Top 9 Best Link Building Tools for Better SEO | Improve Your Search Rankings

In the SEO link building services, the old-style link building using PBNs (private blog networks) went out the windows with the new search engine algorithms that can spot a bad link a mile away particularly for building link. Check the new linkbuilding tools & SEO services not only to check backlinks but for better SEO.
Link Building Tools for SEO
Professionals used to search; what is link building & why is it important? Features of High-Quality Backlinks That’ll Rank Your Website? Why is backlink building important? What does link building mean? What is a link building plan? Why are backlinks important? And so on.

The link building strategies by Mark Porter, chief of the digital marketing says that the key to SEO nowadays is high-quality long-form content properly promoted in social media and other forms of marketing.

However, great content is not enough for SEO. Search engines still look at the number of high-quality links you have because that's the way they are programmed, so natural link building & SEO backlink strategy is essential for optimizing your website. But how to get backlinks? The problem is making sure your inbound and outbound links will make your site more search-friendly without contravening the rules governing organic links. With PBNs largely out of the picture, you have to find other ways to get relevant links on your site that will increase your page ranking.

The higher the number of related and authority site links to your website, the greater the chances of getting more top search engine rankings and drive targeted organic traffic. It isn't as easy as you might think. Getting good sites to link to you is almost as hard as getting referrals from clients. People and sites will only put you out there to their readers and people they get known if they believe that a link to your site will bring value to them. Of course, you can pay for links, but the people and sites that do that may not be as hot in the authority arena to help you in your SEO efforts.

There is no doubt that the quality inbound links are the important factor in website marketing and search engine optimization strategies to increase organic traffic and online sales. To take your link building campaigns to the next level, here we have listed, the most favorite link building, research & reporting tools, SEO tools, backlink checker tools & SEO companies for link building opportunities that will improve your ranking.
Best Link Building Tools for SEO
Best Link Building Tools for SEO
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9 Important Link Building Tools for SEO

Inbound links are surely the most significant part of growth for a site. They should get from pages with a high PR that are also related to the keywords used to place the link. High authority sites and influencers are very selective when it comes to linking, which is the reason why search engines such as Google put such a premium on them. This is why link building tools are so important for your SEO. Building additional external links are a rich source for SEO purpose, but usually, the high-traffic websites related to your niche are often hard to establish links with.

Here are nine important link building tools for SEO you can use to improve your page ranking:

1. Buzzstream: Link Building + Digital PR Tools

Buzzstream Link Building + Digital PR Tools
Buzzstream is a customer relationship management (CRM) package that specializes in two things, one of which is link building. It runs the gamut of link building processes, from prospecting to email integration. It is easy to set up, and the interface is clean and user-friendly. You can configure this tool customize the types of links you want and put it in a database. With this ability, you can keep the track of your interactions with prospective link partners as well as manage existing link relationships.

A particularly useful feature of this tool is that it automatically scans specific sites you choose for contact details and populates your database with whatever useful information you find. This simplifies your research duties and lets you get down to the business of building relationships with these sites. Another important feature is email integration, which lets you easily do link outreach to people in your database and keeps a record of all your conversations in one tool.

Buzzstream is a paid tool and will cost you upwards of $24 a month. However, they offer a 14-day free trial for all their standard plans, so give it a spin before committing.

Check out: Buzzstream

2. SEMRush: Competitors research tool.

SEMRush Competitors research tool
SEMRush is actually more of a comprehensive keyword search tool (still important for SEO), but for the purpose of this article, its value is in its backlink tracking feature. As with other tools in this list, SEMRush provides valuable information about links on your site as well as other sites. The main advantage of SEMRush is it is a complete SEO platform where you can do other tasks such as keyword tracking, analytics, and project-based SEO campaign management. It will give your online business a significant edge.

However, SEMRush subscriptions are on the pricey side, starting at $69.95 a month, and doesn't come with a free trial.

Check out: SEMrush ToolKit

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3. Majestic: Marketing Search Engine

Majestic SEO is primarily a platform for analyzing backlink information, which is valuable for finding out just how your site is doing on search engines for relevant keywords. It can also be used to analyze the backlinks of competitor sites, so you get a lot of valuable information to help you outrank them (which from a business point of view you want to do!). The analysis, in either case, is valuable because it can help you find potential link partners.

Majestic offers a free webmaster account that lets you analyze your own site, but if you want the bells and whistles, the subscription starts at $49.99 a month.

Check out: Majestic

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4. Open Site Explorer: Link Research

Open Site Explorer Link Research
Remember about search engine algorithms, which are largely a mystery for most people? The Open Site Explorer (OSE) helps put them in perspective by basically analyzing links in much the same way as a search engine would.

