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What if you have taken a day off in your regular working day and decided to work from your home, there must have been at least one moment when you thought; "How wonderful would it be if you could continue the same throughout your life..." This is what FREELANCING is all about; working with no boundaries, no policies, no deadlines, no boss, no rules. Freelancing Vs Regular Job
People used to search related questions; What is a freelancer? Why freelancing is a better choice than any desk job? Why do you prefer freelancing over a regular job? Why is freelancing better? What are possible freelancer jobs, BLOGGING? Why freelance work is better than 9 to 5 Job? Which is better, home-based work (freelance) or regular office work (traditional employee)? Why? Is it better than having a job? What are the highest-paid freelance jobs? Freelance work vs a salary job - which you need to choose? Is it a right move to switch from a full-time employee to work as a freelancer? Which is better, entrepreneurship or freelancing? And so on...

A "freelancer" or "freelance worker" is a term usually applied to a person who is self-employed and is not bound to any particular organization for a long term. Moreover, some freelance workers are ordinarily provided by the business organizations that are only focused to resells freelance labor to their targeted customers.

I've worked on a regular job for more than 5 years and then I quit that 9-to-6 job in Aug 2012 and became a freelancer. Now, I'll NOT go back to a regular job because I prefer the freedom and flexibility to decide what to work on when to work. But do I regret for choosing to freelance? or for working 5+ yrs in a regular job? My answer is NO, never - because it has made me what I am and shown how much potential I could drive. I wouldn't have learned & developed to this level without knowledge & experience that I got from working with a company/customer/seniors/growths/recognition by those management rules & their regulation.

If you have the desired skills and knowledge to work individually, you love staying at home, love working independently, you want your own working hours; welcome to the world of freelancers. According to various reliable sources, by 2022-25, the number of freelance workers in US workforce is set to exceed the number of traditional job seekers. In India, also within last 2 years more and, more businesses are hiring freelancers to work on their projects seeking proper knowledge, precise skill set & desired experience.

Freelancing gives more freedom of thought, independence, recognition and certainly more respect. That is why; the freelancing is increasingly growing & becoming the most preferred choice for a lot of professionals including the business domains like not only creative & design but also HR, Finance, Sales & marketing people as well.

Today here I'm going to compare freelancing Vs traditional full-time regular job to help you make a better choice.
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Just 2 days back one of the readers asked me; how can I drive traffic to my blog fast? And its quick answer is Pinterest. The Pinterest is probably a valuable source to generate internet traffic. After all, it is a network of millions of active users. With Pinterest images it'll prove the best traffic driver for your site. It is a very huge platform to drive traffic to the content. Businesses take great benefit of this platform by sharing the quality blog posts, websites, and other related content. Bloggers too benefit by participating on Pinterest. How to increase website traffic
People used to search; how to increase blog traffic? how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog? how to post a blog on Pinterest? how to increase traffic to the website for free? Can you drive good traffic from Pinterest to your blog? How do I drive traffic to my blog? How do I get traffic from Pinterest? how to get traffic to your website fast? How do I get my pins noticed on Pinterest? How do I add a Pin It button to my WordPress blog? How do you use Pinterest for your business? How to promote a website on Pinterest? How to use Pinterest to promote your blog? How to drive instant website traffic? And so on...

Traffic is absolutely essential to the success of any business. Whether you are selling any product or service or sharing blog, you always look for more and more people for the same.

More the people read your content, greater the possibilities of getting your content shared.

In order to share your content, you need a platform where you can promote and market your content. Also, you need the huge number of viewers for the post. Pinterest is the absolute answer to this. Pinterest is the ultimate platform where you can publish the quality content. Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than Instagram or Flickr. And at the same time, you are served with millions of active users.

Pinterest is the best social networking platform for the businesses to gain popularity and reach out to the more and customers. And for this, it is essential to Pin more and more content consistently. Also, different strategies and tactics need to be run in order to bring more and more readers to the blog post. Not only content marketing but also you need to focus on Pinterest social media marketing to grab extra attention using catchy images you added to your posts. The only thing you need to do is to publish high-quality content and optimize the same for greater visibility. Check out the formulas to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog or website.
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If you are a blogger, you must think of writing creative, unique and attractive content for your blogs. At the same time, it is also necessary for you to have quality traffic and then active readers for your recently published content on the blog. Without any visitor, making money online from blogging becomes a hard task for any publisher; so, you require a large number of targetted audience for your blog. 'Google Plus' is really a great platform that extends just like organic Google web traffic and more engaged visitors. Along with the quality of your website content and design of web pages, you also need to concentrate on blog marketing of each blog post. Check out remarkable reasons to reconsider Google+ for content marketing & targeted traffic. How to increase traffic to your website with google plus
Most of the blogger and publishers used to ask; how to increase traffic on website for free by Google+? How to get traffic from google plus? what to post on google plus for more exposure? How to google plus SEO build community? What are google plus SEO benefits? how to increase website traffic through google to blog? How to promote my blog? How to improve the visibility & lifetime of your Google plus posts? And so on...

