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What’s the GDPR and what does it have to do with you? It’s now been over a month since the EU passed the GDPR but many still have no idea what it does. The bad news is that it can potentially saddle you with tens of millions of Euros in fines. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to circumvent those infamous geo-blocks and get your blog in line with the new regulations.
What is GDPR
Publishers used to search; What is GDPR for bloggers? What are GDPR compliance instructions for online publishers? How does GDPR affect bloggers? What do bloggers required to know about GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act is actually an update of the Data Protection Act, which was signed in 1998. The update has been in the works for almost two years and was inevitable, as the previously instated regulations were outrageously outdated. The modern Internet is nothing like it was in 1998. Back then, you could physically eavesdrop on your dial-up connection (remember that?).

The purpose of the new GDPR UK is to grant EU citizens legal control over their personal data and change the way companies around the globe handle it. The updated GDPR certification & set of regulations is much more restrictive than the previous one. Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about how the new GDPR will affect the Internet. There are different interpretations, but the new data protection act ultimately benefits the growing online community as it aims to ensure ethical and lawful data management for the future to come.

Though the new GDPR protects the personal data of citizens in the 28 EU member states, its impact transcends borders (yeah, just like the Internet itself). The fact of the matter is that companies and individuals (mostly bloggers) collecting and handling data worldwide must comply with the new set of regulations. Any entity (regardless of its location) dealing with EU citizens’ or residents’ data has to abide by the GDPR. According to Article 83.5, infringements could be subject to administrative fines up to 20 million Euros, or up to 4% of the total worldwide annual turnover of the preceding financial year for a business - whichever is higher.

Some organizations have implemented geo-blocking measures because they needed time to ensure that their data management policies comply with the new regulations. Geo-blocking, short for geographical blocking, allows online services to restrict access based on a user’s physical location. As soon as the GDPR went into effect, quite a few major companies around the world started geo-blocking any traffic coming in from any of the 28 EU member states. Some notable examples that continue to geo-block users from the EU are the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune.

Read on and you’ll find useful tips to circumvent geo-blocking as well as advice for bloggers concerned about this massive change.
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Do you want organic traffic for your website? Who would say no?
Every blogger/ digital marketer wishes to receive tons and tons of Organic Traffic from Search Engines. But, getting organic traffic from search engines was never a piece of a cake walk. Because you are not the only blogger who is competing to rank first in Google Search Engine Results. You have got millions of competitors online who wish to rank first in Google. It’s a dream for many.

To make this dream come true, everyone looks for the tricks to reach that position. To fuel up this race, SEO experts come up with hundreds of On-Page SEO factors that help you rank No.1. You might have even seen my recent publication 101 Most-Wanted SEO Tips & Google Ranking Factors for ranking higher in SERP.

That’s huge.

It can be incredibly interesting to just buy-buy-buy when you are thinking about the backlinks only. And nearly all the blogger or publishers who are in the SEO field tend to consider buying the backlinks. I think go are going so deep into it when we focus so heavily on SEO. But unfortunately, buying backlinks doesn’t always drive the best results for the money and time you spend on it. As you know, the digital market is moving and marketing strategies are working on brand awareness more. Branding is becoming the most important part to get success in digital marketing, once your brand becomes well known in the market, SEO will not be affecting your popularity and the need of buying backlinks will not work for your search rankings. Let's check out, how buying backlink won't work your brand for getting higher search rankings.
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If you run a company that provides SEO services to clients, your inbox often remains full of emails requesting you to conduct “Technical SEO Audit” as soon as possible.
Technical SEO Audit
Many bloggers and website owners used to search; What is a technical SEO? What is the technical audit? What is an SEO site audit? And so on...

Although, it is a very broad term, but the Technical SEO Audit describes the efforts of digital marketing professionals to ensure that websites follow the search engine guidelines, are indexed easily, performing well in terms of SEO ranking and fetching sufficient business opportunities for their owners.

