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With the time lapse, it's been prove that the Google AdSense is the best way to monetize a blog. The Adsense for publishers offers the best ways to make money blogging and adds extra monetary value to your content. It is the number one high paying banner advertising network that offering high revenue to the publishers all around the world.
AdSense Premium Publisher Account
Many users used to search; what is premium Adsense account? How to (tips) get the Google Adsense Premium account approval? What are the features and benefits of having a premium adSense publisher account? What are the best ways that'll make you a Google AdSense Premium publisher? How to become Google Adsense Premium publisher with the existing account? And so on...

For many AdSense publishers, especially for the newbies, getting the Adsense account approval from Google is a great thing. That's nothing but it gives them motive and an encouragement to achieve something great in their life. Well, getting a standard account of Adsense for publisher is just a basic form to start making money online. There is something much larger than just having a regular account of Adsense for publishers.

Have you ever heard about Premium AdSense Publisher? This is what you are missing. For the premium AdSense publishers, there is something great with additional features. There is something extra features and benefits that can make you earn more than normal. Having a Premium AdSense Account is something big that anyone can increase a blog’s revenue amazingly.

Getting Google ads on your website is normal, but getting highly customized Google ads makes you premium AdSense user. It is the account where you can earn extra than normal. It is the account with extra features that offer additional benefits to premium publishers as compared to traditional publishers. The Premium AdSense account is a special Adsense account. This is an account that engages your high-quality content with high CPM ads for your massive traffic with 100% fill rate.

As per the eligibility, the premium Adsense publisher account is designed mainly for the blogs and websites that drive massive organic traffic from search engines. Let's check out how Google monetization boosts your estimated Adsense revenue and how you can be a Premium Adsense Publisher.
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Been Writing a blog is always filled with excitement. There are several topics and niches on which everybody can read to become bloggers and show their talent using any blogging platform. Well, after framing the most interesting SUBJECT & related blog posting content, the next step comes to its publishing. A blogging platform is also equally important to make money.
BlogSpot Platform Is Better Than WordPress
Online users and writers used to search; What is the difference between a blogger and a WordPress? Which is the best blog platform? Can you make money from a blog? How do I monetize my BlogSpot/Blogger/WordPress blog? And so on...

Yeah, I am one of those bloggers who like to work and post the content on the blogger platform. On the Internet, I have seen endless reasons for switching to WordPress & why WordPress is must better choice. I stopped reading those posts anymore.

I want my blogging platform to be as fast, functional and easy to use as possible. I understand that self-hosted WordPress is better in few factors; you own your website, you own all your content; best WordPress plugins, better SEO optimization, and all those things. But I got to know that, there is a time when BlogSpot is better than WordPress.

Writing engaging and quality content is always important. However, at the same time, where you actually publish it that also that much valuable in many factors. When it comes to publishing the content online, it seems very confusing and challenging one. Confusing, because, there are many social blogging platforms available for publishing the content; so it is bit confusing and challenging to select the right one.

Blogger vs WordPress for making money — Mainly, the confusion lies and the battle is Blogger Vs WordPress. Both are the most preferable social blogging platforms with similar popularity. Well, when it comes to choosing the one, the Blogger can be the right choice. Let's solve few questions; Why BlogSpot? Why choose blogger and not WordPress? Why is the Blogger better than Wordpress? What are the benefits of blogging with BlogSpot platform? Choosing the right platform ensures exposure to the right and targeted audience. It also works pulling more and more traffic for the content, only if the right platform is selected.

Designing the blog and website becomes easier with a good social blogging platform. Overall, the success of the blog not only depends on how you publish it but also depends on where you publish it. The quality of the blog can only be judged when it is circulated through the quality social platform. The Wordpress platform is the choice for many professional bloggers for the good reasons. However, the BlogSpot is the best choice for the right reasons. Here, we are going to discuss how the blogger is much better than WordPress CMS.
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Have you checked your Gmail usage? You will wonder if you found it's size in Gigabytes[GB]. You Google account usage is nothing but the shared storage with Gmail email service, Blogger, Google+ photos, Google Drive files. All of your Google Gmail account data get 15GB storage drive space for everyone including Google photos storage limit. However, we know other data usage and storage, but not that much aware of email data stored into the account. The quick question is how do I delete a large number of emails in Gmail?
Clean up the Gmail inbox
Gmail users used to search; how to find big mail file in Gmail? how to delete emails in Gmail all at once? How to increase Gmail storage space free? How to find & remove large Gmail attachments? How to free up space in the Gmail mailbox by removing bulky email messages and deleting the large files attached? How to delete large attachments to save storage space in Gmail? How to organize emails by size Gmail? And so on...

Once you reached that limit of 15GB, your Gmail storage quota exceeded, you can access Gmail email account but then you can't send or receive emails because you're out of storage space. You must know that the Gmail makes it difficult to delete an attachment without deleting the messages or gmail archive. So the question is, how to find large emails in bulk & track down big attachments? How to free up space in Gmail account? How to increase Gmail storage space free?

