Blogger is one of the best free tools available to quickly start blogging. In fact, a majority of successful bloggers have most likely started their blogging career with Blogger. After all, it is always a wise idea, to begin with no investment, especially when you are a beginner. BlogSpot to WordPress Migration
Bloggers used to search; How to Switch from Blogger to WordPress? How to import blogger to WordPress with images? How do I move my blog from Blogger to WordPress? How to redirect blogger to WordPress? How do I transfer my domain from Blogger to WordPress? How do I export my Blogger blog? How to transfer from BlogSpot to WordPress with 301 redirections? And so on...

However, most bloggers first choose web hosting and then eventually move to a self-hosted site to get complete control over their blog and possibly making a living with it.

A self-hosted blog requires you to register a personal domain name and buy reliable hosting services to get your blog up and running. But what is the easiest method to switch from Blogger to WordPress without losing Google search traffic, page rank and your current feed subscribers?

This is a straightforward, step-by-step guide for importing Blogger blog to WordPress that assist you with easy steps for switching a Blog from BlogSpot to WordPress without losing your Google PageRank.

Check out this comprehensive but quick guide presenting 5 simple steps for migrating your Blogger blog to WordPress without losing Google search traffic, your search ranking and with 301 permanent redirections.

NOTE: After switching from BlogSpot to Wordpress; don't REMOVE your blog from BlogSpot site. This guide not only assists you to move your blogger site to hosted WordPress but also you are going to migrate your all blogger posts to new WordPress, moving all the BlogSpot comments to WordPress commenting system, migrating all your existing FeedBurner feeds + subscribers and importing blogger to WordPress with images to your hosting.

It's is always better to find a more sophisticated way to reach out to more customers directly to where they are. In accordance with this, and more than 75% of the people are on the mobile all the time, it is best to have a mobile app for the business. Advantages of mobile apps over websites
Most of the startup need to think about; advantages of mobile web app over the website, what are the benefits of mobile apps in business? Is it better to use an app or the website? Why build an app for your business? What are apps used for? What are the advantages and disadvantages of apps compared with websites for mobile users? And so on...

Though the app transformation began only a few years ago, this kind of digital marketing strategy is spreading its nets. When smartphones first came into the market they were suitable only for large-scale businesses and not for small scale. With the updates, the situation has changed now and it will be even more changing over time.

Smartphones have not remained just a device; now they have become a part of daily routine. The number of people with mobile is greater or more than a number of people with PCs or computer. Almost each and everyone has a mobile in their hands today. And that is it is really good from a business point of view.

No wonder smartphones have created the craze for every people. They do use the phone while watching TV, at the bus stop while waiting for a bus, on the bus, on the train. Even we use it while we walk. With the mobile app development, these smartphones have like become a priority now. People are preferring to spend their free time on mobiles. Previously only large-scale businesses were having a mobile app but nowadays most of the small-scale businesses are using mobile to grow their sales. They are much better serving the customers fetching the best profits and its because of the mobile web app.

Today I'm going to publish the list of money earning apps like paytm and other updated high paying mobile apps that earn you real cash and rewards using your best cash reward apps on your smartphone. Offourse not listed the fake apps like 'daily money app' to avoid diverting. These latest free recharge apps & money making apps helps you to earn money just by seating at home.

There are lots of people spending time for testing money earning apps in India for Android OS along with free users. But most of Android users are not much aware that you can earn real cash and rewards by using payment app to earn money online with smartphone. Never pay for the mobile balance. Yeah, that's true.. you just need to install money making apps and do some really easy tasks. Check out the best apps to earn money fast using mobile. Free recharge Android money making apps to earn talktime
Many users used to search; what are the real money earning apps in India? Updated cash app to earn money fast? How to make money mobile? Best mobile applications to earn money online free? Mobile apps to make money fast? How to paypal money earn offer? Top earn talktime apps to use? List of app earn money watching ads & best money making apps on mobile? Best money earning apps for android in India? New free money apps to try? And so on...

If you have a smartphone, then you can easily earn free mobile recharge, free talk time, Freecharge promo codes, free Paytm cash, Amazon Gift Voucher, Flipkart e-Gift Voucher, Paypal cash & much more. Not only listed the apps that pay you but also the app earn money watching ads but also you can signup with unlimited earn money app referral code to make more.

These Indian money earning apps are Based on Android/iOS platforms letting you earn unlimited Paytm cash easily by just using refer and earn programs. You can also use these apps to make money fast & more by completing daily challenges.

