The recent times have been marked and characterized by the advancement in technology. The online realm is just like another dimension. For business or company, it is essential to have a digital marketing plan if at all they want to survive in the cutthroat market competition. The traditional form of marketing and advertisements still exist, but the more effective way of marketing is the digital marketing.
Fundamentals of digital marketing
Publishers used to search; What is a digital marketing strategy? What are the activities in digital marketing? How digital marketing strategies that can help you grow business? What are the fundamentals of digital marketing? Why you choose a powerful digital marketing plan? How to structure a digital marketing plan?

A company should have a digital marketing plan for many compelling reasons. The digital world is a more common world today than the electronic domain. People are active on the internet more often than watching the television. The digital marketing plan helps in gaining knowledge of the customer and widens the target market.

The digital marketing is beneficial for the business as it accelerates growth and increases clientele. Not only the competitors and desirable consumers seem online but common people including youngsters are also addicted to the digital world. You can take a simple example of online clothes shopping. When a person may need to buy some clothes like a blazer, he will check the blazer online shopping sites to know a number of details. Here the company with a better digital marketing strategy attracts him and as a result, gains a customer and creates a sale through him. This is how the digital marketing circuit is affecting the competitive market structure.

As a professional blogger, you always need to focus on speeding up page loading time for every page added to your blog or website. As you know the page loading time is the primary on-page SEO factor considered by search engines to give higher search rankings. Specially in the case of Blogger blog, you have seen that the default javascript and CSS code automatically get added inside the HTML template of your blog and slowing down your page loading time. And it is the reason why you need to remove default blogger JavaScript and CSS code from the blogger blog.
Remove default blogger scripts and CSS files
The important thing is that you can not find default blogger CSS & JS tags in the HTML template code editor as they are automatically added to your blog whenever the page loads into the browser. Those default files are hidden in all blogs by the default settings provided by the BlogSpot server and only visible once the page loaded completely in the browser.

How to remove default CSS and javascript from the BlogSpot blog? In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can easily remove default Javascript (js) and blogger's Cascade Style Sheet (CSS) from your blogger website pages. These default tags are added by Blogger itself for every page load, to run the default JavaScript and CSS bundle widget files. With the help of the following steps, you can now quickly remove default CSS and js of the blog. By removing these default unwanted 'widget_css_bundle.css' (CSS) and 'widgets.js' (JS) files you will improve your blog loading speed fast.

To speed up blog loading you have to remove blogger default javascript & CSS code which are automatically added in the HTML source code of your blog template between and before tag. You required to remove a couple of links and script tags in the source code like 'b:template' and 'b:skin' in case you are not friendly with the blogger CSS bundle authorization CSS as well as the static widgets. Also, make sure to remove the encrypted 'plusone.js' javascript because it is the biggest reason to slow your blog and causes more time for your website to load.

NOTE: This method is only recommended to those bloggers who are not using default widgets provided by the blogger. By disabling default codes, the default stylesheet CSS, and other native blogger scripts will stop working and you are then not able to use any of the default widgets.

The smartphones in your pocket add an extra value to the personality. It acts like, how much smart & high tech mobile phones you have in your pouch, that much you are in good shape. Google and Apple are the backbones of this smart world of high-end mobile devices; these are not only remained as the best operating mobile systems builder but they are now present newer, upgraded, hi-tech versions of smartphones every couple of months.
Why iPhones are better than Android mobile phones
Mobile users used to search; Which is better iPhone or Android? Why iPhone is the best? Are Apple phones better than Android? iOS vs Android which is better to buy? Is the iPhone better than Samsung? What is the difference between Android phones and iPhones? What are the advantages of the iPhone over Android? Why do people prefer the iPhone over Android? And so on.

Google Android launching a variety of new devices with little changes in specifications whereas Apple iPhones always tends to be launched with new tech features that take you to the next level. The iPhones high with amazing functions and cutting-edge technology, and that makes the iPhone one of the best smartphones presently available in the market. IF you are searching for why iPhone is the best or what can an iPhone do that an Android can't or should you get an iPhone or Android then you're on the right page. It really becomes difficult to choose the best and ideal mobile device as per your need. Even more, I would like to add iPhone benefits for students and so all age group loves the iPhone more than any other smartphones not just because of its look, but iPhone is much faster than Android-based phones.

The iPhones came in a year before the Android one and is really ideal for every pocket. Considering the eye-catchy mobile handsets filled with lots of features and excellent functionality, iPhones beat the Android. By analyzing Android vs iOS pros and cons its seen that the iPhones are much more capable of performing the higher-end functions than compared to Android smartphones. There is no doubt the iPhones are much attractive than Android phones. They really add value to your personality and makes you stand top of all in the crowd. Its look is more appealing, and it is the first reason that it has become the number one choice of the young generation. And it is the reason why do iPhone users think they're better.

