9 Reasons Why WordPress Is Far Better Than Blogger | WordPress vs. BlogSpot

Know logical reasons why you should use WordPress than CMS and why WordPress is better for small business website. WP is best blogging platform too.. Continue reading...

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The question is how the WordPress is the best CMS for your business and also for make money blogging. As you know, blogging is an art; and to get excellent exposure for the blogs written, it's important to have a blogging platform. Without the platform, it is literally impossible to get readers to the blog. Well, there are several platforms available where a blogger can find good exposure to the content.
Is wordpress better than blogger?
Newbie bloggers used to search; why WordPress is best for blogging? What is the best platform for blogging? Is Blogspot good for blogging? Why you should use WordPress? Why WordPress sites are better? What's Best CMS for your business website? WordPress or Blogger - Which one is better to make money blogging? Why WordPress is the best option than BlogSpot Platform? Why your blogger blog should moved to WordPress? And so on.

Here I am sharing, most effective logical reasons why you should use WordPress over other CMS and why WordPress is better for your small business website. WordPress is the popular website building tool and as SEO point of view, WP is the best blogging platform for your blog. Check the following compelling reasons to choose WordPress without doubt.
Why WordPress Is The Best CMS: Check out the most effective logical reasons why you should use WordPress over other CMS and why WordPress is better for your small business website. WordPress is the popular website building tool and as SEO point of view, WP is the best blogging platform for your blog. Check the following compelling reasons to choose WordPress without doubt.
Why WordPress Is The Best CMS: Check out the most effective logical reasons why you should use WordPress over other CMS and why WordPress is better for your small business website. WordPress is the popular website building tool and as SEO point of view, WP is the best blogging platform for your blog. Check the following compelling reasons to choose WordPress without doubt.
You must follow previously published article; WordPress vs. Blogger – Choosing the Right Platform| PROs & CONs | Full Comparison - that describes how blogger BlogSpot differs from the WordPress and which one you need to choose as an option for your blogging carrier.

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WordPress vs. Other CMS

There are several services offered by the WordPress as a CMS platform for content writers, online publishers & bloggers. But with the variety of blogging platforms available for publishing the blog, it might make the bloggers confused. BlogSpot blogger is the tough competitor for the WordPress.

WordPress and Blogger are the most popular CMS sites works to serve best blogging platforms for bloggers. These are the most established blogging platforms and works best for all type of users. The confusion of WordPress Vs Blogger is still going on; which service is much better and which is not? Which platform will offer maximum benefit and which one not? Does WordPress host websites rank better in search engines? Which site will generate more traffic for the content? And many more questions create a lot of confusion. And so this page.

Added with several features, these platforms are great for bloggers to expose their views and share their content with the world. But when the services offered from the both are compared, WordPress gets extra marks. As compared to Blogger, WordPress is much more user-friendly and added with amazing features. In quick words, I would like to say, WordPress hosted websites are easy to set up, simpler to maintain, and best option to market your content, product, and services.

9 Reasons Why WordPress Is The Best than Rest?

WordPress is really a great blogging platform. It is actually user-friendly as even a new blogger can find it easy to operate though for the first time. It is the platform that offers maximum features. The blogs find high exposure in WordPress and can have a huge base of active readers.

WordPress is a blogging platform that guarantees optimized but targeted traffic. As SEO friendly, it makes the blog reach to target customers. Let us confirm how WordPress is better than the rest blogging platforms like blogger BlogSpot. Here are some important points compared to relieve your confusion.

9 Facts why WordPress CMS is the best blogging platform than Blogger Blogspot:

1. Presenting Multiple Design Options to Your Website.

When it comes to design, Blogger offers limited options to choose from. It offers a very few collection of designs and artistic work. While the WordPress maintain excellent flexibility in its functioning. It allows the user to design a site from scratch. WordPress encourages the user to give any shape to the wordage and a website as a whole.

For the website templates or themes, the WordPress is much popular than that of blogger designs. For WordPress developer, it offers more design structures with millions of stunning themes to choose from. It provides custom WordPress website design with a variety of ideas about templates ranging from business to travel blogs. It has millions of beautiful themes for cooking, gardening and every kind of blogs that you are writing upon.

The WordPress themes are designed professionally by custom WordPress designer and prove top-notch as compared to Blogger. They are included in MyThemeShop - best WordPress Themes & Plugins provider. You can find the theme that can best suits to your blog title and the content in it.

For choosing the themes you always preferred to go with premium WordPress templates as they offer you more features for your SEO, Affiliate marketing and especially for eCommerce websites. For further more clarifications you need check WordPress Free vs. Premium, Which is Better For Your Blog Site | Pros & Cons

2. Have Better SEO To Improving Your Google Rankings.

As we discussed, the Search Engine Optimization performs an essential role for the website. BlogSpot provides the option to add a meta description to each page, but the SEO optimization is much more than that. Even though Blogger is managed by Google itself, it does not provide crucial SEO features for increasing your site's visibility in search engines results. The Blogger HTML template uses a kind of log page filled with XML+HTML codes that making it less SEO friendly.

On the other hand, there are no arguments and no doubts in WordPress; as the WordPress stands excellent for Search Engine Optimization. The optimized SEO WordPress website drives massive traffic for the content you have.

The content published through WordPress always rocks all the search engines. I would like to suggest you SEO processor - it is currently the best SEO plugin for WordPress. This helps your content to rank top on the first page of Google with comfort.

Particularly for an e-commerce website requirements, WordPress provides top-notch SEO features & tools help you to get higher rankings in search results that will allow you to do keyword research to drive targeted customers to your business products and services.