Gmail ran out of space? - Stuck out of storage google drive or unable to send/receive emails, you required to make room for new emails, or you need to delete large attachments to save storage space. If you don't know what's eating up your Google space, then this tutorial will help you in finding the emails with the largest attachments in your Gmail Account. Let's free up space in Gmail mailbox by checking the large attachments running out of your Gmail space. Learn how to search these large sized emails and remove them for making more room in Gmail storage drive. Also, learn how to free up storage space on your Google account and tricks to clear Google drive space to increase storage.
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The emerging threat of malware has brought a lot of security issues to cyberworld globally. It requires some serious efforts and preventive measures to keep data and systems safe from this nefarious threat. You should remove the malware, but if there is any problem then you must check out the comprehensive android virus removal guide.
How to Remove Android Virus
Android users used to search; How do I check for viruses on my phone? Any android virus removal technique? How do I remove malware from my Android phone? How can I remove the virus from Android phone? Do Android phones need antivirus or internet security apps? And so on...

Just like securing your social activities on networking sites I was talking about 10 Ways How To Secure Facebook Account From Hackers Here, I'm have just discussed some effective steps, how you can remove malware from your Android device to keep your data safe.

Shut Down the Device Instantly: Well, now you know your device is under malware attack, the first thing you should do is to power off your device. This step may not help you remove the malware but it will stop further damage to your device by malware.

You can also try to perform Android virus removal manually by removing the malicious app from your phone but I found here the proper solutions and potential android virus removal methods that will guide about Android viruses and fixing the virus infected phones. Once you turn off your device, the malware on your device won’t be able to connect to the network to further spread on your device and cause more damage. It will also give you time to think and research the problem you are facing. If you feel doubtful about android virus removal and need to ask for expert advice you are on the right page.
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As the technology continues to fill every aspect of our lives, from education and healthcare to the business sector, it is resulting in incomprehensible amounts of data. In fact, every day the world generates around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. This exponential increase in data is the result of the Internet and social media boom, rapid global digitization, and the rise in the number of connected things - IoT (Internet of Things).
Data Science & Cybersecurity
Security professionals used to search; what is big data analytics? Why is machine learning applications so important? Why did InfoSec Professionals require to learn about data science? What to know about "data bots" as a data science professional? Differences in data science vs machine learning? How to crack cybersecurity jobs with data science advantage? And so on...

In simple words; Data science is a multi-sided field that uses scientific techniques, methods, algorithms, and security practices to extract information and insights from the data in several formats, that includes both structured and unstructured, comparable to data mining.

Are you looking for best Data Science courses online? Thanks to the Internet, grasping the complex details of data has become much more convenient now that we have a host of online Data Science courses to learn from!

Data is the secret sauce now. Governments, businesses (both large and small), and organizations across various industries are now realizing the potential of data to uncover new paradigms of success and growth. They are harnessing Big Data to optimize business processes, increase efficiency in productivity, boost sales and revenue, and most importantly enhance the process of decision-making. With the help of Data Science tools such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Big Data Analytics, businesses can now get access to meaningful insights hidden within massive data sets. The information thus gained becomes the invaluable asset that companies seek to guard with their life.

However, just collecting huge amounts of data and extracting meaningful information from them isn’t enough - there also comes the responsibility to safeguard the information. The cyber threat is a grave issue in the world that is dominated by crucial data. The most challenging fact is that cyber threats have become more malicious and vicious today than ever.
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Want to get more traffic to your blog? How to get 120,000 visitors to your blog in a week? How to improve traffic to website? How to get more readers to your blog posts? And the quick answer is; you need to create a video of your blog post. Let me prove it with very common but most familiar & most popular examples. Start by thinking about what you wish to achieve with your video content marketing strategy. I hope you get help from this article and structure for developing a content marketing strategy.
Video content marketing strategy for blog
Publishers used to search; how to develop a video marketing strategy? How to make the best video content plan? How to seriously engage your traffic? And so on...

Content is the king, so it's necessary to frequently review your content marketing strategies. Video marketing is one of the most influential marketing media online these days and I strongly believe that it will keep growing. Videos are among the most adaptable method every content marketers can plan to stay ahead for driving targeted traffic. By 2020, the online published videos will consider for more than 80% of all the organic traffic. Then so, the video content marketing strategy is a fundamental method to execute for all companies.

A content strategy and content strategy marketing methods are clearly distinct from each other. The video marketing is one the advanced methods for promoting your quality content. Most of the online businesses are adapting to video content marketing as a powerful and effective content marketing & promotion strategy.

People also ask; How do you promote your blog? What is the content promotion? How do you promote a product? What are the different types of promotion? All the answers will be described herein this page; that includes a number of methods of promotion used in marketing that you can use to get more backlinks, social shares, and traffic from your content and ultimately that'll make your post viral on social media.

We all know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world & the reason behind this; the most of the people tending to prefers watching a video than reading the text. Due to this, the video has more 'engagement-rates' than text. In addition to this, we all know that the human mind understands the language of pictures (flow of pictures = video) more than a text. Videos are one of the best ways to fire your content. So this is more creative & most effective way to increase traffic to your blog.

