Rich Snippet: Show star rating for each link in Google search results page for better SEO. Install Schema markup to get aggregated Google rating stars in search results.

Talking about the review and rating system - it is developed to help visitors to know more about the website, service, products, or a company. The review and rating system for any website helps to increase reader's trust, and so can increase domain authority fast & significantly improve your sales performance. Here I'm going to provide you a convincing ready-made backend solution for review and rating System for all your products or any blog pages. This review and rating system is very easy to implement and use. It allows you to publish your google merchant reviews and business ratings to Google search results.

Google star rating system
How to get aggregated google rating stars in search results? How to get Google reviews? how many google reviews to get stars? How to show star rating reviews for each link in Google search results page for better SEO. You are looking for enabling the rich snippets for reviews and ratings, and that is why you have reached this page. This enables Google search algorithm to show the star rating for each of your website pages in SERP.

When the Google search architecture finds valid reviews or rating system markup on your pages then it shows a rich snippet that includes stars and your summary of that page in SERP. Lots of blogger are eager to know about this blogging tip to publish 5 star google rating. These star rating reviews are also a part of the best search output used by Google wanting to show rich results for its every user. This start review rating system is the best way to build website traffic.

For WordPress, there are special WordPress Plugin that will help you to show rich snippet star rating review ratings in the Google search results. And for the blogger, you need to add the following Schema markup in your HTML. Learn how to get reviews on Google & how to show star rating review [Rich Snippet].

Learn simple but practical steps to Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority. But what is domain authority? To any website for its search ranking, the DOMAIN AUTHORITY (DA) is a comparative metric developed by Moz which indicates a score that predicts how much your site is likely to rank in Google's search result. That means it shows the potential of your site that is liable/able to get your site listed in Google search results.

Techniques to gain your blog authority & traffic of your website
Publishers, bloggers and SEO experts used to search, what is Domain Authority? How to improve the DA fast? How long does it take to increase domain authority? What is the difference between PageRank and domain authority? What is a good domain authority score? List of factors to consider to improve domain authority? How to increase DA and so organic traffic? How does the Domain Authority impact SEO or PageRank? How does domain authority help to get recognized as a brand? Domain authority vs. page authority vs. brand authority? Effect of toxic backlinks on DA? How to increase page authority? And so on.

Those days have been set down where the only 'PageRank' was mattered to get listed on search result pages. And if you have read about the facts in Google Broad Core Search Algorithm Updates you may know that with the high competition and with the changing SEO algorithm, the Domain Authority becomes one of the important SEO factors taken into consideration to calculate your search ranking. The domain authority is an output of several parts of your website and in order to improve your DA, you need to focus on all the elements especially that the Moz uses to determine your domain authority. The higher your online domain authority score, the more likely you're going to have higher rankings and so heavy organic traffic to your website.

Here I'm going to discuss practical ways to increase domain authority for your site. The domain authority score ranges from 0-100. Higher the score more chances of getting your site in search results plus greater chances to get more organic traffic on your site.

To discuss all the factors and suggestions to improve DA fast, I've listed top, practical, and actionable tips to know everything considerably required for understanding the domain authority and its effect on your website ranking and the percentage of the growth of organic traffic per month. Not only for understanding the Domain Authority, check out the ultimate guide to boost website's domain authority and get listed at the top of SERP.

Success doesn't come out only with a lot of hard work & dedication, along with this it requires some smart work to stay alive in the competition. The same thing seems to happen with YouTubers. They upload a series of crazy, entertaining videos to make money vlogging on YouTube but unable to find themselves in YouTubes search rankings due to massive competition. As the study shows there are nearly 400-500 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube every minute. But the question is how to manage a youtube channel to get most out of your efforts.

TubeBuddy | The YouTube Certified Premier Channel Management Toolkit
People used to search; how do you manage YouTube channel? How to setup a youtube channel for business? How to manage your YouTube account settings? How to build the perfect YouTube channel? How to set up a YouTube channel? How to manage YouTube videos? What are the targeted keywords and how do YouTube channel keywords work? How to optimize and manage multiple youtube channels one account? How about increasing YouTube SEO? How to improve your YouTube search rankings? How to promote your YouTube channel? How to SEO optimize the corporate YouTube channel? How to rank your YouTube channel higher in YouTube search? YouTube SEO tags? How to optimise video for web? They are checking for top SEO tips for YouTube videos to rank higher in the search.

To answer all the questions, here today I'm going to share and introduce you YouTube tool which is officially certified by YouTube. It's the best tool for Video SEO to manage YouTube account.

