Touchwiz error pops up message, “Use Touchwiz Home as Home” TouchWiz crashes every time while uninstalling mobile apps.

It seems that Samsung has been suffering a lot of complaints about their TouchWiz Home launcher which has been slowing down their devices and this Android smartphone is not out of such problems fully, and that's why it showing such errors. Learn how to solve Android error with simple tweaks. Update: it works with almost all Android devices including Samsung Galaxy A5, Galaxy S5, S3, J2, J5, note 2, note 3, Galaxy S7, and also with Marshmallow, KitKat OS updates.
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Almost 80% people prefer Android system instead of other top mobile operating systems while buying smartphones. Android has become popular because of its user-friendly nature, cheaper than others, open source & so many reasons. But still, there are some issues too. Android has vast app collection. But some Android errors & apps spoil all moods. Today we will discuss one of the most common error faced by Android users that are parsing.
"There Was A Problem Parsing The Package" | Parse Error Solved
Android users used to search; what does problem parsing the package mean What is a parse error? How to fix parse error there was a problem parsing the package on Samsung galaxy or any others Android phones? How to solve parse error quickly? What are the best ways to fix parsing package download and "There Was A Problem Parsing the Package" message on kodi android box? there is a problem parsing the package kindle fire, parse error Kodi android box and so on...

Parsing error meaning - Parsing error occurs on app installment. When you try to install an application suddenly a window pop-ups saying "there is a problem parsing the package" which means the application cannot be installed due to apk parser i.e. parsing issue. While troubleshooting, you probably noticed that the problem parse package issues often comes when you try to install an APK file. This parse error occurs mostly while downloading the app from play store directly & many times (for root users) even if you try making changes to the apps manifest file, still parsing the package error occurs.

This is a really irritating Android error as you may have tried several ways to eliminate it, but still, it comes. But don’t worry if there is a problem there is a solution to fix parsing package error, & install the application without any problem. You just know, what is the meaning of parse error? In technical terms, parsing is the process of analysis of strings (which contains symbols, characters, etc. or in simple way coding of the app) in natural or machine language. It should follow the rules of formal grammar associated with the computer. Thus whenever google play services parse error occurs, it is interruption happened in this analysis process, so the error pop-ups & application does not get installed.
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As you are come to see this page, that means you obviously facing one of the common Android errors while downloading or updating apps on your Android device. No worries; we are here again, learn how to get solved and be ready for future issues mostly happened with App Store. The 'play store app down' is one of the major error in play store in addition to it there are lots of errors have also existed. Fix Common Google Play Store Error 2018
People used to search; Why does it say server error on Google Play? How do I reinstall Google Play store? Why is my google play store not working? Why does the Google Play store keep crashing? How to fix play store not downloading apps? play store error retrieving information from server failed? What is error code 491? Fixing Google play store server error codes? can't download apps from play store? Why does your phone say "Unfortunately Google Play store has stopped"? How do you reset Google Play store app? And so on...

Have these some of the most common Google Play Store errors ever faced by you? Anyhow, we've all seen these Google Play Store problems in many times. You might experience an error that contains random numbers when you download or update android apps from the Google Play store. Here you're going to learn, how to fix google play services has stopped, Google play store server error, No Connection - Retry error message, Google Play Store Error 963, Error 491, Error 18, Error 495, Error 103, play store not downloading apps, 'insufficient storage available' error message, or error retrieving information from the server, error downloading, authentication error, insufficient storage error, check your connection and try again error, Google play store has stopped. Learn how to fix common Google play store app error codes 491, 413, 495, 941, 921, 924, 923, 926, 961, 963, 504, -506, 693, 919, DF-BPA_09, Df-Dferh-01 & Error -24. Google play store is nothing but the online market website to download and installs various apps for user requirements. After upgrading to Nougat you can't download apps from play store and also all other Google related services are not connecting to the WiFi home network. Most of the times, it shows download pending in play store while downloading or updating the app. Whereas, the next problem is that Google play services won't update as it is "not compatible with the version" even by resetting all Google apps to their factor default version as a fix.

