101 SEO Tips and Tricks For Ranking Higher in Google Search Results [Top SEO Tips 2024]

Those publishers having their own blogs or website might be aware of the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and many users call this term as SEO Search Optimization too. The one who holds their own website or blog should learn how search engine optimization can help them to get higher search rankings. And after trying and trying SEO Google tips I can assure you that web search optimization the only important thing which will help you to be at the top of search ranking and to increase the online business. And here today I going to share everything but best SEO practices to learn top SEO tips straight from the top SEO services and which are easy to follow and quick to implement.
Search Engine Optimization Tips
Every blogger and online publisher used to search; how to improve SEO rankings? What is a good SEO score? Latest SEO hacks & tricks to top higher in search results? How do to improve WordPress SEO? How to achieve maximum search engine optimization? And much more including the new techniques to boost SEO rankings and so on.

The SEO is an unstable process because the numerous changes that take place in the Google Algorithm at regular intervals. So many try to understand this SEO and when they work some techniques, they end up losing their traffic instead of getting a grip on it. The way they are adopting & implementing new SEO techniques is not that much perfect.

Never mind, I’ll let you all know how you can achieve this. This is some kind of search engine marketing management where you have to present your content in such a way that, the users who are searching for anything in the search engines should land on your pages. Even though, if you belong to a big or small business SEO services providers, still SEO helps to increase the business.

You should learn effective SEO techniques as there are many best SEO optimized websites for you and your brand who are already working on and their search rankings are now in the first top ten results. But how to get better SEO - like previously published search engine optimization tips, Improve search engine optimization without any professional SEO services to not only improve seo optimization blog content but also to increase online visibility for each post you write on your site.
Top SEO Tips and Tricks For Ranking Higher in Google Search Results
Improve Search Indexation: Top SEO Tips and Tricks For Ranking Higher in Google Search Results
In the previous article I have shared Hashtag Engine Optimization [HEO]: Everything You Want to Know [Future of SEO] that everyone should check and follow about HEO.

I have created a list of over 101 top SEO tips, tricks, and the best SEO practices divided them into relevant parts to include all the aspects of the search engine factors:
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101 Top Seo Tips: Optimizing your website for search engines

This is the most active area where every blog/website owner should work on, but it is too much complicated for those users who are NOT following a perfect SEO guide that provides the right information, and best SEO advice not only to choose best SEO tools but fetch higher positions in search results for your website and all of its pages.

Online business is incomplete because of lack of SEO eCommerce tips. The only way people can land on your website totally depends upon how SEO directs them towards you. Your site/blog, same as that of top SEO companies for small business, must be prepared well in advance for driving targeted audience. Check out the most effective and working top SEO ranking tips for your existing blog and try it to follow, I am sure it will help not only getting top search ranking but also driving huge traffic.

Below are the top SEO tips and tricks which will help you get better search ranking & keep you at the top of the SEO results:

A. SEO Optimized Template & Domain Name

SEO Optimized Template and Domain Name
SEO Optimized Template and Domain Name

1. TLD (Top Level Domain).

The domain of the site should be specific to the country. You need to go with Internationalized country code TLDs e.g. www..in for India country, or www..uk for UK etc.

2. WWW vs non-WWW.

SEO works for both www and naked domain (non-www); however, ‘www’ impacts a lot. Hence whenever possible look for getting ‘www’ domain for a good impression. In the SEO point of view, both having the same impact on SEO, but people used to use 'www' more.

3. Catchy domain name.

Your domain name is your online identity and it should be brand new and unique from everyone else.

Before doing any, check out: 3 Rules For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name [Blogging Tips]

4. Use semantic markups.

Make sure that, within your site/blog source code, the elements should have some meaning. Search engine always sees behind the curtain rather they are not just seeing what you have written but also sees how you have maintained the content.

Check out; 5 Ways To Choose A Best WordPress Theme For Your Website or Blog

5. Follow responsive design.

The template of the site should be responsive where any type of end-user can access your site on their desktops or devices with any screen sized displays. Content should be adjustable and adaptable to the resolution of the end user’s device/machine.

Follow full in-depth tutorial: Making Blogger Responsive Mobile-friendly Template Design [Responsive Web Development]

6. Website speed & performance optimization.

Try to maintain simplicity in website/blog this will help to reduce page loading time and leads to an increase in the performance. Just keep in your mind that any viewer & search engine will appreciate the site/blog which has very less loading time.

