Top 3 Challenges for Staying Safe Online While You Surfing The Internet 2018 | Beginners Guide

The internet is referred as a global network of information that is spread over the billions of computers & devices. This technology has always played a major role in every aspect of modern life. It has an enormous impact in many fields including education, healthcare, business, and government too. Including the innovations in the technology, the education system has also become more advanced and high-tech. Stay Safe Online - The internet is the most powerful part of everyone's life these days, but you don't know when it will throw you in a situation where it becomes so hard to get rid of it. You can see, research and studies have become an easier task due to the Internet. Simple searching and grabbing data allow one to get the details and information whether in involves new facts or historical archives. For example, when it comes to healthcare and medicine, the Internet has shown great impact when it comes to the development and advancement in the medical world. Finding medical information has become a lot easier. Doctors and other professional health workers can easily search full-text articles and journals. This also allows consultations among the professionals in the same field. For professionals, the businesses are also affected by the widespread impact of the web. The increasing numbers of social media users open the doors for new small business transactions done online. Advertisements and announcements are done through the Internet which allows faster and easier deals. For the bigger companies, internet databases allow better management of the different aspects of the industry. Better communications are experienced causing trouble and stress-free transactions.
Stay Safe Online
Stay Safe Online

Challenges To Stay Safe Online

The government offices are also affected by the Internet technology. Due to the better technology, easy accesses of several documents are established. The communication system with other departments and regions become more simplified. This allows for faster transactions and better service to the people.

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Importance of Internet Safety

With the increasing demand of internet worldwide, it is essential that users be aware of their self-protection. Internet safety primarily involves a growing concern for the safety and security risks to private information and property. Some of the common concerns related to safety on the internet can be categorized into information security and personal safety.

Information security involves sensitive information such as personal details and identity, passwords with personal property and privacy which may present security concerns if leaked. Some of the common causes of information security breaches include internet scam, spam, phishing, and malware.

  1. Internet Scam
    The internet scams are schemes that attempt to deceive and to take advantage of the users through false promises, daring tricks and more.

  2. Spam Email
    Spam emails are unsolicited bulk messages that are usually used for commercial advertising and selling.

  3. Phishing
    Phishing is applied to drag sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, & credit card details too through emails containing links to websites that direct users to their private information.

  4. Malware and Virus
    Malware is malicious software that is designed to collect and transmit private information without the user’s consent or knowledge.

  5. Personal safety
    It involves communication with malicious users that often use the internet for personal, material or financial gains. Some of the common threats to personal safety include cyberstalking, cyberbullying and inappropriate contents.

    • Cyberstalking
      Cyberstalking involves stalking and harassing an individual or an organization by making false accusations and threats, identity theft, damage to data or solicitation of minors for sex.

    • Cyberbullying
      This involves harming or harassing an individual through electronic technology, such as computers, tablets or cell phones, in a repeated and deliberate manner.

    • Inappropriate contents
      It includes various websites, pop-ups, and links that contain offensive, explicit and obscene materials that are not for user’s viewing and liking.

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In order to prevent information security leakage and allow personal safety, proper understanding and awareness should be observed. Always ensure that the network you are using is strongly protected with firewalls and anti-virus software. Identity theft protection services are being offered to help protect finances and good name from theft and fraud. Be responsible enough to determine malicious emails and links. If the email or attachment is from an unknown and malicious sender, better delete the message right away. Photos and other personal information should have strong privacy settings at all times. Smart surfing should always be kept in mind to protect the device and the data online.

Tips for Strong and Secure Passwords

A strong and secure password serves as the first line of defense against information leakage and to stay safe online. These passwords should be difficult to detect by both humans and computer programs to prevent unauthorized access. In order to make secure passwords, several traditional tips and user’s guidelines can be followed.
  • A strong password usually consists of at least six characters. The more characters, the stronger the password, would be.
  • The password can be a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols if allowed.
  • Passwords must be case sensitive, it should contain letters in both uppercase & lowercase.
  • Strong passwords do not contain simple words that are written or found in the dictionary.
  • Passwords should not contain easily guessed information like user’s name, birthday, number or pet’s name.
  • Note it, not to give out the password to anyone, even your family or closest friends.
  • Avoid using same password for multiple accounts or sites.
  • Tip sheet can be used to give clues in easy remembering of the password.
  • Be sure to log out your account on any device after using.
  • Password strength analyzers are common to sites, pay attention to it and take note of its advice.

With these tips and guidelines given, coming up with a strong password is pretty easy. The endless ways of creating a memorable and secure password allow one to have a sole control of their online access enabling worry less and stress-free transactions.

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Tips for Safe Instant Messaging

Instant messaging (IM) has grown one of the most common and easiest ways of communication. This IM allows users to chat in real time over the internet via messaging, voice or video communication. However, this technology can also come with security and privacy risks. Thus, it is deemed necessary to know some of the basic guidelines for a safe instant messaging.
  • Never provide important and sensitive personal information such as passwords and credit card details.
  • Usernames or screen names should not provide personal information.
  • Be conscious of what information to reveal. Leave online profile blank or incomplete for protection.
  • Never open pictures, click links or download files from unknown senders.
  • Disable automatic downloads.
  • Block strangers and unwanted messages.
  • Do not automatically log on your account in any devices.
  • Log out your account after using.
  • Keep software up to date which includes IM software, browser, operating system and anti-virus software.
  • Do not believe everything you read, hear and see as the information may be false or malicious.
  • Report abuse caused by rude, disruptive and defamatory online chat.
The Instant Messaging technology has been an extensive channel for staying in touch with family, friends or people with common interests. The number of risks associated with this form of communication should be handled cautiously and with a large responsibility for better outcomes.

Bottom Line

The Internet has been one of the best advances in the technology. A lot of benefits are gained from the numerous tools being offered by this advancement. It is, therefore, important to ensure safety and security of every user who is continuously using the Internet.

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