For the Google play mobile application download is easy but these Google play service app download errors like play store stop working, are generally caused with many of us in several times, that when you are going to try to download or update the application on the Android devices. The result is only a cryptic error message having some random numbers from Google play store. It's not only disturbing you but make the panic situation. Here's the list of most common playstore errors and their solutions you can follow when the Google play store app doesn't work for you.
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Your play store app down and it seems you are facing the error: "Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped", that is why you are here on this page... If you do, here we have few simple things you can try to resolve the issue related to Android developer service. Now I used to get the Android errors when some of the apps have stopped working, and meanwhile, I get this error messages showing that "unfortunately google play services has stopped" and later this, the error began popping up more and more repeatedly. Solved Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped - How do I fix my Google Play services? How do I fix the Play Store? How do I turn on Google Play services? Why does Google Play store stop working? How do you reset Google Play store? I get that popup message about every minute. If you too getting the same error message, then there is no reason to get panic. Everything is not lost yet. Even though the problem from Google framework services that showing an error message when you downloading apps, or the problem came when at the Play Store app is not opening, we always have working tutorials with proper solutions. Here's what you can do when the Google Play Store doesn't work for you. Till now we have seen lots of most common Google Play Services issues and their working solutions. It's not that much hard but surely you will get out of this play store error messages. With the latest google play services updates from the Android, most the users still getting the problem of google play services has stopped unexpectedly. Selecting "System updates" will cause this error again and again. Learn how to fix & solve Unfortunately Google Play Services Has stopped message continually popping up on the screen. And check out to fix unfortunately google play services has stopped Samsung, Lollipop, CM13, CyanogenMod, Mi4i
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So it seems your mobile device is also missing the voice input button on the standard keyboard. Recently I was using the Google keyboard app on my S6 and most of the time with the help of microphone; for typing, I used to use voice-to-text input button from this Android keyboard settings. Fix Missing Microphone Button on Android/Samsung Keyboard - How do I get the microphone back on my keyboard? How do you turn on Google Voice typing? Where is the microphone on my Samsung keyboard? How do I get my microphone back on my phone? Recently Google Keyboard updated to ver. 3.2+; and what I found is the voice input key in Google Keyboard has been disappeared. Most of the times, we like to input the text by dictating the words on the microphone with the help of Android keyboard. But what if the microphone icon has been gone? No worries. There is a solution to bring it back again to serve you, so stop searching for voice input key, android keyboard missing microphone, voice input key missing Google keyboard or Google voice typing missing. There are several voice input apps in Play Store but learn how to fix missing microphone voice-to-text input button comes with standard Android keyboard.
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Are you going to be crazy the with most annoying issue "Screen Overlay Detected" displayed again and again while you are sharing media files via WhatsApp or Facebook or exactly when you wanted to install new applications on your Android device? Then no need to worry. To discord overlay & fix Android issues, most of the Android users are searching for new ways for solving this screen overlay detected issue. In addition to that, the "Screen Overlay Detected" error has been detected on Marshmallow too. Most users failed to allow "Screen overlay detected," app permissions and so I decided to make a simple page that allows all the user to turn off phone overlay to quickly fix very irritating Android error "Screen Overlay Detected." Fix "Screen Overlay Detected" Error
Affected mobile phones: Samsung S5, J7, J7 Prime, Note 4, LG G4, Motorola Moto G3, Moto X Play, OnePlus One, Lenovo, K6 Power, Gionee S6, Nexus 6.
Affected mobile apps: WhatsApp, Facebook, Sharing mobile apps & UI.
Affected OS: Mostly Android Marshmallow & Nougat.
Here we are quickly going to discuss; What is "Screen Overlay Detected" error in Android? Why does the user keep getting 'Screen overlay detected' whenever he try to give new app permission? How to turn off screen overlay in Android? If you are confused about the stability of your android device & thinking about why this issue will be occurring again and again, and you have no idea how to overcome this problem? Then follow these easy steps to explain the 'screen overlay detected' error on Android. The screen overlay detected causing turn off to allow permissions to use all resources from your Android phone. Then, you unable to set application permissions due to "screen overlay detected." The Android popup saying "Screen Overlay Detected" message shown on the display screen if the user is trying to grant permission and the Android system quickly alerts you that a screen overlay has been detected. Let's see what is this "Screen overlay detected" notification? And how to solve frustrating Android error "Screen Overlay Detected" as quick as possible.
