Top 11 Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Secure Without Antivirus App

To protect smartphone and information according to security experts check new ways to secure Android from attackers online without antivirus.. Continue reading...

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All the smartphone users, they are now aware of the need for antivirus application and malware detector specially designed for mobile use, and also know their working function to secure mobile for detecting the threats. But you know what, it is really possible to protect & secure your mobile without using any antivirus application.
Secure mobile without antivirus
Mobile users used to search for how to protect your mobile from hackers? Does smartphone need antivirus or internet security apps? How to save your mobile without using an antivirus application? How to increase your mobile security without slowing it down performance? How to keep safe android mobile? And so on...

Maybe you will get surprised after reading the title of this article, but it is possible for all type of users to keep the phone safe without internet security apps. You may know that there are many causes in the digital world of the internet that might damage your mobile. So, as a precaution, you just have to be careful & alert, about how to save your smart devices from any viruses and malware attacks.

In this article, you will get all the answers to secure mobile without antivirus easily. After knowing these tips, you need not required to use the antivirus application in your mobile anymore. You should not worry about getting a cell phone virus today onwards. And I am sure, this guide will useful to you. You don't require to download mobile antivirus from today. Learn how to protect your Android smartphone. Then let’s get started.
Sharing important tips to help protect your smartphone and your information. Find new ways to make your phone safer. These are proven effective ways to keep your Android safe from attackers online and make it more secure as a whole. These mobile security tips will make your device safe and keep your devices protected without antivirus app on phone.
Sharing important tips to help protect your smartphone and your information. Find new ways to make your phone safer. These are proven effective ways to keep your Android safe from attackers online and make it more secure as a whole. These mobile security tips will make your device safe and keep your devices protected without antivirus app on phone.
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Top 11 Tips On How To Secure Your Phone Without Antivirus App

Here I'm providing the most important & selected top 11 security tips about how to protect your device from virus & any kind of online attacks and threads:

1. Download apps only from the official app store.

The 'Google play store' & 'Apple app store'; these are the most used official and secure application store given by Google & Apple respectively. You have to download any kind of applications as per your choice only from these recommended stores.

Instead of searching cracked apps (MOD apk files or jailbroken mobile apps) or modified application installation files, you always choose the authorized application store. It is safer for your device to get the apps & its updates only from an official application store.

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2. Always keep Google play protect ON.

The 'Google play protect' is a function provided by Google. It is designed specially to help you keep secure and protect your device from any suspicious app even though you already have installed some apps on your mobile. Play protect keeps checking all your downloaded applications and their background activities whether it is harmful or not.

Sometimes these harmful apps may force to install virus & malware into your mobile without your permission in the background. Such a doubtful activity is detected by 'Play Protect' automatically and it will block & if required it will then remove it immediately to keep your mobile secured.

So, you have to keep enable the security options for defending the device and your personal data.

To enable that function to follow these steps:
Firstly, open 'Google Play store' app >> Click on Menu button >> Open 'Play Protect' >> Click on 'Settings' button upper side of the right hand >> Enable to scan the device for security threats.

3. Always check the app permission.

You always have to check the app permissions while installing any app on your mobile. Also, check what type of permissions it is asking; once you granted, it might access your personal information including the gallery, contact list, location, SMS, or sometimes it uses your system features like camera app or handles the internet ON/OFF.

Always keep in mind that it’s an important thing to do check the app permissions usually; this will defend your device from a serious consequence in the future.

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4. Never click on any suspicious link/email.

Do not click on any suspicious links received by email or SMS. Such links may ask you to fulfill your personal information by using the fake form (its called as phishing). It will capture your info like your email address, contact numbers, or sometimes bank & credit card details also.

Also, I have seen many times, after tapping on these kinds of fraud links, it forces the mobile to download viruses or malware app or service automatically in your device from the unknown server without your permission. Therefore, it is most important to check & make sure that it is suspicious or not & check the authenticity of every link you visit.

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5. Always use updated system.