Check out 5 Reasons, Why Keywords Are So Important for SEO Optimization

3. Easily Monitor and Manage Your WordPress Site.

Blogger is quite complicated and confusing to manage. On the other hand, WordPress is easy to monitor & manage all your WordPress hosted sites. WordPress allows the user to do anything in a split of a second from WP dashboard. You can manage and control as many sites as you want with a single control panel with WordPress called as WP dashboard.

With Blogger, managing many sites with a single dashboard is quite difficult one. You need to go multiple pages for every site you want to control. Whereas, with WP dashboard it becomes easy to access any website and WordPress developer can quickly work simultaneously to monitor and control any website. WP dashboard makes managing & controlling the WordPress content easier.

While starting the blogging journey; Top 10 WordPress Terms You Must Aware Before Starting A WordPress Blog

4. Get Full Control of Your WordPress Website.

WordPress offer complete control on the blog and its hosting. If you have any self-hosted WordPress blog or host multiple WordPress sites, no harm can be caused to your blogs. Getting your blog deleted happens only in extremely rare conditions.

The WordPress multisite manager offers top-drawer flexibility to its users. There are no limits or restrictions set about WordPress user roles and what content to be promoted.

WordPress does not restrict using different strategies for promoting the blog. You can able to manage multiple WordPress sites from WP dashboard You can experience a full control of the blog with WordPress.

Don't forget to check special web hosting deal; Bluehost Coupons Codes 55% OFF + FREE Domain Name & Unlimited Web Hosting for your website.

5. Extend & Expand The WordPress Functionality With WP Plugins.

The is no concept of BlogSpot plugins in Blogger platform - it is very hard to manage your blogs with blogger. They have blogger widgets to add HTML codes on the frontend side. Widgets are different than plugins. If you want to change the background color or picture in blogger templates, it is very troublesome; you need dive into HTML template codes, find the CSS or HTML < div > container to modify - here you needs some tech knowledge.

On the other hand, the WordPress offers great flexibility & improved functionality with its well-versed plugins option. It becomes easy to work with WordPress. WordPress provides plugins having great features & offer all kinds of customization that will enhance your WordPress site's usability & SEO.

There are 40,000 options to choose best WordPress plugins for you. With WP plugins, it becomes very easy to work with WordPress. Just by installing a Plugin, you can do anything and everything with your blog. Not only change the background, but you can also do and create image galleries or premium multi-purpose slider on your home page. Even no need to know any language, everything will get done automatically.

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6. Making Your Site Load Faster.

As discussed above, Blogger uses the single page HTML template for doing everything. This results in increased loading time and moreover affect negatively for your SEO.

The WordPress, on the other hand, with WP plugins you can easily test for your site & remove those obstacles in the waterfall to load. Best WP plugins compress your images to reduce your load time to under 1 second.

I would suggest you - WP Super Cache - helps to get the very fastest speed possible & loads the blogs smoothly and that too by default. Along with this, WordPress has plugins those helps in SEO benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) that improves the site loading time considerably.

You also need to read; 5 Ways To Choose A Best WordPress Theme For Your Website or Blog

7. Managing and Selling of Premium Digital Content.

The situation comes when a content writer or online publisher needs to sell his content, products or services. It is quite a difficult time when the blogger left with no other choice. In such a situation, it is the WordPress that provide quick and easy way & excellent support to sell services via your site. It is possible to sell the content easily. This can be achieved with commercial eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce. WordPress is the best platform where you are getting paid off for the excellent content you sell.

On the other hand, in a case of BlogSpot Blogger - it is very hard to find a person willing to buy the blogger blog. The WordPress is really the best supporter of hard times of the online publishers and content writers. The writer can get an excellent price for the blogs he was working for. It is only possible to get the super value for the hard work by getting paid off perfectly with the best CMS platform like WordPress.

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8. Static Website For Startups & Sales.

WordPress is the best for setting up the static websites. It gets updated periodically and offers better and improved results. The static website designed with WordPress help in better SEO and ranking in search engines. Static means flat or stationary web page that loads faster and used only to get a web presence and online identity.

The WordPress plugins help in optimizing on-site SEO. The WordPress dashboard makes it easier for updating even for the non-techie people. WordPress allows easy ways to integrate social media on your site. Overall, WordPress changes as per the latest norms. And thus it works excellent in creating a static website.

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9. Provides Marketing honesty, trust, and respect.

For better branding, gaining trust and respect from a wider range of audience is always of great importance for a successful blogger. The WordPress allows self-hosted blogs making the audience to establish a strong belief in the reliability of the information that you share. Overall, you can gain a trust and respect from your audience which is of immense importance for your online business.

WordPress hosted website is the right address that can offer a trust and respect. And so it is among the top CMS platforms with full of Plugins and quality dashboard. It is the best blogging tool where you can able to optimize your SEO to build trust that will drive massive traffic and target right audience for your brand. It is thus smart way to get shifted to WordPress; and it is the reason most of the blogger blog moving to the WordPress hosted sites.

Like trust and respect; the Domain Authority is also important factor, you must be aware 10 Effective Strategies To Increase Domain Authority (DA) Fast in Your Blogging Niche

Bottom Line
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Blogging is always challenging. It never ends simply with writing a blog and publishing the same. You need to have the right platform for your content.

At the same time, it should be most trustworthy so that your audience can have a strong but favorable opinion on you and the information you shared with them.

The best option is to get your blog of the website published through WordPress.

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