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There are times when I get an unwanted message on my Android phone saying “Unfortunately, Launcher has stopped.” with a report and only 'OK' buttons. On powering up your Android devices, you get a message "Unfortunately, Launcher has stopped" & then you get no response to pressing the app drawer button. Your launcher has stopped working and so, you then can't get into any of your installed apps to fix this Android problem. Fixing the launcher has stopped error
How to fix this launcher error? How do I restart the launcher? How to fix your cell phone fast? Usually such pop-up I received once I turn ON my mobile; my background image gets displayed, but I can’t find my apps. And the next moment I got this message again. Even if I did tap "Report" button, another error gets popped up with a message saying App Feedback submission has also been stopped. Moreover, some of you also seen carefree launcher has stopped in Gionee f103 mobile phones. I was worried about my phone when my mobile phone is getting an error message "Unfortunately, Launcher has stopped", however, when I did solve this problem it seems to the smallest problem which I ever had on my phone itself. Later on, I realize that this has something to do with my default android launcher. I'll show you how to fix launcher errors. You too don’t need to worry about this issue and also you are not going to lose you any personal data. This fixing solution also works for Samsung Android problems, ZTE, Micromax, Moto E, LG, Lenovo, Tecno Alcatel, K4 Note, Asus, and much more including custom ROMs and also with Android OS like 4.0 ice cream sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nexus (Preparing for Oxygen).
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Grrr.. My phone says insufficient storage but I have space... and again Android user getting an error message "Error downloading...There is insufficient space on the device". And that is why today I am going to share, how to solve this Android error which may occur on any Android devices. Lots of Android users facing the issues like there is insufficient space to complete operation on the device android market to fix this error even available plenty of space. Solving Insufficient Space Downloading Error 2016 — Nowadays there are so many errors that are accidentally generated by Google Play Store, and the users are actually getting confused to read & follow lots of unimportant and misleading internet pages describing solutions and in steps to solve it. So let's find out the exact reasons and possible answers to get rid of these Android errors. Usually, when we are installing and updating lots of critical application as well as remaining apps to make our Android device very fast, and then the error was displayed on the device screen that "Error Downloading...There is Insufficient Space on the Device" which stops you from downloading the next applications from Google Play Store. Let's check out Play Store error "Insufficient Space On The Device" while downloading the apps from the market even if you have sufficient space or memory storage on your device.
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Are you facing the issue to Enable or Disable Background Data with your Android devices that on mobile data with your messenger apps like WhatsApp, Hike or downloader apps like TubeMate, etc.to get and use those apps? As per the Android development console; Android mobiles system automatically turns on the "Restrict Background Data" option, which you have manually turned off several times. Android: Enable or Disable Background Data - How to fix this automatically turning ON "Restrict Background Data" option? - It restricts you from multitasking; your WhatsApp gets the messages only you open it; you can't download the songs in the background. Most of the Android apps installed on your smartphone requires the access of Internet or data even if they are not being used or in the background like multitasking. For example, the WhatsApp on your mobile is always ON in the background to get new messages, likewise, Gmail, Facebook apps are also configured to run at regular intervals. So "Restrict Background Data" also restrict us from getting and using those apps, and we think that the phone internet slows down. But how to disable restrict background data? How to fix auto enabled problem to restrict background data Lollipop? No worries, follow this page to solve "Restrict Background Data" automatically turned ON error. And this also works with Marshmallow, Nougat, Oxygen OS.
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No worry guys, we always have solutions for all your problems. You are here on this page that means you too got the error message as "No Connection – Retry" shown by Google framework services when you tried to open play store; it shows that the Google Play Store app on your Android phone fails to connect to the Internet even though your WiFi/4G/3G/LTE connection is working smoothly and all the other Internet apps are running fine. Fix Play Store "No Connection, Retry" Error - After lots of troubleshooting that goes from changing Wifi settings, DNS servers to resetting, formatting the OS, and finally, we got the fix to solve this play store error, so stop searching for; play store no connection root, play store not working, google play no connection, play store no connection wifi, play store no connection freedom, or downloading total commander apk to solve it. Learn quickly how to fix "No connection Retry" error related to Android developer service when opening Google Play store. Just follow the instruction as shown, and it's not that much hard but surely you will get out of this play store error messages.
