The idea behind creating a website varies from sharing your expertise, info to promoting the products or services. Everyone has a different way to express their knowledge and also push their products online via websites. But one thing you must require that a best clean website. You must have a nice template, that must be SEO friendly, mobile-friendly, Adsense ready and fast loading. Let's check out most required free AMP best blogger templates that you can't ignore. I have shared the most popular, best-selling, premium quality APM Blogger templates for your business, eCommerce, company, blog, affiliate marketing sites. Here you will find the fastest loading and Ultra-SEO friendly APM blogger templates featured with rich snippets to identify all parts of your website and are listed in SERP as well. Accelerated Mobile Pages (APM) —
Before moving onto the list of effective APM blogger template, first, we will have to explore more on what this AMP means. People love to ask so many questions on Google like; What is Google accelerated mobile pages? What is AMP format? What is the AMP page in SEO? What does Google AMP do? What is the AMP website? Do amps require https? How is AMP created? and so on.

Google announced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in the month of October 2015. This is a framework allowing you to create fast-loading mobile pages for your website. This is a specially designed open-source platform. And it allows the publishers to improve the speed. It also helps website owners to give the best possible user experience for their readers on Mobiles. AMP page loads faster on low internet speed as well and hence readers don't have to wait for pages to get loaded. So, the majority of publishers, site owners, etc. are adopting this latest and efficient technology.

The most powerful advantage of AMP is that it does not cut the ad revenue. So basically, the AMP is a path to create fast-rendering pages for mobile devices. There are 3 basic functionalities; AMP HTML, AMP JS and AMP CDN on which APM works. Also, SEO Optimization is equally important for developing the template which helps to increase the traffic. You may refer to this article to learn more on these 3 functionalities: Getting Started with Accelerated Mobile Pages (APM) | Know More About AMP Project

Want to be a successful blogger? And then Problogger? Want to take your blog from the bottom to the high level? Do you want to create a successful blog? If I ask these questions, then no one will say NO. But the question stands again, HOW? If you see, there is a wide difference between a job doing person & a skilled person. A skilled person makes it easy & succeed to make an impact on everybody's mind. Because he uses all his skills to do that job strongly. Blogging skills required to be a blogger
People used to search about blogger education requirements, required life skills for professional bloggers, what skills needed to create a blog? What are the marketable blogger resume skills? How to start a blog? How to become a blog editor? Skills of a fashion blogger, What skills you need to have for full-time blogging? How bloggers need to be successful? What skills you need to look for hiring a new blogger? or blogging skills checklist, and so on.

Strong skills make you stand stronger in the competitive world, and this also applies to bloggers too. Every job requires some sort of skill to complete it successfully at the desired time. Like all other jobs, blogging also require some skills. The fact is that if you want to become a full-time professional blogger, you’re going to learn a lot of various things.

Few peoples determines that, it's so challenging to be a successful blogger & it is the reason why they later get failed to make money from blogging. It's because they are unaware of the skills that blogging does truly require. They just keep blogging, keep blogging & quit.

Every blogger wants to be a successful & professional enough to make money through blogging. But only a few of them who use their skills, develop it on time-to-time become successful & then problogger that succeed to make money blogging.
So what are those skills a blogger should possess to become successful? This article is an attempt to detail all those skills. So let's see top blogging skills checklist that every blogger should know & here I just listed them one by one to become a better blogger.

Today, in this article we are going to discuss which milk is better cow or buffalo? As well as I'll also shed some light on the difference between cow and buffalo milk. The choice also depends upon which type of milk you want to consume; buffalo milk or cow milk. There's no doubt that milk is highly nutritious drink ever. Milk is an essential item in food and diet. Cow Milk Vs Buffalo Milk
These are the typical questions people love to ask on Google; Which is better cow or buffalo milk? Who is better to prevent Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)? Which milk is best to drink? Is buffalo milk bad for health? Which milk is good for gym cow or buffalo? Which Ghee is best? Can we mix cow milk and buffalo milk? Is buffalo milk healthier than cow milk? Which milk is best for kids? Which milk is best for weight loss? cow vs buffalo milk? cow milk is better or buffalo milk? which milk better cow or buffalo? and so on.

Vitamin C and vitamin A are found in large amounts in buffalo milk, and these two vitamins are essential for the functioning of our immune system and the overall protection of the body specially helps strengthen your immunity during the coronavirus pandemic.