The Google+ helps you to get influencers to share your content that'll generate more social media traffic from Google plus. There are several platforms available where you can market your blog post. You get massive opportunities to promote your blog and drive traffic to it. To drive traffic to website there are several social sites where you can promote your blog. But, with lots of options available, it is ideal to choose the most trusted and world-accepted social platform. You have so many options for promoting your recently published blog post, you could easily overlook a solid method. Sometimes, before you think about how to promote the blog, the most important is where to promote. "Google Plus" is the answer to your traffic requirements.

Google Plus offers you such platform which is truly trustworthy. Google Plus, which has now grown big with over 300 million active & dedicated users. I have been using Google Plus from last more than 5 years, and I must say marketing your blog on this platform definitely improve traffic to website.

Google Plus the most excellent place for driving quality traffic towards the blog and your business website too. Google Plus continuously delivers the more engaged visitors as compared to even Facebook and Twitter. Statistics states that the visitor from Google+ spends more than three minutes on the site which is really worth for reducing the bounce rate and improve page views. Google Plus has always been a preferred by marketing influencers apart from the regular users. The Google+ is truly an ultimate platform where you can find great exposure for your content. So, starts marketing your blogs on Google+ and get maximum traffic flow towards your website.
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Give your email address a pro and personal touch with your own custom domain name. Owning an email ID with your own domain shows you have a real business. Get a custom email name on your own domain, add it on your personal website or blogger blog and then get your online identity published as brand. Online businesses are looking more as a brand from their mailing solution. Having a custom email name & personalized email IDs are necessary for online success. Set Up an Email Account that Uses Your Domain Name FOR FREE
People used to search; how to make my own email domain free for a website? How do I get a custom email address? How to get free domain email address for the blog? How do I get a business email address for free? Where to get free email domain hosting for small business? How do you get a free email address? How to get a custom email ID? How to make my own email domain for better branding? How can I create my own domain name for free? And so on...

The custom email may seem like a small part of your business but in the larger branding scenario, but it’s too much influential. A few years ago, the "Google apps" is used for creating FREE domain specific business email addresses, but now they have stopped their free service and you required to pay ($5/month) fees for custom domain email IDs. But luckily we have few other best options to create a free business email address for your own domain as a free email account. Stop searching for best free email server hosting or email hosting services and you can easily get a professional email address using your domain FREE; like [email protected]

The custom email address shows that how much you have taken your business seriously and in what length you’ve built a real business. Show the world you mean business and create an email account. It's really easy to set up your professional email ID by your own name with custom domain email host. You will not be able to get a custom email name without a domain of your own. First, buy the most suitable domain name for your business blog or website and then find you a good custom email name for that domain. Instead to buy domain name email address; learn how to create a company email domain free with your own web address with one the best domain name registration service. It's an ad-free business email Hosting with a clean, minimalist interface. With this guide about email hosting solution, you can create and manage an unlimited number of personalized custom email addresses based on your own domain.
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As you are come to see this page, that means you obviously facing one of the common Android errors while downloading or updating apps on your Android device. No worries; we are here again, learn how to get solved and be ready for future issues mostly happened with App Store. The 'play store app down' is one of the major error in play store in addition to it there are lots of errors have also existed. Fix Common Google Play Store Error 2018
People used to search; Why does it say server error on Google Play? How do I reinstall Google Play store? Why is my google play store not working? Why does the Google Play store keep crashing? How to fix play store not downloading apps? play store error retrieving information from server failed? What is error code 491? Fixing Google play store server error codes? can't download apps from play store? Why does your phone say "Unfortunately Google Play store has stopped"? How do you reset Google Play store app? And so on...

