Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media on Life/Society/Youth/Kids | Essay

What is impact of social media sites on society/youth? Social media has great influence in every aspect of our lives; sometimes positive and sometimes. Continue reading...

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We all know millions of people have an influence on social media in day to day life. Not just specific kind of people belongs to social fields are affected, even normal people like us have the impact of media on our daily life.
Impact Of Social Media On Life
People used to search; what is social media and what is it used for? What is the impact of social media on society? What are the effects of social media on youth? How does social media affect our everyday lives? What to write in disadvantages of social media essay? What is the influence of social media? How long has there been social media? How does WhatsApp/ Facebook/ Twitter affect our lives? List the positive effect of social media on society? List the negative effects of social media on students? Impact of social media essay, And so on...

Social media is nothing but an electronic platform that built for connecting people remotely from their location at their own convenience. Some of the types of social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and many others.

The role of social networking sites in our daily life is big and does have a deep impact of it on our life. It also has virtual influence in every aspect of our lives. Through this media, anyone can share anything with their buddies across the world and hence it is treated as the best channel to know about what's going on in the world. There are other media are already present like Magazine, Television, Radio, Newspaper, etc. These media are used to share content publically. But through social media, you will have an option like privacy to select what to share and with whom to share. Not everything on social media is public, we can also keep specific content for private people only.

Yet all types of entities have an influence of media in our lives and this influence is sometimes positive and sometimes negative. And hence, I came across various questions like how social media affects our lives? What is the effect of social media on our lives? How has social media changed the world positively? How social media has affected our lives? etc.
Positive Negative Effect of Social Media on Life
Positive Negative Effect of Social Media on Life
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What are the most popular social media apps affecting our lives?

1. WhatsApp

This application has now become one of the must-have things in the world. It is used for instant messaging. Can share images, videos, profiles, voice messages, etc.

Even now payments can also be made through this app. You can also connect it to your address book and can share your contacts with others as well. It also comes up with customized features too such as privacy, profiles, notification sounds, and wallpapers, etc.

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2. Facebook

Right after WhatsApp, Facebook (and its messenger) is a second most used application in the world. This is treated as the most popular social network media on the internet with a record number of users and users take some time to log in to see what's going on outside.

Millions, billions of people are on Facebook and sharing their activities on an hourly or daily basis. Everyone can anticipate its dominance in the future even after its acquisition of WhatsApp.

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3. LinkedIn

This holds millions of professional accounts and helps to connect themselves with other professionals. Tons of jobs can be viewed from home. Anyone can apply and get a suitable job.

Helps people to create a profile which is acceptable across the world. Helps to give recommendations towards the profile for better shortlisting of the suitable jobs.

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There are many other social media sites or applications out there. And it enables users to create and share content worldwide.

Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media on Life

People go crazy due to the addition towards social media. But yes, it is now very important to be socially active just because this makes us aware of what's happening around us. The whole world is on social media and if we have to make a connection with them, we will have to participate in the game with the same attitude. Many people don't have their own opinion just because they got influenced by the information published on social media. But one should not blindly follow other person or group.
Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media
The internet has become a significant part of our daily lives. So too has social media. Social networking has changed the way people interact with each other forever. Also there are some negative effects which include identity theft, cyber bullying, decreased social interaction in real life, and social isolation. Increase in mobile social networking could possible cause future health problems too.

Social Media is affecting our lives immensely. Sometimes the effect is positive, sometimes it’s negative.

Social Media has both good and bad impacts on our lives such as below:

The positive aspects of social media

The positive aspects of social media
Social media allows you to communicate and stay up to date with relatives and friends around the world. Get new friends and communities; network with other people who share similar interests or goals. Join or promote important events; expand awareness on major issues.
  • Immediate access to the information e.g. Twitter tend to deliver instant posts about what is happening and the rest of the world from various sources received those posts within a second. Hence, there is no any possibility to miss a thing.

  • Playing field for business where in the old days, many business owners usually tried to do heavy investment in advertisements. But now they can publish their contents via blogs, announce the services over the social media to get immediate attention from their clients with almost zero investment.

