Making More Money With AdSense — How to earn money from google at home? How much does AdSense pay-per-click? How many page views do you need to make money with AdSense? Make money with Google AdSense without a website? Effective ways to make money with AdSense? How to earn money from google without investment? Can I make money with AdSense? Earn money through the internet? Make money with google posting links? How do I get the money from AdSense? How does Google AdSense work? The Google AdSense is the best strategy for making money blogging all the time. You need to optimize the ads and so the AdSense to make more money with AdSense acount. The Adsense optimization requires extra creativity, additional study, and an ongoing testing for getting best out of it. And exactly what I'm going to share most effective ways for optimizing AdSense that will help you maximize the adsense earning.. Continue reading...
There are plenty of advertising networks, websites and affiliate programs that'll drive you to make money blogging. But if you're looking for the best blog monetization option from the all, Google’s AdSense can be the ideal one. The Google AdSense is the best strategy for making money blogging all the time. Making more money with AdSense
Bloggers used to search; How to earn money from google at home? How does Google AdSense work? How much does AdSense pay-per-click? How many page views do you need to make money with AdSense? It's not that much hard for making money with Google AdSense without a website, but it's not that much easy too. You must know effective ways to make money with AdSense. Earning money from google without investment through the internet become the first choice for every newbie publisher. Let's find out how to generate more money with adsense.

If you see, from newbie to professional, it is proved that the Google AdSense is the money maker and it is the most trustworthy advertising network till now. Not only it relates to a pay-per-click option but CPM (Cost per thousand). For making money through Adsense advertising program, it doesn’t require any formal educational or technical background. Nor it needs professional experience to do it. There are many bloggers, writers, publishers, online entrepreneurs who are earning handsome money through the AdSense.

You need to have a blog and several pages published so that you can use the AdSense money-making program. To gain more traffic you need to make your blog or site eye-catching, interesting and search engine friendly. Here in the Google AdSense monetization, the publisher needs to copy the advertising code generated by Adsense and paste it into the HTML body of the website. The rest is taken care automatically by the Adsense itself. Once the Adsense account is approved, it will then allows you to place the ad codes to show the advertisements on your blog, or websites, as well as on your YouTube videos, and get paid when visitors view and clicks on them. Adding and running the ad codes on the site doesn’t require any specific professional or educational background. Any person just having a computer and internet facility can start earning through Google AdSense. Even though, if you don’t have a computer or internet, you can also make money by working through smartphones, a cyber cafe, a college library, etc.

There are many best alternative to AdSense but still, the Google adsense is one of the best ways to make money from the website. Google AdSense is a reputed company. Google AdSense is a contextual advertising network and it is the most reliable network to make money. However, it is not that once you register with AdSense you will start earning. I have seen, many bloggers who start a blog and making money by Adsense, and then after a couple of months, they tend to stop it just because they are not able to earn the money as per their expectations. Though the income derived from AdSense is passive it takes time to enjoy the fruits. But there are no issues and no doubt your efforts definitely help you enjoy the results of it. Make sure that your content is useful and entertaining one. Without quality content, Google AdSense would not let you earn money through the pay-per-click program. You need to optimize the ads and so the adsense to make more money with adsense. The Adsense optimization requires extra creativity, additional study, and an ongoing testing for getting best out of it. And exactly what I'm going to share most effective ways for optimizing AdSense that will help you maximize the adsense earning.
In the previous articles I was talking & describing the essential steps required to make you a Google AdSense Premium Publisher.
And today, on this page will be going to talk about ways of how to make money with Adsense whether you're just starting a blog or have an established website.

31 Effective Ways Of Making More Money With AdSense

Well, there are several ways to make money through Google AdSense. Moreover, it is one of the best PPC (pay-per-click) advertising network to greatly monetize traffic to your website. The higher the amount of traffic to your website, higher revenue will be credited to your account. So, in order to gain more, you need to know how to drive massive traffic to your website.

These are 31 ways to help you maximize your adsense ad revenue fast:

1. Choosing profitable niche

You just need to find profitable niche markets in order to gain handsome money through AdSense as it is necessary to focus on the niche; Whereas, it is very important to choose the best niche not only for affiliate marketing but to run adsense ads on your website; you required to write, read, and publish the posts talking about your website niche almost every day for the next couple of years.

Health, fitness, finance, beauty, etc. are some profitable niche where you can have high-value clicks.

