Cow Milk Vs Buffalo Milk? Which Is Better To Prevent Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Today, in this article we are going to discuss which milk is better cow or buffalo? As well as I'll also shed some light on the difference between cow and buffalo milk. The choice also depends upon which type of milk you want to consume; buffalo milk or cow milk. There's no doubt that milk is highly nutritious drink ever. Milk is an essential item in food and diet.
Cow Milk Vs Buffalo Milk
These are the typical questions people love to ask on Google; Which is better cow or buffalo milk? Who is better to prevent Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)? Which milk is best to drink? Is buffalo milk bad for health? Which milk is good for gym cow or buffalo? Which Ghee is best? Can we mix cow milk and buffalo milk? Is buffalo milk healthier than cow milk? Which milk is best for kids? Which milk is best for weight loss? cow vs buffalo milk? cow milk is better or buffalo milk? which milk better cow or buffalo? and so on.

Vitamin C and vitamin A are found in large amounts in buffalo milk, and these two vitamins are essential for the functioning of our immune system and the overall protection of the body specially helps strengthen your immunity during the coronavirus pandemic.
In our daily routine, we utilize the milk in our meals, menu, regular feed, cooking, and try various recipes to have it in our body. The milk is actually an inseparable part of our life. From the morning tea, to till in the night dinner, and throughout a day, there are a lot of uses of milk. Milk is not only a powerful drink for growing children but also it is helpful for the people of all age groups especially those who worked out daily.

You may already know more about the milk and its nutrition facts. Doctors recommend taking milk every day to stay healthy and strong. Milk is a primary and very much powerful tonic for all the people to get stronger health & life. Since it is a strong source of calcium, protein, vitamins, fat and many more, whether it may cow milk or buffalo milk, the MILK plays an integral part in our growth. But when you have to choose between buffalo and cow milk, which one is better? Well, both of these types of milk have their own advantages, disadvantages, positives and negatives benefits.

We can easily differentiate the buffalo milk and cow milk by looking at its thickness or by easily, there is mentioned on the packet that the milk is full creamed milk i.e. buffalo milk. Now, today here, we're going to study and get summaries about the advantages, benefits of cow milk vs buffalo milk. Which type of milk is better for our body, and how it is important for our health? What are the benefits of cow milk? Why buffalo milk is better? Disadvantages of cow milk? Advantages of buffalo milk over cow milk? And much more. Here I'm discussing the most reasonable information about the milk.
Cow Milk Vs Buffalo Milk
Cow Milk Vs Buffalo Milk

Cow Milk Vs Buffalo Milk

Both types of milk are good in their own places. But you will find more with the answers to these questions; cow milk or buffalo milk which is better? After reading this "buffalo vs cow milk" article, you will find the difference between cow milk and buffalo milk yourselves and you are free to take your own decision. As I said, both types of milk are good for health as well as they have their own characteristics. So, what to consume? Is totally depends on your preference and needs. I've also given my opinion at the end of the article. Anyways, let's find out Who is better? Buffalo Milk or Cow Milk?

Difference between cow milk vs buffalo milk:

