An Android system is one of the best operating mobile systems. And the Google play store is the greatest and trusted source that users choose to download their needed apps. But many times, the user unable to download an app from play store and facing the errors like play store can't install app error code 103 in the google play store app itself. The Google Play Store errors are typically system errors and occurred when you try to download/update apps from the Google Play Store. If you too cant download apps from play store then don't worry, you will learn how to get rid of such download error from your Android smartphones. Fixing Google play store error 103 while downloading apps
People used to search; How do I fix Google Play store error? What does error code 103 mean? How do you reset Google Play store? Can't uninstall Google Play Services updates? Can I remove Google Play services? Is it safe to uninstall Google Play services? Can I disable Google Play? Is Google Play services app necessary? How do I uninstall and reinstall Google Play? And so on...

For Google play mobile application, the download is an easy activity, but this Google Play store Error 103 are generally caused with many of us in several times and it occurred when trying to update, install or download the app from play store. For Android users, it is nothing new to have an error like this while using the Play Store. The error of "Play Store: Can't install app, (Error code: -103)" is not because of hardware or any kind of serious issue, also you can easily fix common Google Play Store error codes by yourself as well.

Some users unable to download app from play store and emailed me that their android apps downloading but not installing asking to resolve the app installation errors in Google Play Store, whereas some of the Android users are also encountered the Google Play Store downloading issue after they updated their OS. Some of them got stuck at download pending in play store; for me, it seems that all these issues show that the problem is with google play services and the Android OS algorithm.

The WordPress is used by numerous of web developers across the world to deliver their information to their audience. WordPress is a powerful website blogging platform that when used can help you to build your reputation as a successful blogger or business owner. However, depending on your site and what you deliver to your visitors, there’s time when your site’s performance and speed may be lacking. If you’re having problems with a slow WordPress site, this article will give you the WordPress performance optimization best practices that you can complete which will help you to improve page load time and speed up your website. Let’s take a look. Speed up Web Page Loading in WordPress
People used to search for how can I speed up my website? How to speed up WordPress site? What is a caching WordPress optimisation plugin? How can I make my WordPress site load faster? How to improve website loading speed? What is WP Rocket? What are the best practices for speeding up your website fast? How do I optimize WordPress performance? How can I make WordPress site faster?

If your website takes lots of time to load you can then expect your Google rankings to fall, and you then able to drive less organic traffic to your website. Basically, including optimized hosting for WordPress there are various techniques of WordPress site optimization that you can apply to speed up website loading. So, the purpose here is to provide you every possible, but best ways we know of that can make your website load faster.

The significant advantage of WordPress site optimization by reducing your page loading time is that it will improve user experience ultimately with more page views. Eventually, all these methods you will see the reduced bandwidth usage of your hosting helps to keep your website lightweight & perform faster, improve pagerank in the SERPs and so Domain Authority. It decreases the number of requests to and from browser to user and application to the database, hence enhancing the overall site performance. Here I have listed beginners but best WordPress page speed optimization ways to improve your WordPress website.

Those who wish to be something in their life, they want to stay focused every single minute of their life. Staying focused at work for a long time looks like a big deal initially, but once you feel loving your work & have the habit, it will give you the joy. They used to ask why do I lose focus so easily? If it doesn't really seem to happen. Then how to gain focus? How to stay focused? How to remain concentrated? How to stay motivated at work? How to be focused in life? How to be stay focused and motivated? Learn to focus your mind. Best Ways To Be Focused in Life & At Work
People used to search for how to concentrate better? How to concentrate better? Best ways of staying focused at work? How to focus on your goals? How to stay focused on a task? Even more, the students also used to ask how to focus on study, how to stay focused when studying? Any focus app to try? Best stay focused quotes to remember? And so on...

Every night we go to sleep with the aim to stay focused from next morning. We walk through that desired goal till the unwanted things of distraction don't hit & as it hits, our walk goes through the distraction and in different directions. At the time when we again move towards the task, the habit of ignoring the things then becomes responsible for the distraction. After some time or days, we simply realize the time spent on it was wasted. Then the surprising questions come to our mind, that how much time I spent? How I wasted time? We just are like a wake-up & decide not to do this again. But it keeps happening every time.

Sometimes unknowingly & sometimes knowingly. We all know that it's not in our hands, but the fact is it's in our hands. You can stop yourself from being distracted. And if somebody still is NOT able to understand how they can do this? Or having trouble focusing at work? not able to concentrate on work? how do you stay focused? or in case need help focusing then here are some methods to stay focused by avoiding the distraction and will help you never lose focus at work/study/life.

In the old days, we tend to use the traditional way of making electricity bill payments. We used to stand in a queue and waited for a long time for the turn. Now, everything is changed in this fast-growing online world. You can do many things online by sitting at home. You can make electricity bill pay online by using various sites like Freecharge, MobiKwik, PayZapp, Niki App as well as by using Paytm promo code for shopping. Now you don't have to leave your home, no need to stand in a queue for a long time. By using following electric bill payment offers sites, you can pay your electricity bills with very few clicks by sitting on your own chair. You can check your bill amount and pay very easily. Electric Bill Payment Offers
The majority of people keep asking a typical question like can electricity bill pay online is secure? And answer to this questions is Yes. Not just you can pay the online utility bill payment from home, but you can also apply various offers to get the cashback on your transactions.

