Questions; how to get 1000 likes on facebook page free? How to get likes on facebook page without paying? What are the quick tips increase Facebook page likes free? What are the new ways to get more fans? These are the questions mostly searched on the search engine when they want to grow their business fan followings. Strategies to get more likes on your Facebook business page
Stop searching for auto fanpage likes for Facebook, or any free Facebook auto liker and all...

Your brand and it's business activity need an active but strong presence on social media. And no doubt, the Facebook is the most popular and a biggest social networking site today. Hardly, you can find a young heart who is unaware of Facebook.

It is the Facebook which is rich with billions of its active users, and that is why it is highly considered as a best social marketing platform available for free to the marketing world.

Well, apart from having a chat or sharing the photos & videos with your friends on Facebook, it can be used as an effective source of income. Bloggers & Marketers find Facebook as an excellent platform to attract the visitors and then buyers for their product or sell services. By posting more and more contents, interesting videos on Facebook, it is easy to pull more and more followers and get more and more likes for the products and services. Facebook offers a broad platform to increase traffic for your website and in turn delivers a great mob of clients for your business.

Do you want organic traffic for your website? Who would say no? Every blogger/ digital marketer wishes to receive tons and tons of Organic Traffic from Search Engines. But, getting organic traffic from search engines was never a piece of a cake walk. Because you are not the only blogger who is competing to rank first in Google Search Engine Results. You have got millions of competitors online who wish to rank first on Google. It’s a dream for many.

To make this dream come true, everyone looks for the tricks to reach that position. To fuel up this race, SEO experts come up with hundreds of On-Page SEO factors that help you rank No.1. You might have even seen my recent publication 101 Most-Wanted SEO Tips & Google Ranking Factors for ranking higher in SERP.

That’s huge.

It can be incredibly interesting to just buy-buy-buy when you are thinking about the backlinks only. And nearly all the blogger or publishers who are in the SEO field tend to consider buying the backlinks. I think go are going so deep into it when we focus so heavily on SEO. But unfortunately, buying backlinks doesn’t always drive the best results for the money and time you spend on it. As you know, the digital market is moving and marketing strategies are working on brand awareness more.

Branding is becoming the most important part to get success in digital marketing, once your brand becomes well known in the market, SEO will not be affecting your popularity and the need of buying backlinks will not work for your search rankings. Let's check out, how buying backlink won't work your brand for getting higher search rankings.

Want to get more traffic to your blog? How to get 120,000 visitors to your blog in a week? How to improve traffic to website? How to get more readers to your blog posts? And the quick answer is; you need to create a video of your blog post. Let me prove it with very common but most familiar & most popular examples. Start by thinking about what you wish to achieve with your video content marketing strategy. I hope you get help from this article and structure for developing a content marketing strategy. Video content marketing strategy for blog
Publishers used to search; how to develop a video marketing strategy? How to make the best video content plan? How to seriously engage your traffic? And so on...

Content is the king, so it's necessary to frequently review your content marketing strategies. Video marketing is one of the most influential marketing media online these days and I strongly believe that it will keep growing. Videos are among the most adaptable method every content marketers can plan to stay ahead for driving targeted traffic. By 2020, the online published videos will consider for more than 80% of all the organic traffic. Then so, the video content marketing strategy is a fundamental method to execute for all companies.

A content strategy and content strategy marketing methods are clearly distinct from each other. The video marketing is one the advanced methods for promoting your quality content. Most of the online businesses are adapting to video content marketing as a powerful and effective content marketing & promotion strategy.

People also ask; How do you promote your blog? What is a content promotion? How do you promote a product? What are the different types of promotion? All the answers will be described herein this page; that includes a number of methods of promotion used in marketing that you can use to get more backlinks, social shares, and traffic from your content and ultimately that'll make your post viral on social media.

We all know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world & the reason behind this; the most of the people tending to prefers watching a video than reading the text. Due to this, the video has more 'engagement-rates' than text. In addition to this, we all know that the human mind understands the language of pictures (flow of pictures = video) more than a text. Videos are one of the best ways to fire your content. So this is more creative & most effective way to increase traffic to your blog.

