Almost 80% of the users prefer Android system instead of other top mobile operating systems while buying smartphones. Android has become popular because of its user-friendly nature, cheaper than others, open-source & so many reasons. But still, there are some issues too like "there was a problem parsing the package" error. Android has vast app collection. But some Android errors & apps spoil all moods. Today we will discuss one of the most common error "there was a problem while parsing the package" faced by Android users that are problem parsing the package.
"There Was A Problem Parsing The Package" [Parse Error Solved]
Android users used to search; what does problem parsing the package mean? What is a parse error? How to fix parse error there was a problem parsing the package on Samsung galaxy or any other Android phones? How to solve parse error android quickly? Any parse error apk? What are the best ways to fix parsing package download and "There Was A Problem Parsing the Package" message on kodi android box? there is a problem parsing the package kindle fire, parse error Kodi android box, and so on...

Parsing error meaning - Parsing error occurs on app installment. When you try to install an application suddenly a window pop-ups saying "there is a problem parsing the package" which means the application cannot be installed due to apk parser i.e. parsing issue.

While troubleshooting, you probably noticed that the problem parse package issues often comes when you try to install an APK file. This parse error occurs mostly while downloading the app from play store directly & many times (for root users) even if you try making changes to the apps manifest file, still parsing the package error occurs that shows the message as "there was a problem parsing the package" or "there was a problem while parsing the package" on the screen.

This is a really irritating Android error as you may have tried several ways to eliminate it, but still, it comes. But don’t worry if there is a problem there is a solution to fix parsing package error, & install the application without any problem. You just know, what is the meaning of parse error? In technical terms, parsing is the process of analysis of strings (which contains symbols, characters, etc. or in simple way coding of the app) in natural or machine language. It should follow the rules of formal grammar associated with the computer. Thus whenever google play services parse error occurs, it is interruption happened in this analysis process, so the error pop-ups & application do not get installed.

People think SEO - Search Engine Optimization means only entering keywords in paragraphs and headers, but that's not true in theory. Basically, SEO is to show search engines that your content is relevant to what people searching for. But, there are so many posts that contain similar searched contents. And it is really difficult for Google to show your blog at top of the search results, which they usually termed as SERP - Search Engine Result Pages. Here today we're discussing most effective SEO strategies to reach more audiences and how to promote blog on google by making your blog pages appear in google search results. Blog on google After I started blogging, the next challenge for me was to find out how to make my blog visible in Google search. And to be honest with you, without traffic you won't be paid off. Therefore, there is no fun creating pages when your content is not driving traffic more effectively. And for the same reason, every blogger wants to know the ideas to get their blog to be indexed on Google search results.

Everyone likes to get their website on the first page of Google. But if you look at the numbers, with almost 2 million blog posts published each day, it's not an easy task because the competition is at its peak. Everyone is trying very-very hard to hit top 10-15 search spots. Then what are the ways for you to get this chance? Don't be nervous. And if you have a question that why doesn't my blog show up on Google? Then you certainly need to go through this article.

There are very few people who know other search engines after Google. It is likely to be the best search engine in the world. Most of the people even think that Search Engine is nothing but Google itself. If anyone wants anything, they prefer Google to find an answer as if there aren't any other search engines available over the internet. It's like an equation, Search Engine = Google. It gives people the most relevant and helpful results quickly. Even, any newbie who still doesn't know how to search properly also gets the desired results.

"It seems like Standard Dictionaries will soon replace Search word with Google by looking at how people are using this word nowadays (just joking!!!)."

Share market and the stock market is the smart move to earn huge amount of money and one of the best platforms for those who want to invest their extra money and wanted to earn few extra money out of it. The people who have sufficient knowledge, experience, skills, and techniques about the share market are not afraid of investing their money into Share market. But, other people in the world are not quite comfortable with investing their money in the share market. What are the reasons behind it? Why they are afraid of it even though thousands of people out there become successful in the share market field? Well, this is what I'm going to discuss with you through this page. Fear in stock trading
Before investing your money into the share market, make sure that you should have enough information and details about every aspect of the share market. You may also follow the number of multiple share market tips as well, those are beneficial and will guide you in the correct direction while investing your money. You should be well educated in various features of the share market. Anyways, where to invest your money, where to finance, the choice of the company, is all dependent on you and is absolutely in your hand. So, make sure and invest your money wisely. Beware of the fraudulence such as fake guides, tips, or suggestions.