You must try Top 10 Places To Check Website Speed & Performance Optimization Issues

7. User-friendly web page layout.

There are some criteria that work on the areas of your template which are normally viewed by end-users/search engines. It's a big task to provide a reader with all info with a minimum of text. Hence such friendly layouts should be considered for the site/blog.

Check out: Top 15 SEO Friendly WordPress Themes [Best Selling Premium Templates]

8. Check Browser Compatibility.

Your site should perfectly load on multiple browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. You never know the browser of your visitors. Hence, it always good to have this compatibility with your website/blog.

9. Screen resolution.

By any chance, you need to work on the screen resolution, go and make your site so flexible which will work on any resolution on the end user's machine/device.

10. XML sitemap.

Every website/blog should create and submit the XML sitemap to Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. webmaster tools to help them crawl your each and every page and its content.

11. HTML sitemap.

To be on a safer side, it’s better to have HTML sitemap in place same as that of an XML sitemap. SEO services experts recommend such sitemaps should be kept ready.

You must check; How To Generate A Sitemap For Your Blogger Blog To Instantly Index in Search Results

12. Robots.txt file.

Every site/blog should have this text file (www.yoursitename.com/robots.txt) and this file should be SEO optimized. In other words, you can allow/disallow the specific part of the contents. It doesn’t make any sense to submit all the content to Google for showing it those on the search results pages.

13. Site interface.

The looks of your site must be simple, interactive, interesting and easy to understand. This will helps to engage the visitors to stay on the page and navigate to the website/blog more easily.

Recommended: Top 15 SEO Image Optimization Tips for Search Engine Traffic

B. Content & Search Engine Success Factors

Content and Search Engine Success Factors
Content and Search Engine Success Factors

14. On-page SEO.

This is one of the most important aspects of the SEO; where the content should have Meta tags, title, description, heading tags, internal links, URL structures, etc. which helps search engine to determine your page quickly. This is something like internal arrangements to be done by the site/blog owner before publishing the content online.

Check: Top 6 On-Page SEO Basics To Consider Before You Build an SEO Optimized Web Page

15. Off-page SEO.

Apart from on-page SEO, it is also equally essential where link building, social media marketing, and bookmarking plays a very important role in getting higher search ranking. This shows the search engine the kind of relations you have with the outside world. This also furthermore helps to increase the quality backlinks.

Learn more about Quick SEO Guide: 16 Ways To Quickly Improve SEO Ranking That’ll Generate Huge Traffic To Your

16. Meta title & description.

Catchy titles & optimized descriptions help to increase CTR (Click Through Rate). The meaning of quality meta elements is nothing but a degree of simplicity and easiness of the titles and description followed by your post or website.

You must follow basic things like; HTML Meta Tags - Generate Meta Keywords That Improves Search Engine Ranking [PageRank]

17. Headings improve rankings.

Not just the page title but the heading should also be strong. These are the attention-grabbing factors for visitors & search engines. There are lots of best SEO firm recommends having catchy headings within your website or blog.

18. SEO Optimize Heading tags (H1 to H6).

tags can be also used to increase the search engine traffic. You may check any of the leading SEO companies where all of them are using tags. This is because everyone should use some template for publishing the content. And tags help to finalize such templates. Heading tags helps the search crawler to know the subject and structure the content more precisely.

RECOMMENDED: On-Page SEO Checklist (Updated) IMP Factors That’ll Rank You TOP in SERP

C. SEO Image Optimization Tips

SEO Image Optimization Tips
SEO Image Optimization Tips

19. Image Optimization.

The image speaks more than written words, thus at least one image should be included in a post. However, never publish the image without being optimized. It also helps in reducing the page loading time. Also as instructed, don’t forget to add alt text for an image.

20. Image SEO - ALT tags.

All the images/pictures uploaded by you on the page should have "ALT tags". The ALT tags are nothing but alternative caption displayed to end-user whenever their internet fails to display images or they have intentionally stopped the display of images (just like as Ad Blocks etc.) This will help in optimizing the use of images. SEO search optimization gets improved by such alt-tags.

21. Catching images.

As considered by many, perfect and impressive images that are uploaded to the post/page are having a high impact on the visitors. It's also suggested by SEO engines. Nowadays, many top SEO firms recommend everyone to implement SEO optimized images for every page in site/blog.

22. Breadcrumb (navigation).

This is the thing that will help end-user to navigate across the site easily. This is the sample breadcrumb - “Home > SEO > Tools > Outcome” etc. Usually, this is mostly advised as a mandatory thing by any top SEO services.