Stop searching just for freecharge electricity bill payment, electricity bill payment offers mobikwik, or any electric bill payment offers by various internet pages; because you have arrived at the right page. You can use these sites to pay MSEB online bill payment easily. I have also provided more options like electricity bill payment offers for PhonePe just because it is extensively used by many people. Now, the MobiKwik also started the electricity bill payment offers but because of supercash, it's not that much trending.

Few years ago, use of an Internet on a mobile phone was completely new. But since smartphones evolved globally, the app business has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry with thousands of apps & millions of daily users. Most of the apps are usually profitable to only developers, but later, the use of their facilities is advantageous to other users as well. You really should check out these deals on electricity bill pay online which will help you save your pocket money. Use these Electricity bill offers for discounts and cashback across state electricity boards.

I've shared the best possible latest deals & electric bill payment offers here on this page. Checkout and enjoy the benefits of electricity bill pay online. You will be surprised when you save money by using these latest online Electricity Bill Payment Offers. We have personally tested these offers and then published just for you for saving your money and to earn cashback by using various electricity bill payment offers. But, I suggest you try all these bill payments offers, maybe you will like all of them. Some even help you to get more rewards in a short time where you can refer and earn as well.

So you want to write your own blog? Decided to make a website for your own business? Or have made a mind create a website of your own name? For all these purposes we need a web hosting company who provides you not only a domain name but also the online space to start building your website. All about Web Hosting Sale & Reviews
Are you searching for HostGator Black Friday Discount Coupons? Then here I want to tell you that the HostGator Black Friday Sale is ON now. Apply below Hostgator Black Friday special deal link to get up to 90% OFF on any of Hostgator Hosting Plan. If you looking to get the maximum HostGator Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount deals (2020 edition), then this page is best for you. Check the following codes to know how to get HostGator hosting discount coupons and start your own blog. In this post, I'm going to provide the HostGator Black Friday web hosting deals, highest discounts, promo, and coupon codes.

Today we are going to review HostGator; including HostGator coupon codes to get maximum discount on web hosting. We also going to check; HostGator WordPress hosting vs web hosting - why people prefer or reject HostGator? Why you need to transfer hosting from GoDaddy to HostGator? Are they actually worth to host your site? why you don't need to transfer domain from HostGator services and why expert recommends HostGator especially for WordPress.

Only registering for the new domain name doesn’t accomplish the purpose; so it’s necessary to have best and reliable host company since it will get it possible for your website to be accessed by everyone on this 'WWW' world. You can also read for more detailed info about domain name and DNS; Domain Name System | What Is DNS & How It Work

Web hosting company provides you the best optimized WordPress HostGator templates and sufficient space on a server owned or leased for use, & also connect to the data center. So when someone enters your domain, he will be directed to your website. Moreover, not only HostGator managed WordPress themes, you will also be amazed by HostGator email forwarding & HostGator SEO hosting services & are the great features because of which its now becomes best web hosting service in India. Also, we are going to check hostgator renewal coupons 2020

Nowadays, everybody wants fast results. Google Search Engines also gives top rank to those pages which get loaded quickly. There are many ways to speed up page loading time of your website. But CSS resources always affects on your website or blog loading speed. As a result of this, your sites get slower and your rank gets lower. The Search Engine usually puts that page at the first position of a result page which loads too quickly.

Fix render-blocking JavaScript and blogger Authorization CSS
Web developers and also bloggers are searching about; How to remove widget_css_bundle.css, authorization.css? How to remove pluseone.js on Blogger? How to disable blogger template CSS bundle to get the faster page loading? How to remove "dyn-css/authorization.css", "widget_css_mobile_2_bundle.css" and "bundle_v2.css"? How to disable default widgets CSS from the BlogSpot template? How to eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and default blogger CSS to improve the page loading? And so on...

Recently, Google came up with a new project; name as AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages. The primary focus of this project is to divert Google search traffic to a fast loading website. So you must make your blog or website faster by all means.

You might be heard of CSS Bundle and Authorization CSS terms. These are the default styles of all the blogger's template. Even though you put your own CSS style sheets for your blog, the default style sheets are called (fetched from the blogger server) automatically. These default style sheets do have higher time to load and due to which it slows down the page loading speed of your blog or website.

No worries, we will see how we can disable the default CSS bundle style sheets so that they won't be called while your page loads.