Here I am enlisting some very important points that how you can use video to drive traffic to your blog. But before that remember one thing, you make sure your video should NOT be as helpful as your blog post as it may create a reverse effect & people just stick to your video & ignore your blog post. Stay connected you will get the idea. Here are 9 suggestions to get you started on your way to set your great social media marketing content strategy for your blog or website.

Thanks to marketing experts emphasizing the importance of social media marketing for a prosperous business future, many have started without actually knowing how it’s done. Similar to traditional marketing techniques like newspaper ads and TV commercials, you can’t expect to generate a high ROI if you fail to target the potential audience. Your social media marketing approach should be cost-effective and efficient if you wish to scale your business. Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros
Publishers used to search; what exactly is social media marketing? How social media marketing companies getting success? What is SEM in digital marketing? How to create social media marketing strategy ppt that engage users? How to get succeed in social media for businesses & entrepreneurs? Effective ways for your content marketing strategy? And so on...

In order to go through with a successful social media marketing plan, a business must overcome numerous common challenges and of course saying no to digital and social media marketing courses. It’s true that high-quality content, carving enough time and adequately measuring all the result will give present you with a box filled with a surprise. However, there is no guarantee that when that box opens up, it will bring a smile to your face or it’ll break your heart.

That’s because everything you know about social media marketing will only give you expected results.

For successful businesses, which have been running for decades, surprises won’t matter that much. However, if you are a startup, you can’t afford to get any surprises leading you to a loss. Startups and businesses that operate on a shoestring budget need to focus on making the most out of their marketing strategies. Though social media marketing is known to be one of the competitive techniques, any unsuccessful long-term campaign can destroy you as well.

The emerging threat of malware has brought a lot of security issues to cyberworld globally. It requires some serious efforts and preventive measures to keep data and systems safe from this nefarious threat. You should remove the malware, but if there is any problem then you must check out the comprehensive android virus removal guide. How to Remove Android Virus
Android users used to search; How do I check for viruses on my phone? Any android virus removal technique? How do I remove malware from my Android phone? How can I remove the virus from Android phone? Do Android phones need antivirus or internet security apps? And so on...

Just like securing your social activities on networking sites I was talking about 10 Ways How To Secure Facebook Account From Hackers Here, I'm have just discussed some effective steps, how you can remove malware from your Android device to keep your data safe.

Shut Down the Device Instantly: Well, now you know your device is under malware attack, the first thing you should do is to power off your device. This step may not help you remove the malware but it will stop further damage to your device by malware.

You can also try to perform Android virus removal manually by removing the malicious app from your phone but I found here the proper solutions and potential android virus removal methods that will guide about Android viruses and fixing the virus infected phones. Once you turn off your device, the malware on your device won’t be able to connect to the network to further spread on your device and cause more damage. It will also give you time to think and research the problem you are facing. If you feel doubtful about android virus removal and need to ask for the expert advice you are on the right page.

Different social networking websites hold a great significance in digital marketing, which is used to improve the visibility of websites on the web. As social media websites are used by a large number of people all around the world, they are a great source of website traffic and business opportunities. The best social sharing plugins for WordPress in 2018
Users used to search; what are the best sharing addons for WordPress? List of top rated social sharing WordPress plugin? Best wordpress post share plugin to drive social traffic? How to increase website visitors with most effective social media plugin for website? And so on...

More than 70% of internet users are active on social sites and that entirely calls a great marketing opportunity that you cannot underestimate. So the social media plugins integration is a necessary task to do for marketing and advanced branding of your website in this tech world.

After the search engines, it is social networking sites which enables you to drives huge traffic to your blog or websites. A website with a strong social presence can rank well in Google's SERP that all those sites that don’t have any presence on social networking websites. In simple words, More Social sharing/liking of live posts = more traffic to websites, unlimited opportunities for quick communication with customers, the collection of customer's feedback in bulk.