Check out the special but Quick Guide: Breadcrumbs & SEO [Why & How] Impact on Google Search Result Page - SERP

D. SEO Link Building

SEO Link Building
SEO Link Building

23. Link Building Strategies.

You should be careful while creating the links on your or other sites. Sometimes the traffic coming from unknown or suspicious links creates the risk (they might be coming through backlinks as well) and Google may punish you for this even though you haven’t done anything wrong. To avoid this, be careful while generating the links.

Check out in detail; Top 9 Best Link Building Tools for Better SEO [Improve Your Search Rankings]

24. Internal linking for better SEO.

Use of internal links helps the end-user to navigate across the site easily. Likewise, many best SEO optimized websites are following this practice for generating more page views. It will reduce the bounce rate and so the PageRank.

25. Outbound link.

As Internal links, the outbound (external) links are also useful for directing your end-user to the specific page you follow and it also helps to build the quality backlink which helps in boosting SEO.

26. Check dead links.

All the broken links should be cleared. Top-rated SEO companies avoid such mistakes. Ensure that, the end-user should not land on any broken page.

27. Fix the 404 Not Found Error.

All 404-error-throwing pages should have some site content. Otherwise, an end-user may leave from the page as soon as they see some coding 404 error message in front of them.

28. Create 301 Redirect.

This redirection method helps to increase page ranking. This is the best method to secure that visitors and search engines are directed to the right page.

29. Relative links.

Adding references to other relative sites helps to present and explain the overall topic on and from the same page of the site. However, unrelated links lead to creating confusion. While writing adds relative links just to satisfy your readers.

30. Minimum outbound links.

Outbound links originate from your website and drive to an external site. It’s good to have outbound links; however, the quantity should be minimal.

31. Cloaking & doorway pages.

There are some links you want to use on your site but it's not pleasing for search engine algorithm. Then link cloaking must to used to cloak them and making them SEO friendly. This is the moment where link cloaking should be used which helps you NOT getting caught by the search engines.

32. Relative link building.

Making contact with the owners of sites that are related to your site helps to build a relationship between others. These relations also help you to grab a large audience.

Check: Top 500+ High PR Sites [Build SEO Quality Backlinks]

33. Infographics and Backlinks.

The use of effective infographics and requesting others to promote your site/blog helps to reach out to a wide range of people. It is the best way to build quality backlinks for your site.

34. High-quality backlinks.

This can be achieved by publishing unique, fresh, exclusive, and pure content on your site/blog. The audience coming from your relative sites should be satisfied as soon as they land on your post/page (this is nothing but the backlinks). These are the high-quality backlinks and everyone should always focus on this important point.

35. Guest posting.

Prepare some guest posts, how-to guides, tutorials, and request other related sites to publish them on their sites/blogs. This will then lead to an increase in the backlinks and ultimately it will drive the massive search traffic dramatically.

RECOMMENDED: 25 Benefits of Guest Blogging - Why It’s Important for Better SEO

E. Optimizing content for SEO

Optimizing content for SEO
Optimizing content for SEO

36. Stop duplicate web content.

The content of the site should be unique and should not be copied from elsewhere. Duplication & copyrighting of the content lead to the end of the business.

You must know; 15 Ways How To Write An Effective Blog Post [Content Writing Tips]

37. Beneficiary content.

Make sure that, whatever you are publishing and presenting to the end-user; it should be really helpful for them. Otherwise, they will close down the site and go somewhere else to find their answers.

38. Avoid duplication of comments.

Never put the same commentary on multiple posts even though the content or discussion is the same. Google Search engine treats this as copyrighting and this will then act against you and reduce the search ranking.

Always follow rules; Add Nofollow to Comments To Prevent Blogger From Panda Effect & Spam

39. SEO competitive analysis & research.

Keep an eye on the movements that your competitor takes. You don’t have to follow their path. However, it’s better to analyze them to be in the race. E.g. the ways they are promoting their site is different, but “the idea” behind this promotion should be taken into consideration.

40. Write for readers.

Always try to think from the reader’s perspective. What will they understand from your post/page? Ask this question to yourself and do it wisely. By doing this, the reader feels that the page is made for them and they got all the answers they require.

41. No fake, Only TRUTH.

Information published on your site should be firm and correct. There should not be any information which seems to be fake or suspicious. Sharing such bogus information decreases the interest of viewers/readers.

