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The WordPress is used by numerous of web developers across the world to deliver their information to their audience. WordPress is a powerful website blogging platform that when used can help you to build your reputation as a successful blogger or business owner. However, depending on your site and what you deliver to your visitors, there’s time when your site’s performance and speed may be lacking. If you’re having problems with a slow WordPress site, this article will give you the WordPress performance optimization best practices that you can complete which will help you to improve page load time and speed up your website. Let’s take a look. Speed up Web Page Loading in WordPress
People used to search for how can I speed up my website? How to speed up WordPress site? What is a caching WordPress optimisation plugin? How can I make my WordPress site load faster? How to improve website loading speed? What is WP Rocket? What are the best practices for speeding up your website fast? How do I optimize WordPress performance? How can I make WordPress site faster?

If your website takes lots of time to load you can then expect your Google rankings to fall, and you then able to drive less organic traffic to your website. Basically, including optimized hosting for WordPress there are various techniques of WordPress site optimization that you can apply to speed up website loading. So, the purpose here is to provide you every possible, but best ways we know of that can make your website load faster.

The significant advantage of WordPress site optimization by reducing your page loading time is that it will improve user experience ultimately with more page views. Eventually, all these methods you will see the reduced bandwidth usage of your hosting helps to keep your website lightweight & perform faster, improve pagerank in the SERPs and so Domain Authority. It decreases the number of requests to and from browser to user and application to the database, hence enhancing the overall site performance. Here I have listed beginners but best WordPress page speed optimization ways to improve your WordPress website.

YouTube is always busy in making its user experience better and better with the time and it is the reason why it keeps changing the monetization rules for the vloggers and YouTubers over time. Recently the YouTube brought some major changes in the rules for YouTubers. Yes, you can say that this is some sort of concern for many newcomers, small creators etc. You getting "Account status: Monetization not enabled" for your channel. It's because there is a rise in the requirements for YouTube monetization. According to new requirements, for monetization, a channel needs at least 1000 subscribers and a minimum of 4000 hours watch time for a set of 12 months i.e for one year. Here in this post, I'm going to discuss how to reach that target of 4000 hours of YouTube watch time in a year. Get 4000 Watch Hours on YouTube
Daily vloggers used to search for How long does it take to get 4000 watch hours? How to increase watch time on YouTube to 4000 hours? How to get 100 views on youtube fast? How to promote youtube video? Most popular YouTube channel ideas that drive more attention? How many watch time minutes do you need on YouTube? How to increase total views on YouTube? How many views do you need to monetize on YouTube? How to boost YouTube watch hours in 12 months? Where can I post my video to get more views? What does watch time on YouTube mean?

To apply monetization for your Youtube channel, you need to get reviewed after reaching 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. Let's understand some stats first —Before we actually consider the points, we need to understand some calculations so as to make the 4000 hours of watch time possible. Let's start the calculation by converting 4000 hours into minutes. How much will it be? It will be for 2,40,000 minutes. Going further if we decide to calculate the per month watch time, then as we have 12 months in the year it will be 20,000 minutes per month. So 20000 minutes of watch time is possible even with an average ordinary video which is liable to go viral.

If you think your videos are not that much interesting, then you can increase the number of videos which are liable to get normal to medium views. For those who still think that 20000 minutes still look more, for them also it's very simple to understand if they get 5000 views per month on 4 minutes duration video (5000 views x 4 minutes = 20000 minutes watch time). Making it more sophisticated if you post 2 videos of 4 minutes duration, you will need 2500 views. But remember all viewers must watch full videos.

Let's do some more calculations to understand the fastest way to get youtube views more properly. Suppose you are a still a struggling or new youtuber and your videos are still not getting more views. Let's assume that each of your videos gets average 50 views. Each of your videos is 4 minutes long. If each of those 50 views does watch your full 4 minutes video will give you a 200 minutes watch time per video. According to this, you need to post 25 videos per month to get 5000 views (5000 views x 4 minutes = 20000 minutes watch time per month). That means 6 to 7 videos per week. If each of your 4 minutes video gets 100 views, then you will get 400 minutes of watch time per video and according to that, you will need 12 to 13 videos per month (3 videos per week) to get 20000 minutes of watch time as per above calculation. If each of your 4 minutes videos gets average 200 views, then you will need to post 6 to 7 videos per month. That means 1 or 2 videos per week. So it depends a lot more on the number of views you get and the number of videos you post.