I have listed following the top 25 highest paying Android apps which give free recharge using mobile phones. You can easily top up your phones and earn real cash and rewards; moreover, I would like to say save your pocket money by using these money making apps.

Also, stop searching for free recharge tricks, extra free talk time offers, cheap call offers, free recharge apps for android, discount on recharge offer, free Talktime app 2018, free recharge app promo code, money earning apps on google play, discount promo code on recharge, recharge code generator, extra free cashback or top free recharge android apps that give instant money etc.

Nowadays, every blogger knows how to submit the blog to search engines. We have also learned how to increase site traffic and page rank by RSS feed where you have to submit RSS feeds to promote your website or blog content. And it is one of the fastest-growing methods for boosting website traffic where submit your RSS feed to top-ranked RSS feed directories and RSS search engines to get huge traffic. But, now we are going to discuss Ping your blog to Ping services through various ping submission sites. Sites To 'Ping Your Blog' To Search Engines
Blog owners ask these questions on Google; What is Ping submission in SEO? What is ping service? What is ping submission meaning in blogging? What Is Pingler? What is Ping O Matic? How do I ping my URL regularily? How we can do regular pings to google? What are Ping Submission Sites? How to get mass ping backlinks? How do I ping my website to search engines? And so on.

Pingler is one of the best of 'Top 15 Best Ping Websites' Pingler is one of the useful and preferred pinging service sites in the marketing industry. Like pingler, other ping service pings or reports indexing services like search engines, forums, also the blog search engines, blog directories to notify that your website/blog has been updated.

You will find tons of ping sites which will help you submit your blog to ping services. If you are facing problems with indexing your site or your posts on top search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc. then given list of ping submission sites will be your solution. Now we will see what are the benefits of using ping submission sites.

The question is; how to make smartphone faster without root/jailbreak? The Android OS is one of the most popular mobile operating systems nowadays. Android can do anything you want it to do, from taking smart pictures to calculating the temperature outside, booking tickets of the train, bus, movie or whatever. Everything seems on the fingers. But the things are not that much smoother with the Android performance. But why do Android phones slow down and sluggish to operate sometimes. There are some common Android errors need to fix and solve to speed up system performance. Improve Android Performance Without Rooting
People used to search; how to make a smartphone faster? How can I fast my android mobile? How can I speed up my Android phone? How to save & extend mobile battery life? How to make the non-rooted Android phone run faster? What is the best app to speed up android? How can I make my phone Internet faster? How to fix Android battery drain issues? How to speed up android developer options? How to improve Android performance without rooting? Even, my friend who bought S7 Edge emailed me the question; how do I make s7 edge faster without ROOT because of warranty break issue...

In today’s techno-friendly world you cannot imagine a day without a smartphone or be thinking to switch to other gadgets because this is not the smart way and it will not be an easy task, moreover you have to shift all your customized data. Setting the new phone according to what you like, is yet another hard task. And the question is how many times with new phones will you be switched only because of the processing problems of the older one? How many times will you reboot/reset your device to make it faster? What to do then? Only rooting the phone is the only option to solve Android slow speed? Is it not possible to make Android faster without root? What about the warranty then? It seems like a problem, right?

Well, to surprise you, it is not an issue now. You don't need to worry, because, WITHOUT ROOT, there are many ways which can keep your phone run smoothly and you won’t face any problem. It means for any hang-ups or slowdowns of phone operations; you won’t have to switch your phone to a new or any high-end costly one. There are some quick and essential steps you need to follow to avoid the mess of a slow phone. Not only we work on the Android errors but also, we are going to solve; how to make the Android phone run faster? How to make Android faster with developer options? How to speed up internet in android? How to make Android faster without root? How to make the phone faster internet? Not only the best app to speed up android phone let's check out some smart ways to keep your phone speed high and to speed up your android phone WITHOUT ROOTING.

Every single day, over 4 billion searches are done by people on Google. Analytical data say, approx. 80% of people in the United States used to research everything like data, products, items, services and many more on Google for getting even for just reviews before buying them. This means that the market is available with open hands and this is an opportunity for you to be at the top of search results only if you could implement a couple of search engine techniques and strategies. And in today's fast-growing world, SEO techniques have to be implemented so quickly. Otherwise, your website ranking might get hurt just because you are totally not aware of the latest techniques and/or strategies. Most Effective SEO Techniques & Strategies
You can see many people used to ask questions like; what are SEO techniques? What is the best SEO strategy plan? What is off page SEO techniques? What are some SEO best practices? What are the most important elements of SEO? What are the types of SEO? And so on.