  • Quick and wider promotion of the content across the world.

  • Helps in learning and earning.
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The negative aspects of social media

The negative aspects of social media
However, many researchers have noticed an influential link between massive social media and an expanded risk for anxiety, stress, loneliness, self-harm, and even suicidal thoughts. Social media may promote negative experiences such as the Inability of your life or appearance.
  • It provides more information than what is required, especially for kids.

  • Talk without action. Since social media are an invaluable communication tool, many people can vent on these platforms but no any strict action can be taken in the end even if it's not acceptable by the society.

  • Hiding behind anonymity. People are using social media for the sake of hiding their identities against any good-bad reasons. As a result of this, social media becomes a haven for habitual pranksters and trolls.

  • Shared information could be too early to be known by teenagers, youngsters or even kids.

  • Wastage of time if it is not productively or proactively used.
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Top 6 Positive Effect of Social Media

  1. As we all know, the earth has become a global village because of social media. We know about what is happening at the other end of the world within a minute through television and the internet. And social media plays a vital role to convey information across the world. It spreads knowledge, information, news and many more from one end of the world to the other end.

  2. Social media educates people to understand their basic rights and help to publish a guide to know how to use them. It also connects a normal person to the government because of political activities are conveyed through social media.

  3. Educational programs help people to learn new things, market trends etc. Even children can develop their intellectual skills by viewing audio or video tutorials shared by people over social media. It makes children understand many concepts quickly and easily.

  4. The advertisement part helps us to get known to various products available in the market and can make out choice easily according to the needs and shared reviews.

  5. Weather forecasting can also be helpful to know about the weather so that we can make plans accordingly.

  6. Social media works like a problem-solving platform where one can contact another person to resolve the problem which usually not mentioned anywhere in the book itself. Technical difficulties are usually not mentioned in the book and hence social media establishes the bridge between people who wanted to get their problem solved.

Top 3 Serious Negative Effect of Social Media

  1. Social media is the most influential platform for the people who can make use of it for violence. Analytics says that exposure to the violence shared over television, movies, videos, etc. make youngsters more fearless, aggressive, violent, etc. It is not the case that they start bringing harmful items (like weapons) in the school/colleges, but it creates a trust-breaking mentality towards their relatives.

  2. Sexual and violent content published over social media leads to the crimes in the society.

  3. There are millions of ads to influence people on the importance of branded items. As a result of this, people may become status conscious and tend to buy such costly products for the sake of maintaining a high status in society. This ultimately leads to not making perfect use of money over buying unnecessary branded products.

There are some disadvantages of Social Media:

  1. Instead of praying to the God, first, we click some pictures of our food and share with our loved ones.
  2. We publish our own problem over social media instead of solving them on our own.
  3. We do social media shameing of a person who shared their personal concern/problem with us.
  4. People may pretend to be someone which they are not in reality.
  5. People may talk more over the chat but go silent when they meet them.
  6. Life has gone too public and hence the privacy is now compromised.
  7. Social media has become a haven of judgment.
  8. People don't want to be as they are anymore.
There could be many negative points but it totally depends upon how one is using social media for his/her own purpose.

Bottom Line
You may have tons of knowledge and information, get connections with many experts, make new friends, impress the world, distract yourself from a boring life, waste time, or any other thing that you wanted, but for me; it totally depends on how am I using this social media and for that purpose. It does not hold any power to affect me unless I allow it.

People nowadays love to publish their posts. After a few days, a community of followers starts to develop underneath that. Later, with the right social moves, that community may become passionate customer platform. And if anyone needs any kind of help, they can share their request with the community and someone should be there to give advice.

Social media gives better access to 'Life-Improving' information. It makes incredibly easy to share information that one finds useful in life. Someone else can take benefit out of it as well. And someone can make use of it with a wrong purpose.

I would recommend you all to make a friendship with the “unfollow” button. I personally spend some time customizing my feeds on a daily basis. Due to this, my feeds got filtered out and only useful ones will be listed and which are valuable.

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