Have these some of the most common Google Play Store errors ever faced by you? Anyhow, we've all seen these Google Play Store problems in many times. You might experience an error that contains random numbers when you download or update android apps from the Google Play store. Here you're going to learn, how to fix google play services has stopped, Google play store server error, No Connection - Retry error message, Google Play Store Error 963, Error 491, Error 18, Error 495, Error 103, play store not downloading apps, 'insufficient storage available' error message, or error retrieving information from the server, error downloading, authentication error, insufficient storage error, check your connection and try again error, Google play store has stopped. Learn how to fix common Google play store app error codes 491, 413, 495, 941, 921, 924, 923, 926, 961, 963, 504, -506, 693, 919, DF-BPA_09, Df-Dferh-01 & Error -24. Google play store is nothing but the online market website to download and installs various apps for user requirements. After upgrading to Nougat you can't download apps from play store and also all other Google related services are not connecting to the WiFi home network. Most of the times, it shows download pending in play store while downloading or updating the app. Whereas, the next problem is that Google play services won't update as it is "not compatible with the version" even by resetting all Google apps to their factor default version as a fix.

For the Google play mobile application download is easy but these Google play service app download errors like play store stop working, are generally caused with many of us in several times, that when you are going to try to download or update the application on the Android devices. The result is only a cryptic error message having some random numbers from Google play store. It's not only disturbing you but make the panic situation. Here's the list of most common playstore errors and their solutions you can follow when the Google play store app doesn't work for you.
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The TIME is precious & I think nobody knows it better than a blogger. It's hard for the bloggers to get enough time in this fast growing world. They have to work really very hard to become a successful blogger. They require time to search, think, write, edit, publish, promote. It's not over yet. Even after this, they have to answer the comments & undergo this whole process again for the next post. It's just like a circus on the rope. Let's know how time management will help you improve your productivity. Time management tips for bloggers
Users used to search; how do you manage your time? How can I improve my time management skills? What is a time management plan that work fast? How can I make better use of my time? How do you prioritize your time? How to practice time management? What are time management tools? Why time management is important?

Today we not only see top 10 time management tips but I have discovered some extremely useful & best ways to manage your time. The mastering time and money management skills is essential for creating financial success. What strategies do you use to managing your time at work is also an important factor to improve time management skills. Getting some time for themselves from the busy schedule has become almost impossible for the professional blogger. But there is no option unless & until they become capable of hiring writers for them.

Everybody complains that they don't get enough time. Being flexible is great, but skills in planning and time management will help you achieve your goals. The funny fact, they wish if there were 48 hours in a day instead of 24. But we know the fact, those who succeed also has same amount time. Being a time organizer, the difference is they know how to manage the time & feels like 24 hours are more than enough for them. They break the shackles, step forward & succeed. So here are some time management tips for those professional but busy bloggers, which will highlight the areas where most of the time usually get spend. It is much essential for better productivity to choose right time management techniques for work to meet its specificity and to get the advantages of time management. The purpose of this article is to encourage you to be active, attentive, and productive in your busy schedule of blogging journey. Implementing the right time management skills and tips can help you get more organized and it'll improve productivity. The more of these skills you learn to manage, the more that you'll get done each day.
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When it comes to buying a new phone, it’s easy to feel quickly overwhelmed by the options available. Whether it’s trying to keep up with constantly updating devices or finding a way to afford them, the smartphone arena is rapidly developing and unleashing new, exciting features. Make Better Decisions to Buy Used/Refurbished Phones
People used to search Are refurbished phones any good? Which are better used or refurbished phones? Where to purchase refurbished cell phones? How do I know if my phone is new or refurbished? Is a certified refurbished iPhone good? How to check certified used cell phones for sale? Are refurbished iPhones good? What is the unboxed phone? New and refurbished cell phones which is better? How to check problems with refurbished phones? Should you buy a refurbished or the used phone? Guide to buying second-hand phones, tips for buying reconditioned cell phones, disadvantages of refurbished phones, and so on...

For instance, consider Apple’s recent releases, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10). The iPhone 8 is fairly similar to the previous iPhone 7 while the iPhone X is an almost entirely new playing field. It’s more futuristic, sleek, has gotten rid of some key iPhone staples, such as the center home button, and is experimenting with a facial recognition feature for the first time. However, the new device also costs anywhere from $999 to over $1,500. That’s a lot of cash to drop on a smartphone, especially if you aren’t necessarily interested in having a more futuristic-type phone.

Buying a refurbished phone can dramatically cut the cost of your brand new mobile phone, but is the essential phone any good? Have you made your mind to buy used, refurbished mobile phone? Have you considered a reconditioned cell phones or second-hand mobile rather than brand new? If you’re finding yourself feeling distressed while researching the best product for you or a loved one, then this page will definitely help you as because the refurbished smartphone might be the best option.