In our daily routine, we utilize the milk in our meals, menu, regular feed, cooking, and try various recipes to have it in our body. The milk is actually an inseparable part of our life. From the morning tea, to till in the night dinner, and throughout a day, there are a lot of uses of milk. Milk is not only a powerful drink for growing children but also it is helpful for the people of all age groups especially those who worked out daily.

You may already know more about the milk and its nutrition facts. Doctors recommend taking milk every day to stay healthy and strong. Milk is a primary and very much powerful tonic for all the people to get stronger health & life. Since it is a strong source of calcium, protein, vitamins, fat and many more, whether it may cow milk or buffalo milk, the MILK plays an integral part in our growth. But when you have to choose between buffalo and cow milk, which one is better? Well, both of these types of milk have their own advantages, disadvantages, positives and negatives benefits.

We can easily differentiate the buffalo milk and cow milk by looking at its thickness or by easily, there is mentioned on the packet that the milk is full creamed milk i.e. buffalo milk. Now, today here, we're going to study and get summaries about the advantages, benefits of cow milk vs buffalo milk. Which type of milk is better for our body, and how it is important for our health? What are the benefits of cow milk? Why buffalo milk is better? Disadvantages of cow milk? Advantages of buffalo milk over cow milk? And much more. Here I'm discussing the most reasonable information about the milk.

As we all know, Android developers are working too hard to satisfy their end-users. And hence they keep building various apps. If you open play store, these apps are readily available for you to fulfill your needs like the image editor, sound recorder, puzzle games, wallet applications and much more. You can easily find varieties of applications on Google play store app anytime. But, there could be a problem with google play services itself due to which sometimes you can't install apps or your play store stuck on downloading or sometimes google play store not working. Here in this post, I have listed many solutions which will help you play store downloading the issue to resolve the problem by google play services. Fixing Play Store not downloading apps
These are the typical questions people love to ask on Google; Why isn't Play Store downloading anything? Why can't I download apps from the Google Play store? How to fix google play store not working? Why Play store is showing download pending? Why play store showing "Can't install App"? Why are my apps not downloading Android? Fixing Google Play Store Error Code 971? How do I install Google Play Store app? How do I fix the Google Play store error? Why does my Google Play store say download pending? Why does my Google Play store keep stopping? and so on.

A lot of people facing this problem of play store downloading not working and they keep digging solutions for this. But there are actually some reasons behind why such error is there in your play store app itself.

Some users mailed me that their android apps downloading but not installing whereas some of the Android users are also encountered the Google Play Store downloading issue after Oreo update on Samsung, RedMi, LG, and Motorola brands.

Some got stuck at download pending in play store; all these issues show the problem with google play services and the Android OS algorithm. Do try the below-mentioned solutions and solve the Play Store downloading problem that you are facing on your Android phone.

I installed Battlefield V a few days back, and after some missions completed, I'm getting errors with Battlefield 5 play. Most of the times, you can play 3-5min of gameplay without any issues but then your Battlefield 5 screen crashing after 2 min of playing with the error window saying "Battlefield V has stopped working" Battlefield 5 stopped working
Gamers used to search for how to fix Battlefield V crash on pc? Battlefield V Freezing at 3rd stage why? How to fix bfv.exe? How to solve the Battlefield Connectivity Issue on Windows 10? How to Fix BFV error on the computer? Fixing Battlefield 5.exe Has Stopped Working? And so on...

Battlefield V is out now, and players are facing quite a few errors, problems, and general bugs that can be fixed with easy solutions. With that error message "Battlefield V has stopped working"; it caused the program to stop work correctly. The gameplay windows will get closed the program with the full message:
Battlefield V has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
A window will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
Battlefield V gamers are encountering many problems such as starting, crashing, freezing, connectivity, and graphics errors while playing the Battlefield 5 game. Up to some missions, the game plays smoothly, but I have seen, after completing some stages, you will face an unexpected Battlefield 5.exe error while playing which causes you to stop the game to play further.

Its really irritating and seems hard to solve the error of Battlefield 5. But my friend, don't worry, there is a quick solution, that might like you to get rid of the problem of Battlefield V. Today in this post you'll fix the Battlefield V issues and make the Battlefield game run smoother. Keep reading.