Obviously, I agree that many people don't watch a full-length video but also remember that few of your video can get a bit more than an average number of views and that might help to balance equation. Even there is a possibility that your old videos may get views still. So to build youtube views posting every new video will add to the total. The older videos can fall off over time, but not totally useless.

What is the first impression of a blogger? I think blogger is more than a content writer, digital marketer or a promoter. Overall, I like helping others, and it is the reason why I choose and stick with BLOGGING. Moreover, blogging gives me a hand to generate traffic and ultimately revenue for publishing the content online. The blogging looks easy, but in fact, it requires so much hard work by means a bit more than just content creation & marketing. Learned Blogging Lessons
Newbies used to search for what is blog, blogging, bloggers? How can I learn to blog for free? How to start a blog? How do I get started blogging? What I wish I knew before starting a blog? How to be a blogger? What is a professional blogger? And so on...

After completing my education I left the college, from that day onwards I wouldn't have to learn anymore; since the learning was a boring task for me. At that moment my intention was to do a job & earn money. But later the learning process doesn't seem to stop following me.

When I started writing a blog, I realized that learning is a never-ending process & till now I have learned a lot from writing a blog. So here I am going to mention a few of those to share the blogging lessons & experience with you. Till now I have seen lots of blogging tips but here today I'm going to provide the blogging lessons that might help you in your blogging journey.

You know what, the estimated amount of new videos uploaded to YouTube is '320 hours per minute'. With the growing Youtube video ideas to help you create viral videos, the competition becomes high because thousands of videos are getting uploaded per hour & if you want to become a successful YouTuber, you have to stand different from rest. Make Good YouTube Videos
Video makers used to search for how to produce Youtube videos? How to make a Youtube video professionally? Any video editor for Youtube channel? How to make professional youtube movies? How to create video website from YouTube? How to start professional youtube video production from day one? How to shoot video for youtube? How to make my Youtube video popular? And so on...

Uploading a video is the first thing for any YouTuber. But while vlogging any content, the quality of your video matters a lot. Most of the video that is uploaded is terrible due to low quality. It's really irritating to see such videos. Who will like the video that doesn't even look good & not so clear? Even if you have an excellent content & concept but low-quality video, then it will affect the likes of videos & numbers of subscribers of your channel.

To maintain a strong presence & to get more subscribers to your channel one of the easiest ways is to maintain the quality of videos. Today you will get some vlogging tips to make your video high quality.

Making videos professionally is not as complicated as it appears. If you have basic accessories of shooting, then you are ready for this. You just need to know how to hold a camera & some basics of filmmaking. Don't worry if you don't have any background of this; you may just go through this & I'm sure that this will help you & improve your view count. The best thing is that you don't even need a big budget. There are two main parts for video making; first includes all setup, camera, light, etc. & other involves editing part. If you manage these two things, then you will surely master in video shooting. So make high-quality videos & become popular & recognized for your video quality. Having high-quality video will undoubtedly increase your subscriber, & obviously helps you to make money with Youtube ads.

Have you found any difficulties in creating your own website? Say no more, Hostinger is here to help you out! Hostinger: Reliable Web Hosting
Web developers used to search for What is the cheapest way to host a website? How to choose web hosting? Which is secure & easy to navigate web hosting service? What are the Hostinger plans, offers, and coupon codes? Hostinger vs GoDaddy or Hostinger vs HostGator? Hostinger India offer login page? And so on...

Finding the right partner in today’s internet world is somewhat difficult. With fifteen years of experience in the web hosting business, you are in the right hands. Hostinger is trusted by more than 29 million users worldwide.

That does not come without any reason, though. The Lithuania-based company is well-known for its obsession towards their customers. They completely dedicate their efforts to the sole purpose of customer satisfaction.

Hostinger’s web hosting plans are available at super low price points. You will get this impression right upon the first view on their website. It’s more than just a blatant marketing gimmick. Hostinger truly offers web hosting plans with the special price up to 82% off, starting from $1.45 a month (use “BOOSTER15” coupon code to get an extra 15% off). If you still don’t believe what you’ve just read, keep scrolling. I will show you just how beneficial Hostinger’s plans are.