Choosing a profitable niche & finding niche-market keywords are essential for getting more money from Adsense. Recently I have published a post that'll help you easily in finding your niche: 10 Ways To Find Your Market To The Profitable Niche

2. Placing online search, display & video ads

Where you place the ad is also very important.

Strategic placement of the ad code means making it visible to every reader that visit any page of your website.

According to my experience, the best place for placing the ad is close to the text.

For better understandings, you can read: 12 Tactics To INCREASE ADSENSE REVENUE Today | Adsense Optimization

3. Optimize the ads for higher CTR

Along with the placement of ads, the optimizing the pages for high CTR is very important.

If you notice that your ad view rate and so the CTR is lower than advertisements shown in your other PPC campaigns, then you need to optimize your campaigns for a highest CTR. But optimizing your targeted ads to get the higher ad view rate should not be the 1st step for your successful blog monetization, before that you must reach a broader but targeted audience for your PPC campaign optimization.

It is also necessary to fine-tune your ad units.

For auto adsense optimization you must know: Ezoic Review | Maximize Your Ad Revenue by 200% with Adsense Certified Program

4. Number of ad blocks

In early days of monetizing the blog, AdSense allows the bloggers and publisher to have up to 3 ad blocks per page. NOW THE ADSENSE AD UNIT LIMIT POLICY IS REMOVED.

To obtain best possible results, it is recommended to use all the ad blocks you can, but properly.

Also, you can check: Adsense Update: No More Website Banning (*Conditions Apply) | Only Individual Pages Gets Flagged

5. Using the dynamic size of the ad units

If you're creating ads or modifying your design for placement of responsive ads you'll require knowing the most working ad sizes and layouts.

Size of the ad block matters more and thus bigger sized ad-block is better. Always try to use big sized ad units.

If the ads units placed well, the wide ads size units can increase your overall adsense earnings significantly.

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6. Text ads and images ads

You can go for ‘image only’ or ‘text and image’ ad unit. Google AdSense works great with a deeper pool of ads through ‘text and image’ ad. This will certainly increase your click rate and earnings.

After going through many iterations of experimenting of images and text ads over the years, I can say that the image ads attract the attention of every visitor, whereas the text ads improve the CTR of your website.

You also need to keep an eye on the performance comparison of text and image display ads and learn how the ad types can affect the performance of your adsense optimization on your earnings.

Check out; What’s "ADS.TXT"? How To Add Ads.txt To Blogger/WordPress In 2 Min? | Ezoic Ad Optimization

7. Focus on link units

Link units are another type of ad format which advertises a list of topics related to the content of your web page.

You need to pay attention to link units since those are especially useful for more focused content, where reader tend to be exploring particular information.

Link units have potential to earn out of leaderboards. So it is vital to keep attention to link units.

8. Custom search engine

You must require connecting your current AdSense account to your custom search engine to make additional money especially on the contextual ads shown in the search results.

Adding the custom search engine on the blog or website not only allows you implement customized search to your website visitors but it is one of the best ways to increase revenue through AdSense. Both AdSense for mobile search & the custom search engine (CSE) generally yields a high percentage of earning.

You must follow this page: Guide To Get Started With Google Custom Search API For A Website | Google Developers [Ajax Tool]

9. Set up custom channels

Setting up custom channel helps you to get better insights from the visitors, readers and their click activities.

Custom channels are a very helpful feature in AdSense for online publishers allowing them to track the page performance by selecting ad units to channels based on their unique rules such as types, colors, ad formats, or placements.

You will get to follow everything like AdSense performance for a particular ad, what kind of content was the best to place that ad, its results, effect of ad unit size, and other related information.

To improve Adsense earnings you also need to know; 8 Best Ways To Increase Page RPM | Google Adsense Optimization [QuickTips]

10. Maximizing ad fill rate

Monitor fill rate - While monetizing your website traffic or mobile app keep a watch on whether you are serving ads and not the blank space on your site.

To better optimize your ad slots and reduce ad revenue loss you can monitor the fill rate and avoid the mistakes. With an increased fill rate and various positions of the ad displayed, you'll increase your income without making extra changes in the adsense optimization process.

11. The relative positioning is IMP

Placing the ad above the fold is always beneficial.

If the advertisement is displayed “above the fold,” that means the ad has appeared in the top portion i.e. attention-grabbing part of each page of the website without scrolling.

The relative positioning of the ads is really very important. Google has updated its algorithm & declares the potential to target your ads to only those placements which are displayed above the fold on the Ad content network.

