As you know, blogging is an art and it's the most recommended platform where you share and publish all your thoughts, knowledge & expertise. It also helps you get maximum exposure to reach a larger audience. But having a blog is not a big thing, what matters is, it should be optimized enough so as to get the effective results out of it. There are tons of blog speed optimization techniques you will find over the internet. And here in this post, I've gathered as much as possible and promising techniques for you guys. Just go through it and let me know what you think. Will love to hear from you. Website speed optimization techniques 2020
Blogger used to search the questions on Google; how do you increase your blog speed? How can I optimize my website speed? How can I increase my website speed on mobile? Why do websites take so long to load? How can I increase my website speed? How do I reduce server response time in Blogger? And so on...

As you seen on the page, 15 Reasons Why BlogSpot Is Far Better Than WordPress the Blogger by Google is marked as an excellent blogging platform just because it is so simple to use and easy to understand in terms of how to start a blog, how to add more pages, writing new blog posts, etc. as quickly as possible, and also you will find very simple steps to add custom HTML widgets. And the good thing is, Blogger platform does not require any technical knowledge. It is the best blog platform for those who are looking for a smooth setup and to start a blog in the simplest way without using any special skills.

Whereas WordPress is the well known Content Management System [CMS] in the competition of blog creation sites. This platform treated as the advanced version of blogging. It requires some technical knowledge, and that is somewhat complicated to start with, especially for beginners or newbies.

What makes WordPress and Blogger different is, in blogger, you cannot remove the date from your page URLs. But this is not a big thing when it comes to SEO. Rather it sometimes helps you to rank for longtail keyword.

Success is pretty hard to come by and if you are a YouTuber, you must have to agree on this. There is nothing called an overnight success on YouTube, but that doesn't mean you can't be a successful YouTuber. All the other successful & famous YouTubers have shown that there is still more potential left for starting a YouTube business in the market. For that, you need to remember the fact that, you have to work not only harder but also longer. How to start a successful vlog
Video vloggers used to search for; how to create a YouTube channel fast? How to become a vlogger? What are the vlogging tips beginners? How to become a YouTuber successfully? How to start your own YouTube channel? How to get 4000 watch hours on YouTube fast? How do you earn money as a YouTuber? how many videos are on YouTube required to upload? Tips for starting a YouTube channel to make money? What things do you need to become a YouTuber? How To Earn Money From YouTube? How many subscribers do you need to get money from YouTube? And so on...

Many of newcomers create YouTube account and then started to upload too much irrelevant and copied content. To build a successful YouTube channel that making not only money but good impact on the audience, you need to be passionate about to get success to your feet and as far as YouTube is concerned; and to become a successful youtuber you also need to have the ability to keep the audience engaging into your video.

To keep engaging your audience by means of YouTube influencer, you need to maintain quality whether it is content or video, be consistent and believe yourself. Along with this, there are few more things which also are crucial to get famous on youtube. I have mentioned all those things below for fastest growing YouTube channels which I thought are important for successful richest YouTubers.

But before we actually lean into the article be sure to make your mind be patient. Be patient as long as you don't get the desired target because you are on YouTube and here no one can say that within the next few years they will be successful.

The Google Playstore giving you an option to download and install millions of various mobile application for your all Android devices. Though the Android OS is one of the most popular mobile operating systems, still the Google store itself sometimes fail to work and triggers pop up message "Unfortunately, Google Store Play has stopped" on the phone screen about every three seconds. The error comes when you try to install an application or update an existing application, or sometimes simply open Play store.
Fixing "Unfortunately, Google Store Play has stopped."
Android users ask many questions on Google; How do you fix Unfortunately Google Play Service has stopped? How do I fix Google Play Services has stopped? How do I fix the Google Play store has stopped? Why does my Google Play keep stopping? How do you stop Unfortunately Google Play has stopped? Why does Google Play store stop working?

At the initial troubleshooting, I found that the problem is in the updates. I solved this play store error just by uninstalling the recent updates from the Google play services app. All the Google apps then started working normally. But when I went back in and reinstalled the update again and it stopped working again so that shows me it is present in the updates. Moreover, this error is not only triggered by Samsung but also appeared on LG, Android TV Box, Tablets, Sony, etc devices too.

A couple of reasons due to which Android smartphones received this "Unfortunately, Google Store Play has stopped" error are listed below:
  1. Sometimes very outdated version of playstore is present in your Android device.
  2. There could be a conflict/issue with a current Android version available in your smartphone.
  3. Google playstore cache is being stored on local storage which sometimes prevent store to open.
  4. Servers and your smartphone are out-of-sync e.g. if something got updated on server side, but your phone is searching that in local storage (cache)

Some have tried by disabling the Google Play Service but the error message keeps appearing. These are few possible reasons behind your Android device throwing such error message while you try to use Google Play Store either for installing the application or for updating existing applications.

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"Xiaomi phones are out of stock..." Not again! Yeah, nowadays Xiaomi highly selling out their mobile phones not only in the offline mobile stores but also at online mobile shopping sites. With the new records of highest selling smartphones in India, the Xiaomi Technology India is the world's fastest-growing company in the mobile phone market & still expanding to meet the rising demand. It is at the top with the highest India's smartphone market share. Know About: Xiaomi Brand
Users want to know some questions; What is Mi mobile? What is an MI company? Is MI and Redmi same? What is the difference between Redmi and MI? Which is the best MI Phone? Is a Mi phone worth it? And so on...

The Xiaomi mobiles launch with cutting-edge technology, embedded the great specifications and catchy design for the price, that bringing the new customers to buy their various versions.