Check out; [Infographics] Top 10 Novice SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid & Correct

42. Content uniqueness & length.

Though large content is useful to get a good amount of traffic in the search engine, yet the content should be unique and copyrighting of the content should also be avoided.

43. SEO+User-friendly content.

Keep an eye on whether the actual recipe is served to the end-users. If users couldn’t find the thing which they are looking for, they will definitely avoid reaching out to you and for next time as well.

You must know; List of Google Stop Words To Avoid [PRO SEO TIPS]

44. Bullets & Numbers.

Try to add numbers or bullets in the title this will increase the clicks from search engine and it leads to the increase in page views as well.

45. Review before publishing.

The final review should be done before publishing content online for all the readers. This will help to reduce any grammatical mistakes as well as helps to maintain accuracy and precision.

46. Legal & reliable content.

Always make sure that whatever data or content you are publishing should be legal. This is to avoid any trouble which may occur from other parties dealing with the same topic as that of yours.

47. Update content.

The content of the site/blog should be updated. Outdated content always gets ignored as the world is continuously changing every day.

Insist on checking; Top 3 Key Reasons To Review, Edit & Republish Old Posts [Build Website Traffic]

48. Maintain quality.

Remove any unwanted content present on your site which doesn’t get considerable traffic earlier. Also, get rid of the plagiarized content.

49. Video tutorials.

Create videos of your content. Usually, video affects more than write-ups and images. Publishing such videos over YouTube channels pushes the people to subscribe to your newsletters. This will helps in promotion as well. The search engine appreciates this as you are also working on all the entry gates.

RECOMMENDED: MyThemeShop Review - Buy Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins for $19 [Pros & Cons]

Check out; Why Buying Backlinks Will Not Help You With Search Engine Rankings [Advanced SEO]

F. SEO-Keyword Research

SEO-Keyword Research
SEO-Keyword Research

50. Meta Keywords.

Use of meta-keywords helps search engine to understand the topic of the page/post published on your website.

51. Research keywords.

Without keywords, you could not make your site SEO friendly. The properly arranged keywords will drive the targeted audience to your site.

Check out; 9 Tips on How To Perform Keyword Research & Analysis For SEO To Drive Search Traffic

52. Keywords in <H> tags, Title, and Description.

It is a good practice to add keywords within <H> tags, titles, and descriptions. There are many search optimization companies who are keen to implement such changes within the post or website.

53. Effective keyword targeting.

The use of capital letters of important words and keywords will force the viewer or search engine to focus on specific things that we wanted to notice.

54. Long tail keywords.

Nowadays, most of us usually search very specific things over Google and we find the exact results. This happens just because most of the sites make use of "Long Tail Keywords"; these are the keywords that reveal more about the overall subject of the post/page.

You must check; 5 Reasons, Why Keywords Are So Important for SEO Optimization

55. Keyword placement.

Placement of the keywords should be properly arranged within the content. Otherwise, it becomes hard for the search engine to know the content of the post.

56. Avoid keyword stuffing.

Never spread more keywords within the content. Try to use priority or important keywords only and those should be limited. Unwanted stuffing gets caught in the search engine and you may lose the traffic as well.

57. Avoid extra keywords.

As mentioned above, use a minimal amount of keywords. Thought of putting the excessive use of keywords doesn’t make any sense. Rather it’s a dangerous and stupid move.

58. Keyword density.

The placement of the keyword should be done carefully. Don't spam the keywords that the content or information on the site should not flood with lots of keywords. Try to minimize the density of keywords.

59. LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords.

This will help SEO to abstract precise information from your website. These keywords define the summary of the content.

FOLLOW: LSI Keywords: How To Use For Better SEO Traffic [Keyword Optimization]

60. Target main keyword.

The content or the information should have one central keyword and the whole information should discuss around that keyword. This will help Google search to understand the overall theme of the post/page.

61. Edit notable words.

Publish the post in such a way that, the visitors will focus on a couple of words and this can be achieved by formatting such words in bold, italic, or colored, etc. so that those words will be noticeable to your viewers.

62. Use of anchor text.

Whenever you are redirecting your viewers to some other related sites, do not use links only. Try to use anchor text where some words of the sentence should be hyperlinked to the related sites. You can see this on other sites where some words are underlined and it displays a hand icon on mouseover, these are the anchor text which will drop you on the related page. Instead of URLs use words to hyper the links.