Many YouTubers find a big question mark in front of them since there are lots of competition, they don't even think about their survival. In such a cases, if YouTubers do some smart work on YouTube optimization by following some special techniques like optimizing video title, tags & description they can get themselves a good number of viewers and even more subscribers for their channel.

The only tool that can make it happen smartly and quickly is TubeBuddy; really it is a buddy for YouTubers. It's a best YouTube analytics app for mobile video optimization as well to check YouTube analytics in detail view & video manager on YouTube to customize & manage YouTube channel for better YouTube marketing strategy. Don't forget to use TubeBuddy coupon code: 'PBBBUDDY' to get upto 90% discounts.

Nowadays, every blogger knows how to submit the blog to search engines. We have also learned how to increase site traffic and page rank by RSS feed where you have to submit RSS feeds to promote your website or blog content. And it is one of the fastest-growing methods for boosting website traffic where submit your RSS feed to top-ranked RSS feed directories and RSS search engines to get huge traffic. But, now we are going to discuss Ping your blog to Ping services through various ping submission sites.

Sites To 'Ping Your Blog' To Search Engines
Blog owners ask these questions on Google; What is Ping submission in SEO? What is ping service? What is ping submission meaning in blogging? What Is Pingler? What is Ping O Matic? How do I ping my URL regularly? How we can do regular pings to google? What are Ping Submission Sites? How to get mass ping backlinks? How do I ping my website to search engines? And so on.

Pingler is one of the best of 'Top 15 Best Ping Websites' Pingler is one of the useful and preferred pinging service sites in the marketing industry. Like pingler, other ping service pings or reports indexing services like search engines, forums, also the blog search engines, blog directories to notify that your website/blog has been updated.

You will find tons of ping sites which will help you submit your blog to ping services. If you are facing problems with indexing your site or your posts on top search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc. then given list of ping submission sites will be your solution. Now we will see what are the benefits of using ping submission sites.

We all know the Google Chrome is one of the best and most popular web browser for computer and mobile too. And why not? It is best as it provides much-advanced features for all the users. And today we are going to deal with one of the best features Google Chrome shows the warning "This site ahead contains harmful programs" error to users when they wanted to visit a particular website which shows the message in red background about "PHISHING ATTACK" or "Malicious content" or malware alerts like "DISTRIBUTING MALWARE" or even if the website was hacked.

Fixing the issue of 'The site ahead contains malware'
Chrome users used to search; How to solve the site ahead contains harmful programs error? How to fix “YOUR CONNECTION IS NOT PRIVATE”? How To remove malware from the website in Google Chrome showing "Visiting this site may harm your computer"? How to manage Chrome warnings about unsafe sites? And so on...

It's all about "Phishing Attack Ahead" - we know this warning from Google Chrome is the best features for all the users but its very annoying for the website owners or developers, webmaster. It prevents the site visitors to visit your site which causes a negative effect on the website traffic. Your website traffic suddenly goes down and drastically falls below 10%. As site visits fall, your revenue also falls and then you started to search for the issue of "This Site Ahead Contains Harmful Programs/Malware"

The warning from chrome browser; the website ahead contains malware indicates that the website you want to open and visit might try to install nasty software, named malware, on your system. Moreover, if you see the warning of the "deceptive site ahead" that means the website you are visiting might be a phishing site. Such website ahead contains harmful programs that might cause furthermore trouble to the system owner so the chrome is performing better for you.

But as a web developer, you get known that later; it is all about the malware alert shown by Google Chrome. There is an option to stop Chrome warning - "The Website Ahead Contains Malware" and to disable the malware detection warning in Chrome, but IT'S NOT A PERFECT SOLUTION. We need a proper solution which passes through Google security.

Learn how to remove phishing attack ahead warning and fix the site ahead contains harmful programs from Google Chrome and prevents the Google Chrome to show a phishing attack ahead message on a URL.

YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms on the Internet. You will get every solution to your every problem on this huge video search engine platform of YouTube. Are you also looking for youtube editor? Check out the best and most used video editing softwares for YouTube video editing. Listed most popular the comprehensive video editing software options and editing tools for youtube videos for creating professional quality videos in minutes.

Video editor tools
Millions of people, upload their videos on YouTube every day, but not all videos get succeed, in fact, only a few once will get a large number of views as they expected. Why do people fail to grab more views on their videos? Youtubers use which video editor? How to edit videos that will be convincing for people? How to edit YouTube videos? These and many questions have may come to your mind. Don't worry, you'll get all the answers to your questions in this article.

