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In today's age, almost all the people are using the Internet. The handy smartphones, speedy internet, they used to spend most of the time online, whether it is about from sharing the photos, posting videos or publishing any media files on social networking sites or just searching about what they want to explore or even for selling or buying, shopping the things, date chatting etc etc. Similarily, BLOGGING is also kind of things where you share and publish your things, knowldge & expertise. The person who shares is called blogger, and the page where he share is called blog. All in one, the BLOGGER starts sharing his knowledge by writing the BLOG to MAKE MONEY BLOGGING. Here is a quick guide that helps you know better about blog, blogger, and blogging. Money Making Blogging
People used to ask; what is the meaning of a blog? How to become a blogger? What blogging does mean to anyone? how to start my own blog? How blogging help to earn money online? Can you make money blogging? Do bloggers get paid for blogging? How to create your own blog page? How much bloggers get paid? How do you make money blogging? How to learn to make money blogging? What the best ways to make money online? This guide is intended for everyone who is looking for an answer to these questions.

Every time people make the use of the internet to get what they want instead of moving a single step, just like willing to do everything only by sitting in the chair. Now you might be thinking, why am I telling all this, as you know all very well. The only & the important reason is that; along with all the online things, you can share your thoughts and ideas online through a medium called as a "BLOG." And today I'm going to explore one of the basic but fundamental parts to know all about blogging. This is the ultimate guide that going to describe —What is blog? Who is blogger? What is blogging? How blogging works? How to start a successful blog?

The most important thing you MUST note that; these are NO any quick ways to get rich fast; and in case you are want to know such kind of schemes to get rich quickly for making money online, then you have arrived at the wrong place. In simple and straightforward way, BLOGGING IS NOT A SHORTCUT AND QUICK WAY TO MAKE MONEY online and offline.

The time you made the decision to start a blog to make money, you’re no longer remain just a blogger; at the same time, you also become a professional, and your blog becomes your online small business.

Here I'm going to share some but fundamental steps and easy to follow guide to start your own blog and help you to make money. Many of these techniques need some investment of time, money, patience to get started & to be a million dollar blogger.

This is 2019, and the blogging has grown as one of the most profitable online professions to earn money. As long as you’re ready to take the effort, you’ll get the prize. Just keep reading this page to learn about how money making blogging works and how to start a blog successfully. By reading this tutorial, you’ll take the important move for starting a blog that can build an income source for you for life.

In starting your own business, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. Two of the things you need to consider are the logo that you will use to present your business and the video that you will use in marketing your business. According to the professionals; your logos and videos are one of the ways to increase your audience and potential customers – that’s why you need to assure that the logo and video that you will use are efficient. Making a Catchy Logo & Video for Business
Web designers and publisher used to search; how do I create a brand logo? How do you make a good marketing video? What is the best free logo maker? What are five characteristics of a good logo? How can I design a good logo? And so on...

Managing your own business and creating engaging content for all of the products with your customers & the readers may seem both interesting and profitable. Though, along with creativity and the latest innovation, it also needs a great deal of hard work. It can be frustrating if your products and the high-quality content don't receive the attention and have a notice from the traffic they deserve and you then able see that your readers are going away day after day. Why does this occur? What are you doing negatively? Various factors may be required to consider and to work here. But, for the most part, it all comes down to having a catchy logo & appealing content to be shared. Let’s check out how to make a winning logo & killer video content for your business.

