So you have suddenly realized that making money with your blog may be a good idea. Of course, it is! Turning your creative skills and enthusiasm into a source of income is awesome. Moreover, a smart approach can bring you real money, even if you are a young writer and lack experience in monetizing blogs. If you are ready to grasp the thistle firmly and work hard to become a blogger, then start with reading this small guide.

Make Money Blogging as a Teenager
Many teenagers used to search, what is a blog? how to start a blog as a teen to make money blogging? How blogging for teens work for an amazing lifestyle? How to make money blogging even if you are a student? How teen blogger shares there blogging tips for turning a profit through writing jobs? And so on...

What are the perspectives?
Let’s start with some inspiring examples. Did you know that some influential bloggers are as young as 13-16? The reason is trivial: teenagers are successful at creating new worlds apart from adults. The Internet provides a great opportunity to become anyone you want to be, therefore millions of new blogs are created every day and a part of them are made by students, like you.

Some of them try to imitate the adult voice, while the others are real diamonds in the rough. Oftentimes, some of them make an Internet buzz and earn the interest of the blogosphere for a long time. These blogs attract thousands of fans from all corners of the world, allowing their authors to locate advertisement on their resources and therefore earn money.

For example, the author of a well-known fashion blog Style 'Rookie Tavi Williams' is a 13-years girl, who became an influential figure in this competitive niche. Today, she is a queen of teenage bloggers and even the fashion houses pay special attention to her activity. At the beginning of her career, there were rumors that the real author of Style Rookie is an industry expert, but it turned to be that Tavi is a 13-year-old girl, who really has something interesting to tell.

Her audience goes far beyond teenagers. Adults are also interested in what teenagers have on their minds, as well as businesses and marketers. In a word, various segments of society are interested in teenage blogs. They need opportunities to look inside the life of young people and therefore find fresh insights and discover new territories.

Some teenagers start writing blogs because they feel lonely and search for contact with other kids. The others have specific interests and want to share their thoughts with others. Both have chances to get far. Getting successful is usually connected with self-promotion, quality of content, and luck.

Facebook is one of the leading & a most popular social networking website in the world. We all addicted to Facebook and always using FB account from laptops, PC's, mobile devices, office or any workplace. But do you know whatever you are doing on the Facebook, someone can track you or keep an eye on your FB activity & he can also do various activities from your account just because of your weak ignoring attitude.

Secure Facebook Account
FB users used to search; How to protect the Facebook account from getting hacked? How to secure facebook security settings? How to keep your Facebook account secure? How to secure my FB account & personal information from hackers? How to prevent hacking? How do I make my facebook profile completely private? And so on.

If you google 'how to hack FB account' you will find several ways to hack your account. A hacker can use several ways to get your account control from phishing, keylogging, or as simplest resetting your password. And to fight against these attacks, I have recently published a page that you might like to read; Top 12 Best Ways To Identify & Protect Against Phishing Scams | Email Phishing Prevention. Each Facebook account contains a lot of personal information, if it gets public it would cause misuse of information & even furthermore blackmailing. So security for Facebook accounts is the prominent issue these days.

Prevention of hacking and making your Facebook account secured is always better than blaming the Facebook system or hacker. If you have not kept your account secure, then it will be then available easy to hack. So in the entire secure environment for your account, you have chances to get your account hacked. Here the Facebook privacy settings explained & if you follow some instructions and recommendations listed here to change Facebook security settings; you can keep your Facebook account safe & secured from hackers.

The mail clients POP or IMAP - Which one should you use for your email address? You have more than one email address and want to use both on same mobile, even so if you ever want to setting up email address with domain name you need to configure email client app on your device. Before setting up, you need to know what is POP and IMAP.

POP3 Vs IMAP Exchange
People used to search; What does IMAP server mean? What is difference POP & IMAP? What is IMAP? What is a POP email account? What is pop3 email server? Is IMAP or POP better? What is the major difference between POP and IMAP? What is POP and IMAP access? What kind of account is Gmail POP or IMAP? How do I change my email from POP to IMAP? What is an IMAP email account? What protocol is used between email servers? POP3 IMAP exchange difference, and so on.

These are the most preferable email protocols (methods) allows you to read emails on the devices you set up as pr they appear on the hosting server. Both IMAP (Internet Message access protocol) and POP (Post Office Protocol) allows the users to download & read their emails locally online as well as offline from a remote server. These email clients can use either POP3 or IMAP protocol connections to download all your mail using a third-party application like Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, etc. This is one of the Beginner's guides to IMAP vs POP and helps you to choose setup options for your email. Keep reading to know more about the differences between the mail clients IMPS Vs POP & their methods you can use to receive an email.

So stop searching for the difference between pop and IMAP Gmail, the difference between pop and IMAP and SMTP, what are the good reasons to stick with POP3 email over IMAP? the difference between pop and IMAP in outlook, Why is IMAP better than POP? the difference between pop and IMAP protocol, the difference between pop and IMAP email, Whats SMTP? Whats POP3? POP vs IMAP, IMAP account, diff b/w IMAP, and POP...

Learn how to choose the best protocol for accessing the email messages on your device remotely and know the full detailed difference between POP3 vs IMAP for email.

The most awaited Android app Good Lock 2021 is now available only on the Galaxy App store and not in Google play store app across worldwide. The power users are waiting to use this app - since Good Lock is the official Samsung app for customizing Android devices. But somehow it is not easy to download and installs the Good Lock app in all Android versions. Here I going to share the best way for all that allows you to install the Good Lock app APK in your Galaxy smartphone easily bypassing network issues & country lock.