Now, consider the below-mentioned scenarios often faced by website owners:
Situations in the Life of SEO professionals Negative Effects
I am optimizing websites, but not satisfied with its visibility on Google & other search engines with important keywords. A low-ranking website in the SERPs of search engines often leads to lower traffic, negative remarks from the clients, frustration among SEO professionals, minimal business opportunities.
Higher Bounce rate of websites Negative comments from visitors, less traffic, and business opportunities.
Slow loading Speed A lower ranking in Google’s SERP and the potential loss of the huge business opportunities that come from small devices.
These are some indications that make “Technical SEO Audit” unavoidable. But, what are the most common factors that one must keep in mind while performing this act? Let’s explore and find now!
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And the question; how to publish a blog on the internet that'll increase blog's traffic; you have done with writing a quality content for all of your readers and going to publish a new blog post on your website, but wait... wait and check some important blog post checklist before publishing a blog post.
Things to do before publishing a blog post
Blogger and online publishers used to search; what to do before publishing a blog post? How new post up on the blog to drive traffic? Important things to do before hitting the publish button? Checklist before publishing a new blog post on the website, blog or online article? And so on...

You are learning from how to create a blog, how to share your writings and how to make money blogging. But as like the IT task management people, you also need to manage all your tasks carefully ahead to publishing the articles online. And I'm sure, this article definitely helps you to complete the necessary checks just similar to the project task management software. Since you are managing your business blog sites, and unlike the SEO plugins works for the organic search engines, this blog post checklist will improve the method to build websites SEO strategy.

These are top 15 marketing steps to take BEFORE you publish a new article. No need to remember all the things, just bookmark this page as a Blog Post Checklist - you can then able to open it and follow every check for your new blog post BEFORE you hit the PUBLISH button.

This page will work just like a blog post editing service that will not only help you to improve PageRank but also to drive massive targeted & organic traffic to your website.
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Of course, you already know that links are like the currency of the web; the more you get, the more you rank. And you already know that backlinks are at the core of the search engine algorithm of Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo all other major search engines out there.
Backlinks That'll Rank Your Website
Bloggers and web developers used to search; How to create backlinks free? How to improve Google search ranking? How to build high-quality backlinks free? Where to get high domain authority backlinks sites list to drive traffic? How to increase website traffic with high-quality backlinks?

If you have any dream of getting your website on the top spot of Google (or Yahoo on the first few pages of search engines that REAL users actually visit), you need to get out there and get backlinks - tons of backlinks.

But there's a catch!
Yes, I know that I have said that the number of backlinks pointing to your website is a huge plus for you in terms SEO. But that is not all there is to it. If you ever want to build links, then aim at getting ONLY high-quality backlinks.

Anything less than that will either negatively hurt your rankings (negative SEO) or your web page will be completely be removed from the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Google, Yandex and other major search engines on the web have completely rewritten the rules of SEO. Therefore, you have to stop pretending that it is still 2005 when all you have to to do is launch a link building software just before you go to bed and get your website at the number one spot when you wake up.

The search engine algorithms have become smart, and you've got to keep up.
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Are you going to launch a website but worry about traffic as you don’t know much about SEO and marketing? Indeed, a lot of people invest money into professional websites and then find out that visitors don’t come by themselves.
Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Startup Website
By the way, have you already chosen an irresistible design for your website? We advise you to consider acquiring a premium WordPress theme from a decent provider for your smart start. Templates choice is really tremendous these days, so you definitely won’t feel the shortage picking out from thousands of best business WordPress themes.

Do you know what is one of the most frequently asked questions marketers come across? People want to know how to get traffic to their websites! So, you are not alone.

You have probably googled it not once. If you are here, reading this guide, you still have questions that need to be answered. No worries, we will take care of them. So, what is the common problem of the articles trying to cover this topic of building website traffic? As a rule, they just don’t differentiate the sites by their type. It’s essential for applying traffic driving techniques.

The goal of this blog post is to show you the ways of driving new traffic to your startup website. I hope this page taught you how to increase website traffic using some great, effective strategies.
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The SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is essential to improve your website's rank on popular search engines and the amount of traffic that’s directed through your website. SEO is one of the foundations of a successful website, however, did you know that only half of all websites are actually using proper SEO techniques to gain the best results for their website? Learn how to build a successful SEO-friendly website with most working SEO tips that you'll ever required to drive high traffic and rank in search results.
Actionable killer SEO tips that'll drive organic traffic
People used to search, what are the best SEO techniques to rank higher in Google? Top SEO Tips for Beginners, SEO checklist, SEO for blog pages, simple SEO strategies for websites, powerful SEO methods for bloggers and so on...

