How To Successfully Make Money Blogging in 2024 | Successful Blogging Formula

If you see there are lots of blog pages are published and publishing all over the internet by the users from every corner of the world who are making tons of money by creating a blog or website. But how to create a blog? Sometimes these bloggers are generating thousands of thousands of dollars per day. Yeah, it's true that it is very rare because only a few numbers of users are able to succeed to make a huge amount of money from their blog, but there are lots of other users who are able to make 500-2000 dollars per month by publishing the articles on their website.
How to create a blog that generates $$$$ a month
Everyone has a smartphone and are aware enough about the technical terms even in the rural area, only the professionals are just required to teach them today how anyone can create a blog that generates income.

I know it's not like to make money from day one. Blogging needs time and patience. But blogging will not disappoint you if you work genuinely and seriously. Everyone has some free time per day and exactly if you are able to invest that much time, one day you are able to drive recurring income for a whole life. Everyone has some passion, everyone has some hobby, everyone is trying to do something and get skilled in that field. To become a professional everyone has to find and collect information and try working formulas. You then required to focus and practice on the data you collected from others and learn from the actual results you getting to achieve what you looking for. Everyone has their own journey of success. Everyone trying to succeed in their life.

After the smartphones coming in our life, we have forgotten some things we were used to doing it. Earlier, people used to write a diary every night before sleep, recording the most important things, experience. Now people use Facebook to share what going on in their minds. And most of the people using WhatsApp to forward other messages or either sharing internet photos. Twitter is also used for sharing quick reviews, messages, and notes. Learn how to create a blog and make money with this free and easy to follow visual guide for beginners. This tutorial walks through eight easy steps to make a blog today. From scratch and with no technical experience this Ultimate blogging course for beginners has already helped thousands of people start their first blog in 18 minutes.

Blogging is also working as social media but in a different manner. Moreover, the best part is, the blogging will able to produce money for you. Instead of sharing your experiences, thoughts, reviews, notes or important updates on social networking sites, you must do it on the blogging platform. Social sites have only limited advantages and will not help you grow. Those likes and retweets will not make money for you. On this page, I'll share tips on how to create a blog and make it a success.

Become a blogger, start your own blog, share your knowledge, share your success stories, share your expertise, help others to grow and on the other side, make money blogging. If you plan on starting a blog and you are interested in learning how to create a blog to make money, continue below.
How To Create A Blog — How do you become a blogger and get money? How much can you earn as a blogger? How do you start your own blog for free? How to start a blog? How to make blogging successful? How long does it take time to make money blogging? Blogging needs time and patience. But blogging will not disappoint you if you work genuinely and seriously. Become a blogger, start your own blog, share your knowledge, share your success stories, share your expertise, help others to grow and on the other side, make money blogging. Listed most working and highly important steps for making your blog successful.
How To Create A Blog — How do you become a blogger and get money? How much can you earn as a blogger? How do you start your own blog for free? How to start a blog? How to make blogging successful? How long does it take time to make money blogging? Blogging needs time and patience. But blogging will not disappoint you if you work genuinely and seriously. Become a blogger, start your own blog, share your knowledge, share your success stories, share your expertise, help others to grow and on the other side, make money blogging. Listed most working and highly important steps for making your blog successful.
Also, if you haven’t read 'What is Blog? Who is Blogger? How Blogging Works? How to Start A Successful Blog | Blogging Tips', I highly recommend checking it out to know more in detail.

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How To Create A Successful Blog That'll Make Money

Beginners used to find the questions; How do you become a blogger and get the money? How much can you earn as a blogger? How do you start your own blog for free? How to create a blog? How do amateur bloggers make money? Steps to making your blog successful? How long does it take time to make money blogging? How much the blog pay with ads? And so on. Starting a blog like a pro from scratch is made that much easier with the following guide for everyone on how to create a blog, write professionally & market your efforts.

Listed most working tips for creating a blog and highly important steps for making your blog successful:

Step 1: Finding the Blogging Niche.

First, you need to decide the subject about which you are going to start your blog; its called blogging niche.

Now all you require to do - before starting a blog - you must know in detail about what to blog about. One thing is important that you must know that, finding your market is most necessary before you start to work in any field. To start blogging, you required to know the initial factors about 'How to create a blog' and once you started to know the blogging topics and tips from the experts you will able to understand how to get started with the blogging platform. Finding your passion will unlock your niche. Find the subject or niche for your blog is the most important factor because your readers will get to know what you'll blog about. This will help you get more like-minded readers and so the blog traffic to your website faster. Decide the theme, topic, purpose, subject of your blog. You must blog about something you love. You have to be enthusiastic & passionate about it.