These days, WordPress websites are created and optimized in great numbers on a daily basis for the acquisition of new business opportunities. Fortunately, WordPress offers numerous social media sharing plugins. Using those plugins, you can automate your SMO (Social Media Optimization) activities and be a leader in the digital marketing landscape.

There are various social media sharing plugins ready to use for WordPress that it becomes powerful for beginners to pick the best plugin. In this post, I'm going to share some of the best social sharing plugins for WordPress 2018 that you can implement right now. Have a look at the top 10 Responsive Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress detailed here below. Implement these suggested and high-rated Social Media Icons WordPress plugin without any coding skills. This improves your website to get greater exposure as well as increase engagement with your website visitors.

With the time lapse, it's been prove that the Google AdSense is the best way to monetize a blog. The Adsense for publishers offers the best ways to make money blogging and adds extra monetary value to your content. It is the number one high paying banner advertising network that offering high revenue to the publishers all around the world. AdSense Premium Publisher Account
Many users used to search; what is premium Adsense account? How to (tips) get the Google Adsense Premium account approval? What are the features and benefits of having a premium adSense publisher account? What are the best ways that'll make you a Google AdSense Premium publisher? How to become Google Adsense Premium publisher with the existing account? And so on...

For many AdSense publishers, especially for the newbies, getting the Adsense account approval from Google is a great thing. That's nothing but it gives them motive and an encouragement to achieve something great in their life. Well, getting a standard account of Adsense for publisher is just a basic form to start making money online. There is something much larger than just having a regular account of Adsense for publishers.

Have you ever heard about Premium AdSense Publisher? This is what you are missing. For the premium AdSense publishers, there is something great with additional features. There is something extra features and benefits that can make you earn more than normal. Having a Premium AdSense Account is something big that anyone can increase a blog’s revenue amazingly.

Getting Google ads on your website is normal, but getting highly customized Google ads makes you premium AdSense user. It is the account where you can earn extra than normal. It is the account with extra features that offer additional benefits to premium publishers as compared to traditional publishers. The Premium AdSense account is a special Adsense account. This is an account that engages your high-quality content with high CPM ads for your massive traffic with 100% fill rate.

As per the eligibility, the premium Adsense publisher account is designed mainly for the blogs and websites that drive massive organic traffic from search engines. Let's check out how Google monetization boosts your estimated Adsense revenue and how you can be a Premium Adsense Publisher.

Have you checked your Gmail usage? You will wonder if you found its size in Gigabytes[GB]. You Google account usage is nothing but the shared storage with Gmail email service, Blogger, Google+ photos, Google Drive files. All of your Google Gmail account data get 15GB storage drive space for everyone including Google photos storage limit. However, we know other data usage and storage, but not that much aware of email data stored into the account. The quick question is how do I delete a large number of emails in Gmail? Clean up the Gmail inbox
Gmail users used to search; how to find big mail file in Gmail? how to delete emails in Gmail all at once? How to increase Gmail storage space free? How to find & remove large Gmail attachments? How to free up space in the Gmail mailbox by removing bulky email messages and deleting the large files attached? How to delete large attachments to save storage space in Gmail? How to organize emails by size Gmail? And so on...

Once you reached that limit of 15GB, your Gmail storage quota exceeded, you can access Gmail email account but then you can't send or receive emails because you're out of storage space. You must know that the Gmail makes it difficult to delete an attachment without deleting the messages or gmail archive. So the question is, how to find large emails in bulk & track down big attachments? How to free up space in Gmail account? How to increase Gmail storage space free?

Gmail ran out of space? - Stuck out of storage google drive or unable to send/receive emails, you required to make room for new emails, or you need to delete large attachments to save storage space. If you don't know what's eating up your Google space, then this tutorial will help you in finding the emails with the largest attachments in your Gmail Account. Let's free up space in Gmail mailbox by checking the large attachments running out of your Gmail space. Learn how to search these large sized emails and remove them for making more room in Gmail storage drive. Also, learn how to free up storage space on your Google account and tricks to clear Google drive space to increase storage.


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