YouTube is always busy making its user experience better and better with the time and it is the reason why it keeps changing the monetization rules for the vloggers and YouTubers over time. Recently the YouTube brought some major changes in the rules for YouTubers. Yes, you can say that this is some sort of concern for many newcomers, small creators, etc. You getting "Account status: Monetization not enabled" for your channel. It's because there is a rise in the requirements for YouTube monetization. According to new requirements, for monetization, a channel needs at least 1000 subscribers and a minimum of 4000 hours watch time for a set of 12 months i.e for one year. Here in this post, I'm going to discuss how to reach that target of 4000 hours of YouTube watch time in a year. Get 4000 Watch Hours on YouTube
Daily vloggers used to search for How long does it take to get 4000 watch hours? How to increase watch time on YouTube to 4000 hours? How to get 100 views on youtube fast? How to promote youtube video? Most popular YouTube channel ideas that drive more attention? How many watch time minutes do you need on YouTube? How to increase total views on YouTube? How many views do you need to monetize on YouTube? How to boost YouTube watch hours in 12 months? Where can I post my video to get more views? What does watch time on YouTube mean?

To apply monetization for your Youtube channel, you need to get reviewed after reaching 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. Let's understand some stats first —Before we actually consider the points, we need to understand some calculations so as to make the 4000 hours of watch time possible. Let's start the calculation by converting 4000 hours into minutes. How much will it be? It will be for 2,40,000 minutes. Going further if we decide to calculate the per month watch time, then as we have 12 months in the year it will be 20,000 minutes per month. So 20000 minutes of watch time is possible even with an average ordinary video that is liable to go viral.

If you think your videos are not that much interesting, then you can increase the number of videos which are liable to get normal to medium views. For those who still think that 20000 minutes still look more, for them also it's very simple to understand if they get 5000 views per month on 4 minutes duration video (5000 views x 4 minutes = 20000 minutes watch time). Making it more sophisticated if you post 2 videos of 4 minutes duration, you will need 2500 views. But remember all viewers must watch full videos.

Let's do some more calculations to understand the fastest way to get youtube views more properly. Suppose you are a still a struggling or new youtuber and your videos are still not getting more views. Let's assume that each of your videos gets average 50 views. Each of your videos is 4 minutes long. If each of those 50 views does watch your full 4 minutes video will give you a 200 minutes watch time per video. According to this, you need to post 25 videos per month to get 5000 views (5000 views x 4 minutes = 20000 minutes watch time per month). That means 6 to 7 videos per week. If each of your 4 minutes video gets 100 views, then you will get 400 minutes of watch time per video and according to that, you will need 12 to 13 videos per month (3 videos per week) to get 20000 minutes of watch time as per above calculation. If each of your 4 minutes videos gets an average of 200 views, then you will need to post 6 to 7 videos per month. That means 1 or 2 videos per week. So it depends a lot more on the number of views you get and the number of videos you post.

Obviously, I agree that many people don't watch a full-length video but also remember that few of your videos can get a bit more than an average number of views and that might help to balance equation. Even there is a possibility that your old videos may get views still. So to build youtube views posting every new video will add to the total. The older videos can fall off over time, but not totally useless.

Referral marketing is the process to make the referral money by helping businesses by promoting its products and services to new customers. The business can then promote services & products further through such referrals. Every publisher with higher traffic can easily make referral money. With a valid sale, publisher can earn $20 per referral. You just have organic and viral content to build the traffic. There are lots of effective marketing strategies that can help to boost traffic for blog websites. Referral Programs for Bloggers
The online referral marketing strategy involves tracking the behavior of customers too including the web browser cookies and similar techniques are used to understand the behavior of the online visitor.

Best referral programs help bloggers to get more calls from sponsors to have increased brand awareness so as to get more referrals and more revenue.

As an Adsense alternative, the bloggers who are looking to monetize the blog easily and quickly can go for this strategy. Along with different marketing strategies, referral marketing works excellent to generate revenue for bloggers. In most cases, any blogger can earn money by referral link and it does not need to have your own website. The blogger can earn by referral program by sharing the referral link. The links can be shared on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and many more so that it will offer unlimited earnings to the blogger.

There are numerous high paying referral programs where the blogger can get paid for referrals. Most of the sites offer a unique referral code as well as their affiliate links that the blogger can post on their blogs. Such a linking can help the earning potential greatly. It is a great opportunity for the blogger to have passive income.

There’s no limit to how many products you can refer to. Even if you sell just 1 product per day, you could earn more than $1000 commission per year & it is a fair yearly income.

With the referral programs, the blogger can usually earn a good amount of store credit (wallet balance) or cash per referral. There are so many referral programs available. After testing I have listed most working high paying referral programs that work best for bloggers as well as influencers. Here are some best referral programs that the blogger can use to refer new members for getting paid higher. These referral programs are ideal for generating a good amount of money. The list has more than ten items, so it is essential to check the best referral network suitable to your niche and get paid higher for the same. There’s no limit to how many products you can sell.


All of the ProBlogBooster ideas are free for any type of personal or commercial use. All I ask is to keep the footer links intact which provides due credit to its authors. From time to time, we may use visitors/readers, information for distinct & upcoming, unanticipated uses not earlier disclosed in our privacy notice. If collected data or information practices changed or improved at some time in the future, we would post all the policy changes to our Website to notify you of these changes, and we will use for these new purposes only data collected from the time of the policy change forward. If you are concerned about how your information is used, you should check back our website Policy pages periodically. For more about this just read out Privacy Policy

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