Programmatically Ajax based custom search API create & helps the visitors to handle all the queries searched on your website. It shows quick search result on the same page with the help of linked Ajax CDN Jquery(JavaScript). When you search any content on ProBlogBooster, the result is immediately displayed on the same page without any change of other content in a few seconds since it is completely integrated with the Google API loader. Adding Google Custom Search API (JSON/Atom) to Your Website
Web expert used to search for how to integrate Google custom search engine into the website? How to add Google Custom Search API to Blogger/Blogspot blog? How to get a Google site search box? How do I use Google Custom Search? The website for custom google search bar? Is there any google custom search javascript example to know? How to add google search script in HTML body? How to design stylish search box in html? And so on...

You must use a Google custom search API box on your website or blog especially if the blog navigation is not easy for the reader to get particular pages as your website has lots of posts. You must make your website easy to navigate.

The conventional default blogger search widget is not that much able to fetch and show the results plus its very slow to load. So for making your search results more powerful and effective for your readers, the Google custom search engine widget is the best option to use and deliver the relative content results matching exactly to the search queries. Not only you can customize the look according to your web design, but you can also monetize the search engine results with Google adsense ads to make extra money.

This Ajax based Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) API tool is much better than Python or PHP Google search engine API code. It is a fully customized real-time search engine that not only integrates with your HTML but also your website design. Bloggers requested it along with detailed information to integrate this Google search tool on site. They were asking: How to Create an API Key for Google custom search? Any quick way for adding Google Custom Search to your website? And how to fetch Google search results with the site search API? Learn how to install light-weight, fast loading, real-time Google custom search widget for your blog or website.

Usually, people are confused when it comes to choosing between blogging and journalism. Both of them could be great career choices if you are serious about them. We can say, the journalist may be a blogger, but a blogger may not be a journalist. Blogging vs. Journalism
It's the ongoing debate we posted here that expose the significant difference between blogging and journalism, how are the blogging and journalism growing? Is blogging considered journalism? Which one is more popular today? What is blogging? What is the impact of blogging on journalism? What is a journalist? What is journalism? Online publisher vs online journalism? Journalist vs reporter? Blog vs news? Difference between a blog and an editorial post? How interactive journalism ethics differ from blogging? Does blogging as a form of journalism now? Blogging vs. traditional journalism? Should bloggers be considered journalists?

With no accountability & no responsibility means bloggers are not journalists, but they need to practice the principles they follow individually.

The bloggers give out the information according to his perspective whereas the journalists do it according to his company. Journalism and blogging hold a great future because we are living in the age of information technology. Information has to be disseminated all around the world as soon as possible. Journalists and bloggers are the ones who disseminate all kinds of information. So it's very important to know how blogging and journalism are similar but at the same time, they are quite different in many ways. In this article, we focus on the differences between these two professions. Check the growth of blogging and how it has affected online journalism now and vice versa.

You only have a very short time to make your first impression on your readers. I appreciate that you might have a stunning design, catchy images, and valuable content etc. but still, if your blog will take too much time to load then people will surely gonna leave your site. Nowadays, every blog owner is competing with each other to boost their page loading time. Here in this post, I'm going to present you how you can speed up your blog loading time by adding Expires headers. Add Expires headers blogger
Blogger used to ask these questions on Google; What is an Expires Header? How to set up expires hHeaders on your blogger website? How can I make my blogger load faster? How to speed up web page loading time? How do I increase WordPress speed? How can I increase my website speed? How do I add expired headers in WordPress? How do I minimize HTTP requests in WordPress? And so on...

In today's high-speed internet world, no one wanna wait, so try to get maximum blog loading speed both for desktop and mobile as well. Your visitors can bare with you for a couple of seconds. If your page does not get loaded quickly, your visitors will leave for sure.

In old days, you might have a simple HTML file for your blog which might have few images, some infographics etc. to serve needs of your readers. But, you might have enhanced and had turned your blog to the modern website. And now, you could have 50-60+ files on your single page. The files themselves take some time to load. Even-though request-response takes the fraction of a second to load those files, yet it will be high if you add them up altogether.


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