15 Ways To Start a Successful Travel Blog? How To Become a Travel Blogger?

Surely you can earn money with a travel blog, even more, I can say, you can make money with anything you have by directly or indirectly once you build yourself as a brand and able to drive the targeted audience around the thing you are mastered in. I have seen the professionals making money from their passions and still involving, developing themselves into the same niche. It also applies to make money travel blogging.
Earn Money as Travel Blogger
Many travelers tend to ask; how to start a successful travel blog? Can you make money travel blogging? How do you make money as a travel blogger? How do you become a travel blogger? How do you make money from blogging? How do you write a travel blog? How do you earn money traveling? How do you get paid to travel? How do you make a living from travel blogging? Is it easy to get paid to travel and make money as a travel blogger? What’s the best way to make money travel blogging? How much money can you earn as a travel blogger? How do we make money travel blogging? And so on...

Blogging is the common term applied to someone who likes writing the reviews, publishing the experience, or demonstrating tech tips based on his/her own opinion on any subject including technology, fashion, social media, career, money-making online, as well as travel too. It will be great if you love both blogging and traveling for making some money out of your travel passion.
As I used to say, making money blogging is really all about converting your passion & skills into the cash and get living out of it. Becoming a professional travel blogger is not that much difficult but just like any other business, such professional blogging also needs your time, dedication, and the patience to be successful. Moreover, it required a lot of things to learn from writing the pages to mastering the successful marketing techniques. From day one, you need to start forming the base and building yourself as a brand for the targeted audience to deliver your services and products. But in case, you are here only for making money and it is the only purpose of your blogging passion then I would say NO for entering into the field of blogging, rather, if you really like writing and publishing or at least some part of blogging then this blogging industry is for you; it is always there to help you out, but only if you're really passionate about it. If you enjoy writing the content as travel stories or useful travel tips, love photography, videos, and the enthusiastic person on social media then I straightly recommending you turn your passion about travel blogging into a source of income & as a career.
How to have a successful travel blog? How to become a professional travel blogger? - If you see, the best business travel blogs are fewer on the Internet. I can't describe myself as a “freelance travel blogger” as my blog pages are all about tech guides and totally different from the travel industry, but yeah, I surely suggest you about how to create a successful travel blog and make money out of it. Though on this page, I'm going to share most effective ways on how to write for travel blog and the secrets of money making travel blogging that will help you work as a professional travel blogger. Learn how to build & promote your travel blog with the best tips after 10 years of professional blogging.
Make Money Travel Blogging: With all your journey you start making money as a travel blogger; sharing 15 ways to start a travel blog and help you make money with your travel blog. Publish your journey, share on social media, drive traffic to your travel blog, or vlogging to convert into money. Advertising and affiliate marketing are the best option to make money from travel blogging.
Make Money Travel Blogging: With all your journey you start making money as a travel blogger; sharing 15 ways to start a travel blog and help you make money with your travel blog. Publish your journey, share on social media, drive traffic to your travel blog, or vlogging to convert into money. Advertising and affiliate marketing are the best option to make money from travel blogging.
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How to Start a Successful Travel Blog? how Do You Become a Travel Blogger?

How to build a travel blog - Reading interesting travel blogs and informative articles can encourage the people to know and learn from others' experiences and their travel stories may change perceptions of internal happiness. It's not the thing that can happen in one night, but you must think to create a travel blog now and start following your passion.

Check out 15 ways to get paid to travel and make money travel blogging:

1. Nominate your blog with a good name.

People used to say what is there in the name, but for blogging, it's all in the name. Your website names = domain name & it is nothing but your online identity.

The domain name should not be too much short or too much longer. It should be easy to spell, pronounce & remember. It should easily indicate what is your blog about or what you want to write. It is better to be on a safer side by not using overused words or branded company names. Because there are many bloggers who are blogging for so many years. Now they are known as top bloggers & these words have been used by these successful bloggers.

Also remember that your domain name should not contain the cheap words like "backpacker", "budget" etc as it may harm your status. So there will be no 5-star hotels for free for you. Therefore nominate your travel blog with a name that will clearly state your goals as a travel blogger.

It should be interesting & unique. Changing your blog name after some period of time is not easy & it is pretty much expensive too, so keeping this thing in mind selects the blog name that can stay with you for a longer period of time.

You must be aware of 3 Things To Know Purchasing A Domain Name For A Website, Blog, & Business - Get A Domain Name

2. Build with best web hosting service.

If you’re planning on advertising on your blog in any way, you need to be self-hosted (Means you must have an online space to store all your website data own by yourself).

Hosting is a rented place on the internet for your unique travel websites where you can store all the blog data, photos & files. When people across the globe type in your domain name, it's the hosting which makes your blog's data or files easily accessible for 24 hours of time.