Yeah it's Ezoic — the world's first & only AI technology based Google Adsense Certified Partner. It's a best Google ad tester tool to increase website ad revenue and itself a better option than highest paying Google Adsense alternatives that works with Google ad exchange partners. And today this article will concentrate especially on Ezoic Review. In short and by comparing with the other most popular CPC publisher network & web advertising services; I must say that the Ezoic is a website improvement program that will not only help you improve the functionality of website but also boost blog ad revenue to earn more money about 70% to 200% via Google Adsense by optimizing your best display ads, ad sizes, and ad placements automatically. According to my experience, it double adsense earnings to maximize adsense revenue from existing traffic. Lets check out how to get ad revenue on a website with Ezoic ad optimization Ezoic review: double your adsense earnings by auto ad optimization
People used to search; what is Ezoic? Does Ezoic work? Ezoic vs AdSense? How Ezoic AdSense & Google ad exchange work at same time? How much Ezoic earnings? Ezoic review 2019? Ezoic cost? Ezoic pricing? And much more...

Only optimizing blog is not sufficient now to maximize Adsense revenue but effective optimizing ad slots, ad formats & placements are also considerably important. Besides, there are lots of bloggers & site developers failed to do it effectively. And hence this Ezoic review page will explain you everything that you need to know about ad optimization including how to set up Ezoic on a website and make money? How to make Google Adsense money using Ezoic?

In order to maximize AdSense earnings with Ezoic, you just need to optimize your ad slots assigned all over the web pages. Furthermore, the Ezoic is the best platform which has the goal that allows you to earn extra money without affecting website performance & improving user engagements.

Habitually we all always seems to focus only on writing the site contents, then it's marketing & to use other website optimization tools but most of us are get failed to optimize particularly in monetizing the content on ad optimization like ad location, sizes, colors, and other formats used on a single page effectively. Ezoic do all the ad optimization itself & test it automatically in an excellent way not just to maximize your earning potential but help to improve the CTR [Click Through Rate] of your site.

Ultimately you the publisher will get the daily increase in estimated ad earnings [around 70% to 200%] with enhanced user experience, more traffic, more page views, and so higher PageRank. So don't waste time and get to know more about contextual ad networks revenue optimization and learn how to be get integrated with Adsense Certified Ezoic program into your website to double your estimated Adsense earnings.

Are you facing the issue to enable or disable background data with your Android device while working on the mobile data used by your messenger apps like WhatsApp, Hike or downloader apps like TubeMate, etc. and want to turn off restrict background data? As per the Android development console; Android mobiles system automatically turns on the "Restrict Background Data" option, which you have manually turned off several times; so the question is how to reduce your data usage in Android? Keep reading. How to restrict background data
People used to search; How to restrict background data on wifi? How to restrict apps from using data network in the background Android? How to keep Background data off? How to stop using background data usage for Wi-Fi & ethernet? How to prevent apps from using WiFi network? How to fix this automatically turning ON "Restrict Background Data" option? And so on...

Android: Enable or Disable Background Data - It restricts you from multitasking; your WhatsApp gets the messages only you open it; you can't download the songs in the background.

Most of the Android apps installed on your smartphone requires the access of Internet or data even if they are not being used or in the background like multitasking. For example, the WhatsApp on your mobile is always ON in the background to get new messages, likewise, Gmail, Facebook apps are also configured to run at regular intervals.

Turning to "Restrict Background Data" also restrict from getting updates and notifications from the apps, and you may think that the phone internet slows down. On the other hand, there are some other apps which don't require any data, wifi or mobile network to use for their operations. Also restricting background data will also stop ads from popping up on my Android phone for selected apps. But how to disable restrict background data? How to fix auto enabled problem to restrict background data Lollipop? How to restrict background data? No worries, follow this page to solve "Restrict Background Data" automatically turned ON error. And this also works with Marshmallow, Nougat, Oxygen OS.

There is always a purpose behind writing a blog; it may be promoting the services, selling the products or sharing the knowledge & experience. Well, just writing the content is not enough, it needs to be cover all the things around that specific blogging idea and has to regularly publish related but according to the blogging niche to keep the readers engaged. Furthermore, once it posted online, it should reach the targeted audience. It is very important to consider unique blog ideas to make money and to make your blog available to the targeted audience, and it's key is none other than the BLOG TOPICS LIST you are blogging about. Blog Post Ideas 2019 (Updated) —
Bloggers used to search; how do I find blog ideas that make money? What should I post on my blog? What are the most popular blog post ideas for beginners? How can I make my blog interesting? And so on...