Here we are going to discuss 4 SEO plans: how mobile-friendly website help low bounce rate, the effect of targeted keywords, the necessity of quality content, and the adverse effect of duplicating content.

You don't have to be an SEO expert to improve your website search engine ranking. If you own a website, and you're looking to enhance your SEO and marketing efforts, but you're unsure how this expert guide will give you the rundown of the key killer SEO tips that will drive better results, then, I want to ensure you that these blogging tips help you not only to optimize your blog or website for search engines, but also these actionable SEO techniques and strategies will guide you to drive more organic traffic and to promote your website on the internet.

Improve your PageRank, increase domain authority and brand authority with the essential SEO tips. Let’s get started.
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The advent of technology means more than just opportunities to connect with the people we need to reach the most, it also is a new field where marketers can fight over to gain a top spot amongst others, and doing it is not as simple as traditional marketing from before. There are more strategies and methods on how to come out on top, and one of them lies in three letters: SEO. Today, we offer you a guide to the most common SEO mistakes that most of the bloggers make in their quest to optimize the search engine.
Top 10 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid [Blogging Tips]
Even the most proficient web developers can do serious SEO mistakes and so used to search; common SEO mistakes to avoid, how to check simple SEO mistakes? How to fix SEO of website? SEO analysis and so on...

Search Engine Optimization [SEO], is the “process of getting traffic from the ‘free, ‘organic,' ‘editorial’ or ‘natural’ search results on search engines”.

The SEO basically means that websites and web pages are ranked by search engines such as Google and Yahoo, based on what their algorithms consider as the most relevant results for a particular search, not because of payment (which is under the paid search ads). The base reason why a website needs SEO is because of visibility.

If your website is among the first that search engines show to your target audience, you generate more traffic and become more known in that specific field. Based on the algorithm that ranked your website, it may also mean that your website is considered an “expert” in the field that it moves in – which is an advantage for your website in terms of credibility. Below, we'll look more closely at ten potentially huge SEO mistakes and let you know how you can avoid them.

Learn some of the most common SEO mistakes, and get suggestions for how they can be quickly avoided with a smart SEO optimization. This page will list the most but top 10 SEO mistakes you require to fix in order to get higher search rankings all the time. Avoiding these basic SEO mistakes will further improve your search rankings on Google/Yahoo/Bing engines.
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There is no disputing the fact that e-commerce has successfully emerged out as one of the most popular and powerful mediums of modern age trading and merchandising. Gone are those days when influential enterprises particularly, wholesalers and distributors considered e-commerce and digital marketing as an afterthought. Today, B2B corporations and enterprises have also realized the benefits and importance of internet marketing and are taking strong initiatives to establish a firm online presence just like their B2C counterparts.
E-commerce SEO Checklist
The E-commerce retailers used to ask; why should you follow SEO best practices to increase sales & conversations in your e-commerce? Including this, there are many questions about generating more traffic, increasing conversions, improving sales, engaging customers and turning them into followers. But as an e-commerce retailer, you must know that, for an online store that relies on search queries & organic traffic to make businesses, more than 40 percent of online retail stores depends on the search engine. SEO is the highly important factor to grow and develop your business online.

However, be it B2B or B2C, the competition in e-commerce is harder than ever. Every day, hundreds and thousands of new and progressive e-commerce website are madly flowing into the internet leaving no room for laxity for marketers. For an e-commerce store to survive, it must strengthen itself from the rest and should standout, as there is no other option than to keep up.