To be straight, if your business is running slow or not as your expectations then it's your fault, don't blame the business. If someone else in your area is running the same business successfully, says it all, you are just unable to run your business properly. There are many businessmen who earn lakhs and crores of rupees from their hard work, but then one question arises why are you lack behind and still unsuccessful? Why is business slow right now? What effect does business slow-down have on sales? What do you do when business is slow? How can you bring the business back to life? How do you prevent startup failure? And this is what we are going to check here today. What can I do if my business is not running well?
We invest lakhs of rupees in certain businesses but don't get expected returns and ended with the reason being wrong management. We try to attract customers by using those typically used traditional ways and other business analysis techniques but don't dare to change the way responsible for the actual failure. At such times we straightaway say that the choice of the business went wrong without doing any self-assessment as where and how we did it wrong. But on the other side, because of this, we are also wasting a golden opportunity to correct our worst business mistakes.

No business can be unsuccessful if you convey your business branding to the people in a proper way. I am familiar with so many people who started another business just because the first one is not running, and the result is zero, but still, they didn't try to do self-assessment and failed to know what is missing. Instead, they get disappointed and becomes a failure once again by blaming their destiny. So friends don't be disappointed if the business is not running as per your expectations. Implement the following business intelligence solutions, that will help you bring the business back to life and you will see the best results soon.

There are lots of opinions; why Android phones are better than iPhone but the fact that the questions "why is my phone battery dying so fast all of a sudden" or "why is my battery draining so fast android" Android battery draining fast fix
Android users used to search for why is my phone battery draining so fast? Why is my Android phone battery dying so quickly? Why is my phone battery dying so fast all of a sudden? Why Android battery drain while sleeping? Is there any Android battery drain virus? Does Android battery saver mode actually work? How to increase mobile battery life fast? How to fix Android battery? And so on.

Especially Samsung galaxy battery draining quickly so a large number of Samsung people facing the draining problem. In the series of Android problems and solutions, today we are going to see; how to fix android battery drain issues? Android OS Marshmallow/ Nougat 6.0.1 battery drain fix, quick tricks for fixing poor battery life on smartphones in Lollipop or KitKat and also discuss on removing system hogging apps, extending battery life, unknown problems that are draining your battery in the background and going to learn new smart ways to improve your mobile battery life.

In today’s world, with 4G/5G handsets by the latest mobile operating system upgrades and new technology Qualcomm chips in the market, it is indeed difficult to keep track of the battery level on your smartphone. Smartphone companies like Samsung, One Plus even now have battery issues in their flagship phones. Of course, the sporting specifications better than some laptops today will certainly push the lithium-ion battery to its limits. Having said so, that is not the end of the hassle-free smartphone experience.

It is widely known that heavier apps drain the battery faster. And if you left the GPS turned ON for overnight in addition to Wi-Fi, you’ve had it. Probably because of this, users getting huge battery drain fast especially with Oreo/Marshmallow. Moreover, the screen timeout and brightness as well as affecting the battery life. The 25% usage for the display brightness itself is the sign of a healthy battery. Even though if you see, in recent years, Samsung phone battery life problems are considerably issued and so the Samsung Smartphones have come up with the ultra-power saving mode, it makes the phone fit only for calls.

For the longer battery life possible, try to manage your battery between 20 and 85 percent. Avoid letting phone battery totally discharge, and don't charge it from 0% up to 100% too often. Let's check out the quick ways for Android battery draining fast fix & to solve battery draining problem in Android OS.

An explorer is a Windows operating system's program and it helps us to browse through our files, folders, images, and any other personal data. But sometimes, you face problems with explorer & so your windows explorer not responding. It's very annoying when explorer keeps crashing or freezes frequently. The error you receive on your screen looks something like this: "Windows File Explorer has stopped working". No worries, here in this post, I've given some simple steps which will help you resolve this Windows explorer crashing issue from your computer. Fix for Windows explorer keeps crashing issue
People used to search; Why does my explorer keep crashing? How can I restore Windows Explorer? How do I fix Windows Explorer? How do I stop Windows Explorer from restarting? How do I fix a file explorer.exe that crashes on Windows 10? How do I fix File Explorer problems in Windows 10? How can I restore Windows Explorer? How do I fix windows explorer has stopped working in windows 10? How do I troubleshoot a file explorer? How do I close File Explorer in Windows 10? And so on...

As you guys all know, Windows Explorer is nothing but File Explorer which shows all your personal data like files, folders, images, videos, etc. in a hierarchical structure. You may have also seen an internet explorer has stopped working; it's really horrible and very frustrating when such problems occur and you are working on something important tasks and you don't have an option apart from restarting the Windows. Just follow the instruction as shown, and it's not that much hard but surely you will solve this error of file explorer crashing windows 10.

Before jumping to the solution to repair windows 10 explorer, you also need to understand a couple of possible causes due to which this error of windows explorer freezing occurs. Check out below causes of windows 10 explorer keeps crashing error too.


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