You need to know; 15 Strategies To Increase AdSense CPC Rates To Maximize Adsense Revenue | Adsense CPC Optimization

12. Follow Ad placement policies

Avoid overdoing - Though there is no limit to place ads on the page, it is recommended not to add more ads per page.

The other difficulty with too many advertisements on a single page is that the more ads you placed per page can cause lower CTR; chances are your visitors and readers are getting discouraged to click any single one of them, and this affects your overall adsense revenue.

Also, make it sure that your site layout should not push the content below the fold.

Check out; Bounce Rate: 5 Reasons Why Visitors Bounce From Your Business Blog | Website Analytics

13. AdSense publisher scorecard

Check the scorecard dashboard health so as to increase revenue from AdSense.

The scorecard is classified into three categories: site health measures, Google+ & revenue optimization and you always need to be aware of making a good score in those 3 aspects.

14. Customize the way your ads look

In order to increase revenue through AdSense, it is suggested to change the colors of the ad units frequently.

You can find different combinations of text color, border color, the background color for the ad units to maximize the Adsense income.

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15. Check link unit colors

You can even try to change the adsense link unit colors. This will work better and will help to improve the revenue through AdSense.

16. Placing ads under the menu bar

It is suggested to place a link unit or any ad unit below the navigation. It is advised to put the ad units before the first para but under the menu bar.

17. Add a display/banner ads

In order to have added revenue, you must insert the combination of banner ads along with text ads. Create a linked banner ad and place it into your sidebar.

18. Be creative while addressing

Sometimes you can try adding ads to the content whereas, decreasing the number of the ads down, can work better in some cases.

19. Ads in the comment section

You can even put the ads in the comment section. This is a very good place with high level of engagement. The third-party plugins like Disqus allow you to monetize your comments too.

20. Optimizing link units

Blending your Adsense link units can help you get highest CTR. Link units offer great options for increasing the number of ads per page. In order to do this, you can place link units in the side rails.

21. Practicing ad sizes

You can even place the small-sized text ad at the beginning of the article. This offers great visibility for the visitors and clicks ratio increases.

22. Ads and mobile traffic

Optimizing ads according to the mobile traffic is very important. As the traffic coming from mobile devices is higher, it is advisable to optimize ads to use responsive ad units for the mobile traffic, especially on the landing pages.

23. Mobile advertising strategies

Mobile ads help you reach more on-the-go to your customers virtually anywhere. It is advisable to find mobile-friendly ad partner (like Ezoic). This will increase the chances of ads getting clicked through mobile devices.

24. Fast loading ads & pages

It is advisable to increase the speed of loading ads, your site, or blog. Slow-loading ads drag down and do not offer positive results.

You must check and apply; Add CloudFlare Free CDN Service in Your WordPress/Blogger Website | DDoS Protection | Website Optimization

25. Responsive Ads

Responsive ads automatically change their size, shape, and format according to the ad slot you assigned. Whether you optimize your mobile or desktop traffic, it recommended going for responsive ads only.

You may also like to know; Making Blogger Responsive Mobile-friendly Template Design | Responsive Web Development

26. Right or left

Try to shift from right to left side. As the world reads left to right, the content on the left side is viewed more.

27. Lower bid ads

It is not that only higher paying ads can offer a great return. There are low paying ads those may get implemented successfully and can offer you good revenue.

28. HTML ads

It is advisable to put the ad units first in HTML. It offers the ad unit good performance and ensures it can offer greater user experience.

29. Asynchronous ad loading

It is good to load content and ads separately to your site. This will help to improve user experience and ad click rates. While generating ads in Adsense account always choose asynchronous ad codes so it will not affect your page loading.

30. Multiple ad sizes

It is also good to have multiple ad sizes for your ad units. Adsense allows you to use multiple sizes to serve to the ad slot in creating the channels.

31. Inserting Ads within post content

If possible adjust the ads slots and place surrounding to the content. It is also advisable to eliminate black areas of your site.

32. Always follow Adsense

Last but not least, recommended keeping an eye on Adsense policies and their updates. It is advisable to get familiarized with the AdSense’s flexible reporting interface.
Bottom Line
As there are millions of websites that use GOOGLE ADSENSE ad networks for monetizing the existing traffic, it offers a great source of income. Adsense is a Google’s property and is thus with the trusted site you can earn good money. It is the best platform that can target the right audience and can offer a good return. It is necessary to input a good amount of time and efforts. It will definitely result in a good amount of return on a continuous basis through every click.

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