What is Blog? Who is Blogger? How Blogging Works? How to Create A Blog Free | Blogging Tips

Start money making blogging 2020 — how to start my own blog? How to become a blogger? Can you make money blogging? Do bloggers get paid for blogging? How to create your own blog page? How much bloggers get paid? How do you make money blogging 2020? How to learn to make money blogging? What the best ways to make money online? The time you made the decision to start a blog to make money, you’re no longer just a blogger; at the same time, you also become a professional, and your blog becomes your online small business. Here providing quick steps and easy to follow guide to start your own blog and help you to make money. Just keep reading this page to learn about how money making blogging works and how to start a blog successfully.. Continue reading...

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In today's age, almost all people are using the Internet. The handy smartphones, speedy internet, they used to spend most of the time online, whether it is about from sharing the photos, posting videos or publishing any media files on social networking sites or just searching about what they want to explore or even for selling or buying, shopping the things, date chatting, etc. Similarily, BLOGGING is also kind of things where you share and publish your things, knowledge & expertise. The person who shares is called a blogger, and the page where he shares is called a blog. All in one, the BLOGGER starts sharing his knowledge by writing the BLOG to MAKE MONEY BLOGGING. Here is a quick guide that helps you know better about blogs, bloggers, and blogging.
Money Making Blogging
People used to ask; what is the meaning of a blog? How to become a blogger? What blogging does mean to anyone? how to start my own blog? How blogging help to earn money online? Can you make money blogging? Do bloggers get paid for blogging? How to create your own blog page? How many bloggers get paid? How do you make money blogging? How to learn to make money blogging? What the best ways to make money online? This guide is intended for everyone who is looking for an answer to these questions.

Every time people make the use of the internet to get what they want instead of moving a single step, just like willing to do everything only by sitting in the chair. Now you might be thinking, why am I telling all this, as you know all very well. The only & the important reason is that; along with all the online things, you can share your thoughts and ideas online through a medium called as a "BLOG." And today I'm going to explore one of the basic but fundamental parts to know all about blogging. This is the ultimate guide that going to describe — What is a blog? Who is the blogger? What is blogging? How blogging works? How to start a successful blog?

The most important thing you MUST note that; these are NO any quick ways to get rich fast; and in case you are want to know such kind of schemes to get rich quickly for making money online, then you have arrived at the wrong place. In a simple and straightforward way, BLOGGING IS NOT A SHORTCUT AND QUICK WAY TO MAKE MONEY online and offline.

The time you made the decision to start a blog to make money, you’re no longer remain just a blogger; at the same time, you also become a professional, and your blog becomes your online small business.

Here I'm going to share some but fundamental steps and easy to follow guide to start your own blog and help you to make money. Many of these techniques need some investment of time, money, patience to get started & to be a million dollar blogger.

This is again new year, and the blogging has grown as one of the most profitable online professions to earn money. As long as you’re ready to make the effort, you’ll get the prize. Just keep reading this page to learn about how money-making blogging works and how to start a blog successfully. By reading this tutorial, you’ll take the important move for starting a blog that can build an income source for you for life.
What is Blog? Who is Blogger? How Blogging Works? How to Start A Successful Blog
What is Blog? Who is Blogger? How Blogging Works? How to Start A Successful Blog

What is Blog? And Blogging?

The blog is a medium used to share your knowledge, ideas, experiences or moreover, news, updates via online pages.

The Blogging is the best way to stay updated and connected with all over the world. Publish your thoughts and all your readers, followers, & audience will get ready to discuss and share your pages. It's a great way to promote & market all your ideas on this World Wide Web.

My story — The first time I came across the word "blog" in 2009, when I was in last year and was doing a thesis. I was searching for everything on the internet more than at the library. I was unaware of such a concept of the blog and its features. That time I thought it might be another kind of social networking site because we used to chat regularly on social networks. But soon I got known about a blog and its benefits and the ability of how we get our thoughts more than our own network and you will get connected to the world directly. I was excited to start blogging and later I decided to start my own blog to share the knowledge and expertise with my friends and their friends and ultimately to the world.

So let's have a look at what actually I got while finding out what is a "blog"?