Taking the right decision at the right time is the most valuable thing in the stock market. You will certainly make a good amount of money out of it only if you will take correct decisions at the perfect time. Start saving early and investing money is another key thing to gain financial security and success. Most people are don't likely to do this, in fact, they get afraid to invest money in the early stages of their career or experience. This is why they are not able to earn significant profits from the stock market in less time.

Whats new in Android 11? Many people might not be heard about the new Android 11 or Android R. While some using Lollipop, KitKat, Nougat, Oreo, and many other versions, the new “Android 11” aka “Android R” is released its 4th developer update in last month; and I hope you're much excited to know Android 11 features. Here sharing the most promising and notable Android 11 features and updates on this page. Android 11(R) beta updates and features
Why android 11 is important and what is the special thing about it? Let me tell you, that previous Android versions are just updating by changing its visual settings frequently (like themes, icons) but in this developers' preview of Android R, you will see that no visual changes are there. In fact, Android 11 is absolutely built by focusing on overall system performance and optimization of your mobile. Android 11 advances great new features & APIs for developers. So, basically, this version makes a significant change to boost system performance.

Today we are going to discuss the new features of Android 11 which recently launched by Google. I would like to tell you that the first preview of Android 11 was released in the mid of February, the 2nd preview came in the month of March; then on the 23rd of April, its 3rd preview launched. And now finally on the 6th of May Google released its 4th preview 'Android 11 beta release' full of surprising things and features.

Right now, you might think about installing android 11 on your mobile? Let me suggest that there will be a lot of bugs and most of the new features that you won’t even see. Throughout, this new version, some users are facing some interesting features like a native screen recorder, chat bubbles, a notification history, and many more. Technically, when it comes to working with new technologies, like 5G network, foldable displays, Android 11 is going to be much better. It will be going to pretty exciting for you guys, just make sure to stick with this page till the end, I hope you will get much more interesting Android 11 features.

There are plenty of advertising networks, websites and affiliate programs that'll drive you to make money blogging. But if you're looking for the best blog monetization option from the all, Google’s AdSense can be the ideal one. The Google AdSense is the best strategy for making money blogging all the time. Making more money with AdSense
Bloggers used to search; How to earn money from google at home? How does Google AdSense work? How much does AdSense pay-per-click? How many page views do you need to make money with AdSense? It's not that much hard for making money with Google AdSense without a website, but it's not that much easy too. You must know effective ways to make money with AdSense. Earning money from google without investment through the internet become the first choice for every newbie publisher. Let's find out how to generate more money with adsense.

If you see, from newbie to professional, it is proved that the Google AdSense is the money maker and it is the most trustworthy advertising network till now. Not only it relates to a pay-per-click option but CPM (Cost per thousand). For making money through Adsense advertising program, it doesn’t require any formal educational or technical background. Nor it needs professional experience to do it. There are many bloggers, writers, publishers, online entrepreneurs who are earning handsome money through the AdSense.

You need to have a blog and several pages published so that you can use the AdSense money-making program. To gain more traffic you need to make your blog or site eye-catching, interesting and search engine friendly. Here in the Google AdSense monetization, the publisher needs to copy the advertising code generated by Adsense and paste it into the HTML body of the website. The rest is taken care automatically by the Adsense itself. Once the Adsense account is approved, it will then allows you to place the ad codes to show the advertisements on your blog, or websites, as well as on your YouTube videos, and get paid when visitors view and clicks on them. Adding and running the ad codes on the site doesn’t require any specific professional or educational background. Any person just having a computer and internet facility can start earning through Google AdSense. Even though, if you don’t have a computer or internet, you can also make money by working through smartphones, a cyber cafe, a college library, etc.

There are many best alternative to AdSense but still, the Google adsense is one of the best ways to make money from the website. Google AdSense is a reputed company. Google AdSense is a contextual advertising network and it is the most reliable network to make money. However, it is not that once you register with AdSense you will start earning. I have seen, many bloggers who start a blog and making money by Adsense, and then after a couple of months, they tend to stop it just because they are not able to earn the money as per their expectations. Though the income derived from AdSense is passive it takes time to enjoy the fruits. But there are no issues and no doubt your efforts definitely help you enjoy the results of it. Make sure that your content is useful and entertaining one. Without quality content, Google AdSense would not let you earn money through the pay-per-click program. You need to optimize the ads and so the adsense to make more money with adsense. The Adsense optimization requires extra creativity, additional study, and an ongoing testing for getting best out of it. And exactly what I'm going to share most effective ways for optimizing AdSense that will help you maximize the adsense earning.