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Stuck & unable to download from Google Play [Android]. This is the error message appeared while installing apps - Unknown Error Code During Application Install: "-24"; which occurs mostly with rooted users, and it's just like a common thing with the Google play store app having unknown errors. Let's again see how to solve & fix Android errors. Fix unknown error code during application installation 2016 - These Android errors or crashes occurring while working on any necessary activity caused all of us disturbed. And it's the same thing primarily happened with the smartphones & applications. In case, you are not sure what to do after you seeing an error message in Google Play: "Unknown error code during application install." If you are searching for the way of resolving Unknown error code during application install 24 error message without rooting your android device then you have arrived at the right page. This tutorial shows you to fix -24 error in play store. This error seems appeared even if you have updated your Android OS to new or with any flashed ROMs. This makes us annoying & irritating while we are doing an important activity on mobile. You must be aware of some Android Errors which you might get during application installation. But No need to worry now, if you are getting this error on Google Play Store, check this fixes shown below. Learn how to fix this "-24" simple error.
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Using an android phone is one part, and using with errors on the phone is another part. Getting errors on android is not new, moreover, Android phone is never been 100% stable these days, so we can expect such errors from time to time. One of the readers commented "My messaging app has been lagging, freezing and then Unfortunately MyApp has stopped. How can I solve this?" what are the steps to fix, Unfortunately, (App Name) Has Stopped. How to fix 'Unfortunately app has stopped' errors ? - In 2016, still, Most popular errors are; unfortunately, app has stopped in android emulator, unfortunately, app has stopped solution, unfortunately, app has stopped android studio, unfortunately, WhatsApp has stopped, unfortunately, app has stopped Android solution, unfortunately, Google play store has stopped, unfortunately, app has stopped Android development, unfortunately, app has stopped eclipse. While running the Android, the custom interface crashes and people got the error "Unfortunately app has stopped error" or "Unfortunately, Process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly". As I told, one of the readers commented the question, Unfortunately MyApp has stopped. How can I solve this? To answer him and to know how to fix Android errors for all you stuck people, this tutorial is made. Learn how to get rid of these Android errors in simple steps.
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As we all know, no OS in this world is error-free, so does the Android OS. There are many problems which keep occurring on your android smartphone while you are using it. Though Android is treated as most popular and reliable operating system around the world, there are still various improvements which end user must take care of. This is nothing but getting rid of the random errors like "android.process.acore has stopped" which keep popping up on your smartphone. Check out the methods to fix Process.android.acore has stopped error. FIX - Process.android.acore has stopped error
People used to search; how to fix android? What does it mean when the process android process acore has stopped? Fixing android.process.acore has stopped LG G3, G2, Samsung, Sony, Redmi Note or Lenovo, how to fix android media has stopped, tips for android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly fix, phone app not working android, How do I fix Android process Acore? android.process.acore error, unfortunately the process android.process.phone has stopped, android.process.acore keeps stopping Nougat, What does the process android process acore has stopped unexpectedly? What is com Google process Gapps? There are many cases where your Android OS based smartphone shows an error like a problem parsing the package, unfortunately, gallery has stopped etc. However, in this post, we are going to discuss how to resolve "android.process.acore has stopped" error. This error occurs every single minute on your smartphone while you are using it. And it’s annoying when you are using or adding or removing the contacts from your device. Sometimes, this error also triggers when the OS itself crashes. This error makes it almost impossible for the user to use their smartphone smoothly. As I mentioned above, this error usually triggers when you try to save, delete, modify contacts or save contacts to your Gmail account, WhatsApp etc. People keep on asking how do I fix Android process Acore? or what does this mean the process android process acore has stopped unexpectedly? However, we will have to understand how to solve error: "Unfortunately, the process.android.process.acore has stopped..." Instead of getting down to the meaning of this error. You are not the only one who is facing this issue. And hence we are having various options to fix this error. Other people may face different issues and keep on pushing us with why does my phone keep saying Google Play Services has stopped? The answers to all the people who encountered this error will be given below. Secondly, such error leads to Google Play Store not working and it gets crashed on a random basis.