If you are a YouTuber or willing to start your YouTube channel then you should know, the most popular video editing tools and software. Before publishing any video on YouTube, you have to make sure it is well-edited and should be convincing for all type of audiences. Low-quality and ordinary videos will not able to grab attention from huge audiences on your channel. Finding the best video editing software and youtube editors online is essential. If you search about YouTube editor tools on Google, you will get tons of videos there, but not every tools and software easy to use and some of them might get tough to understand for beginners.

As a YouTuber, if you want to make your YouTube videos more interesting and mistakes-free then this article with popular apps to edit videos for youtube will be going to helpful for you. Here I come with a list of the top 10 best YouTube video editing tools and software's for you. By using these best video editing software for youtube for beginners, you can edit all your videos clean and beautiful, even though, anyone can develop their editing skills, even if they are a beginner. So, let's take a look at it.

Now earn money using android. Here we are going to see top Indian money-earning apps, those special apps earn money by watching ads, earn money app referral code, money-earning apps on google play, top earn talktime apps, best apps to earn money for Amazon, updated apps to earn money online, other money-earning apps like PayTm and many more. Never pay for mobile balance from today onwards.

Free Recharge | Free Talk time | Free Online Mobile Recharge
There are lots of people used to spend money to pay their bills or to get the recharge. But most of you Android users are not much aware that they can earn real cash and rewards by using mobile applications on your smartphone. Yeah, that's true.. you just need to install and do some really easy tasks like by Refer and Earn, downloading apps, surveys, playing the quiz, watching videos.

There is no reason to search for free recharge apps for android, free recharge tricks, free recharge sites, free talk time offers, mobile balance, extra cashback, discount promo code on recharge, recharge coupons or recharge code generator, etc. As because today you're going to get the free mobile recharge, free Talktime, free Paytm cash, Freecharge promo codes, Snapdeal cash, Amazon Gift Voucher, Flipkart e-Gift Voucher & much more.

Don't waste time on thinking because these are offers and don't know when they come to an end, and you seem just got up to try. There are lots of apps that not only give you a chance to earn yourself but also to make extra money in your free time with the apps listed below which will pay you to use them...

Is your computer extremely slow or freezes up regularly? what is the best way to make computer run faster? How to fix computer speed? How to speed up slow PC? From the last decade, these Windows 7, 8 and now Win 10 are the brand new operating systems from Microsoft, and it is known as a big addition regarding new features as compared with other OS. As more features are built, these windows are then eating more resources that causing lagging & incredibly slow operations. Check out why your computer is extremely slow and how to make your Windows computer run faster and how to troubleshoot slow computer for faster performance.

Fix computer speed & optimize Windows for faster performance
And now the questions are how to optimize Windows? How to get my pc to run faster? How to get your laptop to run faster? how to make Windows faster that ever? How to disable, enable unwanted features? What are quick ways & essential tips to speed up a slow Windows PC? How to speed up a laptop for gaming? How to turn off visual effects to free up RAM? What is the best way to make computer faster? And so on.

If you want to find out what makes a computer fast and top tips & tricks to make Windows faster then you are on the right page. This page also offers helpful directions & suggestions to speed up a laptop in easy steps. Here today, I listed top tips below to provide you some quick, easy ways & steps to improve and tweaks Windows for better performance. Learn more about speed up computer & Windows update issues on slow computers that include optimizing RAM, Hard Disk with troubleshooting Windows update.

Ready to make Windows 10 super fast in case you Windows running slow and causing delayed operations. Check out performance troubleshooter tips for Windows to speed up and optimize computer running slow windows giving a low performance. These are best ways to boost Windows performance. I found these methods working super to run my computer smooth & dramatically faster after troubleshooting windows & taking Windows performance monitoring to a new level.

People used to search; how to slow pc fix quickly and optimize computer performance? How to test computer performance to diagnose the issues? pc performance tool, best pc performance test to run on the system, how to check system performance? How to optimize my pc RAM & CPU usage? Any best pc performance tools to improve computer performance? How to optimize my computer? Check out quick free computer performance tips. You can test computer speed performance with following considerations to fix pc speed. Learn to speed up pc performance and get optimize your computer especially speed up the computer for gaming flow.

I have combined and listed only the best ways from my experiments. Moreover, these steps don't require any paid third party software nor technical knowledge. Follow these free, easy and working tips to make windows faster and faster. This is the ultimate guide to optimizing your computer for peak performance without buying new hardware. You can boost OS operations & performance reliability with these following simple Windows tweaks & techniques.


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