1. Analysing Fat content in both types of milk.

  • Milk is very nutritious & a powerful chain of our growth. Many people choose any milk-type as per their point of view and daily use. Some people go with buffalo milk whereas some use cow milk.
  • After the FAT comparison, its seen that the buffalo milk contains a higher amount of FAT as compared to cow milk and it is the reason most of the people use buffalo milk. With higher FAT compounds, the buffalo milk is full-creamed and very thicker than cow milk, it is full creamed milk ever.
  • Moreover, with 8% of FAT in buffalo compared with 3% of FAT in cow, buffalo milk is heavy. Buffalo milk has more milk solids than cow milk. In general, it has almost double the amount of FAT. Because of the higher percentage of FAT content which puts your stomach sufficient fully for several periods, you won't be hungry for a longer time.
  • Because the milk of buffalo is full creamed milk, so it can be used to make delicious and heavy foods like paneer, kheer, ghee, and many more items. While cow milk is used for desserts like rasgulla, basundi, khoa making, yogurt, butter, ras malai, and more.
  • The cow milk contains a minimum percentage of FAT, it can be preserved for a minimum time. Because there is low-fat content in cow milk, the milk has lighter (yellowish) color. Cow milk has β-catotein that makes it yellowish than buffalo milk.
  • Particularly, the cow milk is useful than the buffalo milk as it contains the SNF [Solids Not Fat] content at a low level as compared to the buffalo milk and so it is advisable to have cow milk specially for those who have lower digesting power. For weaker digestion and babies, cows milk is good.
  • Buffalo milk is thicker, creamier & heavier than cow milk, it is preferably used in Bodybuilding for the bulking cycle, it helps with more heavy foods like curd, paneer, kheer, ice cream, and ghee.
  • Buffalo milk has better advantages over cow milk, and that is why it is the most preferred milk by all.

2. Protein content.

  • The buffalo milk contains 5gm of protein whereas the cow milk contains 3gm. Due to the large no. of protein in buffalo milk, it is mainly recommended for the children and specially who work out in the gym.
  • As the buffalo milk has more percentage (11% higher) of protein content than cow milk, it maintains the heat in your body as well as energy throughout the day.
  • Buffalo milk is more difficult to digest so it is not actually recommended to older people and babies. On the other hand, with less protein content, the cow milk is more digestible that is why it is given to infants.
  • Buffalo milk is more heat resistant, as in cow milk, there is less percentage of protein compounds, so the maximum users stay with the higher protein milk i.e. buffalo milk.
  • Buffalo milk has sufficient protein content that provide greater strength to the body and muscles, especially those who are going to the gym daily, they must go with the buffalo milk over cow milk.
  • Better protein supply helps you gain muscles fast. And so the buffalo milk is must recommend in order to grow your strength and stamina.

3. Calorie content.

Here is another reason why buffalo milk is good! because of its calorie content.
  • All know, milk is a good source of calories. Buffalo milk has higher calories because of higher protein & FAT content. In buffalo milk, there's more percentage of calories than cow milk; 100ml of buffalo milk contains 250 calories, whereas the same quantity of cow milk contains 150 calories.
  • Possessing a higher percentage of calories in the milk, it helps to maintain normal blood pressure and for heart health. Cow milk is thinner and less fattening than buffalo milk.
  • Cow milk contains minimum calories than buffalo milk and so if you want to gain your weight and want to improve your strength processes, I would like to recommend buffalo milk only as there are higher fat content, protein compounds, more calories, and more energy.

4. Percentage of water.

  • Cow milk tends to have a higher water content than buffalo milk, this is why most of the people it called watery milk. Water is essential for each person and so if you need to increase your water consumption then go for cow milk.
  • Cow milk has more water percentage, fewer solids and 90% of the milk is formed of water, it helps in hydrating your body. It may not worth the children and the people who follow the diet.
  • Whereas, buffalo milk has a minimum water percentage. As we all know buffalo milk is full-creamed, thick & much heavy than other milk and also because there is low water content, it can be used for making many products like paneer, butter, kulfi, curd, ghee, and many heavy items.
  • Buffalo milk is low water content, it is good for our health, this is how buffalo milk is always better than cow milk.

5. Cholesterol content.

  • In both type of milk cholesterol level is in a different form. Buffalo milk contains a low quantity of cholesterol as well as less sodium, so it makes a better option for the people who suffer from viruses, diseases like PCOD, diabetes, hypertension, blood pressure, kidney problems, and obesity. It is a much better choice for strong bones, dental health, cardiovascular strength, and weight gain.
  • Buffalo milk has 8gm of the cholesterol content and cow milk has 14gm of cholesterol per 100ml of milk. Cow milk contains a high level of percentage of cholesterol and this cholesterol level can be dangerous to old age people suffering some physical issues.
  • The buffalo milk which has low cholesterol is always good for our health.