The most searching terms everyone looks before buying new mobile are "Android Vs. iPhone" and "iphone vs android argumentative essay" and it's really important to know which is better iOS or Android OS. The iPhones are costly, but is it really a good choice to go with the iPhone instead of affordable Android devices. Like these questions, if you are confused while deciding between iPhone and Android, let's check out the other promising reasons why the iPhone is still better mobile phones as compared with Android devices.

The most awaited Android app Good Lock 2020 is now available only on the Galaxy App store and not in Google play store app across worldwide. The power users are waiting to use this app - since Good Lock is the official Samsung app for customizing Android devices. But somehow it is not easy to download and installs the Good Lock app in all Android versions. Here I going to share the best way for all that allows you to install the Good Lock app APK in your Galaxy smartphone easily bypassing network issues & country lock.
Install Good Lock app on Any Smartphone
As you know, for better-personalized designs, themes, and further customization, Samsung officially launched the Good Lock app previously and updated in 2020. Samsung's Good Lock is probably one of the most powerful customization tools for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The Good Lock app includes a variety of modules like apps, plugins, services. And as per choice users can download and install all the Good Lock modules on Samsung galaxy devices as per customization requirements. Learn to download Good Lock on Android 9 Pie.

Previously I have posted the page talking about Greenify: Optimize Android To Run 10x Faster and in addition to that, Good Lock is also the best optimization app for Android phones. Good Lock is the most popular app launched officially by Samsung especially for customizing Samsung smartphones. It has different types of modules used to edit and change many things, features in the UI as well as functionality like hibernating background apps, tweaking the task manager, edgeLighting+, notification panel, AIO, camera settings, lock screen, home button, split-screen, battery tracker, one-hand operations and much more. But if you check only in your Samsung Galaxy store, you can see it is only available to install for a few countries. Because the Good Lock 2020 app is available only for Samsung smartphones, you'll require to go to the Galaxy App Store to download and install the Good Lock app, modules, and services on Samsung One UI 2.0 easily.

Good Lock apk and module app files with One UI 2.0 support are now available but if you try to install its modules or services manually, then most of the functionality will not work nor their app icons will appear in your home screen or app drawer. And so by considering conflicts, this page will help you all to install Samsung Good Lock 2020 on your Galaxy phone which further allows you to install all your favorite Good Lock modules and to access them easily from your smartphones.

You are here as because you’ve chosen to be html5 app developer and you’d like to know how to develop Android apps? Sounds good! Mobile apps are the latest trend in this modern world of mobile phones and tech gadgets. And, more and more tech enthusiasts are looking forward to developing a career in mobile phone application development. Various business owners are spending on html5 app developer to advise that they require investing in custom app development as it becomes easier with the best programming languages used by many app development companies.
Mobile application development languages
People used to ask; What programming language do you need to make an app? Which cross platform app development languages is best for app development? What are the benefits of developing a mobile app for business? What programming languages for app development is used to develop Android apps? Which programming language is used to develop iPhone apps? What are the different types of languages required for app development with features?

The programming language preferred by html5 app developer can be one of the most essential factors and should also be one of the primary steps required wisely. Since mobile marketing continues to dominate the digital marketing field, the mobile application development business in the last few years has increased considerably, transforming the way businesses perform globally. With smartphone sales predicted to reach 2 billion units in the current year, there has never been a better time to dive into mobile app development. The fact is, if you’re at the beginning in this entire app development situation, you must have the best tools to provide useful, working & best mobile apps. But more than that, you require the proper programming language that’s compatible with the latest mobile platforms.

Millions of users are on smartphones today. So you must have to build compatible mobile apps for all kinds of mobile operating systems. However, one dilemma that many have to face is which programming language they should master for developing some of the best mobile apps out there. In order to grow a highly skilled html5 app developer with all of the essential knowledge, info, and expertise to be the best, it is required to completely know the top 10 programming languages. Well, to cut down the hassle, here we have listed best 10 mobile application development languages that are best for professionals and the beginners alike. This page will also help you to pick the best suitable mobile development platform so that you can jump in and start building mobile apps. Let’s take a look.

