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Surely you can earn money with a travel blog, even more, I can say, you can make money with anything you have by directly or indirectly once you build yourself as a brand and able to drive the targeted audience around the thing you are mastered in. I have seen the professionals making money from their passions and still involving, developing themselves into the same niche. It also applies to making money travel blogging. Earn Money as Travel Blogger
Many travelers tend to ask; how to start a successful travel blog? Can you make money travel blogging? How do you make money as a travel blogger? How do you become a travel blogger? How do you make money from blogging? How do you write a travel blog? How do you earn money traveling? How do you get paid to travel? How do you make a living from travel blogging? Is it easy to get paid to travel and make money as a travel blogger? What’s the best way to make money travel blogging? How much money can you earn as a travel blogger? How do we make money travel blogging? And so on...

Blogging is the common term applied to someone who likes writing the reviews, publishing the experience, or demonstrating tech tips based on his/her own opinion on any subject including technology, fashion, social media, career, money making online, as well as travel too. It will be great if you love both blogging and traveling for making some money out of your travel passion.

As I used to say, making money blogging is really all about converting your passion & skills into the cash and get living out of it. Becoming a professional travel blogger is not that much difficult but just like any other business, such a professional blogging also needs your time, dedications and the patience to be successful. Moreover, it required a lot of things to learn from writing the pages to mastering the successful marketing techniques. From the day one, you need to start forming the base and building yourself as a brand for the targeted audience to deliver your services and products. But in case, you are here only for making money and it is the only purpose of your blogging passion then I would say NO for entering into the field of blogging, rather, if you really like writing and publishing or at least some part of blogging then this blogging industry is for you; it is always there to help you out, but only if you're really passionate about it. If you enjoy writing the content as travel stories or useful travel tips, love photography, videos, and the enthusiastic person on social media then I straightly recommending you turn your passion about travel blogging into a source of income & as a career.

How to have a successful travel blog? How to become a professional travel blogger? - If you see, the best business travel blogs are fewer on the Internet. I can't describe myself as a “freelance travel blogger” as my blog pages are all about tech guides and totally different from the travel industry, but yeah, I surely suggest you about how to create a successful travel blog and make money out of it. Though on this page, I'm going to share most effective ways on how to write for travel blog and the secrets of money making travel blogging that will help you work as a professional travel blogger. Learn how to build & promote your travel blog with the best tips after 10 years of professional blogging.
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The prime question; how to monetize your website without Google Adsense from full-time blogging? How to start making blogs for money to earn from home? How bloggers make money with google ad alternatives? can you make money blogging? When it comes to making money from a blog, most of the blogger considers going with best Google advertising network for monetizing the content. Even though, displaying ads on the blog is the oldest still it is the most popular monetization way for making money blogging. By displaying ads, the simple blog can be turned into a source of income. And most of the new bloggers have the first aim of making money from advertisement. So start make money from highest paying pay per click ad networks listed below without investment. Top PPC Networks 2018 - Here I am going to discuss not only the best Adsense alternative to earn money but the tested high paying contextual PPC Ad Network that will allow you to make extra money with Adsense. As a blogger, to make money online, it is necessary to get registered with the various ad networks which work perfectly for your content. With plenty of top PPC networks available, those allow you plenty of opportunities to earn a handsome income. No doubt, the first and the foremost option available is Google AdSense. The Google Adsense is best in all the way. And that's why every new blogger always builds their blogs in thinking of making money with AdSense first. Well, there are several criteria needs to be considered for getting approval from Google AdSense. Many bloggers experience rejection from Google AdSense, or sometimes their running account is banned by Google AdSense. Overall, it may be a frustrating to hear such a bad news from Google AdSense. If you follow all the Adsense terms and policies carefully, you will not face any failure ever, and that applied to all other Adsense alternatives too. If your AdSense gets banned, then don’t get frustrated. The world is much bigger and is full of opportunities. There are many other Ad networks those are willing to work with you. There are many more options available where you can monetize your blog and earn a significant income.
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The "Authorized Digital Sellers" = "Ads.txt" is a reasonable initiative introduced by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Tech Lab to support, promote, authenticate and improve the transparency in advertising for online publishers. The main purpose of ads.txt is to protect the programmatic system for both advertisers, publishers to avoid fraud activities that usually occurs in buying & selling ad slots (i.e. ad inventory).
What is the ads.txt & all about?
People used to search; How to add the ads.txt file to blogger? what is ads.txt? How does it work? How to add Ads.txt file into Blogger? Ads.txt on blogger root directory? How can I implement ads.txt functionality into our Blogger? What kind of problems does Ads.txt solve? How publishers & advertisers can get more advantages with Ads.txt to ad revenue? Do I need to setup ads.txt on my site? How do I implement Ads.txt on the WordPress/Blogger website? What is the ads.txt format? What could be the effect of Ads.txt on Google? How can buyers use ads.txt to verify who is authorized to sell? How to protect your premium inventory with "Ads.txt"? And so on...