Many of hosting companies are available in the blogging market, but in my opinion, the Bluehost is the most preferred hosting for beginners. It is easy & cheap also. Bluehost not only offer a quality hosting at a low price but also a free domain name.

I would suggest you to read more about; BlueHost Review & Rating: Why People Love/Hate BlueHost | Best Web Hosting Service & A Reliable Shared Hosting for WordPress

3. Free Vs Premium Hosted Site.

After registering for hosting you need to have a blogging platform. In my suggestion, the best travel blog platform to start, you must choose Wordpress over Blogspot. Especially for travel blogging, the Blogspot platform looks bit unprofessional.

To be a professional travel blogger it is preferable to have a self-hosted WordPress account. So after registering with Bluehost, login to control panel where you can install WordPress with just a single click. Wordpress allows you to have full control over your website where you can sell ad space for the advertisements, install custom themes & plugins.

You must check; Free Vs Premium WordPress Hosted Sites: Which is Better | Pros & Cons

4. Professional Theme.

WordPress provides some free themes which are pretty much fair at the initial stages for starting a travel blog. But for a serious blogger who really wants to make money from his travel blog, he has to spend some money on themes and buy premium WordPress designs.

The cost of themes for professional blog themes ranges from $19 to $550 which really comes in the act to improve the functionality & look of your website.

Most of the professional themes providers like MyThemeShop offers support panel which lets you ask questions about customization.

You also need to check; Free VS Premium WordPress Themes: Pay Or Not | Which is Best? | Pros and Cons | Comparison

5. WordPress Plugins.

Plugins are supposed to give some additional features to your website. Some of them are free & some you have to buy. Wordpress allows you to download the plugins in the plugin section of the WordPress dashboard.

Here are some of the best WordPress plugins that you can use:
  • Askimet - Probably one of the best to protect you from spam.
  • Yoast - Very important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • WP touch - Helps your travel blog you be more mobile friendly.
  • W3 Total Cache - increases your website speed. 
  • AddThis - Easy Social Share Button.
You may also like to know; Top 10 Best WordPress Security Plugins To Protect Your Website & Data

6. Google Analytics.

It helps you to know the crowd and from where the traffic coming from on your website.

It states you the number of people visits your website in a month, their country, their place, etc.

It is said to be a standard tracker for site analytics across the globe. So as to track the statistics you need setting up a Google Analytics account for your blog.

Check out: Drive Geo-targeted Website Traffic To Increase Domain Authority & Adsense Earnings | Build Website Traffic

7. Writing engaging content.

After all this, now it time to write a content & promote.

You can write anything. Right from the preparation of your first tour to uploading photos, videos, etc. But do remember quality matters more than the quantity.

Take your own time to create your content. Be passionate about it. Keep writing different kinds of topics. Doing such a thing will help you to know the kinds of topics resonate with readers.

As far as the money part is concerned, according to people, it takes less than one year to start getting money from travel blogging. So just be sure to stay in. You can take inspiration from other travel blogs.

For better understandings, you need to read: Top 10 Tips For Writing A Successful Blog Post For Bloggers

8. Social media.

As everyone knows whatever posts uploaded on social media, it may go viral within no time. There is no single day or the even single moment when people don't use social media. So it is a very good platform to let people know your content.

Only writing the pages, publishing the travel stories, posting the content on your website is not enough, you have to be active on social networking sites. Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube are the names of popular forms of social media. You can post your content either on most popular social media or all of the above. It depends on the type of content. Moreover, youtube travel bloggers are getting popular these days with their video content.

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9. About me page.

The very first thing you should do on your blog is to create an about me page. This is mostly visited the page of any blog as readers used to know the blogger's info first.

Keep it simple & interesting so that readers can easily know about you, who you are & why should they follow you.

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Make Money Travel Blogging - How much money can you make from a blog?

Believe me, no travel blogger can answer this question in a proper way because there is no fixed figure or such a limit to earn money from travel blogging.

Preferably setting big goals is necessary as it lets you concentrate on it that much more. How much you concentrate that much you can earn.

There is no definite amount that you can earn. Some of the travel bloggers earn $100 per month, some earn $1000 per month while some earn even more. It's all depends on you that how much you want to earn. It's not easy though.

Blogging takes too much time to get settled in. To be known as a successful travel blogger, I can say love what you do & be ready to learn new skills. Nothing is impossible, everything is possible in this world if you are ready to do all the hard work, have patience & dedication.

With the hard work you took today, you will be known as a successful blogger, you can earn huge & that is for sure.

I insist you to read my most popular page on PBB; 25+ Motivational Tips To TRANSFORM Your Current Life For Better FUTURE | Life Changing Articles

How do you make money as a travel blogger?