It is required for your personal blog post ideas to reach the target audience. And especially for money making blogging, the blogging strategies you need to be taken enough right from the beginning of your blogging journey.

Instead I would like to say, before you starting a successful blog and quality writing for your blog site, several things need to be considered to bring more and more audience to read and engage your blog.

Whenever the person needs the information, he searches through the search engine. If your blog possesses & has the required fulfilling information, then it is necessary for your content to be get listed on the top of the search engine results. And for this, you need not only to concentrate on keeping the blog SEO friendly but also the reader-focused blog ideas you are used to writing for your website. The ultimate goal behind writing any blog post is to bring more and more visitors to your website. The bloggers need to design the blog around the unique idea you had chosen in such a way that it'll cause you to write more and more quality content and ultimately bring more organic traffic to the business.

All these blog post ideas lifestyle includes personal blog post ideas, new blog post ideas for students, fun blog post ideas for vlogging, amazing blog post ideas for beauty. You don't need any blog post ideas generator to get, follow these trending blog post topics & blog post ideas for beginners. Here are hundreds of great ideas those can help you to undergo a rocket starting experience for your successful blogging journey. This brainstorming blog post topics and ideas list can help you come up with blog post ideas that will assist you to bring killer content. Check out the article for their best blogging ideas and topics examples. Our 121 creative blog post ideas will help you write better content your readers will love and increase your website's conversion rate.

The PAGE LOADING is one of the major factors in case if you want to improve PageRank & increase domain authority fast. Yeah, off-course, the content is also important for any page, but what if when it is taking too much time to load to display, the reader will not wait and eventually switch to another site. This slow page loading affects your page-views, then conversion rate and so the PageRank. The quick and effective solution is CDN (Content Delivery Network) — CLOUDFLARE, but how to setup cloudflare, then configure your website DNS for CloudFlare and how get rid of slow page loading? Let's start. How to setup cloudflare & speedup your website —
People used to search; Can I use Cloudflare with a custom domain? How to add CloudFlare to your Blogger? How to setup Cloudflare? How to make your Blogger blog faster with content delivery networks? What is Cloudflare? How Cloudflare works? What is CDN and how to integrate into Blogspot? What are the benefits of the content delivery network? How to boost page rendering by CDN performance? How to install FREE CDN on WordPress/Blogger? Why you required a CDN for your Blogger/WordPress Blog? How setting up a CDN make the website loading faster quickly? How to quickly setup CloudFlare free CDN service on your website? And so on...

If you are interested in an easy way to optimize your site's Speed and improve the security on your WordPress website, then using the free CDN service by CloudFlare is the best option to install. With the recent Google algorithm update 2018; not only the page loading but also HTTPS will be counted as a ranking factor from now. So, CDN will help you to improve higher google ranking in search results. There are lots of ways to improve page loading of a website, but one of the best is by using CDN [Content Delivery Network].

CDN improves your page load speed, reduce bounce rate, and security [HTTPS].

Moreover, CloudFlare provides caching the content up to 100MB per day with the FREE plan. For security purpose, it helps to protect the website against DDoS attacks & with the DNS lookup as an extra layer of security to decide which visitors will get a challenge & determine how long that restricted visitor with bad IP reputation is granted access to your site after passing a challenge. You can not only speeding up your WordPress with PageSpeed Service by this Free CloudFlare CDN plugins but also able to install HTTPS on your custom domain name. That will cause your visitor to love your site and that'll convert them from visitor to regular reader of your pages.

You can use CloudFlare with any custom Wordpress or Blogger domain to decreases the server load automatically; you just have the full control over managing it's DNS settings. The CloudFlare optimizes your website by minifying JavaScripts, CSS & HTML, and in case your server goes offline for website maintenance, it delivers the cached version of web pages of your site.