Here I am enlisting some very important points that how you can use video to drive traffic to your blog. But before that remember one thing, you make sure your video should NOT be as helpful as your blog post as it may create a reverse effect & people just stick to your video & ignore your blog post. Stay connected you will get the idea. Here are 9 suggestions to get you started on your way to set your great social media marketing content strategy for your blog or website.
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We all know The YouTube(.)com is one of the best video streaming portal and #3 most popular video website in the world. This is only because of its convenience to stream & deliver videos online quickly to all of us, but still, it's limited in the case of downloading those videos hassle-free. Though no need to worry now, today I'm going to demonstrate one of the best way to download youtube videos without using any YouTube video downloader app or website.
Save YouTube Videos Online
People used to search, is there a way to download YouTube videos fast? How fast YouTube downloader free download videos from YT? Any working YouTube downloader for Android? Best YouTube downloader HD instead of internet video downloader or YouTube video downloader for PCto download videos in 1080p or 4k resolutions. And so on...

This is one of the fastest free YouTube Downloader method ever. At the end of the page, you are able to download youtube videos quickly in just 3 sec without any YouTube video downloader tool.

You can save YouTube videos in 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and many more types. This method does not require any third party application like youtube video link downloader so you can quickly download and save YouTube videos directly, fast without using any app.
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Along with recent ransomware attacks 2016-18 , a new wire of ransomware attack split out. Including electricity suppliers & govt agencies, many business groups (even a chocolate factory) in the UK and the US have been damaged by the new encryption ransom virus named Petya/GoldenEye or "Petya Ransomware." It is known ransomware getting viral becoming challenged for cyber security and growing fast across the world and still spreading that trojan ransom virus. Here’s what you require to know about Petya/GoldenEye and how to prevent the attack:
Fight Against Petya/GoldenEye Ransomware [Endpoint Security]
Users used to search; how to protect yourself from petya/goldeneye ransomware? How to fix Ransomware? Any anti ransomware tool? How to stop Petya? How to prevent Ransomware? How to tell if you have ransomware on your PC? Any ransomware detection software that kills ransomware?

The malicious malware has spread into large firms & hit high-profile targets like big multinational organizations and critical infrastructure suppliers. Including the Danish transport company 'Maersk,' "National Bank of Ukraine," the DLA Piper, a US-based pharmaceutical company "Merck" got infected and now it heading to personal computers and all their data is being locked and demanding for ransom.

Some authorities describe this new tautology “NotPetya” or “GoldenEye,” while others still call it as "Petya." Despite the name, it has already kicked more than 1800 targets, and more than 12,000 systems from 63 countries worldwide are getting infected.

Protecting against Petya is same as that of defending systems against any other type of malware. In short, we need to always follow some basic strategies like backing up important data, implement the latest security firewalls or cryptowall updates, remove and clean suspicious tools and its services. Still, implementing the robust security mechanisms is not that much enough if your team members are not aware and instructed about their security rules. It could be as easy as being told not to click on links & open unfamiliar websites or avoid checking unrequested emails. Check quick tips to fix ransomware.
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Android & iOS systems are obviously the best mobile operating-systems for smartphone till now. It is easy to use therefore it is widely used systems at the moment. But wait, your mobile phone keeps rebooting & you don’t even know what to do. It supposed to be work anyhow, at least, it would be acceptable if there was a single reason or cause that tells why the phone keeps restarting randomly, but there is no quick solution that fixes it asap. So on this page, I'm going to discuss what are the most causing reasons making your phone keep rebooting and won't allow starting again. I’ll also be going to explain the possible solutions on how to fix the restarting problem of your Android/iOS phone.
Why does my Android phone keep rebooting automatically?
Users used to search; Why does my phone keep restarting itself? Why does my iPhone keep restarting on its own? Why is my phone turning on and off by itself? how to stop your iPhone X restarting itself? Why does my Samsung phone restart over and over again?

If your iPhone keeps restarting over and over again on iOS 10/11/12, then here I'm going to explain some quick suggestions to fix the iPhone X/8/7/6s/6 keeps restarting again & again problem.

Android (operating system) is a Linux based open source operating system specially designed for screen touch devices like tablets, computer, smartphones etc. Like all other systems, after some period of time, the version needs to be updated. That is the reason, there are so many versions of Android OS available from cupcake to latest marshmallow.

While updating and operating these updated devices and its functions, many times it is noticed that they come across many issues & the most familiar of them is "Android phones reboot automatically". So in this post, you will see why such problem occurs & how to get rid of it.

It looks great when your mobile devices work well in a way you want but it makes you frustrated when it creates randomly phone rebooting issues like this. These frustrating things create a doubt in mind about the device even though the Android operating or latest iOS system is a pleasure to use. The feeling is like a fired of the device. I would like to mention here that, this is not a big problem at all although it has to sort out ASAP to enjoy the greatness of the device. So let's see the reasons behind it and quick solution to fix the restarting issues of phones.
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