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When you think about it, the most valuable thing on your computer or network is the data you create, which is what your business is embedded on. The most common problems with database backups are able to be avoided just by knowing how backups managed and implementing the best security practices taken while your routine database backup methods. For this reason, backup services like Ottomatik are highly regarded, even for small businesses.
Precautions for keeping your database secure
The complete purpose behind data protection methods of taking a backup of your database is to protect that data from loss and unauthorized access. But what can you do if you lose the device or device data? What types of data security measures do you have now? All types of varies situations can cause data loss and it will affect your business.

The attacks are totally able to be prevented & avoided through standard best practices and that is why; you not only have a disaster recovery plan but you must know the most important data safety tips and quick precautions as these situations are out of control and can randomly be caused to make you lose your backed up database data.

Here presenting the best ways to protect data & most effective database security precautions you need to consider while taking the database backup. In general, these are the most necessary and fundamental precautions any systems administrator must think. But, depending on the type of database and the system you required to protect from loss, there are some extra concerns to take into account.
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The smartphones have become a crucial part of our daily activities. They function as your camera, music player, video player and just about everything else. Given our dependence (or rather over-dependence) on them, it is imperative that they keep going without getting bogged down or losing charge constantly. While smartphone processors see a massive improvement in their performance, phone makers are not that kind with battery technology. And here these 15 Tips helps you to save, improve, boost & extend mobile battery life by getting better performance.
Smartphone Battery Performance
Battery technology has hardly improved over the years. All we get with each new iteration of a smartphone is a slightly large battery in terms of capacity, while a few manufacturers shave off their batteries for slimmer phones. This affects many things and merely wishing the processors to be more and more efficient is simply not enough anymore.

To offset this lack of innovation in batteries, phone makers have started provided their devices with fast charging capability. While this does help, fast charging too has issues of multiple standards in the market. Also, it's not always feasible to lug around a charger in hope of your battery dying soon.

So, what drains your smartphone’s battery so quickly?

This is a question that can have multiple answers merely because each person's usage is so different. Some people have hotspots turned on for the whole day, while some are on a phone call for hours together, while some are gaming at max brightness and max volume. Then there are newer smartphones themselves that come with larger, brighter and power-hungry displays, processors with multiple cores and software that bring more and more features. All these contribute to the battery drain, some little and some more.

Something weird is even keeping your phone idle can cause the battery to drain. Wondering why that happens? Here is the answer - smartphones are complex devices made up of multiple hardware and software components, even when you put your phone aside there are many processes working in the background like the 4G radio, apps, operating system and more. All these need battery power and how much of it is drained depends on how well each phone is optimized.
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The recent times have been marked and characterized by the advancement in technology. The online realm is just like another dimension. For business or company, it is essential to have a digital marketing plan if at all they want to survive in the cutthroat market competition. The traditional form of marketing and advertisements still exist, but the more effective way of marketing is the digital marketing.
Fundamentals of digital marketing
Publishers used to search; What is a digital marketing strategy? What are the activities in digital marketing? How digital marketing strategies that can help you grow business? What are the fundamentals of digital marketing? Why you choose powerful digital marketing plan? How to structure a digital marketing plan?

A company should have a digital marketing plan for many compelling reasons. The digital world is a more common world today than the electronic domain. People are active on the internet more often than watching the television. The digital marketing plan helps in gaining knowledge of the customer and widens the target market.

The digital marketing is beneficial for the business as it accelerates growth and increases clientele. Not only the competitors and desirable consumers seem online but common people including youngsters are also addicted to the digital world. You can take a simple example of online clothes shopping. When a person may need to buy some clothes like a blazer, he will check the blazer online shopping sites to know a number of details. Here the company with better digital marketing strategy attracts him and as a result, gains a customer and creates a sale through him. This is how the digital marketing circuit is affecting the competitive market structure.
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What’s the GDPR and what does it have to do with you? It’s now been over a month since the EU passed the GDPR but many still have no idea what it does. The bad news is that it can potentially saddle you with tens of millions of Euros in fines. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to circumvent those infamous geo-blocks and get your blog in line with the new regulations.
What is GDPR
Publishers used to search; What is GDPR for bloggers? What are GDPR compliance instructions for online publishers? How does GDPR affect bloggers? What do bloggers required to know about GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act is actually an update of the Data Protection Act, which was signed in 1998. The update has been in the works for almost two years and was inevitable, as the previously instated regulations were outrageously outdated. The modern Internet is nothing like it was in 1998. Back then, you could physically eavesdrop on your dial-up connection (remember that?).