How to monetize travel blog - Everyone wants to travel the globe but the only thing that comes in between is money (expenses). Yes everyone one doesn't bear more than one income stream. They have to adjust the things in whatever they earn every month. Therefore even thinking of traveling becomes really a big thing.

If you have to think of traveling, you should save some money especially for it by cutting other demands/wishes/expenses. So if someone tries & adjust the expenses and plans a tour, he only can manage to travel to a small destination or plan a short tour like one day trip. But the above problems don't make any sense for travel blogger as they can earn money travel blogging.

Here listed most effective ways and top secrets on how a travel blogger can make money travel blogging:

1. Freelance writing.

WRITING is considered to be one of the best income sources for bloggers. You will get paid for writing articles for other websites. For that you should love writing, this totally depends upon your writing skills. If you have good writing skills & a social media fan-following, you will be noticed by the patrolling people online to write beautiful content on their website.

Once you start freelancing try to make a portfolio of your work so that you can negotiate best rates with your approaching clients. There are few sites that can help you to find freelance writing gigs, but in true words, I can say they stole an unfair commission of your earning & if I have to tell you the cut is up to 20%. So it is better to say sorry for such sites because you have unique skills that nobody has & therefore you deserve to be paid fairly.

Do some research to find paid travel blogger jobs as a freelance work and approach the publications that are resonating with your writing.

Do your best work & forward to the editors. Just you need to forward again & again, as there is a vast rejection in this industry.

Check: 10 Way, How High-Level Writing Skills Help In Marketing? | Content Marketing

2. Advertising on your own blog.

  • Ad Networks:
    Google provides an advertising platform, Adsense. And in my opinion, Adsense is the best ad network all the time. Google display ads on your site. You will be paid whenever a reader clicks on these ads. If you have more traffic, you will be paid more than Adsense through the advertising networks like Yahoo Media.net & Adsterra. The rates vary though depending on your topic/traffic ($2 - $10 per 1000 views)

  • Sponsored post:
    Many companies offer a good pay to write an article for them on your blog. You just need to promote their content or company itself on in your article & add a link redirecting to their website. There are few rules varying as per the companies you get offers from through which you have to follow, in spite if getting good income.

  • Banner Ads:
    Banner ads contain a logo or a graphics which will be displayed on your blog at the sidebar or bottom section. You will be careful to select the relevant banners. Related ads will help you and your readers to get more.
Here you can check the list of Topmost 12 Highest Money Making Google Adsense Alternatives | Best Contextual CPM/CPC/PPC Ad Networks

3. Affiliate.

Referring other companies products through your blog is called affiliate.

The product contains an affiliate tracking link. That means you will get paid when the product gets sold through your affiliate link. The best thing about this is, you don't have to work for it again and again. Once you set up this you will get paid for every sell.

Considering this best income source, one precautionary measure should be taken that you should only promote the products which are trustworthy or which you use more often or have a great experience with. The main reason behind this is, you have the audience who trust you & not the company. It's you on behalf of whos they make the purchase.

Check out; 8 Ways To Make Money Blogging By Affiliate Marketing Without Adsense

4. Photography.

Everyone likes to capture photos while traveling as a hobby. But if you want to monetize your photos you have to think like a professional photographer.

You can sell your photos through your own store but that will worthless as compared to online selling. You can make income by selling your photos working with brands/media outlets. As a business travel blog you can promote your photos for use in the commercial market or editorial use.

For better, you may also like to read: How To Get Killer Visuals – 10 Editing Tips For Instagram Video

5. Public speaking.

Yeh, public speaking is a skill and everybody doesn't have that. But it can be acquired if I tell you, you can earn money from it.

You can be asked to speak at events, conferences that relate to your travel by some companies. Those companies will pay you to share your experiences or views. They offer awesome packages & if you are not satisfied with the package, they used to offer a paid trips that means all expenses will be covered.

6. Destination marketing.

Sometimes a country's board of tourism asks you to visit the destinations in the country & write about your experiences.

The experiences can be shared through video footages, blog posts, photos etc & you will be compensated for it.

7. Content marketing.

It's the most popular type of marketing. Here you need to write for a certain category of people to keep them engaged with a company. Like every lady wants to look pretty so they like doing makeup. A company that sells beauty products has an online magazine that contains articles & videos related to beauty. Here women are the category of people, a company wants to reach. So whenever a woman read this kind of content, no doubt she shares it with other women & that really help the company to build their brand. If you get hired by a company to write some entertaining & interesting articles for them you will be getting paid.

so this much is for today and I will be back with more interesting and most helpful techniques for you. If you liked my today's page then give me our big-big thumbs up and if you have any suggestion related to the page you can comment me below in the comment section. Also, please do not forget to subscribe to my newsletter for more such informative articles.

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