Now the Internet becomes one of the major factors in our routine life. And the high-speed Internet is a must as long as the Internet-ready devices are stepping into our lives. Can you boost your internet speed? Because it becomes very irritating even you are working at the office or at your home if you are working on slow DSL Internet connection. To work efficiently you need to do some tweaks to speed up internet access. But how to make the Internet faster and how to prioritize bandwidth on router
Boost & Increase The Internet Speed by QoS
People used to ask; what's QoS? What does QoS do? How to enable 'Quality of Service' (QoS)? How to use QoS to limit bandwidth? How do increase my internet speed online free? How to make router faster? How we can increase the speed of the Internet by optimizing QoS configuration for VoIP? How can you speed up wifi? How can you speed Internet connection? What is upstream and downstream QoS? How to use "Quality of Service (QoS)" to get faster Internet? How QoS improves performance? How To maximize internet bandwidth speed via QoS bandwidth control? How to improve internet download speed? And so on.

You arrived at the right place to know QoS quality of service in computer networking and if you are searching to boost DSL speed and try to get to know how to have a faster Internet connection. Increasing DSL speed depends on many factors such as your computer, browser, operating system, and ISP.

Everyone seems searching the solution for the prime questions: how do I increase internet speed? What are the easiest ways to increase internet speed? Can I increase my Internet speed without upgrading the Internet speed plan from ISP? What are quick tips on how to speed up my Internet connection effectively? and so on. Use the following effective tips to boost your Wi-Fi signal and speed up your internet. Learn more about how to speed up your internet connection to not only have for browsing but to have good download speed.

Some "people" don't want to work hard to earn money. They want to earn huge by the use of oversmart brains & their fingertips with unusual fraudulent tricks. Every day we hear about the online account hacking and news about theft hackers - this is nothing but & most of the time because of "Phishing attack". They attempt a kind of tricks that could make you reveal all your personal details like your bank account details, username, passwords, etc.
Prevent Phishing Attacks
Beware of Phishing - Phishing is an attempt by an online fraudster to trap you to disclose your personal information by the name of a legitimate company or brand through fake emails. Let me remind you that everyone knows the word "fishing" so here you can say a fraudster is fishing to get your personal information including the bank details or other security credentials. The moment they trick you by phishing, they use your credit cards, drain your bank accounts, or change your passwords. For the phishing, they attempt such a convincing trick to built a genuine scenario and you will feel that you are on a legitimate website.

The phishing emails look like same as that of from a genuine legitimate website. So you need to know phishing and be aware of such phishing emails. It is so easy for fraudsters to develop a website that looks legitimate in nature with the logos like on the trusted website. Sometimes it may be a genuine website so it is always useful to type the URL in the search bar to ensure you are signing into the legitimate & official website. The phishing attacks are widely spread these days. The study shows more than 160% of growth in phishing attacks from 2012 to 2019 & it is raised to 420% in 2016 alone. It is because more than 96% of users are unable to identify the phishing emails. Though the security organizations try to block such malicious emails using firewall before they reach the users with the help of DMARC standards, some phishing emails succeed to breach it and reach the customers.

Millions of users have suffered by these phishing attacks over the last 10 years & no doubt it will keep happening again & again. Therefore it is always better to be on the safest side by checking it & staying away from such suspicious emails. So here are some tips that will help you to spot the difference between a legitimate & phishing website. Learn more about EMAIL PHISHING PREVENTION and follow simple ways to prevent phishing attacks.

After updating the new OS, Android phones getting screen flicking problems with the display. Do you have an idea about why this flickering occurs? Yeah, I know, and that's why you are here. Don't worry, it's not a PROBLEM neither with your phone nor OS. When the screen is on low brightness, browsing through web pages causes the screen to flicker.
Fix Android Phone Screen Keeps Flashing
Android users used to search; why my screen is flickering? Why is my phone screen flicker? Why is my phone screen flickering iPhone? Why does my phone keep glitching out or phone screen flickering after dropped? What is the flickering screen? Why phone display randomly flashing phone screen flickering after water damage? And so on...

With the new release of Android 11 (R), Android 10, Pie, Oreo 8.0, or Jellybean 4.2, KitKat 4.4, Lollypop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, or even custom firmware CM10* including ROM & TeamEOS 4; everyone is getting this problem where the screen starts flickering.

Screen display flicker/ glitches/ flashing can happen due to multiple reasons. The device screen would irregularly fluctuate between being bright – blurry – unclear – dim and this occurs more in a low light location. It's incredibly annoying. When the screen is on low brightness or low light on all latest Android, the browsing causes the screen to flicker because of the wicked setting in the brightness sensor.

Here’s our complete guide on how to fix the Android screen flickering problem. So stop searching for Android screen flickering, or display flickering problem and learn how to fix constant screen flickering, flashing, jittering backlight error on-screen display after updating Android ROM.


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