This is where SEO comes into action. It makes it easy for prospective customers and internet users to find you among the clones as your products get more visibility and exposure. Without an effective and intensive SEO plan, your store will get lost as the race for customer acquisition is getting more and more intense. The fact is that if your website fails to acquire a respectable position on search engines, it will face a lot of problems not only in securing new leads but also in retaining present customers.
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Back in the day, the keyword was the most important term for an SEO expert. Although it is still crucial during the SEO strategy for higher search rankings, it has lost a lot of its value when it comes to content creation and for on-page SEO techniques. And that is why you might ask; what is meant by LSI keywords? What is meant by LSI in SEO? What is latent semantic indexing used for? And here we're going not only to find LSI Keywords but also to know smartly implement them for SEO.
Latent semantic indexing (LSI) Keywords
Many bloggers and SEO experts used to search; what is Latent Semantic Indexing? What is latent semantic analysis? How to use LSI Keywords to drive SEO traffic? What is LSI in SEO? How to add backlinks to your site? How latent semantic indexing tool work? What are the best keyword optimization SEO methods to drive organic traffic? And so on...

To know better about the "Semantic Web", let's understand new SEO techniques which demonstrate you about what are LSI keywords used for & how to find it for better SEO that'll drive more organic traffic to your website. By using LSI keywords and after quick researching around SEO; I’ve been able to provide the boost to my existing content and jump to the top of search results with updated re-edited content. In short, LSI keywords helps to improve your SEO dramatically.

Nowadays, Google no longer focuses on one keyword when assessing the importance of content. Google is regularly updating its algorithm. Instead, an article as a whole needs to be judged. You cannot simply spam one word or a phrase hoping to get results.

The 'Semantic Web' is nothing but the SEO technique used to understand for the machine to crawl your content in index your pages quickly. The 'Semantic Web' makes your high-quality contents understandable to the machine readers quickly. The LSI keyword is the better SEO technique used to decode the way how your quality content included targeted keywords. The LSI keywords typically used as an essential part of your SEO strategy. LSI is the fundamental part of Google algorithm helps to remove the low-quality content like keyword stuffing. Instead, you better need to focus on natural sounding and use of synonyms.

And with that, we come to LSIs.
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What are the key elements of selecting a perfect website template? Today’s article is dedicated to all those users who are overwhelmed with the right website template choice. It's quite difficult to answer the question what do people notice first when visiting a website, what they want and why some people bounce from the website
Choosing the Best Template for Website
Website owners used to search; How to choose web design templates? how to design a website layout? Factors to check to pick website templates? Selecting professional website templates facts? Best Wix templates or Wix responsive templates for the website? What are the best website design templates? Finding website builder templates? what is website templates with examples? Factors to consider while choosing a perfect template for your website - And so on...

Choosing a website template — is not an easy task when 1000 options are available. These following factors and standards will help you to decide and choose the perfect template for your website and your business. It depends on what they are looking for, be it a particular product or professional service.

Only knowing the psychology of website visitors we can create a website that gets results. When visitors come to your website, they will produce a set of feelings whether positive or negative. A visually engaging website has the biggest impact on your visitors’ psychology and helps them to find the needed information quickly and with ease.