Xiaomi always focuses on offering high-end smartphones at affordable prices, including advanced features, high-end hardware. Xaiomi is value-for-money & more appealing than other brands.

In just 10 months, they sold 100 million Xiaomi smartphones till now this year.

They have two plants established in India (Sri City, AP) where they assemble the imported parts. The Xiaomi phone devices are totally built in China, and even though, it is clearly written 'made in India' on the box, the upcoming mobiles like Redmi Y1 are assembled in India and all of its parts are imported from China. Xiaomi is a top-selling Chinese smartphone brand in India. Let's check out some important questions and the answers to know about Xiaomi Brand's MI, Redmi, Note Series Mobile Phones.

If you are still stuck on "I can not update my PS3 via pen drive?" then you have arrived at the right place. There are lots of PSx [especially PlayStation 3] gamers are facing the problem while they are going for official/custom firmware update [OFM/CFM]. Learn more about Ps3 no applicable data found & the fix for the hard drive upgrade software update install.
[FIX] PS3 update no applicable data found
PS4 users used to search for how to update PS4/PS3 with USB? Fixing ps4 update data is corrupted, and to know the PS3 hard drive format and much more...

I've seen that many users having difficulty trying to update their PS3 with a Flash drive but come across this frustrating error "No applicable update data was found. Connect storage media that contains update data of version 4.82 OFW Update, 4.10, or later, and then press the START and SELECT buttons at the same time."

Users are also used to search; no applicable update data was found Sony Bravia, PS3 rebug no applicable update data was found, connect storage media that contains update data of version 4.82 or later, the system software cannot be run correctly. press the ps button to try to restart the system, no applicable update data was found PSP, update PS3 USB firmware, PS3 update, connect storage media that contains update data of version 4.70 or later and so on...

Your PS3 keeps going onto its black screen & showing "No Applicable Update Data Was Found" Initially I thought it is related to the Hard Drive upgrade problem as you can not update your PS3 via pen drive if there are not proper settings shown below. Whenever they plug PS3 storage media like USB pen drive to the PS3 system, it shows an error saying "Applicable Update Data Not Found" or "Connect storage media that contains update data of version." There is no issue neither with your PS3 storage media [memory stick PS3 ] nor sony software. Learn how to get out of this error in a simple way that occurred to update PS3 software or to download PlayStation firmware.

Nowadays, everyone is making lots of money online. The growth of the internet world is so fast these days. And every single minute we came across tons of offers and new things or hacks to earn money online. People like bloggers, content writers, publishers, freelancers, online marketers, affiliate marketers etc. are earning huge money online by implementing marketing strategies. Many online people are now looking for an option to receive and send the money or the funds they earned online with a secure gateway. And PayPal is the best choice.
Creating A PayPal Account
People used to search; How do you verify your PayPal account? How do you verify your credit card on PayPal? How can I verify my bank account on PayPal? How do I know my PayPal account is activated? And so on...

Here we find an option with a name as PayPal. PayPal is one of the best services that gives you a facility to send or receive funds across the world by maintaining the security high.

About PayPal:
PayPal is nothing but a gateway through which anyone can send and receive money online across the world. And this is the reason why PayPal is used worldwide. So, if you have a PayPal account then you can send money to anyone in the world or can receive money from anyone too. Also, now PayPal is adopted by thousands of sites and it goes on increasing day-by-day. However, many merchant sites seeking for the users who are holding the PayPal account so that those sites can make money transfer through the PayPal gateway. Because of its high-security protocols; most of the companies prefer to send your earnings in your PayPal account.

In a previous post, I was talking about Facebook paid research program that allows you to make money up to $25/month for free for doing nothing. Here PayPal is the way by which you can withdraw your money to your bank account.

Thus, in simple words, PayPal is like a bridge (gateway) between two cities (banks) through which the cars (money) are moving to and from cities (banks). I would recommend this option to everyone who is making money online and interested to have a channel through which they handle their funds yet by upholding the security.

Nowadays, everyone seems to click the number of pictures daily. Recently, smartphone cameras are enhanced and now come up with large numbers of features that DSLR camera usually holds. But DSLR is the specially made camera designed by its native features and with the lots of differences, DSLR is much better than your smartphone camera. Even if the pictures were taken from your smartphone might look similar to that of DLSR; when you view on your computer you will able to see the actual differences. And this is why wise people are used to buying a DSLR camera for capturing quality pictures especially to store quality moments. DSLR camera buying guide
Buyers used to search; what should we check before buying a DSLR camera? How do I choose a good DSLR camera? Which DSLR to buy for beginners? What are the features of a DSLR camera? And so on...

Say if you don’t have much photography experience and still wanted to capture your life, record your family moments, etc., you should go with the basic level of DSLR camera instead of clicking-capturing the pictures-videos on your smartphones.

You should consider your camera needs, features, accessories, lenses and much more instead of looking at DSLR camera price only. The best DSLR camera is value for money. There are now many DSLR manufacturers from you may select the best brands like Nikon DSLR camera, Canon DSLR camera, Sony DSLR camera, etc. These are best DSLR cameras for beginners as well as for professionals. But while choosing, you should consider many things.

I also love photography and I suggest that one should buy at least one DSLR camera as it helps you capture all the beautiful and special moments of your life and to share with the next generations.

Maybe, a DSLR camera if you are a photography freak? But buying your NEW DSLR can be a difficult job. With so many options out there, many things you need to think like a brand, cost, technical specs & features, accessories to buy, and so on because buying a DSLR is a big investment. In this post, I will discuss more what to consider when buying a NEW DSLR camera.


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