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The question is; how to make smartphone faster without root/jailbreak? The Android OS is one of the most popular mobile operating systems nowadays. Android can do anything you want it to do, from taking smart pictures to calculating the temperature outside, booking tickets of the train, bus, movie or whatever. Everything seems on the fingers. But the things are not that much smoother with the Android performance. But why do Android phones slow down and sluggish to operate sometimes. There are some common Android errors need to fix and solve to speed up system performance. Improve Android Performance Without Rooting
People used to search; how to make smartphone faster? How can I fast my android mobile? How can I speed up my Android phone? How to save & extend mobile battery life? How to make the non-rooted Android phone run faster? What is the best app to speed up android? How can I make my phone Internet faster? How to fix Android battery drain issues? How to speed up android developer options? How to improve Android performance without rooting? Even, my friend who bought S7 Edge emailed me the question; how do I make s7 edge faster without ROOT because of warranty break issue... In today’s techno-friendly world you cannot imagine a day without a smartphone or be thinking to switch to other gadgets because this is not the smart way and it will not be an easy task, moreover you have to shift all your customised data. Setting the new phone according to what you like, is yet another hard task. And the question is how many times with new phones will you be switched only because of the processing problems of the older one? How many times will you reboot/reset your device to make it faster? What to do then? Only rooting the phone is the only option to solve Android slow speed? Is it not possible to make Android faster without root? What about the warranty then? It seems like a problem, right? Wel to surprise you, it is not an issue now. You don't need to worry, because, WITHOUT ROOT, there are many ways which can keep your phone run smoothly and you won’t face any problem. It means for any hang-ups or slowdowns of phone operations; you won’t have to switch your phone to a new or any high-end costly one. There are some quick and essential steps you need follow to avoid the mess of a slow phone. Not only we work on the Android errors but also, we are going to solve; how to make the Android phone run faster? How to make Android faster with developer options? How to speed up internet in android? How to make Android faster without root? How to make the phone faster internet? Not only the best app to speed up android phone let's check out some smart ways to keep your phone speed high and to speed up your android phone WITHOUT ROOTING.
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Is the warranty for your phone over? Or do you want to use your Android to its maximum potential? Yes, rooting your Android device will enable you to do so. The Android rooting is nothing but Android jailbreaking. Learn how to make rooted android faster & how to fix slow android phone including the list of best android apps for rooted phones (100% Works). Android system is best mobile OS, but check out top 10 rooted android apps & new ways to improve Android performance and avoid battery drain. Speed Up Android Device After Rooting
People used to ask; how to make cell phone faster? How can I make my Android phone faster? What apps to install after rooting? How do I overclock my Android phone? How to speed up data connection? How to speed up rooted android mobile? How to overclock Android: turbo charge your mobile device? How to make Android faster xda? How to use Speed Up Swap NoAds (root)-pro apk apps? how to make a tablet faster? My smartphone is running slow how to fix it? So I listed apps to speed up/boost Android mobiles after rooting and tested strategies to do with a rooted phone to make it run faster. Before I was in search of some queries like; how to speed up my phone? What app is slowing down my android? Should I root my phone? What can you do with a rooted phone? How to make my phone faster? How to speed up the internet in android phone? How to improve the performance of Android phone just after root? How to fix phone slow working? Rooted phone now what? What to do after rooting? Even so, I personally don’t want you to sit idle after rooting the phone. Out of the many things you wish to do post-rooting, I’m sure speeding up your device would concern you big time. After quick research, with the customization apps for rooted android, I got best performance booster for android devices. There are various ways to speed up Android phone and best root apps to improve Android performance. With the benefits of rooting, I have listed best apps for rooted Android that critically uses the advantages of rooting OS to make rooted Android faster. In quick suggestion, the Superuser app is the first recommended rooted app anyone should install once your Android phone is rooted derived by best Android mods (free and paid). This article deals with methods which can not only make your device faster, & make phone internet faster but also more optimized once you are done rooting it. As you know, today, there are apps for almost everything. It only makes sense for developers to come up with apps that fully optimize your rooted device. Before discussing those apps, here are some quick tips on how to maintain your newly rooted Android phone performance up. [Note: Since it's rooted, don't blame us if anything goes wrong with your Android device in the process.]
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