Let's clean up what are the top priorities when selecting a perfect website template to establish trust and to make your visitors feel comfortable and engaging. You require knowing your business niche and purpose to choose the best website template. Website theme can also save your time, effort and money – if you decide the right one! There are lots of things to consider; The following factors will assist you to choose the template that's best for your website.
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Those publishers having their own blogs or website might be aware of the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and many users call this term as SEO Search Optimization too. The one who holds their own website or blog should learn how search engine optimization can help them to get higher search rankings. And after trying and trying SEO Google tips I can assure you that web search optimization the only important thing which will help you to be at the top of search ranking and to increase the online business. And here today I going to share everything but best SEO practices to learn top SEO tips straight from the top SEO services and which are easy to follow and quick to implement. Search Engine Optimization Tips 2018
The SEO is an unstable process because the numerous changes that take place in the Google Algorithm at regular intervals. So many try to understand this SEO and when they work some techniques, they end up losing their traffic instead of getting a grip on it. The way they are adopting & implementing new SEO techniques is not that much perfect. Never mind, I’ll let you all know how you can achieve this. This is some kind of search engine marketing management where you have to present your content in such a way that, the users who are searching anything in the search engines should land on your pages. Even though, if you belongs to a big or a small business SEO services providers, still SEO helps to increase the business. You should learn effective SEO techniques as there are many best SEO optimized websites for you and your brand who are already working on and their search rankings are now in the first top ten results. But how to get better SEO - like previously published search engine optimization tips 2016, I have created a list of over 100 top SEO tips and best SEO practices and divided them into relevant parts to include all the aspects of the search engine. Improve search engine optimization without any professional SEO services to not only improve seo optimization blog content but also to increase online visibility for each post you write on your site.
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The BREADCRUMB is an addition to the page navigation system to offer the better understanding ability of the structure followed by your page which represents the path from which the reader arrived on the current page. Google has replaced the URL with the site name and custom web design breadcrumbs trail in the mobile search snippets. Google now has a patent to show these breadcrumbs in its search results. SEO Breadcrumbs Navigation ✅
Breadcrumbs in SEO are essentially a form of rich snippet, and they add value to your listing. With SEO friendly breadcrumbs, all your visitors, readers & existing subscribers can easily navigate backward & forward on your site. This makes not only a better user experience but such user interface can even help you to reduce bounce rate. The breadcrumbs used to explain to the search engines exactly what your content is about. And, with recent updates, the breadcrumbs are shown in mobile search engine result pages to the visitors pointed to the respective pages where they will be landed if they click on a search result. There are many SEO benefits for your blog too; breadcrumbs can play a major role in improving the website usability, enhancing internal linking structures & controlling the distribution of link juice. But there are major things you should know about breadcrumbs & SEO; Does breadcrumb navigation have a good impact on SEO? Do we need breadcrumbs? How to create breadcrumbs in Wordpress? How do they help SEO? From an SEO point of view, it is best practice to have breadcrumbs as they are high up in the code and help the search engines crawling the site. Google already stated about breadcrumb SEO that; having a breadcrumb trail will make it easier for the search engine to understand the structure of a site and to include that kind of navigation within search results. Breadcrumbs are a great way for search engines to understand how your site is structured and to pass link juice logically and evenly to the places you want it. Learn how to show breadcrumbs in SERP and why it's more important & essential in case of SEO.
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Talking about the review and rating system - it is developed to help visitors to know more about the website, service, products, or a company. The review and rating system for any website helps to increase reader's trust, and so can increase domain authority fast & significantly improve your sales performance. Here I'm going to provide you a convincing ready-made backend solution for review and rating System for all your products or any blog pages. This review and rating system is very easy to implement and use. It allows you to publish your google merchant reviews and business ratings to Google search results. Google star rating system
how to get star rating on google search? How to get google reviews? how many google reviews to get stars? How to show star rating reviews for each link in Google search results page for better SEO. You are looking for enabling the rich snippets for reviews and ratings, and that is why you have reached this page. This enables Google search algorithm to show the star rating for each of your website pages in SERP. When the Google search architecture finds valid reviews or rating system markup on your pages then it shows a rich snippet that includes stars and your summary of that page in SERP. Lots of blogger are eager to know about this blogging tip to publish 5 star google rating. These star rating reviews are also a part of best search output used by Google wanting to show rich results for its every user. This start review rating system is the best way to build website traffic. For WordPress, there are special WordPress Plugin that will help you to show rich snippet star rating review ratings in the Google search results. And for the blogger, you need to add following Schema markup in your HTML. Learn how to get reviews on Google & how to show star rating review [Rich Snippet].
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A blog is a great channels and blogging is the best way for sharing knowledge, thoughts & experiences you have. Writing quality content has become one of the essential techniques of SEO and also for building website traffic. Quality blogs are always rated top and able to drive more organic traffic. But the story doesn’t end here. Once the blog is created and published with new fresh articles; it becomes necessary to get more likes and visits. Lets check out how to improve traffic to website as fast as possible. Marketing strategies to increase website traffic and to get more organic visits per month
The most searching questions are "How to get more visitors to my website"? How to build website traffic? How to boost site traffic & how to increase website hits? There are several new ways to get more traffic to your website & to improve the number of visits to your blog. Here I have listed some marketing techniques & the best way to drive traffic to your website that will drive more organic but fast web traffic to your website in a month. And these methods start right from the moment you have decided to have a blog post for your website. Writing a quality blog with all convincing, engaging and informative content is the most important factor you need to follow. The blog should include catchy headings, sub-headings, bulleted points, keywords, etc. The title needs to be memorable and self-explanatory. There are several website traffic generator tools & traffic exchange schemes available, but at the same time, you need to focus on several social media marketing sites for website promotion that will later bring more and more visitors to your blog post in no time. The more people find your blog; you will get more visits for your blog posts. Your content will then convert that visitor into a regular reader. With proper guideline and tips listed here with this article, the process becomes easier and simpler to fetch more page views from your visits without any website advertising. There are some website traffic tips to enhance the number of visits to your blog post in a month. You need to practice the best strategies so as to get hundreds of thousands of new readers for your blog. Ultimately, in turn, will help you gain with thousands of new customers for your business. Check out the the best way to drive traffic to your website.
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I want to ask you one question, what is the value of losing visitors due to a slow loading of the website? Is it important to you that much? If you really care about your site loading and want to improve visitor's navigation experience, then you should take some reasonable efforts to unlock huge numbers of generic visits. Not only scripts but images are also equally affected by page loading. Asynchronous Loading Plugins to Improve Page Load Speed by using Blogger Plugins and Widgets - Learn how to use CSS3 in widget instead of actual images on your page to improve page loading. It is the best practices for a faster web app with CSS3 & HTML5 coding. Learn how to dramatically improve page load time by using the fully optimized CSS3 widget. We have seen, and there are lots of pages which shows asynchronous loading plugins to improve page load speed but we are going to see a new tutorial about CSS3 widget that only consists images build up by CSS itself, and I am sure this will help you to reduce page loading of your blogger blog. Learn how to use fully optimized CSS3 widget to improve page loading.
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Well, if you are a writer or blogger or an online publisher, you always think writing more and more content every day. At the same time, you also think to get them published publicly so as to get spread to the target audience. After all, your writing is your passion. Well, in order to get it handed into the right hand, it requires generating a best suitable title for it. A title is the first thing that every reader sees before reading the further story.
Attention-grabbing title generators
The title of the topic acts as a first impression. A title can make or break the things possible. A good and catchy title will definitely make the reader curious about what is there inside the content. While bad or repel titles may break the image of the article. So, it is extremely essential to design title attractive and catchy.