Nowadays, Android Smartphones are the most preferred used phones across the world. Due to its numerous features, it becomes one of the most recommended operating systems. But still, there are lots of common problems with this Android operating system. Android unknown install error 961 is one it and it occurs when you try to install or update any app from Google Play Store on your Android smartphone. Here in this post, I have listed many solutions that will help you resolve this Android unknown install error 961/907/504/971 from your mobile device. Fix unknown installing error 961/907/504/971
These are the typical questions people searched on Google; How do you fix an unknown error when installing an application? fixing the Google Play store? Why does Google Play store keep stopping? How to solve download pending android error? What does download pending mean on Android? Why won't apps download on my phone? And so on.

There are a lot of issues that you face on your Android smartphone. If you start listing them and if you see a count of these issues, you will be surprised. Android unknown install error 961 is one of the most irritating error in android smartphones. This error usually occurs when you try to download, install, update, delete/uninstall apps from the Google Play store. This error can observe for any app whether it's free or paid.

Before you move ahead, check [SOLVED] Most 48 Common Google Play Store Error Codes Quickly

Whenever you try to download, update, install, etc. apps from Google Play Store, a request gets sent to Google servers and when that request gets FORBIDDEN, this Android unknown install error 961/907/504/971 starts to occur on your screen. There is one more reason like a misconfiguration of your android smartphone system files on Google playstore may lead to this error.

Anyways, in this article, I'm going to explain the quick solutions for this error that stops you from installing, downloading, updating apps from Play Store. I've listed a couple of steps below which will help you fix this issue.

Checkout this article as well: [FIXED] ‌Play Store Not Downloading Apps | Fixing Google Play Store Error Code 971 | Play Store Downloading | Can’t install App

We always focus on writing quality content to drive a constant flow of traffic to our blog or each post. But the fact is, only the quality of content is not sufficient, you need to take efforts to make your post content search engine friendly. I know, you have written your post, then goes through the checklist of 15 Things To Do BEFORE Publishing A New Blog Post and then you have published your article online on your site. How to generate traffic to your website
How to get traffic to your website free? How to increase organic website traffic fast? Learning to drive more website traffic through Google & social sites. Check out the effective ways and quick ideas to increase your website traffic fast.

The content quality is most important, but you have to keep an eye on Most Important Things to Consider Before Building an SEO Optimized Web Page to make your readers aware of your posts. But most of the time, this won't happen, and people failed to notice your great content, and thus, we need manually to promote our posts on social bookmarking sites to share your blog posts so people will get an idea about your blog post.

Remember, a reader will not come automatically to visit your site, even you have published great content; you need to work on marketing to promote each post right after publishing new blog posts. But where to promote your blog posts link? What are the places to share your new blog? Where to share blog posts after publishing for better promotion? Where to advertise your blog? How to get traffic to blog? How to promote new blog posts? And what are the different ways & blog promotion strategies to share, promote, and distribute a blog post right after you publish it to get even more traffic; if you see, marketing a blog is a headache and that needs extra attention; well, no need to worry, we have listed; 20 Sites You Should Be Sharing Blog Posts To Drive More Traffic To Your Site, moreover, it will also help to make money by online promoting your site posts. Learn how to drive instant website traffic for your blog.

Using the health android apps get to be a healthier & more active life. Try to know how much or what kind of activity you required to stay healthy. By analyzing fitness, home workout, sleep, and daily activities, health apps provide features to keep up your body fit and healthy. Check out the best android app for health and fitness. Health Apps for Android
You probably might hear plenty of times that Health is nothing but Wealth. But, most people nowadays neglect to take care of their physical health. Your better health can lead to lower your hospital bills, help you feel better and to do more exciting things.

Many people have a good habit of doing exercise daily. But the majority of people usually kept themselves busy in daily schedule and couldn't spare some time for the physical exercise. Also, physical fitness keeps your mental health strong as well. Anyways, as you know lots of people have their own Android Smartphones in this "Smart World". Then why can't we use health applications on Android Smartphone? Some smart features are given in such health apps for better experience and quick access according to your health. Take a smart step like your smartphone and use the following best free health app for android.

Recently I have posted Top 15 must-have Android apps right after buying a new smartphone. Including those, you will see that there are loads of best health apps already available in Play Store. But, here I am going to provide you best 15 application health apps for android. So it is obvious that you don't have to search free health apps for android again on the internet.

These top 15 health tracker apps android are compatible and specially designed for mobile systems as well as your fitness band. So, you don't have to worry about it. Simple checkout all the health-related apps and hit FREE DOWNLOAD to get those on your Android smartphone.


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