Install Good Lock app on Any Smartphone
As you know, for better-personalized designs, themes, and further customization, Samsung officially launched the Good Lock app previously and updated in last year. Samsung's Good Lock is probably one of the most powerful customization tools for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The Good Lock app includes a variety of modules like apps, plugins, services. And as per choice users can download and install all the Good Lock modules on Samsung galaxy devices as per customization requirements. Learn to download Good Lock on Android 9 Pie.

Previously I have posted the page talking about Greenify: Optimize Android To Run 10x Faster and in addition to that, Good Lock is also the best optimization app for Android phones. Good Lock is the most popular app launched officially by Samsung especially for customizing Samsung smartphones. It has different types of modules used to edit and change many things, features in the UI as well as functionality like hibernating background apps, tweaking the task manager, edgeLighting+, notification panel, AIO, camera settings, lock screen, home button, split-screen, battery tracker, one-hand operations and much more. But if you check only in your Samsung Galaxy store, you can see it is only available to install for a few countries. Because the Good Lock 2021 app is available only for Samsung smartphones, you'll require to go to the Galaxy App Store to download and install the Good Lock app, modules, and services on Samsung One UI 2.0 easily.

Good Lock apk and module app files with One UI 2.0 support are now available but if you try to install its modules or services manually, then most of the functionality will not work nor their app icons will appear in your home screen or app drawer. And so by considering conflicts, this page will help you all to install Samsung Good Lock 2021 on your Galaxy phone which further allows you to install all your favorite Good Lock modules and to access them easily from your smartphones.

Ohh... So your blog post thumbnail is not appearing in Blogger homepage and other subsequent archive pages. Here we have shared some solutions to fix images, and I hope it will solve your blogger images issue quickly. Serious bloggers used to search; Why blog pictures not displaying on my blog? How to fix image thumbnails are not showing a bug in Blogger? Why post thumbnails not appearing on the blog? Why isn't the thumbnail from my Blog Post showing correctly on the home page? And so on.

Fix Blogger post not showing thumbnails/pictures
While daily posting of new pages on blogger, we tends to use free royalty free images for blogs but suddenly in one day you got the bug causing the image thumbnails disappeared from the homepage and archive pages. And you then checking and start editing HTML template to solve it. But in reality, the issue is neither with your blogger template nor with the Google updates.

There are lots of blogger around facing the problem of their thumbnails not able to load in blogger. I recently got the questions from my active readers when their post pictures are not showing in the blogger. Why did blogger thumbnail stop showing up? How to fix photos not showing? Is the SSL causing images not to display in the post list? How to solve images not appearing? These are the prompt questions.

No need to worry, I have found some quick solutions that not only work to optimizing images for web but also will work for you if the thumbnail is not loading on your blog post correctly. Learn to fix missing thumbnails on blogger platform.

Many of you already have LastPass account. And because of new updates from LastPass, many of you wanted to know how to export LastPass passwords and how to import LastPass passwords to Chrome passwords. Guide will help you to sync LastPass account with Google Chrome easily.

Import into Chrome via LastPass
All your online activity has filled with various social media accounts. Many people have probably have hundreds of online accounts. Such as Google, Facebook, Gmail, YouTube and many more. All those accounts come with credintials to remember and required to keep all passwords safe. But how to manage all these accounts every time with your login ID and Password? Is there any easy way to remember all the account usernames and passwords at a time? How to import passwords from LastPass to Chrome? How to get LastPass to autofill in Chrome? This is why LogMeIn has provided a well and good extension called LastPass. LastPass is a secure extension for Chrome, a best addon for FireFox and secure password manager that stores all of your usernames and passwords in one safe place.

Not only your username and password but also LastPass allow you to save much other information like name, description, notes, bank account details, card details and more services. From all these benefits and services it is important to save your data not only in Lastpass but also in your Google Chrome as well. LastPass has developed by LogMeIn, it is important to transfer all your LastPass details with your google chrome account. But how to sync all your LastPass passwords with Google Chrome. This is exactly what we are going to learn today.

Instagram is also important like Facebook and now it is essential according to the need of business branding. To impress your followers, editing Instagram photos now become crucial. To help you out, listed the most important 12 tips and ideas to edit and post photos on Instagram.

How to edit instagram photos like a pro?
In the current online world and on social media, everyone wants to look beautiful and stylish all the time. As we all know, Instagram is one of the popular social networking sites that have more than 310+ million active users. Every day over 62+ million photos have uploaded on Instagram. By reading these digits you can imagine how Instagram has a popular social platform among the users. Millions of people worldwide who posting their images regularly on Instagram by using interesting features and tools provided by Instagram itself. When it comes to posting a picture on Instagram, many of you may edit your image to make it beautiful by using filter options on Instagram.

To make your image beautiful, Instagram allows users to use different editing features over there. Editing an image on Instagram is nothing but skills and as you see, everyone not perfect to edit their images beautifully and perfectly. Because lack of editing skills, users not able to make their images as they wanted to. But don't worry here I come with the top 12 Instagram photo editing tips for you, by using it you will able to grab a lot of user's attention towards your images as well as you can build your influencing self-identity online.

Because Instagram providing good features to photo editing, you don't need to use any other apps to edit your image. With a few options, you can easily make your images more attractive and eye-catchy for the audiences on Instagram. So, Let's take a look at it!

While you are going to log into the network-computers locally, by default windows does not permit the users to access the network computer, without a password.

Network access denied
Normally, you will get an Unknown error saying that 'Access denied', if this is the situation, then only and that's why, you are here to find out the solution. Learn how to get through it.

In previous article you have seen how to automatically kill non-responding programs to speedup windows 10/8/7/XP. Today we are going to learn how to get net work access when we see Access Denied error. It's not a big problem, this needs some settings to be change and you will surely pull out through it.


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