An outstanding heading can increase tweets, Facebook Likes, and targeted traffic by 60% or more. There are many things you need to be considered while framing a title. First of all, it needs to be engaging, appealing and attractive. Next, it must make the reader understand what the topic is about. It should be easy, simple and formed with easy, used to words. If the reader gets influenced by the title, then only he will read the story inside. So, it is very important to always write the impressive titles so that actual content will get delivered to the right door.

Always try to make the titles that convert visitors into readers. Attractive titles are always necessary to grab attention and driving up the massive traffic. It should convince the people to look at your writing. Framing a great title is really a challenging one. To make the work easier, and quick there are different tools available online as a simple & powerful catchy blog title generator which we will discuss today. But, before talking about the title generator tools, let us talk about the why good titles matter!

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In my point of view, the BLOGGING is the real deal for any website; whether the website is written just for fun or with the purpose of making money online, a blog is the best way increase the traffic and so the sale. With the blogs, the blogger can share the latest happening, tech reviews, knowledge sharing with the people. Blogging help creating more conversation with the target audience. Moreover, it helps in establishing the relationship with the targeted audience so as to create an authority figure and so the domain authority.
Improve Your Blog
Many new bloggers used to ask; how I improve my blogging? How to develop self as a professional blogger? How can I increase my blog traffic? How do you get visitors to your blog? How do I get more followers on my blog? How do you develop a blog? How make money blogging works?

Blog and website are two different things, a blog is the part of the website of the business. Blog performs a necessary role in shaping the authority in that particular niche. There are lots of benefits associated with the quality blogging. Quality blog pages result in increased traffic to the website. Those can be turned into a permanent customer for the products or services the website deals with. As a blogger, it can be a monetary career that can bring handsome money every month. Whatever the purpose behind the blogging, its the first thing that you need to write an evergreen quality blog pages.

In order to make the blog reach more and more target audience, it is essential to keep the focus on its improvement. There are several factors needs to be considered while improving the blog. Only updated, trending, and latest blog can turn into a big deal for the bloggers & online publishers. So, it is immensely important to improve its quality and visibility for any blogger and their blogs.

