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Every blogger wants to be successful. They always keep themselves ready to do anything to get it. They work harder, search, think, write & publish. They spend hours & hours to survive in this competitive blogging industry. But in all this, they forget to look after their health. As a blogger, you must know overall health tips and not only health and fitness training but also simple tips for healthy eating to keep you fit in all blogging journey. Life-Saving Health Tips For Full-Time Bloggers - Some of the bloggers are aware of health & wealth and how it connected to each other. But some of you are just not worrying enough about their health, they don't realize it till they suffer some health issues. They underestimate it to save the time ignoring that how much time it will waste once it gets big. When they realize it, they start following fitness training tips & working about the work to be done. This invites other health problems also. The common but major health issues that the most bloggers suffer are a backache, headache, neck pain, eye problems, the risk of being fatty, indigestion, etc. So it's better to look at it on time and have some preventive measures so as to avoid such troublesome health problems in future to stay fit & beautiful and to keep your hope alive as a blogger as we know "prevention is always better than cure." And also don't forget whatever the things are "your health and fitness come first." Follow this article to know top tips for healthy eating and also going to check some true health facts. Bookmark this page to track daily health advice and follow helpful health tips as described below.
Health Tips for Bloggers
Health Tips for Bloggers
In the previous article we saw, What is Blog? Who is Blogger? How Blogging Works? How to Start A Successful Blog and today we are going to check important thing in blogging career that mostly neglected behind the reason of being busy. You need to give time to your body, to your health. Lets check out most important health issues, theirs causes and quick remedies to get proper fitness.

Life-Saving Health Tips For Full-Time Bloggers

1. Use Wearables.

I think all of us know the general rule that sitting straight while working can prevent us from back & neck pain/problems ( I am damn sure someone should have sat straight while reading this statement). But it is not possible that way, nobody remembers it while working. We lose our position unknowingly and keep working resulting in tightening of muscles. It's a human tendency of this century that they need someone (electronic devices just like mobile ) to remind them even some simple daily things every time. So tell me how you can remember to sit straight & maintain your position throughout working.

The company Adela Health has found a solution over this. They have created a shirt called "True Posture" which tells that whether the person has sat in the right position or not. It contains nano-sensors on it which identify the movements of even half degree angle & advice it to the person according to the settings. The best thing is it can tell you which part of your back is moved or not straight. For this, you should have a smartphone with Bluetooth & free app of 'True Posture.' You can run this app on iOS, Android & Windows. Those who feel uncomfortable to wear this can use another small wearable called "Upright" measuring only 11cm x 3.5 cm long & 1.5 cm thick which you can stick to your lower back. It has accelerometer & specially made strain sensor which catches the back movements & notices it to the person through vibration. Only you need to enter the settings according to your doctor's advice. Also position your chair well enough to be straight & comfortable.

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2. Eliminate Neck Pain.

Design your table & chair combo in such a way that you can set your computer screen to your eye level so that you don't have to bend your neck. This will help your neck to be stress-free, so there will be no neck pain. If you still feel some inability to move easily after working for a couple of hours or so, you can do some simple exercises for your neck like stretching the neck from side to side & rotate it in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction so as to relax strained muscles of the neck. Even you can put rolled cotton (near around 200 gm) below your neck when you go to bed. This also helps to relax the strained muscles of the neck.

3. Eye Health Tips To Maintain Good Eyesight.

Eyes are the precious organ of the body. So we have to look after it very very carefully. The common eye problem occurs with most of the bloggers (and with those who work hours-&-hours in front of the computer) is redness & irritation of the eyes because of the strain on capillaries in eyes due to staring at the screen for a long time.

There are few preventive measures to avoid this,
  • Blink your eyes regularly.
  • Rest your eyes for 5 minutes after every 1 hour or 2 hours.
  • Sprinkle some cold (normal) water on your eyes. You can use "Gulab Jal" at night.
  • Instill 1 or 2 drops of 'castor oil' in each eye 2 to 3 times a day (mostly preferred before going to bed). It acts as a lubricant & soothes your eyes, gives a calm effect. Treats dry eyes, burning sensation. Also, prevents infection.
  • Adjust your computer screen at a distance of 40-76 centimeters (16-30 inches) from your eyes. Most of the people are comfortable with a range of 50-65 cms (20-26 inches).
  • Tilt the top of the monitor at a 10-20-degree angle from your eyes.
  • Make sure you don't get distracted by the reflections like light coming from windows.
  • Use 20-20-20 rule.
  • Wear spectacles if you need it to look screen.
  • Massage your eyes smoothly with fingers.
  • Have enough light in the room. Open windows & let the sun rays enter your room which would be better than artificial lights.
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4. Weight Gain Causes & Tips.