Blog & Blogging
Blog & Blogging
In short & simple words;
  • A "blog" is an online diary/journal/notebook that contains a complete/ detailed information about a particular topic which should be updated on a regular basis.
  • A "blog" is a personal website where you share your valuable thoughts/ideas with peoples worldwide. It includes pages call blog posts, and it displays a most recent post to be first (chronological order) on the home page of your website.
  • An online medium through which an online author (blogger) communicates with millions of audience.
In 1997 the writer of Robot WisdomJohn Barger, 1st invented the word 'weblog' so that he could get in connection with the people relating to his work. Later in 1999, Peter Merholz modified 'weblog' to 'blog'. To be practical, what are you reading right now is nothing more than a "blog." And you will get lots of pages and their websites like this page while searching on the Google.

Then what are you waiting for? Insisting you not just read, create your own blog and start sharing your knowledge and information that you have inside you; I am going to describe to you here on how to build a blog.

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How to Create A Successful Blog?

After reading all about blogging tips and what a blog build for? Someone like you will definitely get excited to start a blog. So have a cup of tea or coffee, breath in-and-out a deep, get relaxed & be prepared because you are just a few steps away to create a blog.

You can create a blog by going through each section shown below:
  • Step 1: Reason to start a blog
  • Step 2: Subject of your blog
  • Step 3: Select a blogging platform
  • Step 4: Choose a domain name
  • Step 5: Pick a web host
  • Step 6: Log in & start blogging.

Going through these steps, in the end, you will have your own blog & your time then will call you as a BLOGGER, yes a blogger who writes blog pages online. So start your blog right now.

Just consider that that the major investment you have to do is your TIME; that's more valuable. Valuable in the sense, if you keep consistency, you will really worth it.

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Step 1: Find A Reason & The Purpose To Start A Blog

Find The PURPOSE To Start
Find The PURPOSE To Start
Nothing in the world has established without a purpose.

When you know your aim, you can walk through it easily & make a mark. Every blogger has a different meaning and purpose to write a blog. Know your mind, thoughts; what is a blog you wanted to plan to write a blog with a unique purpose in your creative brain.

There are some peoples who start blogging as fun, few of them took it as their hobby, more of the individuals want to express their knowledge to people worldwide, but most of the people look at it as a source of earning, as a career. Make your career as a ProBlogger. So before starting, you should know the reason to start a blog.

Know your aim an ultimate reason to blog. The reason is the most important fact to stay focused while blogging. Blogging needs patience and time and your reason keep you motivated to keep you as a blogger.

The purpose of blogging varies from person to person. Why people blogging:
  • They love writing
  • They want to update yourself regularly
  • Love to share experience & knowledge and want to express yourself.
  • Want to connect with the people of similar thinking
  • If you are a business person
  • Fun or hobby
  • To be much more creative & active
  • To be an expert in your field

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Step 2: Choose The Subject of A Blog

Choose The Subject of A Blog
Choose The Subject of A Blog
The purpose and subject are different from each other. Peoples from all the fields have started blogging which has differentiated their blog in different categories like a photographic blog, travel blog, technology blog, political blog & blah blah blah... Therefore it is necessary to target a particular subject on which your blog will focus. It's the reason, people, will get all related information on one site.

You can select your blog subject depending upon your knowledge, recently what is going on in the world or some futuristic ideas which you think will get popularity until the time you will become a professional blogger. Maybe the thoughts of your interest will be an advantage.

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Step 3: Choose A Right Blogging Platform

Choose A Right Blogging Platform
Choose A Right Blogging Platform
A player needs a ground to play, a biker needs a track to ride; similarly, a blogger needs a blogging platform to blog; without which he can't reach the audience.

Choosing the right blogging platform for your blog is a matter of primary concern; since your blog entirely relies on it. There are some blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, LiveJournal, etc.

The Blogger & WordPress are the most popular and recommended blogging platforms (CMS-Content Management Systems) amongst all the other platforms. Both of them are very best in their place. But the selection of a blogging platform totally depends on the kind of blogger you are. Blogger is suitable for fresh blogger whereas WordPress is best for corporate & business sectors. Blogger is free, and only you have to pay for the domain name. On the other hand, WordPress is a bit costly as it needs web hosting. Therefore you have to pay for both domain & web hosting.

a. Blogger

If you are a fresh blogger, then the blogger will turn to be a very good platform for you to create a blog. It doesn't require any special skills as an experienced blogger as it's very easy to implement & customize everything. Even you can do fine adjustments easily. The SEO friendly feature of blogger allows the user for easy social integration. It's almost a free platform, the only investment (around $10) you have to do is to buy a domain name.