The purpose of the new GDPR UK is to grant EU citizens legal control over their personal data and change the way companies around the globe handle it. The updated GDPR certification & set of regulations is much more restrictive than the previous one. Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about how the new GDPR will affect the Internet. There are different interpretations, but the new data protection act ultimately benefits the growing online community as it aims to ensure ethical and lawful data management for the future to come.

Though the new GDPR protects the personal data of citizens in the 28 EU member states, its impact transcends borders (yeah, just like the Internet itself). The fact of the matter is that companies and individuals (mostly bloggers) collecting and handling data worldwide must comply with the new set of regulations. Any entity (regardless of its location) dealing with EU citizens’ or residents’ data has to abide by the GDPR. According to Article 83.5, infringements could be subject to administrative fines up to 20 million Euros, or up to 4% of the total worldwide annual turnover of the preceding financial year for a business - whichever is higher.

Some organizations have implemented geo-blocking measures because they needed time to ensure that their data management policies comply with the new regulations. Geo-blocking, short for geographical blocking, allows online services to restrict access based on a user’s physical location. As soon as the GDPR went into effect, quite a few major companies around the world started geo-blocking any traffic coming in from any of the 28 EU member states. Some notable examples that continue to geo-block users from the EU are the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune.

Read on and you’ll find useful tips to circumvent geo-blocking as well as advice for bloggers concerned about this massive change.
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Do you want organic traffic for your website? Who would say no?
Every blogger/ digital marketer wishes to receive tons and tons of Organic Traffic from Search Engines. But, getting organic traffic from search engines was never a piece of a cake walk. Because you are not the only blogger who is competing to rank first in Google Search Engine Results. You have got millions of competitors online who wish to rank first in Google. It’s a dream for many.

To make this dream come true, everyone looks for the tricks to reach that position. To fuel up this race, SEO experts come up with hundreds of On-Page SEO factors that help you rank No.1. You might have even seen my recent publication 101 Most-Wanted SEO Tips & Google Ranking Factors for ranking higher in SERP.

That’s huge.

It can be incredibly interesting to just buy-buy-buy when you are thinking about the backlinks only. And nearly all the blogger or publishers who are in the SEO field tend to consider buying the backlinks. I think go are going so deep into it when we focus so heavily on SEO. But unfortunately, buying backlinks doesn’t always drive the best results for the money and time you spend on it. As you know, the digital market is moving and marketing strategies are working on brand awareness more. Branding is becoming the most important part to get success in digital marketing, once your brand becomes well known in the market, SEO will not be affecting your popularity and the need of buying backlinks will not work for your search rankings. Let's check out, how buying backlink won't work your brand for getting higher search rankings.
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Today we are delivering you regularly updated High Paying Mobile Apps that earn you real cash and rewards using your best cash reward apps on your smartphone. These latest Free Recharge Apps helps you to earn money while seating at home. There are lots of people spend money on apps for Android OS along with free users. But most of you Android users are not much aware that you can earn real cash and rewards by using special applications on your smartphone. Never pay for the mobile balance. Yeah, that's true.. you just need to install money making apps and do some really easy tasks.
Tested 25 Best Free Recharge Android Apps To Earn Talktime:
If you have a smartphone, then you can easily earn free mobile recharge, free talk time, Freecharge promo codes, free Paytm cash, Amazon Gift Voucher, Flipkart e-Gift Voucher, Paypal cash & much more.

We have listed following top 25 highest paying Android apps which give Free Recharge using mobile phones. You can easily top up your phones and earn real cash and rewards; moreover, we would like to say save your pocket money by using this money making apps.

Also, stop searching for free recharge tricks, extra free talk time offers, cheap call offers, free recharge apps for android, discount on recharge offer, free Talktime app 2016, free recharge app promo code, money earning apps on google play, discount promo code on recharge, recharge code generator, extra free cashback or top free recharge android apps that give instant money etc.
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So you have suddenly realized that making money with your blog may be a good idea. Of course, it is! Turning your creative skills and enthusiasm into a source of income is awesome. Moreover, a smart approach can bring you real money, even if you are a young writer and lack experience in monetizing blogs. If you are ready to grasp the thistle firmly and work hard to become a blogger, then start with reading this small guide.
Make Money Blogging as a Teenager
Many teenagers used to search, what is a blog? how to start a blog as a teen to make money blogging? How blogging for teens work for amazing lifestyle? How to make money blogging even if you are a student? How teen blogger shares there blogging tips for turning a profit through writing jobs? And so on...

