Initially, I had decided to go to the online store and click to buy new Windows or to buy home windows online. But after getting Windows news that Windows 10 is a FREE UPGRADE; I had upgraded to Windows 10 and started to update it automatically without using any windows installation tool. Inbuilt window downloader did all and I got the new OS, and I am really thankful to Microsoft windows developer not only for free window installation but also for the free windows antivirus. But... but the things are not gone as it supposed to be. Fix Windows Update errors
People used to search; How do you fix Windows Update? How do I restart Windows Update service when it gets stuck? Why does Windows Update hang? How to repair or reinstall Microsoft Windows updates in PC? How to make computer faster? How do you stop a Windows Update in Progress? How do you stop a Windows update? How do I force a Windows Update? How do I do Windows Update in Windows 10? How to resolve Windows update errors? And so on... Lots of Windows users have reported these errors. Normally these errors occur when you are trying to update the Windows system or to install Microsoft's latest updates for Windows programs. The best thing is that you can fix those errors easily. Check this page to fix all Windows update errors on windows 10,8.1,8 and 7 that'll help you finding and correcting most common update installation problems quickly.

I got stuck at Window bugs by showing Windows 10 Installation or Upgrade Failed Errors Code "0x80246008" or "0x80246007". There are various factors that may negatively affect the performance of the system services, that is why the Windows system may not receive the major updates for a long time. And so not most of the time, but sometimes the Windows Update failed to get, download, moreover, some are getting unable to install on your Windows computer even if you tried a couple of times. You get the message "Windows Update cannot currently check for updates because the service is not running."

If you are searching for; "Windows 10 couldn't be installed" Error code "80070005", I get error code "0x80070643", fixing Windows update error "0x80070057", update installation error: "0x80070643", windows updates failing "0x80246008", "0x80246008" win8, "0x800705b4", "80070003", "0x8024402f", "0x8024a105", windows update error code "800b0100", error code "8000ffff", code "80246007" windows 10, windows failed to install the following update with error "0x80246007" or windows error code "80070002" or how to fix Windows 10 update installation has failed then you are arrived at right page.

If you getting these windows updates errors during downloading Windows Update in Windows 10, then you must try following methods here to troubleshoot and fix it asap. This detailed tutorial will help you to check and solve the problem of Windows updates.

Learn how to fix Windows 10 update install errors and other similar errors.

To make an impression, you have to consider the most important things while selecting a perfect website template for your business. In previous tutorial we have seen some new ways in responsive web development & what does the mean of Responsive template for blogger and how to start with of.
How to make blogger template mobile friendly
Most of the bloggers are used to search; What is a responsive web design? Different blogger mobile template customize techniques? How to make blogger template responsive? What are the advantages of HTML responsive web page design (Benefits of RWD)? How to make Blogspot theme layout as a responsive template? How can I make the blogger blog fully responsive & mobile-friendly to load faster? How to design blogger templates for mobile phones? How do you make your website mobile friendly? How to make my template responsive? What makes a web page responsive? Where to get mobile-friendly blogger template free? Responsive CSS blog and so on...

In short; Responsive = One Design for Multiple Screen - the responsive theme means the design which automatically adjusts itself with the width of screen-view or device resolution like for mobile, tablet, etc.

The responsive code is rarely used in the case of bloggers since blogger cipher already comes with default templates for mobile visitors. But it's not that much smooth, flexible, fast & responsive blogger templates. That's why we are here to show you a step-by-step guide to designing mobile-friendly blogger templates.

Make your blog mobile responsive and improve your mobile traffic. Learn how to develop & design responsive blogger templates with CSS to convert a theme into mobile-friendly HTML for BlogSpot blogs or blogger themes. So stop searching for FREE RESPONSIVE BLOGGER TEMPLATES and start making your own template more responsive that may help you improve your mobile search traffic and get higher CTR with a mobile-friendly user interface.

Every country has its own currency like India has rupees, Europe has euro, etc. Every kind of 'give-&-take' happens through it. Like all, we can feel & see this sort of currency through our eyes in our own homeland. The government of every country or the banks have total control of their currency. Bitcoin is also a currency, but it is a digital currency. It's first decentralized cryptocurrency. It is created by people & operated electronically only through computers, i.e., the internet. It depends upon an open source software by using that it is entirely decentralized. Bitcoin Meaning
Every kind of 'give-&-take' happens through the currency of that nation. The government of every country or the banks have total control over it. But have you ever heard about a hidden currency which can't be seen but that has turned the most valuable these days. Yes, I am talking about BITCOIN. It is a mode of digital currency. It's a fact that most of the people couldn't have heard this, but those who have heard about it, most of them don't know what Bitcoin really is? & how does Bitcoin work? What is bitcoin currency trading? How they make money bitcoin trading? So today I am gonna explain about Bitcoin today here on this page. FYKI the avg. value of 1 Bitcoin these days is around Rs.2,50,000. But it is a different thing that it is hidden, no one can see Bitcoin as it is a digital currency.

Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency, created by the people & operated electronically only through the computers, i.e., with the help of the internet. It depends upon open source software, and it's not printed just like the rupees & dollars on any kind of material.

The most important feature of bitcoin is no one controls it; neither the government nor bank. It can be used anywhere, anytime. Anybody in the world can transfer the fund or money to others through bitcoin without the help of any third party channel. Those who want to send money, they can send it from their Bitcoin wallet to other person's Bitcoin wallet. There is no any third party involved in the deal - treated as bitcoin currency trading. It takes place between two persons through computers or the internet in a computer coding (digital) language. When a person transfers Bitcoin to another, it shows codes. It's totally encrypted. To do these funds transfer process, they are charged only 2 cents, i.e., Rs.1.68 & that is so less. Lots of people are using bitcoin instead of regular currency. We have to make use of banks for our daily economic deals. But Bitcoin is kind of financial service over which there is no control of any government, bank or agency. The give-&-take takes place directly between two persons & it is totally encrypted; so this is a fast & a secure way of economic exchange. When a person transfers bitcoin to your bitcoin wallet, there will be no notes or any kind of currency used; it comes as some digital codes & that codes show the transferred amount to your Bitcoin wallet.

Installation of MS SQL Server is easy but if the error is coming simultaneously, it becomes one of a headache. And today we are also going to see such kind of error; "Reporting service catalog database file existence failed" and the way to get rid of that. Most of the time when we uninstall SQL server 2012 management studio or any version of MS SQL server, some of the files gets left behind that includes reporting services catalogs. "Reporting Services Catalog Temporary Database File Existence"
Microsoft users used to find the solutions for; How to resolve reporting services catalog database file existence failed? How to speed up computer for faster performance? Fixing the error message when you install a SQL server 2008 reporting services instance by using an instance name that you previously uninstalled: "the catalog database file exists"? How to solve "Reporting Services Catalog Database File Existence" failed? And so on...

If you too just like lots of users are searching about; reporting service catalog database file existence failed SQL server, reporting services catalog temporary database file existence, reporting services catalog database file existence SQL 2008 r2 failed, SQL server 2008 r2 reporting services catalog database file existence, reporting services catalog database file existence failed 2012, reporting services catalog database file existence failed 2014, rule reporting services catalog database file existence failed SQL 2012, reporting service catalog database file existence error, then you are on the right page. Learn how to get rid of reporting service catalog database file existence failed.

Blog writing is an art. And if you are blessed with this art, it can be your additional source of income. There are many online publishers who are very passionate about writing blogs and are making good money for the same (Making money blogging). I won't say its hard but it's not that much easy as well to change yourself from a blogger to professional blogger. You need to keep changing, learning and progressing to reach your desired professional skills.
Being a Professional Blogger
Bloggers used to search; How to get more from blogging? How I extend my blogging career? How to create an amazing blog? How to make more money blogging? How to improve my WordPress blog? How to grow my blogging channel? And so on...

Blogging is really a great profession. In order to start a blog and to become a professional blogger, two things are essential namely, knowledge and concentration. Knowledge is vast and available at your mouse click. The concentration is the thing that you need to work on yourself. You need to keep refreshing yourself to work more productive. The thing you need to consider is to create an environment for writing. Create a working environment at home/office and become a professional active blogger.

Blogging is nothing else but writing expressively. It is a creative writing to influence the people. It is creative writing that can make the people buys something that you are discussing in your content. It is about writing on various topics. Blog writing is nothing but writing the content that appeals, influences, attractive and informative. It is creative writing that can also help you to earn quite good money.

Being a professional blogger, you are at the great advantage of being your own boss. There is no office and no other boss. You are free from the routine 9 to 6 job. Well, it is not that everything is excellent with blogging. There are certain things that may make the work uninteresting. It is very important to think about certain issues that may affect your blogging quality. If you can overcome these loopholes, then definitely you can win a crown as a professional blogger.

From the last 10 years of blogging, I have learned lots of things from the professionals who share their best career advice with me. And here I'm going to share some of the best professional advice that every blogger should follow. These are the best ways helps you to be professional at your work.

Do you have any doubt that the Google is world famous search engine? No doubt, Google is the best of all. For almost all the computers and smart devices, it is a home page by default used to search for everything. The Google is well known not only to accumulate best but provides quality content derived from best websites to its users via their search listings. Google offers new as well as old but relevant information on different topics. Various websites get listed when someone searches it through Google. The search result goes on and on for several pages. But how to make your site enlist into search results? How to get your website content to appear in Google, Bing or any popular search engine? Let's check out. Get listed and rank higher in Google search results
Here I have listed top things Google requires to see on your blog you need to consider for making your site search engine friendly so that it'll help you get higher search ranking in SERP. Moreover, these methods will help you make sure your brand business and website is found on Google.

Most of the users are busy to increase search rankings and searching about; how to get a website on google first page? How to make your website Google searchable? How to get your content on Google? How do you get higher in Google search? How do I get my business at the top of a Google search? How do I rank higher on Google SERP? How do I get my website to show up in Google search? And so on...