This page describes a step-by-step Cloudflare setup tutorial to create an account & setting up CloudFlare with Your Website and adding your custom domain successfully. So stop searching how do I set up CloudFlare’s free CDN for WordPress or BlogSpot sites? Learn more about adding DNS records for your domain in CloudFlare CDN service & get to know how to use CDN for blogger blog or any website to improve the user experience.

You already know about what are the AMP blogger templates. Now, we will discuss what are the responsive blogger templates. As the name suggest, the responsive template usually gets adjusted according to the screen resolution. Not only fast loading blogger template boosts your traffic, but the responsiveness of the site will also help you in that. Nowadays, everyone is using smartphones, so your site should load on any type of screen resolutions whether it is a Mobile, a tablet or an iPad etc. Responsive Blogger Templates
Bloggers used to search these things on Google; what is a responsive Blogger template? List of best free blogger templates? What is the best mobile blogger template? How do I download a Blogger template? What is a blog template? How do I download a Blogger template HTML? What should I look for in a blog theme? How do I choose a Blogger template? What is a WordPress template? What is the most popular WordPress theme? How do I customize my blogger HTML theme? And so on.

Building a mobile-friendly fully responsive website design is an important part of your online presence. You required to know that, the mobile traffic is now dominating than the desktop traffic. You must check 10 Best Mobile-Friendly Test Tools List & Website Testing Sites to find out your blogger template is really mobile-friendly and responsive enough. Because Google is now ranking the mobile-friendly sites higher. Use the best mobile-friendly testing tools & analyze the responsive design of your BlogSpot template.

As we all know, BlogSpot — Google Blogger platform make your life easy when it comes down to designing part for your own blog. A little bit of HTML and CSS knowledge could help you to build and customize a blogger template. This knowledge will also help you to customize a responsive blogger template as per your needs. You could find thousands of great styles and catchy free HTML blog templates over the internet, but it is equally difficult to choose only one amongst all of them.

Here in this post, I've solved your difficulty of finding a perfect responsive template for your blog or a website. These templates are modern and you can easily optimize them by using their features, widgets etc.

To keep you updated, I have just published the SEO summery of last 5 years where you can read; I Spent $1800 Hiring SEO Experts And Here Is What I Learned // Learn Advanced SEO. Every Internet-related object relies on one or more search engines as the way of bringing visitors to its real web page. We've all heard at least a million times about Search Engine Optimization [SEO] as a way of improving the rating when it comes to achieving the best possible position in a search result for a particular keyword. Previously I have shared, Top 15 Ways How I Get 472,764 Organic Visits Per Month | Build Website Traffic that shows, all I used to follow SEO checklist & it helps to drive massive traffic to my blogs.
On-Page SEO Checklist
Most of the web developers used to search; what is on page search engine optimization? What is SEO? How to do SEO? What are the on-page SEO techniques? What is a link builder? Which on page SEO factors need to consider? And so on...

As a rule of thumb, as the best SEO examples the first thing that comes to mind when planning your SEO page efforts are building a respectable and proper backlink portfolio - inbound links from external domains that point to your homepage or a page within your website. The local SEO marketing and local SEO services usually used to find out your on page SEO report to determine your needs and online SEO requirements. Also as a rule of thumb, internet marketers will often prioritize this type of activity & on page SEO tutorial since it requires little to no previous knowledge of web technology and SEO on-page optimization. But when it comes to achieving the best possible results that make you listed in best SEO websites, one must always start by cleaning one's own house.

Here is a checklist of the key things you have to keep in mind about on-page SEO optimization before even thinking of off-site optimization. Learn SEO strategies and techniques & how to increase SEO without any SEO company. Your every web pages and your site must get that high ranking in SERP with high-quality content by using quick best SEO optimization practice basics.


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