Whenever you get the notifications about the new updates for your existing mobile operating system, you need to update it as quickly as possible to drive it updated with new features. Using the older versions might put you in risk, but updating to the newer versions, it strengthens the mobile security more powerful than the previous OS version. It's the reason why it is advised to update the new version of your device regularly.

Not only the OS but also you have to maintain the updated mobile applications, that’s why you should check the updates again and again only in an authorized application store.

Here are the steps. Go to the Settings >> Software update >> Click on update now. (Check for Update)

6. Avoid suspicious websites.

While opening any webpage especially on mobile; you have to check the trust and the security of that particular website. Always prefer the most authentic and most popular website. You can easily check the security of the website with the GREEN LOCK followed by the link in the address bar.

However, just like the desktop versions, these suspicious websites will attempt to install their risky software or app in your device without your permission, and that is the reason, it will break your mobile by spreading the malware and threads.

This is one of the most required and important online security tips that might help you keep safe and protect your personal data from any online attacks.

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7. Always log out from apps.

Habitually, we used to use social apps every day. You surely logged in all the social networking sites & accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. Maybe in case of attack, the attacker will easily get the chance to use the social apps or any social networking sites you previously logged-in against you.

Also, they might also easily get the chance to enter some viruses or threads by activating these social sites or showing the fake banking portals.

Somewhere we don’t know what will happen in the world of social networking sites. So be aware to get log out all your social accounts. It will not only protect your device but personal data by securing your online accounts.

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8. Say NO to unknown Wi-Fi networks.

If you see, there are more than 4 to 5 Wi-Fi networks always available around us. You may find there are some secured networks but some free Wi-Fi networks also listed & are open to join free. Many times, these kinds of free public Wi-Fi networks are unsafe & unreliable for you and your smart devices. Once you connected to such a free Wi-Fi or hotspot network, you might lose control of your device.

Using these free WiFi networks, hackers present on the same network you are connected to, they can be easily able for capturing all your personal information, your details, and they can manage your device for their benefit. So, first, you have to be careful & always check the reliability of that particular network, whether it is safe for your device or not.

9. Use a VPN.

You have to always use the 'Virtual Private Network' (VPN) in case you regularly access your online accounts. But yeah, you have to check the Wi-Fi networks around you whether it is safe or protective for your device or not. While connecting to any network, VPN hides your private info and personal data. So, you have to enable VPN function especially when you connecting the free Wi-Fi network.

A VPN helps you to avoid the dangerous consequence of public Wi-Fi networks and it keeps private network, that means network provider cannot check your activities. Make sure to always use VPN option when you connect public Wi-Fi networks to secure against all hacking programs

Steps of enabling VPN: Go to the Settings >> More Networks >> Select 'VPN'

10. Keep strong PIN/password.

In everyone’s smartphone, there are different ways to set the PIN and passwords for your device. You can use pattern lock, PIN, or high-security password.

For the security purpose, it is necessary to set a strong password for your mobile that will protect your device from unauthorized access.

Steps of setting up a password. Go to Settings >> Lock Screen >> Screen Lock >> Select high security password

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11. BONUS: Do not root your mobile.

Rooting is the process that might break the official firmware (system) & all the related system files in your device. It is true, you will get control over the entire operating system, but sometimes it may illegal and unsafe for your mobile. You must know; after rooting the mobile, you lose your mobile warranty. Rooting the mobile, it will become easily possible for the attacker to insert a virus and malware infection in your rooted mobile phone and get the full access of the entire system.

In the case of the Apple iOS, it is called as a jailbreaking. A lot of users want to take freedom for using a smartphone and its features to its fullest. But just note that, in this process of jailbreaking, you may get full control and access to the system files, but don't forget it has the advantages and disadvantages that might put you in risk; both side you will have to bear.

Bottom Line
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Following the most required 11 security tips, not only you are going to use your device safely but also you will able to keep secure your social accounts & data from all kind of online attacks and threads.

And I'm sure this page guide you improve your security & your mobile will be safer from the virus without using any antivirus application.

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