Well, if you see, mostly SEO-friendly websites usually get listed on the top of search result pages and to inlist with higher Google rankings in the top position, the Google always seek any internet website having excellent quality content articles & SEO optimized pages.

Over the years, Google has changed tremendously. Moreover, it is regularly refining and improving its search algorithm for ranking the web pages [Google Panda].

Google has a large manual search team to crawl and index the pages and blogs after passing its algorithm. In the last few years, Google has made incredible strides. There was a big Google Penguin update that turned shifting of ranking. No doubt, Google changes its core SEO algorithm and keep improving it all the time.

For any website owner/ online publisher or blogger, the quality of the web page is always on top priority. However, in addition to the quality of the website, there are several things Google wants to see on the blog post. If you are a blogger and want to get listed on the top ranking on Google’s search engine result, here are the quick tips for you. Follow these ways to create the content that can rank you top in Google. Learn how to get indexed instantly on Google. Create the best damn content that satisfies Google’s ranking algorithm. This will take your blog post or website top of all the websites and blog posts. Take your existing content to the next level and drive huge organic search traffic to make money blogging.

The question is; Does your Photoshop CC slow when opening files? Or becomes unresponsive, laggy in performance on big files? You want Photoshop to run quickly at peak performance. No worries, from today you can then edit your photos, resize, filters, sepia, crop, rotate and flip, photo editing, or any photo manipulation with best photo editor, photo tool, top image editor; known as - the PHOTOSHOP. Optimize the performance of Photoshop
Adobe users used to search; why does my Photoshop lag? How do I speed up Photoshop CC? How to fix Photoshop memory usage? How scratch disk make Photoshop run faster? How much RAM do I need to use Photoshop? How To make Photoshop run 2x faster? (CC/CS6)? How to tune Photoshop CC for peak performance? How to speed up opening, editing & saving Photoshop files? How to improve Photoshop performance fast?

If you too looking for setting up the preferences & fix the memory Usage for peak performance and to make Photoshop faster, you arrived at the right page. Now onwards, your Adobe Photoshop CC will auto optimize & speed up its performance in any graphic design effects you working with. Let's tweak Photoshop for better performance to solve the question why is Photoshop CC so incredibly slow? And try the effective tips, tweaks & ways to work faster in Photoshop CC

If you're working with the large size images and your photoshop running slow then optimizing the performance of Photoshop can be crucial to avoid sluggishness of Photoshop. I have seen, the best computer for adobe photoshop working best with peak performance, but my intention to post this article to boost your current Photoshop performance with your current PC.

Here in this tutorial, you'll see the simple but best settings to boost the Photoshop performance by following quick steps as well as with other compiled tips; the working of Photoshop gets more efficient than ever you have seen before. For better results follow these suggestions as described over here & adopt the appropriate settings to implement that in according to the usage as well as in matching of your system. Check out tricks & tweaks on how to set preferences & memory usage setting to make Photoshop run faster on your machine.

As a blogger, you pride yourself on your skills with the written word. You write to educate; you write to entertain; you write because you want people to see what you have to say. You’ve worked hard to build up an audience, but what can you do to keep your number of readers growing? What can you do to keep them coming back for more? You can start with an email newsletter. Check out the tips to run most successful email marketing campaigns that'll drive more traffic and so more sale for your business blog. Email Marketing
People used to search; What is email marketing? What are the best email marketing campaign ideas? What is the best email marketing program? Where marketing email template to download? How to do email marketing successful? How do you send a newsletter via email? What is email marketing and how does it work? How do you do email marketing? What is an email marketing strategy? Tips for email marketing design, b2b email marketing examples that drives more traffic, quick email marketing tips, and so on...

It's true that social networking sites have been developed & grown fast in the last 10 years, those messages have been replaced with notifications, tweets & updates. But that doesn't mean, on the one side an email is standing hard and even though, an email is considered a common marketing technique; it is still widely using for professional use. The fact is that the email marketing technology actually do better than both Facebook and Twitter. Nothing is the best alternative to email. This is why, as an entrepreneur, I believe that building successful email marketing campaigns has never been more influential than it is now.

Email marketing is any message/ announcements/ information/ electronic communication letter/ newsletter/ invitations sent to customers with the intention of promoting the commercial purposes of business email advertising, whether such email marketing to make money or to simply encourage responsibility. But in most of the cases, the user is getting frustrated with the offers, & advertisements every time they received. There’re higher chances that to the user will mark your newsletter the same as the rest. This is why it’s essential to learn where you are and how to practice working methods that'll drive better results.

Here I have listed top tips for viral email marketing to run better email marketing & help ensure your great email marketing & best email campaign service is intended to impress your users and encourage you reach your business goals. If you managing a small business and thinking about better email marketing to build the trust and maintain the authority amongst the readers and customers; here are some but important tips and tricks you need to consider to run best email campaign service quickly.


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