In simple words; The "ADS.TXT" consists a list of publisher accounts authorized by the website owner from which the ads can be shown on the website. It will avoid false ad placements from unknown accounts and significantly help to improve your website security in monetizing your content. It’s a simple idea for the ad publishers to specifically show the buyers who are authorized to sell their ads on the website by using Ads (Authorized Digital Sellers) txt file.

It's a new innovation which tries to overcome the action of bad players work to get profit from arbitrage (profitable ad slots) ad inventory in the digital marketplace. This Ads.txt tool that can improve advertising system with the genuine ad buyers to root out frauds & to overcome illegitimate sellers who counterfeit ad inventory & spoof domains on programmatic ad exchanges platforms. For example, fraudulent can buy a low-value ad slot on a low-quality content website like from the programmatic ad exchange, and then he places it on a premium website, like So with the ads.txt feature, this kind of advertisements will not be displayed on unauthorized site.

Clearly, such ads.txt as a reasonable effort makes it more challenging for ad fraud scammers to sell counterfeit inventory. This is a single action which is fighting against such frauds (costs more than $40 billion by 2022) and helps to ensure earnings of the publisher by the amount of ad revenue that’s actually meant for them as well as the preventing buyers’ money being grabbed away. The attempt is taken by IAB, and well-known as "Ads.txt" — and I suggest you implement it now. Let's check out all about ADS.TXT and how you implement it on your website quickly.
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Just writing a blog is not enough. It should be promoted to the public. It is very important not only to drive massive traffic but have more followers for social pages so people tend to twitter marketing software. But as maintaining the twitter marketing blog I think if it is promoted properly then only targeted audience will come to know about your website and its quality content. Learn about the various targeting options & Twitter marketing strategy for the website that will increase the conversions and which will best help you 40% traffic growth in just 15 days using Twitter.
How to use Twitter for marketing to get traffic
Many bloggers used to search; how do I promote my blog on Twitter? How to get more followers on twitter? How are professional bloggers using Twitter for marketing? How do you promote a tweet? How to use twitter to promote your blog? How do I add a link to a picture on Twitter? How do you share a blog post on Twitter? How do I advertise my website on Twitter? How do you drive direct traffic to your website? How to use Twitter to increase traffic to your website/blog?

As I used to say; "Content is the king," and only through quality content, you can drive targeted traffic to your website. Bringing traffic is very important for the blog and for this you need to promote the same in right ways since it is the part of running a great Twitter marketing campaign properly.

Twitter offers an ultimate platform to get connected with millions of active users around the world. More than 300 millions of active users are there on Twitter per month. Without fail, you must take such an opportunity to promote your blog on Twitter. This can be an incredible way to connect with more and more target audience. Tweeting blog can provide you an ultimate gateway to find lots of new customers from millions of users.

Twitter is not only a social networking site but also microblogging service for many bloggers, it allows the registered users to read and share short messages of about 280 characters, which is called "tweets". You don't require any twitter marketing tools as it is an ultimate social networking channel offers lots of benefits to uploading photos, short videos or tweeting blog posts to the public. Twitter allows you to drive more and more traffic to the website. Well, it needs to be tweeted properly. If you use Twitter well, you and your business can benefit the most.