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Step 2: Buying a domain: Name of your blog.

Buying a domain For Making Your Blog Successful
Buying a domain For Making Your Blog Successful
Domain name is nothing but the online identity of you and your brand website. Just like Google has, you also required to buy the name like; its call domain name.

Here I would recommend you to use the Godaddy website. The GoDaddy is the most preferred choice for domain name registration service in the blogging industry. Godaddy has a very good price range and best domain buying offers. Also, it is very easy to configure your website with the GoDaddy dashboard and simple DNS management. You don't have to be technical to make the changes.

For more you can check the page; Domain Name System | What Is DNS & How It Work

Step 3: Choosing a blog hosting.

Your website should be live 24hour without stopping. Whatever pages you are going to write must be stored on the space, its nothing but web hosting. You have to host (store) all your articles, images or any other files included in any of your articles on the space you bought from hosting service providers. You then required to sign up for a hosting account. You can go with BlueHost, HostGator, DreamHost, GoDaddy, or whatever you want.

The 'Blogger' by Google offers free hosting for your website. There is a huge space & storage already given on publishing the blog pages and adding images to your blog pages with the same Google account.

But here I would suggest that you can prefer BlueHost as a premium hosting service. Premium websites look professional and have greater security. With Bluehost, in one click you can install WordPress CMS software and then your blog will be up and keep running, you don't require to be technical.

Once your website is published and running, you can then required to choose the template or themes with responsive design. Here I would recommend Mythemeshop as it is the best WordPress themes companies in the market, they'll provide you with most working and best suitable themes, and then you can easily start writing your articles.

Step 4: Creative blog post ideas.

Creative blog post ideas For Making Your Blog Successful
Creative blog post ideas For Making Your Blog Successful
There are lots of essential things you required to know and learn before you start writing your articles on your blog. The very first is, if your page content is not engaging, not appealing, your readers and visitors will not going to read it. Ask yourself that the article you are writing is really interesting? Would you like to read it? If NO, then stop writing.

Your write up must be interesting, engaging and must appeal to the reader. Your writing is the most important factor that converts your visitors into regular readers. Ask your followers whether they want to read it, start a conversation with them, talk to your friends if they also want to read your article, then it's great.

You have to regularly publish new and unique articles related & according to the blogging niche to keep the readers engaged. The intention behind writing blog pages is to drive more and more visitors to your website. The bloggers require to create the blog around the unique idea you had decided in such a way that it will motivate you to write more and more quality articles and eventually bring more organic traffic to the blog.

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Step 5: Using catchy titles & headline.

If you check search engine result pages (SERP); you have only 100 to 300 words of limit to list in SERP, and your headline is the most important part of the snippet to get your search indexing results. You have only a few seconds to grab the attention of the searcher, and with only the best & catchy headline, you will able to drive more traffic to your blog.

Before starting to write on how to create a blog, a while ago, I wrote an article giving 15 Tips For Writing Catchy Headlines & Blog Titles That’ll Grab More Attention

Basically, headlines or blog titles are the most essential elements of any type of article. No doubt you write excellent content on your blog, but your page might be ignored just because your blog headline is not appealing. Your title has to be appealing. So, you always write some attention-grabbing persuasive headlines for your content.

Even more, there are many online blog title generator tools provide you the formula that you just need to place the most trendy keywords in there and you will get some catchy headlines and title from it.

You must check; 501 Most Popular Blog Title Ideas & Headline Types That’ll Work in | Copy Paste Examples

Step 6: Structuring the blog post.

Now that you have got the information about your titles, and its time to go in much deeper. Structuring the article in different parts is also important to convey your message & thoughts to readers effectively.

If you remember your high-school days, where you used to write the introduction part first, then the body part and at the end, you used to conclude in conclusion. The body part includes the subheadings, then some bullet points, list, paragraphs, & then fill the rest out. Likewise, these methods help you get started with writing the blog pages for your blog.

It’s useful to start a paragraph with a sentence that describes the topic that will be discussed. Try to keep it simple. Each paragraph can't be more than three to eight sentences. If you exceed the limit then your write up is making your readers boar and they might switch to another page neither to other's blog. Nobody wants to read a paragraph having more than 10 lines, it's just too much. Also, you need to use singular words like 'you' 'me' within your page write-ups. You require to use communicative language like the way you talk with friends. Also, it's better to use a conversational tone and prefer to write in the active voice.

On the other side, if it is hard to understand in one read, people need to read it twice for understanding. The users on the internet are actually not willing to read the pages word by word, they don't have that much time to think and think over again, so you need to use simple sentences. You need to make the content more engaging, so the readers will interact, engage with you, and also they will leave the feedback about your page as well.