RECOMMENDED: DreamHost Hosting $50OFF + Review [Special PROMO CODE]

G. SEO Best Practices for Structuring URLs

SEO Best Practices for Structuring URLs
SEO Best Practices for Structuring URLs

63. Simple URLs.

Links or URLs should be kept simple & short. Avoid the use of complex and lengthy links. You must know the first 3 words of any link is important for better SEO.

64. Precise URL Permalinks.

It is one of the important things where permanent URLs should be kept shorter and descriptive, for this any excessive use of words should be avoided.

65. Image URL’s redirection.

In many cases, images uploaded to our website get detected in search results even though we do make necessary arrangements to avoid this to happen. Still, if we make sure the necessary redirection URLs are appended to such images, the end-user will be landed on our pages as soon as they click on them.

66. Include NoOdp and NoyDir.

No open directory is Noodp and no yahoo directory is Noydir, including these items, helps in indexing of the content over Bing and Yahoo search engines as well.

67. No Index.

If you know there are some pages that you feel are of low quality, then use no index tags so that the search engine ignores them and can focus only on high-quality pages.

68. NoFollow and DoFollow links.

Nofollow is the term used for those sites with whom you don't want to get connected. Any third party site links placed on your website should have NOFOLLOW tags. Whereas some links (like internal links) placed on various pages of your site, those links should have DOFOLLOW tags. In this way, the search engine will crawl your site and its links only and ignore the third party links (outbound links) from your site. This will ultimately improve your Domain Authority and so the search rankings.

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H. Web Hosting & SEO

Web Hosting and SEO
Web Hosting and SEO

69. Fix web hosting issues.

Do not rely on untrusted hosting servers just because they are giving you hosting services at a very low price, you might lose your money-making business. You should focus on the quality services they are offering irrespective of the price they are quoting.

Most controversial topic; WordPress vs. Blogger – PROs & CONs for Choosing the Right Platform

70. Secure HTTPS/SSL Sites.

To make our site official, it is always better to have an SSL certificate in place. This is the point that should be considered from a security perspective.

71. WordPress SEO plugins.

To configure site-specific SEO settings, it is better to have a top WordPress plugin (like Yoast). This will help in increase in SEO optimization.

72. Use Content Delivery Networks (CDN).

Use of content delivery network (CDN) service leads to decrease the page loading time and increases performance as well.

Know; How to Setup CloudFlare Free CDN Service in WordPress/Blogger [Speed Up Site Loading]

73. Remove pop-up ads.

Excessive use of ads or unwanted pop-ups has a bad impact on search ranking. The pop-up reduces Adsense earnings. Hence the use of these things should be removed.

74. The importance of domain age.

The one who has an old domain does have a 10% more impact on Google search than any new domain. This helps in backlinks as well.

Best web hosting offer; [BlueRush Sale] Bluehost Coupons 45% OFF+FREE Domain [Unlimited Web Hosting]

I. Organic SEO

Organic SEO
Organic SEO

75. Your profile.

Your site/blog should have information about you. Hence publishing your own profile is a necessary thing and obviously, the search engine will always pass through the owner’s profile.

76. Primary pages.

There should be pages like About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy, Declaimers, etc. ready and must be published on your website/blog.

77. Contact us page.

Details about contacting you should be published on the page under the ‘Contact Us’ page, this will help your viewers to contact you easily.

78. Comment section.

The comment form should be included at the end of the post/page. This will allow your users to comment on your information and suggest any enhancements or give their feedback. This will then work as a lesson learned and also triggers to correct the mistakes that you made. Also, encourages you next time onwards not to do the same mistake again.

79. Update regularly.

As mentioned above updates are necessary. However, updates on regular intervals should be done to keep the information up-to-date.

RECOMMENDED: Top 121 Best Blog-Post Ideas & Topics To Kick Start Your Professional Blogging Life

J. SEO Webmaster Guidelines

SEO Webmaster Guidelines DA
SEO Webmaster Guidelines DA

80. Follow Google SEO guidelines.

Google algorithms are too smart, hence never violate their rules. If you are doing any filthy actions, their algorithms will definitely catch you. For this, take help from Google webmasters (Search Console)

81. Understand search engine terms.

The algorithms of the search engine keep on changing and so the overall approach of the search engine eye towards inspecting your site content gets changed. Hence as mentioned earlier, it’s always good to have the content of the information updated, unique, and followed by the search engine terms and conditions.