Driving the Twitter traffic is one of the biggest challenges for most professionals. If you think tweeting just a title of the blog post, then it will not work. It will not bring the link back towards the site. For this, you need to be very creative in writing the tweets and being active on Twitter. In order to enjoy blog traffic from Twitter, you need to use most effective Twitter marketing strategies. You need to employ actionable tweet formulas to make your blog post drive more and more traffic fast. Here I'm sharing top 12 tips to help you drive more visitors from Twitter.
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Having a website is a piece of real estate in the cyber world and like a valuable asset. You always want to ensure that it remains safe from intruders, hackers, and thieves. If you’re into the virtual real estate, you can relate to the fact that there are a plethora of ways in which your website could become a victim of a security breach. Be it unsupported and updated plugins and themes, weak password rules, unfettered access to WordPress, or any other non-serious attitude towards your website, can treat the wave for hackers to intrude into your site. Sometimes hackers get into the hosting server you are using. But here you're going to be WordPress security expert after reading this page.
Best WordPress Security Plugins To Protect Your Website
Many WordPress security expert always look to find out about; how do you secure WordPress site? What is the best security plugin for Wordpress? Which is best WordPress malware removal plugin to protect from attack? What are the plugins to secure WordPress hosting from hackers? How to setup best website firewall settings?

Security is the huge issue especially for those who work online. If something goes on, it could directly affect your business and livelihood. Your website is the first point of contact with customers, and imagine if your site is unsafe than there’s a possibility that you lose your brand reputation and income.

Be it a small business or a large organization; both are equally targeted - you need to get on your feet to keep your online business safe. There are multiple ways in WordPress multisite security to ensure your virtual protection including secure passwords and updates, but we recommend you to use plugins to keep your digital property safe. There are various all in one WordPress security and firewall plugin compatible for different security needs and to get the right plugin, you need to define your requirements so that you pick the most-suited plugin easily.

Otherwise, you can select the generic plugin that performs most of the tasks. We have drafted a list of 10 most popular comprehensive, simple to work, stable and compatible WordPress security plugins that suit the basic security needs of your website.

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As you know; YouTube is the most popular website at present. Millions of people visit YouTube every day. Millions of people open YouTube to watch videos, like them, share them, comment on them and many much more. And on the other hand, the YouTube can be turn out to be a gold mine for the internet marketers and webmasters (bloggers). It can be a great platform for the bloggers for promotion and to drive targeted online traffic to the website. Drive massive targeted traffic from YouTube
Blogger used to search; How to increase website traffic? How to optimize YouTube to get attention on Google? What YouTube SEO channel settings required for driving massive traffic? How to do video marketing successful? How to get more traffic to your website? How to target google web traffic for blog? Most effective youtube search engine optimization techniques for blogging; And so on..

With more than 3.2 billions daily views, the youtube search is the second largest search engine after Google. As a blogger, you always look to get more and more traffic to your content. With lots of options and platforms available for getting huge traffic, it is the requirement of time that you need to think about YouTube. Since it is owned by Google, YouTube offers an excellent place to advertise and promote content to target audience. As it is the most excellent platform where you can share wonderful videos it can drive more traffic to the blog post; it is very simple and easy.

You have to upload a relevant video in your YouTube channel. Link this video back to your blog post. Those who will visit the video, the possibility is they click on the link. You can notice a considerable increase in the traffic for your website/blog from YouTube. If you get more number of video views, the chances increase for getting more blog traffic and ultimately establishing name or brand. Today, I'm going to discuss all the effective ways to drive traffic from YouTube that will help you better branding. Once you get more and more blog traffic from most trusted YouTube platform, it helps to build your reputation and so increases domain authority fast.
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Most of the times we stuck to identify the song, typically, many of us hear some tune somewhere; but later, it keeps popping up in our head and unless we know which tune we were listening, we got stuck. And that’s the reason, the words "Identify This Song" "what song is this" "find song by lyrics" "apps like soundhound" used mostly for searching on google to find the song you probably don't know. What you knew only is just a tune or a humming but you couldn’t recall or guess the lyrics of the song. I have listed apps like Shazam here including the most working websites & app that listens to music and tells you the song to want to know.
Ways to identify the song
Anyways, don’t you know the name of the song? are you looking for the song’s lyrics? Eager to listen to the same song that you heard somewhere else? Is any melody or song stuck in your mind and are you looking for the lyrics? Then you have arrived at the right place. Check songs identifying mobile apps and websites on this page that will help you to scan and identify the desired song you are looking for.