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The Google Chrome is the best browser if browsing speed is considered. If the surfing speed and browser performance are the main concerns for you then you must be interested for making the Google chrome faster to the maximum limit. I love Google Chrome browser but one of the issues is of consuming a lot of system RAM causing chrome crash & make me work slow. A slowdown in performance is one of the blame often labeled on the browser. But luckily Google have provided Chrome flags to fix crashing & optimize the Google Chrome for faster web browsing and it will improve your productivity. Make Chrome 8x Faster
People used to search; how to increase browsing speed? How to make downloads faster? How to improve the speed of Google Chrome? How to get rid of Chrome keeps freezing quickly? How do you speed up Google Chrome using chrome flags? How to boost internet speed for faster surfing? How to fix Google Chrome not working? Why is google chrome so slow? How do you make my Google Chrome download faster? How to boost the speed of Google from the chrome to browse? How to optimize Google Chrome? How do you speed up your browser? How to fix Chrome browser getting sluggish at tabbed browsing? Ways to fix chrome freezing and to increase the speed for loading pages while surfing the net? How can you make your slow Web browser faster than before? And so on...

The slower web browsing is one of the common problems that many users getting irritated while visiting the websites on the net. And the sluggish web browser adds more to cause more trouble. With the factors of benchmark tests, better security measures & the ability of faster surfing speed, the Google chrome is at the top of best browser list, and it is the reason why Google Chrome is the best and most popular web browser available.

With most of the users, when they install and began to use chrome, it gives faster and smooth operations. But after few days, it gets started to slow down the browsing speed and even getting unresponsive and then going crashed invariably. Over the time Google chrome started providing sluggish performance and gets failed to achieve the fastest browsing speed possible. We know and appreciate the Google Chrome is the fastest web browser available on the market, but many of you notice that it’s often gets crashed by taking up too much RAM and slowing down the computer performance. Luckily with the optimization by implementing the better security measures and protocols, the Google chrome allows using simple flag modifications to improve the web browsing speed and making chrome blazing fast.

If you find your chrome browsers performing slower than it was, or its process has started using too much of RAM making your computer unresponsive or slow to perform, then you'll find this step-by-step tech guide to be extremely useful that can make your work done faster & ultimately make you productive. I’ll show you speed hacks on how you can make your Chrome run 200% faster, improve the performance and allows you browse the internet faster than before by reducing the amount of RAM usage by the browser.
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How to view Full and original size of privacy protected unclickable current profile pic of Facebook [FB] users. Well, it is really interesting that you are so much eager to know HOW TO do this... LOL. It's not a huge task neither needs any kind of software trick to do. You don't need to know programming nor hacking as well. It's really simple as like you surf on any browser, indeed! Unlock facebook private profile pictures
People used to search; how to see locked photos on facebook? How to view private facebook pictures without being a friend? How to view facebook profile picture full size? How to see locked albums on facebook? Any facebook profile unlocker v.5.0 free download, facebook profile picture hack online solution, tricks to full-size facebook profile picture, how to see pictures on facebook without being friends? How to check view hidden profile picture in enlarge view on Facebook? And so on...

Facebook is the most popular and largest social networking site. Facebook has many features according to various users. where you can create business pages, personal groups and even use as normal FB profile to be connected with your friends. Facebook allows adding a profile picture to all your personal details. Privacy settings on Facebook allow their users to hide/lock their profile pictures and other photos from public or any targeted people. A locked profile picture indicates to a one which cannot be seen in enlarged view. Users are not allowed to comment on it as the privacy applied by the user who doesn’t want to share a high-resolution pic in public. Because all of these features of Facebook the privacy maintenance becomes a big issue requiring huge efforts in implementing best protection to the users. The security experts and the application hackers exposed security vulnerability on the Facebook that allowed anyone to view locked Facebook private profile photos on by following simple tricks. Some of the small bugs & other privacy issues continually remain the same. Due to these security issues are directly accessed from the database, it becomes hard to secure those security bugs for the Facebook users.

As the Facebook uses the common type of URLs for the photos, that cause anyone to track down the public URL of pictorial view of locked profile photo. And just by altering some parts of URL entities you can easily view the locked picture in enlarged form.

If you are searching about Facebook profile picture hack - a trick to view private profile pic of any Facebook user or How to open or view locked Facebook profile pictures, how to make facebook profile picture full size? how to see Facebook profile picture in full-size? How to get a full-size image of a Facebook profile picture? New ways to hack your Facebook profile photo? Then you are on the right page to learn to View full size private/locked Facebook profile picture of anyone.

Even this trick also used to view a blocked Facebook profile pictures tagged by others. Check bonus Facebook trick.

Note: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Do not misuse it!
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