Today, it is very hard for the business to survive in this world of internet and online shopping. The business having quality blog websites can able to run efficiently. It is the blog that makes the business to form a right picture in front of the customers and target audience. it is thus necessary for the business to pay attention and concentrate on the blog and its quality.

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The world is changing. It is going forward and forward. The Internet is on the driving seat and is taking the world ahead and ahead. In this era of smartphones, use of internet has boosted with several layers. Almost the whole world has now become smart to use smart devices with the help of the internet.
Google’s mobile-first indexing
Web developers used to search; What is "Mobile-First Indexing"? What does it mean to be mobile first? What is an index on Google? Why mobile-first indexing is so important? How to prepare for mobile-first indexing? How to optimize the website for mobile first indexing? How does mobile first index impact the SEO?

In this case, if any business wants to be in the picture to drive traffic, generate leads and gain some handsome profit, then it becomes a high priority to remain at a reach of the customers. Don't forget the last 2 – 3 years, the people have turned to online shopping over traditional; and that's too; through their smart devices! It This won't be wrong if I say; it is long back, the computers were used to shop online.

From the day, when the cost of the smartphones started coming down, people started replacing their old handset with the new smarter devices. They are now very internet savvy users tends to use their mobiles all the times for their online activities. This resulted in the need to have mobile-friendly apps and websites. The Google, world’s top ranking internet service & search engine, has taken a decision to go for a mobile-indexing. Earlier when computers were used for online shopping, it was computer indexing. But as more and more people are using mobiles for online requirements, the Google has turned to update to the mobile-first indexing. One survey stats that; more than 58% of all traffic is derived from the mobile devices, and this trend will continue to grow in coming years.

Mobile-first indexing made it easier for the smartphone users, to open the website quickly. It gets opened on every sized smart device very easily and effectively. This is because of Google’s shifting towards mobile-friendly indexing for the website. The fact is now, the business needs to get adjusted with this new algorithm. Here are the tips to make your site mobile-first index friendly. Let's see; all about mobile-first indexing; why it's so important and how you prepare for Google's mobile updates? If your readers are switching more and more toward the mobile devices and so the mobile visits are increasing each year, then as an online publisher you must consider providing the mobile-friendly experience over the desktop from today onwards.
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Success doesn't come out only with a lot of hard work & dedication, along with this it requires some smart work to stay alive in the competition. The same thing seems to happen with YouTubers. They upload a series of crazy, entertaining videos to make money vlogging on YouTube but unable to find themselves in YouTubes search rankings due to massive competition. As the study shows there are nearly 400-500 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube every minute. But the question is how to manage a youtube channel to get most out of your efforts.
TubeBuddy | The YouTube Certified Premier YouTube Channel Management Toolkit
People used to search; how do you manage YouTube channel? How to setup a youtube channel for business? How to manage your YouTube account settings? How to build the perfect YouTube channel? How to set up a YouTube channel? How to manage YouTube videos? What are the targeted keywords and how do YouTube channel keywords work? How to optimize and manage multiple youtube channels one account? How about increasing YouTube SEO? How to improve your YouTube search rankings? How to promote your YouTube channel? How to SEO optimize the corporate YouTube channel? How to rank your YouTube channel higher in YouTube search? YouTube SEO tags? How to optimise video for web? They are checking for top SEO tips for YouTube videos to rank higher in the search...

To answer all the questions, here today I'm going to share and introduce you YouTube tool which is officially certified by YouTube.

It's the Best tool for Video SEO to manage YouTube account. Many YouTubers find a big question mark in front of them since there are lots of competition, they don't even think about their survival. In such a cases, if YouTubers do some smart work on YouTube optimization by following some special techniques like optimizing video title, tags & description they can get themselves a good number of viewers and even more subscribers for their channel. And the only tool that can make it happen smartly and quickly is TubeBuddy; really it is a buddy for YouTubers. It's a best YouTube analytics app for mobile video optimization as well to check YouTube analytics in detail view & video manager on YouTube to customize & manage YouTube channel for better YouTube marketing strategy.
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