People used to search; how do I figure out which song stuck in my head for a long time? Which song is this? What are the best online song identifier apps or websites to use? How to check what song is playing right now live? How to identify this song playing on the radio? Which tune recognition app is better than Shazam? How do I enter a song to identify in Shazam? How to listen and find song online? Can you hum into Shazam? And tons of questions.

Fortunately, there are many ways to find a totally unknown song and there are some easy ways to get the lyrics of the song too. There are tons of ways are now available over the internet to identify a song while you don’t know the actual lyrics of the tune. Several apps and web services are there to help you to identify the songs. They are having large songs database and hence these services can easily identify the song you are looking for. How they identify the songs? The answer is, these services are made in such a wise way that they dig out the song matching with the simplest clue, tune, or even a hymn into the app. Check out the app that tells you what song it is.

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We all know is one of the best video streaming websites & #3rd most popular website in the world. This is only because of its convenience to stream & deliver videos online quickly to all of us, but still, it's limited in the case of downloading those videos hassle-free. But no need to worry now, today we are going to demonstrate one of the best way to download youtube videos without using any YouTube video downloader app or website.
YouTube downloader online
People used to search, Is there a way to download YouTube videos fast? How to get YouTube downloader mp3 to download songs? How fast YouTube downloader free download videos from YT? Any working YouTube downloader for android? Best YouTube downloader HD instead of internet video downloader or YouTube video downloader for pc to download music mp3, mp4 files in 1080p or 4k resolutions. And so on...

This is one of the fastest free YouTube Downloader trick ever. At the end of the page, you are able to download youtube videos quickly in just 3 sec without any YouTube video downloader tool.

You can save YouTube videos as FLV files, MP4 files, MP3 files, iPod file, AVI file, and more. This method generates youtube video link downloader so that you can download directly YouTube videos fast without using any software.

You can download youtube videos HD or SD. And also to watch your favorite YouTube videos offline on your PC in mp4 formats. So stop searching about Recorder, Converter, YouTube downloader & YouTube to MP3 converter or how to download youtube videos as mp3. And learn here how to download & save YouTube videos in just 3 Seconds by the fast, minimalistic, easy to use & easy to understand method.
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If you have subscribed, you might know that in the previous post, I was discussing what this guest blogging is and what are the benefits that the blogger can enjoy from guest blogging. And here today, I wanted to extend that topic to the next level about what are the common mistakes the bloggers usually making while guest blogging.
Bypassing guest blogging mistakes
Many online bloggers used to search; what are the guest blogging guidelines to follow? How to write a guest blog? how to get a guest post that drives traffic to the website? How to avoid foolish guest blogging mistakes? What are the things need to consider to avoid common guest posting for a blog? And so on...

Guest Blogging - in simple words, means, writing the article for a particular niche and publishing it as a guest author on someone else’s but a related website with author permission linking back to your blog. Guest blogging is considered as the most effective ways to target the new audience and to boost the search ranking of the blog website.

Guest blogging serves amazing benefits to the blogger. Guest blogging gives the blog website targeted exposure. It helps the new visitors driven to the published website to know about your existence and your blog site. This is the perfect way of promoting and advertising the products and services worldwide and to enhance the reputation amongst the customers. With guest blogging, you can drive huge traffic to your blog or website. overall, it helps in building the trust & relationship with other bloggers and customers as a brand authority. Guest blogging is an effective way to make your own brand name among the competitors. It is the perfect way to carve your niche in the competitive market to increase domain authority. Well, there are some common mistakes the bloggers make. This cause results in zero effects or negative effects of guest blogging.

Many webmasters, online publisher, authors are turning to guest blogging as a means to obtain quality backlinks for their blog website. To achieve targeted results, the webmaster must not only write the top-notch guest post but should submit the same to the related, right & targeted blog that will drive the like-minded audience to your website. It is necessary to be very careful while submitting the blog post to a suitable website. Submitting to unrelated or low-quality blogs will do no good for you. Rather, it may harm your search engine ranking.

Guest blogging can be an excellent way for building your business as a brand. It is one of the powerful ways for building quality backlinks for your blog. Well, this could offer positive results only if it is used properly. The bloggers tend to make several mistakes while doing guest blogging. While doing guest blogging, such mistakes should be avoided or rectified. Thus, it is vital to be very careful while doing guest blogging.
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