6. Sugar lactose content.

  • You will able to find sugar is naturally occurs in all types of milk, whether it is cow milk or buffalo milk.
  • Basically, both milk has almost the same sugar content, but if you want to go deep inside about to calculation of the lactose in the milk, you will find that buffalo milk contains higher sugar lactose than cow milk.
  • Because of the higher sugar level, the sweet flavored buffalo milk is a suitable choice for making a whey protein shake or natural fruit smoothie. Of course, buffalo milk is very much useful and better than cow milk.
  • Regular consumption of buffalo milk helps improves the blood sugar levels in your body. The high levels of vitamin B and required minerals in buffalo milk develop your metabolism, thereby improving the glucose and insulin levels.

7. Calcium content.

  • As you may know, doctors always say to take the milk to build strongest bones. Calcium is an important source to make strong and fit bones.
  • Buffalo milk is the best source of calcium, and so helps improve your bone density.
  • You will get 32 percent of the calcium in one cup of buffalo milk, and it is one of the best sources for those suffering in the problems of bones in their body. In addition, increased consumption of cow milk can result in your bones losing their calcium content. The milk of cow contains a low percentage of calcium, so the milk will not worth as good as buffalo milk.
  • Having a higher calcium content than cow milk, buffalo milk helps in preventing the outbreak of osteoporosis [bone disease] and increases your bone strength and flexibility. Moreover, the calcium content in buffalo milk is equally effective for increasing the strength of your teeth too.
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8. Total carbohydrate.

  • Carbohydrate is the main thing that gives you sufficient energy to the body and there are around 5gm of carbs contained in one cup of buffalo milk which is approximately 250ml.
  • Buffalo milk contains slightly more carbohydrates than cow milk. So basically, it is more preferable to use. And hence, this is one of the main reasons why buffalo milk is healthier than cow milk.
  • Total carbohydrate content is nothing but an advantage of buffalo milk over cow milk. People used to drink milk just to get more energy as more the carbohydrates, more the energy.

9. Sodium content.

  • In one cup of buffalo milk (250ml) it contains around 125mg of sodium as opposed to cow milk which contains approx 110mg. Also, buffalo milk has higher solid-content characteristics. And due to its higher saturated fatty acids quality, people can make foods such as butter, paneer, ghee and many items using buffalo milk. And that is something NOT efficiently possible with the help of cow milk.
  • Even any layman person could see that there is very less amount of cream at the top of cow milk as compared with buffalo milk. And this is the reason why people consider making use of buffalo milk to make curd, paneer, ghee, etc. like items.

10. Energy content.

  • As you already know, milk is one of the most reliable energy sources. The higher amount of carbohydrate, fat, calcium and many other contents are filled in buffalo milk as opposed to cow milk.
  • Apparently, both types of milk are good for both energy and health advantages. But I would like to recommend you to use buffalo milk and make sure to make it as part of your daily life and diet also.
  • Buffalo milk gives approx. 110Kcal of energy from a cup and cow milk gives approx 66Kcal. The buffalo milk has more advantages as opposed to cow milk. If we directly compare energy levels of buffalo and cow milk, buffalo milk has almost double the energy level than cow milk.

Bottom Line
It all depends upon which kind of milk you want to consume? Buffalo milk has higher nutritional content, so it is healthier than cow milk, also as per the above details you may get some idea about which milk is better for a healthier life and I would like to recommend you use buffalo milk totally. It is considered as a complete meal with everything your body requires.

Specially, to fight against Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) buffalo milk would be the best choice since it helps in circulation, immune system, blood pressure, growth and muscle development, bone strength, heart health. Moreover, vitamin C boosts the immune system by producing more white blood cells, and it is the very first stage of defense for the body. Zinc and certain other minerals in the buffalo milk act as antioxidants and immune system boosters.

You have to make sure that milk is part of our daily life and diet also. Buffalo’s milk is good for healthy bones, dental health, cardiovascular health, and weight gain. The buffalo milk has more beneficial all the time as a being human, and it is always better than cow's milk.

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