As a link building tool, this is very important, because you can analyze and tweak your website yourself until you get the results you want. In addition, it can provide you with a link analysis of other websites, such as your competitors, and identify link building opportunities that will help you outrank them.

The OSE full report will also show you what other sites are competing for the same keywords as you are, and this will tell you if you should put more resources into efforts to outrank them or look in another direction. You can get a pretty decent report for any site using OSE free. However, to unlock its full potential, you have to sign up for a Moz Pro subscription, which starts at $99 a month.

Check out: Open Site Explorer

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5. Google Search Console: Connect To Search Engine

Google Search Console Connect To Search Engine
Google is going all out to get site owners to favor it for their SEO, and one of the free tools they provide to get this going is the Google Webmasters Tool (GWT). With no mistake; it is one of the valuable resources for any site owner hoping to rank in Google, and there is no denying that Google is still the go-to search engine today.

GWT is a mine of information for webmasters on the interaction between the Google bot and their sites, including the frequency in which a site is being indexed. It also identifies broken links (always important) and popular keywords. It is definitely a free resource that any link builder or webmaster should use as a link building tool.

GWT is free, and it is easy to sign up for the service. You do have to sign up for a Google account if you don't already have one. Take the advantage of Google webmasters to improve your site ranking and ultimately more organic traffic.

Check out: Google Search Console

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6. FollowerWonk: Bio Search and More

FollowerWonk Bio Search and More
Followerwonk is actually a social media tool, but some of the most valuable links you can make are on social networks, especially Twitter. This tool will identify influencers on Twitter for you, at which point you can start building a relationship with them. If you succeed in doing this, you stand a better chance of getting some primo backlinks. Aside from that, you can also find out what your competitors are up to in Twitter by checking out their social authority, tweets, and followers. With that kind of data on hand, you can start planning an outreach campaign to target influencers in your niche, and hopefully out socialize your competition.

Followerwonk has a free plan with limited access good for one person. You can also get fuller access with paid plans starting from $29 a month.

Check out: FollowerWonk

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7. ScreamingFrog: SEO Spider Tool & Crawler

ScreamingFrog SEO Spider Tool & Crawler
The value of this tool for link-building is in analyzing existing links on any site in terms of status, page titles, URLs, and metadata. This may be your own site, pointing out flaws in your SEO and link building strategies, or for other sites, from which you can discover potential link partners.

It also identifies broken links and duplicate content. It works more as a referee than a player in link building, but it does help the site owner make better decisions on where to put link building resources.

There is a pretty good free version, but if you want the whole hog, you can get the paid version for £149.00 annually.

Check out: ScreamingFrog

8. Ahrefs: SEO Backlink Checker

Ahrefs SEO Backlink Checker
If you want a bare-bones SEO tool that emphasizes web crawling and backlink indexing, then Ahrefs may be more your speed. True, it doesn't have the keyword management capabilities of other link building tools for SEO, but what it does, it does very well. The value of Ahrefs is in competitor research and how you rank against them, but knowing what links your competitors are getting will give you a better idea on the type of content you should also be produced to get the same type of attention.

Ahrefs does tend to be pricier than most, starting at $82 a year for their Lite plan, but you can try any of their plans for 14-days before making a decision.

Check out: Ahrefs

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9. Link Prospector

How The Link Prospector Works in 2 Minutes!
As the name suggests, this link building tool helps you identify potential link partners and create opportunities for promoting your content so that it will earn your site links and mentions on social networks.

It can provide you with 16 different reports, including outreach data such as reviews, directories, professional organizations, and link pages where you can add your site URL. The reports are exportable to a spreadsheet. It is a simple tool, but very efficient in building link relationships when used correctly.

You don't have to pay a monthly fee to use Link Prospector. When you register for an account, you start off with 5 free credits, which is good for 5 reports. When you run out of credits, simply top-up your account, and one credit costs $5. You can also get monthly subscriptions, which start at $47 a month for 20 credits, and the cost of each additional credit after that is lower, starting from $2.35.

Check out: Link Prospector

Bottom Line

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Link building tools for SEO, whether standalone or part of a bigger package, can make link building a lot easier and more efficient. They will help you identify the best ways to improve your website authority with inbound and outbound links.

With a great link building and content marketing strategy, you should be ranking high in no time.

Article By Stacey Marone — is a freelance writer & a social media marketer. She loves to create magnetic contents optimized for search. She also does volunteer work in free time and organizes some activities for children. Her passions involve painting, reading, & writing.

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