82. Advice from Google.

Whenever possible, try to approach a concern person from the Google team to share their advice. This will allow you to be prepared at all times. It’s like getting the answers from the teacher during the exam.

First, check out; Google Penguin 4.0 [Panda Updates]] The Changes You Must Know

83. SEO practice.

You can learn from the FAQ section of the search engine and try to follow it as quick as possible. Make this as a practice before you try anything directly without any complete knowledge.

84. Use Google Analytics.

This is one of the MUST things where the site/blog should have a performance report issued by Google Analytics. And this will be achieved by adding Google Analytics (GA) code in your site HTML source code. It's a free webmaster tool.

85. Google local listing.

Adding your site in “Google my business” listing will help to increase the visibility across your local viewers.

86. Google Search Console tools.

As you are all aware of the term “Indexing” which always helps to find out the stuff easily. Hence, the use of Webmaster or Google search console tool help for indexing your blog in search engine quickly.

87. Google Adwords.

Google always searches the content by using AdWords. Hence, the use of AdWords while writing the post/page is really helpful. However, make sure that the use of keywords should be appropriate.

RECOMMENDED: 10 Factors, How To Get Your Web Page To The TOP of Google Search Engine

K. Social Media & SEO

Social Media & SEO
Social Media & SEO

88. Local SEO.

Making your site “globally” acceptable is also equally important if you make it “locally” acceptable as well. Your local audience should also be satisfied. The search engine spins everything around you.

Check out; Top 15 Ways How I Get 472,764 Organic Visits Per Month [Build Website Traffic]

89. Social Bookmarking.

This is also one of the mandates things for increasing the search traffic from all possible ways.

Do you know; Top 9 Ways To Drive More Blog Traffic From LinkedIn [Social Media Marketing]

90. Social sharing buttons.

This allows all your visitors to share your post/page over the social networking sites. It will help you drive more relevant traffic.

91. Social sharing images.

Yoast WordPress plugin, as mentioned above, also offers a social share option. The use of this is also helpful. Pinterest is a special image sharing social network where you can share all your post images to drive extra traffic.

92. Social ads.

Using social ads for your website/blog can play a vital role in enhancing the search ranking. Spread your content on more social sites using their affordable ad rates.

93. PPC ad companies.

To promote your site/blog, you should be in touch with PPC (Pay Per Click) ad companies who help you to showcase your content in front of a large audience. Here you need to pay for advertising your sites.

94. Use forum.

Forums are the platforms that help to serve many people who are having lots of questions. And having a link on these forums helps you to grow more subscribers and also the search ranking.

95. Quora.

Register yourself on Quora - a question-answer site and clarify the people’s doubts about the areas which belong to the niche of your site. Also, try to share your post links with them that will help you to build the backlinks. But don't spam anywhere.

96. Blogging platforms & Directories.

Submit your website to various directories as well as social blogging platforms (like Indiblogger)

You must aware about; Best 20 Blogging Communities To Promote That’ll Generate Huge Traffic To Your Website

97. RSS Feed.

Not losing is also gaining. Hence, make some arrangements for your existing followers so that, the current subscribers keep visiting your site again and again. You shouldn’t be focus only on the new audience. And to achieve this, use the FeedBurner like RSS services for your website.

98. Check connections.

Search your connections and check the quality of them. Try to analyze your relations with whom you are connected. Any bad toxic link may lead to losing the grip on the search engine. Remove such links that you feel unwanted and bad using Google Search Console.

99. Review popular posts.

Look for the most trending pages which are most appreciated by your audience. This will then help you to understand the user's interest so you can create and publish more posts that are closely related to those topics.

100. Learn from your experience.

After all this discussion, there must be some idea popping up in your mind which you feel should be implemented here for sure. This might be totally different than what I am discussing here. And this could be "an experience factor" which will bring uniqueness to your post. Use your experience and don't make a repeat mistake and drive better results to get higher search rankings.

Whatever we write on our site/blog should be optimized just because the Google Search Engine is the biggest traffic source for everyone. It will pull out SEO search results if we help them by optimizing the content according to the search engines. More traffic will cause more page views, more monetization, more ad revenue, and more sell. It's a win-win situation for all online publishers.

That’s it for now. I hope you might be aware of some factors for better SEO and most of the things are there but you haven’t implemented yet on your website. I really wish that the above tips may help you to be at the top of the search ranking. Still, if you are having any doubts about any of the tips, you may roam around my site and I wish you will have all the information you need.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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