Along with IT professionals and bloggers, most of the other persons also seems to suffer this problem. The cause of weight gain is not only the sitting work but also the irregular & heavy (junky) by food. Most of the time bloggers have to work late night which is the main reason for their weight gain as they don't eat the meal on time. Even if they managed to get it on time, they can't digest it properly resulting in indigestion. So the fat accumulates in the body causing weight gain.
  • Don't sit right after you eat the meal. It is said that we should walk 100 steps after a meal, and we all know that very well but forget to apply.
  • Don't drink too much water before, in between & after a meal. Drinking warm water or lemon water after a meal can better digest your food.

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5. Mouth Odor.

Bloggers don't need to open their mouth to tell what they have in their mind, they just need to write it down & publish, even when they interact with fellow bloggers. Their mouth is closed maximum time which may become the reason for bad odor. Don't get bothered, let me explain. When we eat food, the bacteria are present there in the mouth to break down the food & that is good. But when there is an imbalance of bacteria that results from the presence of excess anaerobic bacteria in the mouth, it starts smelling bad.

The bacteria which can't live in the presence of oxygen is called anaerobic bacteria. When we close our mouth for a long time, we provide less oxygen giving a chance for these bacteria to thrive in the mouth. That results in bad odor. If you notice our mouth is closed while sleeping & when we get up it smells bad.This may be the best example to understand what I want to say. This happens due to less oxygenation in the mouth providing the chance for anaerobic bacteria to grow & smell bad.
  • Drink plenty of water at regular intervals. It will also cure dry mouth which is another reason for bad odor & increases the saliva formation needed to digest the food.
  • Chew a sugar-free gum.
  • Suck a sugar free candy.
  • Gargle the foam in the mouth for few seconds while brushing & then spit. It helps to remove all the hidden food particles in the mouth.

6. Headache Causes & How to Get Rid of It.

It is a competitive world. Everyone has the pressure to do something in their life which increases the stress on the brain & it is applicable for the bloggers also. Bloggers need to search & think a lot to write content. This increases the pressure on the brain which may result in a headache.
  • To avoid this try to rest your brain for 5 minutes after every hour or so. Don't put too much pressure by working nonstop. Caffeine treats to cure a headache, so you can try some coffee in the middle, only be sure you do not habituate.
  • A headache is also caused by the stress on eyes staring at the computer screen or too much brightness & contrast. Just make sure to keep and seat at the proper distance from the monitor.
  • Adjust the brightness & contrast of your screen in such a way that you can work without any stress on eyes.

7. Diet Impact Health.

The bloggers have a sedentary lifestyle as they have to spend hours & hours by sitting in front of the computer. They have to use their mind a lot to do their job & therefore they need a special diet. Obviously, the ideal food is fruits and vegetables which should form the major part of their daily diet.

It is eternally better to avoid too much oily, spicy & fried food as they increase the chances of accumulation of fat on the thighs & waist. This happens because of the minimum physical activity. The diet should be filled with complex carbohydrates & proteins in the form of low-fat dairy products, eggs, etc. You should develop the habit of eating healthy snacks in the form of fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, etc. Make sure you eat heavy (not junky) but healthy breakfast in the morning before starting your work.

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8. Treat Loneliness as a Recurring Illness.

As the bloggers work single all the time, they fill lonely. This very serious problem which may lead to depression. To overcome this get some time for your family, friends. Play outdoor games & have fun.

9. Muscle Exercise.

Some stretching exercise should be done with the legs also to prevent muscle cramps. There's no need to get up from the chair. You can do it simply by sitting in your chair.

10. System Arrangement.

Place your computer in the proper place where you should not get the distracting reflections of the light to protect your eyes.

11. Morning Exercise.

Do some morning exercise at least for 30 minutes which may include walking, jogging, swimming.

12. Get Free Vitamin D3.

We all learned in the school that the "Sunlight is a rich source of vitamin D3" so expose your body to the sun for at least 10-15 minutes every morning.

13. Exercise Hands and Fingers.

Some common exercises of hand, wrist & fingers should be done as required in between work.

14. Have Breaks at Work.

Take a break for few minutes at regular intervals as per your need. In the break get up from the chair, walk & stretch your body a bit.

15. Quick Meditation.

Do meditation & yoga to relax your mind.

16. Proper Sleep.

Get sound sleep for 7-8 hours by sleeping on time. Sleep on time, get on time, eat on time & work on time.

Hopefully, every blogger will think about these health tips & try to apply. The only thing I can say here "Where there is health there is wealth."

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