What are the perspectives?
Let’s start with some inspiring examples. Did you know that some influential bloggers are as young as 13-16? The reason is trivial: teenagers are successful at creating new worlds apart from adults. The Internet provides a great opportunity to become anyone you want to be, therefore millions of new blogs are created every day and a part of them are made by students, like you.

Some of them try to imitate the adult voice, while the others are real diamonds in the rough. Oftentimes, some of them make an Internet buzz and earn the interest of the blogosphere for a long time. These blogs attract thousands of fans from all corners of the world, allowing their authors to locate advertisement on their resources and therefore earn money.

For example, the author of a well-known fashion blog Style 'Rookie Tavi Williams' is a 13-years girl, who became an influential figure in this competitive niche. Today, she is a queen of teenage bloggers and even the fashion houses pay special attention to her activity. At the beginning of her career, there were rumors that the real author of Style Rookie is an industry expert, but it turned to be that Tavi is a 13-year-old girl, who really has something interesting to tell.

Her audience goes far beyond teenagers. Adults are also interested in what teenagers have on their minds, as well as businesses and marketers. In a word, various segments of society are interested in teenage blogs. They need opportunities to look inside the life of young people and therefore find fresh insights and discover new territories.

Some teenagers start writing blogs because they feel lonely and search for contact with other kids. The others have specific interests and want to share their thoughts with others. Both have chances to get far. Getting successful is usually connected with self-promotion, quality of content, and luck.
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Taking a business to a whole new level of success requires determination and solid business strategy. You need to find a niche for your business that would be profitable first. Demographic target identification comes next to this.
Effective Digital Marketing Strategies
Online publishers used to search; What does it mean to have a digital strategy? What are the different types of digital marketing? What are the top benefits of digital marketing? What is the role of digital marketing to grow business? Why digital marketing is so important? A sample of digital marketing plan example pdf to get more details on eMarketing? And so on...

No matter what kind of business you are operating, the main motto should be creating a positive brand identity. No matter how good your service or product is, if your propaganda lacks potential, then you will never witness any growth in your business. So, you need to target precise strategies, which will offer a boost to your business. But targeting the right marketing strategy is not a piece of cake and needs to be dealt with seriousness. You need to figure out the perfect way to reach out to the right customers. Proper visibility will have a solid impact on your overall profit. You can check my recent post; Top 20 Signs You’re A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR | Interpretation that will help you to understand more about yourself for running a business online.

One of the most interesting case studies on digital marketing is of the famous sports brand, Nike. The sports brand was founded during the 70’s and during that time, its business strategy was simple. But with the progression of technology, the business strategy of Nike also evolved. Let us have a look at the different business strategy used by 'Nike'.
  1. In the year 1998, Nike launched its website.
  2. In 2004, it introduced its first social marketing campaign, 'Art of Speed'.
  3. It hosted a running game all throughout London.
  4. It hosted a global competition where the competitor has to upload a video of them and upload it on Facebook.
Through these digital marketing methodologies, many businesses have been successfully created their positive brand image. But other strategies can be implemented in your marketing skills to boost not only brand awareness but more traffic and user engagement. Let us have a look at them.
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YouTube is world's most popular & familiar platform to watch online videos. Whenever we think to watch the video, the first name comes to our mind is youtube. We automatically turn towards YouTube to watch videos, tutorials, movie trailers, even more, recipes too. It is so watcher friendly.
Amazing YouTube Tricks and Hidden Feature Nobody Told You About
Users used to search; youtube hacks and tricks? What are the most popular YouTube tricks, hacks, and features? youtube hidden tricks? And so on...

Although Google might be the largest search engine and Facebook is the most popular social site, the YouTube is at the top of video sharing sites.

Millions of subscribers following Youtube Channels each day on YouTube, with over 850 million unique visitors watch public videos on YouTube; approximately 5 billion hours of videos are viewed, with more than 60 hours of videos published for every single minute.

Follow these simple YouTube tricks that every YouTube addict should know which make the YouTube better with improving the user experience. Keep reading and comment below about what you think on this.
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