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The recent changes makes you set up Google search alerts for your website or blog. Google continuously working to serve you something better for your every need. Recently (late'16), the world's No. 1 search engine Google launched the most versatile online tool: Google Alerts - to send custom alerts, and monitor the interesting content you preferred on the web. Google Alerts
How to create a Google Alert? How do you decide on your Google Alerts keywords? How to get your website included notifications by Google Alerts? How to set Google alerts for specific websites? How to use Google Alerts to find out if your site gets listed or hacked? How to use Google Alerts to track your web links to your site/blog? You just need to create a Google news alert as per your wish on the Google Alerts manage page. Find out how you set up a Google Alert and why you should check Google Alerts manage page. Your blogging/website feed will stay up to date & from Google Alerts manage page. Most of the blogging people used to ask; how to get alerted when the website is indexed? You just need to create an alert for any of your desired content, and you will get an email notification from Google about any recent changes, or new results appeared for your search term. Check out the things you can use Google Alerts to monitor the web for all your search ranking listing requirements. If you setup Google Alert for the specific site, with such Google Alerts you can even track the best offers like Black Friday deals, Promotional contests any much more. Use Google Alerts for better blogging & monitor the Web for interesting new content. Learn different ways to use Google Alerts for all your blogging needs in every possible way. Get Notifications When Google Index Your Blog Posts - If you are searching about how to know if your new blog posts indexed on Google? Then you are on right page. Google helps to keep you regularly updated around the selective term you want to get updated with. It's important to know the time of indexation of your recent blog posts, and Google Alert is the best option for that. But how to use this Google Alerts tool for getting website alerts? How Google Alerts help bloggers to know more about competitors? How to setup & use Google Alerts to drive traffic? Learn more about this modern Google Alerts service by the Google and get alerted on your inbox when Google index your recently published article. This will help you to improve traffic to website by utilizing the new techniques that currently running out in the market.
Get Email Alert When Google Indexed Your Recent Blog Post
Get Email Alert When Google Indexed Your Recent Blog Post
Recently I have posted, how to get Google Search API for a website which uses Ajax platform. And today I am going to tell you one of the best blogging tips how to use Google Alert to get informed as soon as your website gets indexed by search engine. The site platform of Google Alerts API program is Java based so with lightweight library function, it shows quick results right on the screen directly as you type. It's a quick control, quick functioning tool causes less time to setup. So I recommend you to use this tool frequently as you use the reminder.

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How to setup Google Alerts Tool to get Email Alert When Google Indexed Your Recent Blog Post

1. Open Google Alerts website:

2. You will see the option for ‘Monitor the web for interesting new content’. Put following code for your website:

3. You will see 'Show Options' near to the 'CREATE ALERT' button. Open it and change all as shown below; [You can change it as per your requirements]
  • How often: As-it-happens
  • Sources: Automatic
  • Language: English
  • Region: Any Region
  • How many: All results
  • Deliver to: here you need to add your email ID where you need to be notified.

4. Now click on 'CREAT ALERT'

5. Done!

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You have successfully created an alert for your site. As soon as your site is getting indexed by Google, you will receive the notification via email.

Bottom Line
For the case of bloggers, Google Alerts is the best way to keep an eye on your competitors and their recent traffic strategies. Moreover, if you have published on something innovative on a particular topic, then you will keep updated yourself around that topic by Google Alerts when related stuff gets indexed. Also, Google Alerts will definitely work best to get alerts for job seekers, news alerts, stock alerts, calendar alerts or price alerts.

So start using Google Alerts and let me know what things you get amazed with your alerts. I hope you liked this post if you did then don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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