Moreover, in the conclusion section, you can ask the questions or request what they eager to read from you, which will help to create more engagement since it will encourage more people to leave comments. You then also required to be more friendly to answer their request and while replying to their queries. You regularly check for the new comments and require to respond to them as soon as possible.

Every time you publish the article you must link to the people and share it on social sites to make aware all of your readers that you have published a new page that they were waiting for.

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Step 7: Regularly publishing new content.

Regularly publishing new content For Making Your Blog Successful
Regularly publishing new content For Making Your Blog Successful
Once you got this formula of what people looking for, you require to start doing it on a regular basis.

You must write and publish at least one page per week on your site, but ideally, you should be blogging 3 times a week. After the implementation of these techniques for the period of six to nine months, you will then able to build up an epic audience and thousands of subscribers for your blog.

As you build up a fan base of readers you can use a tool called 'FeedBurner' its free subscription tool offered by Google. FeedBurner offers email subscriptions where anyone can subscribe to your blog by just entering their email ID and get notified via email every time you publish a new blog post on your website. These tools help you turn it into your superfan community as it is an opportunity to engage your readers and remind them of just how serious blogger you are.

Step 8: Link to other bloggers.

Link to other bloggers For Making Your Blog Successful
Link to other bloggers For Making Your Blog Successful
While writing the blog pages you also required to provide the links to other bloggers & resources. It's like an acknowledgment. It helps to improve your credibility in search engine point of view.

Linking with others helps to make your site experience better and more engaging for your visitors. Moreover, it also helps you to get high-quality backlinks from authority websites.

Overall, inbound and outbound linking help to improve your search ranking and domain authority. Higher authority drives more traffic, and ultimately you getting more readers and subscribers fast.

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Step 9: Making money blogging.

Making money blogging For Making Your Blog Successful
Making money blogging For Making Your Blog Successful
Here comes the best part of blogging, make money blogging. Making money via blogs is one of the most preferred purposes for many unsuccessful bloggers. You should not make blogging for the sake of money only.

Once you have got lots of subscribers, tons of readers, huge daily organic traffic and active followers, then from there, you can monetize your blog content in various ways.

9.1 Advertising

Google adsense is the best way to make money blogging. If you see, from beginners to professional, it is confirmed that the Google AdSense is the best money maker and it is the most reliable advertising network till now. Not only it provides a pay-per-click option but CPM (Cost per thousand).

For making money with Google Adsense advertising program, it doesn’t require any special education nor technical background. Neither it requires professional experience as well to work with it. It's the best way to make money from Google where they will pay you every time someone clicks on one of your ads. Anyhow, to monetize your blog content; you required to test several ad networks & go only with the most working & the top CPM Ad networks to find the perfect match for your targeted audiences. There are many bloggers, writers, online publishers, entrepreneurs who are making handsome money by Google AdSense.

Check Out Before Applying Adsense; 15 Things, How To Approve Google Adsense Account Fast?

9.2 Affiliate marketing

It is also one of the best ways to make money online with or without adsense by receiving a commission by advertising, promoting & marketing the services, products of various companies on your blog. Each time you generate a sale for someone else you will get paid a commission; it is called affiliate marketing.

When the users buy products using your affiliate link published on or from your blog, you are then able to receive the commissions. Stop thinking about Adsense only, here you can earn a commission from 10-75% that depends on the brand authority of your blog, your active readers & most importantly the reputation of the company you are promoting on your blog.

Affiliate marketing is a really easy & quickest way to start making money from your blog.

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9.3 Selling Your Own Products and Services

It is one of my favorite way to make money from your website. Selling own products online to customers across the country does not remain the hard job as it was before and today with the help of social networking websites, you can start your journey as an online seller. If you have ideas for products, services, or apps, then you can easily start making money from day one.

Planning the effective marketing strategies designed to catch your target customers is the latest version of a seller.

While selling your own products via your own website, you have full control over each and everything. You'll have all the control over details like promotions, price details, product features, and offers. You will have 100% of the profits.

Rather I would say, selling your own products can be more productive than being an affiliate marketer, particularly if you have a number of good products on your website. As you grow your customer list and sell more products, your earnings can grow even higher.

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These online money making methods will start generating your income collectively. And if you optimize, you can start working with all the methods to make money via a single website.

Bottom Line
With all the above steps on how to create a blog that makes money, if you start working from making money via Google ads to the affiliate marketing and also by selling your own products, you'll notice that within a short period of time, your income will go increasing. Just be there and keep working seriously for at least six to nine months until you start making any decent amount money from your own blog.

Your hard work & dedicated time is required in order to be a successful blogger.

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