A recent survey says that the SEO tricks implemented earlier in 2015-2016 which took your page at top of the search ranking are now outdated. You are not going to get the same advantage as that of before by using those old tricks. Going online is not sufficient enough to get the attention of people. Also, all kinds of professionalism that you do on your website worths nothing unless you follow advanced SEO strategies and techniques. By implementing the latest SEO strategies, your website begins to display in the first pages of Google’s search result rankings. After your website starts indexing in top Google search results, your website will get more attention and visibility. This leads you to more connections, more interaction, more traffic, more deals and eventually, more money.

There is a lot of research and trials needed to stay on top of SEO these days. Google algorithms are constantly changing and you should always keep yourselves up to date. A little bit of trials could make you an expert in SEO. You should also be patient and have to keep yourself calm just to get maximum results from your efforts.

Just for your info, there are tons of techniques and strategies that are shared over and over again. Also, there are a couple of creative and unique tricks that were not discussed but could be more effective. In this article, I'm going to provide you with the information about the current SEO techniques and strategies working effectively and definitely, you will get maximum advantages from them.

We know studying in college means either we have all fun & games or equally spending most of the time in the library. But still, it shouldn't be a boring thing..! Since technology is continuously improving, there are tons of mobile apps are available in Apple store, Google Playstore, etc. which will help in making the study easier and with more fun. You will find some apps which are useful for college students where you can simplify and organize your life more effectively. Listed best study apps & most useful apps for college and school students. Useful apps for college students — Such smartphone user students always ask these question on Google like; What is the best app for college students? What are the useful apps for students? What is the best app for studying? What are good study apps? Educational apps for kids? How do you study for college applications? Is Evernote good for students? and so on.

Now, why we call our mobiles as "Smartphone"? It is just because, their use is not just effective for elders but also helpful for college students. Keeping informative and educational apps will definitely help you enhance your focus. Such apps are usually kept either free or affordable to college students who are not independent to earn for themselves.

Now, before moving further and finding out which apps should be added in your mobile phone, the first check is there any official university app launched by your college, university or institute, etc. You could able to access your college calendar, events, courses, study materials, timetables and so on through such apps. Such information will help you connect with your campus and to have access to any online programs, seminars, webinars, etc. planned-by or planned-in your college.

Moving ahead, you might have installed a couple of social networking apps already like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, etc. But these apps are just for fun and to stay connected with your buddies. But there are other apps are also available in the store which will elevate your educational profile. Here not only listed the study apps for high school students but also useful apps for college students that you must try.

Bitcoin has turned out to be a most popular digital currency worldwide. No wonder if it gets as a future currency in the market. But the way it works may be quite difficult for most of people. Some mathematical calculations are needed to be solved. But when it comes to maths, most of the people get into anxiety. Bitcoin mining is a more complex peer-to-peer process to verify Bitcoin transactions. Read everything there is to know about Bitcoin mining. Learn how mining mines the Bitcoin, and how it works. The simple guide for trading Bitcoins for beginners. What Is Bitcoin Mining?
Bitcoin is a type of digital currency — cryptocurrency. Generally, when it comes to currency it requires balances, validation, verification etc. Central government or banks have the authority to undergo such functions. They make currency difficult to copy illegally and also keep all the records & its tracking. Due to this people feel secured with the normal currency.

How do you trade Bitcoin? The case is totally different from Bitcoin. As it is decentralized, no government has a hold over it. The reason being people feel insecure about the accuracy of the transactions. Therefore the question is, how do people know that the transaction is successful? How do they know that a person has sent some Bitcoins to another person? To get into the answers to these questions, required to understand BITCOIN MINING.

The word mining denotes it may be like —mining of gold. The similarity is, like other valuable metals there are only limited Bitcoins. The more you get, the more it is difficult to find. But the procedure is totally different to get Bitcoins. Once you get it you will be called nothing but an intelligent.

The fact where Bitcoin differs is, mining doesn't actually produce Bitcoin, the miners are rewarded with Bitcoin for solving a complex mathematical problem and for validating the transaction. The process required a computer with special Bitcoin mining software.

Miners have to make use of best Bitcoin miner and Bitcoin mining hardware to solve a complex mathematical problem by competing with other miners. Within a time period of 10 minutes, the miners have to solve a block. So what actually mining is? What is blockchain? What is the use of Bitcoin mining software? How does Bitcoin mining work? How Bitcoin trading work? What About Bitcoin trading India? And many questions like this are going to discuss here. Let's see.


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