Also, you don't have to pay for web host like WordPress as Google provides it for free. If you want to change the outlook of your blog; you just need to open HTML and edit any template code. But the fact is that the blogger unable to fulfill the requirements of special programmers as it doesn't support PHP or asp scripts. Also, it restricts you to have few no. of authors in case you wanted to many writers and limit to create special pages.

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b. Wordpress

A highly customizable software totally looks like as it is made for the programmers & web developers, the important reason, it supports PHP scripts. It empowers you to create extra dynamic posts/ content. Allows you to precise & accurate adjustment with the site template-design even on a small scale level can do quickly.

Wordpress updates itself on a regular basis, and it's a good feature, but that instead of a plus point might turn to be a problem with your currently using widgets or plugins as they might not be work with the new WordPress update. And this allows you to invest more time to remove such kind of errors & find its solutions.

Along with a domain & web hosting, you require a framework for full customization support which is so cost consuming. WordPress provides professional web designs for your website. Websites based on WordPress platform loads more quickly as compared with the Blogger site.

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Blogger Vs Wordpress

Both of them are known to be the very best blogging platforms that you need to create a blog. When it comes to select any one of these, it totally relies on what sort of blogger you are as both have some advantages & disadvantages. Each platform has pros and cons, read more: WordPress Vs. Blogger — Choose the Best Blogging Platform | Comparison | Pros & Cons

Step 4: Pick A Perfect Domain Name For Your Blog Site

Domain is nothing but an address of your blog; it is your online identity so that the audience can easily find you at your address. It's like your online home or online office. As you know, my blog address/ domain is problogbooster.com

You can buy a domain for around $10 per year from domain registrar & web hosting companies like GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, iPage, etc. While selecting a domain, some things should be taken into consideration that,
  • It should be easy to read & pronounce.
  • Easy to remember
  • Unique
  • Should express what your blog is about/ contents of the blog.

Simultaneously keep in mind that the address should possess extension like .com, .net, .org, & stay away from fancy extensions like .rocks, .biz. The commercial extension ".com" is more preferable & suitable also.

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Step 5: Web Hosting: Choose The Right Host for Your Website

Web hosting is home for your blog where all your blog data/ content like images, blogpost write-ups & so on is stored, just like hard drive works for the computer.

It's a company that pushes your website always online on the internet so that anyone can see it anytime. Those who want to use blogger, they don't need to buy a web host as Google provides free web hosting for blogger, but it is limited to some extent as,
  • You will be unable to create sub-domain; like blog.yourdomain.com
  • Unable to create custom web pages.
  • You may have to depend on the third party as you can't host the script on your site.
  • It limits total upload size of pictures (up to 1GB).

There are plenty of web hosting companies across, who offers 24/7 service, but in my opinion, it's best to go with BlueHost as it provides;
  1. Excellent 24/7 customer support with a live chat help to solve your query.
  2. No limit for storage space.
  3. Unlimited bandwidth.
  4. The control panel is easy to use & richer with features.

BlueHost usually offers three primary web hosting plans,
  1. Standard — useful for beginners who have to deal with the max of a single domain.
  2. Business — useful for experienced bloggers who deals with more than one blog.
  3. Pro — useful for corporate persons.

They have flexible payment options either monthly or once in 3 years. The longest plan you choose, the cheapest rate you can get. Also, you can get up to 72% discount by using a coupon code + Free Domain.

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Step 6: Login & Start Blogging

Once you have completed all the steps, then you are ready to start your own blog.

1. For blogger:

— register at blogger.com
— click on the new blog on your dashboard.
— now you will see space to enter your title & address, fill it & choose a general template.

I recently published an article to help the BlogSpot users to link their custom domain to Godaddy service; 4 Steps To Add BlogSpot Custom Domain With GoDaddy | Blogger To GoDaddy

2. For WordPress:

Once you have opted for a domain & web hosting plan then it's time to register yourself. It may take some time to register your account. You will get a confirmation mail after your account is ready. Now log in to the control panel & install WordPress.

Once you logged in, create a new blog post and start sharing your ideas and thoughts on your own website.

Bottom Line
Just keep in mind that, for this blogging field, you need much more patience, hardworking as it takes some time to get you to settle down as a professional blogger.

You learn at every moment online that will improve your internet & computer skills. You need to stay in touch with the people or all your followers & to be updated as your blog requires regular updated. As a result of this, you will learn new things every day. Through the blog, you get connected with people worldwide directly through your blog.

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