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We all know millions of people have an influence on social media in day to day life. Not just specific kind of people belongs to social fields are affected, even normal people like us have the impact of media on our daily life.
Impact Of Social Media On Life
People used to search; what is social media and what is it used for? What is the impact of social media on society? What are the effects of social media on youth? How does the social media affect our everyday lives? What is the influence of social media? How long has there been social media? How does WhatsApp/ Facebook/ Twitter affect our lives? List the positive effect of social media on society? List the negative effects of social media on students? Impact of social media essay, And so on...

Social media is nothing but an electronic platform that built for connecting people remotely from their location at their own convenience. Some of the types of this social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and many others.

The role of social networking sites in our daily life is big and does have a deep impact of it on our life. It also has virtual influence in every aspect of our lives. Through this media, anyone can share anything with their buddies across the world and hence it is treated as the best channel to know about what's going on in the world. There are other media are already present like Magazine, Television, Radio, Newspaper etc. These media are used to share content publically. But through social media, you will have an option like privacy to select what to share and with whom to share. Not everything on social media is public, we can also keep specific content for private people only.

Yet all types of entities have an influence of media in our lives and this influence is sometimes positive and sometimes negative. And hence, I came across various questions like how social media affects our lives? What is the effect of social media on our lives? How has social media changed the world positively? How social media has affected our lives? etc.
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We know Android is on of the best mobile operating systems. New upcoming Android versions are packed up with several impressive & exciting features announced regularly; their updates gives the enhanced operating platform for all Android users. But the updates does also come with their own Android issues. Nowadays two errors are most annoying issues of the common android errors which came into the Android devices repeatedly showing the popup message ‘ has stopped unexpectedly’ or ‘Unfortunately, the process has stopped’ related to Google Play Services problem.
Fix the process of " has stopped"
Android users are used to searching; What does com Google process Gapps has stopped mean? Why does my phone keep saying Google Play Services has stopped? How do you update Google Play service? How do I reinstall Google Play store? How do I fix my Google Play services? What can I do my Google Play is saying server error? Why is my Google Play Store Not Working? And so on...

Most of the times it's easy to fix Android errors, and sometimes it takes the time to get solve. But these errors are just two labeled but are the same issues and mostly occur when the applications are unable to connect to their servers or if they are not in sync mode of your android device settings even though the mobile Internet is working fine with other apps on the phone.

These Android issues are looks pretty hard but believe me, it’s very easy to solve. In this article, we will list out various solutions to fix the process has stopped error. In case the first solution not worked for you then try the second, and that should help you. In short, the error occurs when the Google Play services have stopped & not working to fetch the system files.

When I was working on Google apps & to fix Android error myself, I found out different ways for different mobiles phones of which this can be fixed. So let’s go through different possible clarification to fix this dreaded error of ‘ has stopped unexpectedly’ and ‘Unfortunately, the process has stopped’ keeps popping up. Here we have updated this article to make it work with a Lollipop, Marshmellow OS, HTC One M9, Hudl, Moto G, Samsung Nexus S, or Lenovo mobile phones.
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Friends many of you might be taking an Android phone into work & might be completing different types of tasks with the help of your phone. But here I am going to tell you about certain things which you should never do with your android phone. So let's start.
Things to avoid on Android Phones
Android users are used to searching; what are the things which never do on phones? What damage the Android? Things to check while using android? Crazy things must be stopped on Android? Know before rooting the phone? Things when getting a new Android phone? Top bad habits must be stopped on Android? And so on...

In the everyday life, nearly everyone uses mobile phones and most of the users use Android smartphones. These smartphones are now becoming an important part of our life. But sometimes these mobiles devices are getting damaged by our own mistakes. Here today, I'm showing you 12 things you should not do on your Android phone.

Friends it is possible that you may have purchased a new phone some shortly or else you are planning to buy a new one or have been using a phone for a long time. But my dear friends here in this list there will be one or other thing that maybe you have been doing knowingly or unknowingly which you should not do. Also, you should check carefully if you are doing these mistakes because these actions might break your android phone. So browse the following information completely.
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Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 has been launched, however, the company itself obviously giving its best to surpass its own mark. With changing needs and high-end requirements from smartphones or widescreen tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Note series stands out. Making use of various useful additions, the Note series has captured many hearts and has made the lives of many easy.
Evolution Of The Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphones
Eager Android users used to search the history of the Samsung Galaxy Note, from where Samsung Galaxy Note series came from? How Samsung's Note series phones have evolved? Evolution of the Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen? Whats new in Samsung Note 9? Will the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 continues to be ahead of its time? And so on...

The name of the series comes from the use of the S Pen, a stylus with various features opted to suit the Note smartphones exclusively. S Pen, the most attractive feature of the Galaxy Note series, was first introduced with the original Note back in 2011. Although the first Note did not make use of many features and did not house many S Pen oriented gestures and apps, Samsung has improved the S Pen drastically with each iteration.

From introducing the better use of the S Pen in the immediate successor, Note II, the Note series now has various gestures, and features enabled specifically for the use of the stylus. From incorporating note taking, the S Pen now has Air View and the option of translating words with a mere gesture. Going so far as to offer interchangeable tips, Samsung’s S Pen remains to be one of the most attractive features in the Samsung phones after the curved display, which can be found in some of the newer models in the Note series.

The latest Note not only comes with tips for the S Pen but is also waterproof. The stylus is godsent for all those who wish to keep notes on the go. To make note-taking and the use of S Pens smoother as well as more productive, Note series now comes with an always-on display. The display allows the user to instantly save notes, drop images and much more.

Awaiting the unveiling of next-generation Note, the excitement about what more will the S Pen feature is worth waiting for. But the Note series are more than just about note taking, they are at the cutting edge when it comes to display and performance. To know more about what each version of the Note series brought to the table, have a look at the super informative infographic by Hometop that illustrates the journey of the Note series of Samsung Galaxy phones from the original Note to the Note 9.
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Anyone who wants to start a small shop anywhere in India they have required to register their shop name with the government of India. If you starting a new shop or Dukan in India, then you have to register your shop or business against Government Act.
Shop Registration Online: Apply Now Shop Act License
How to apply application form for Shop and establishment registration? How to apply for shop and establishment license? How to do shop act licence renewal online? Where to get gumasta licence form download? How much shop act licence fees for online business or blogging? What is the shop and establishment? What is a Gumasta license? And so on...

Contract Labour Licence - Shop Act License is a type of legal permission which legally allows you to do business in a particular place. If you have a physical shop or an office or even you are offering online services where the business is done, this license is a must. It gives you a proof of a particular business being done at that place.

Shop act license is needed for carrying on your business activity smoothly and the license under the act is compulsory. Shop act license procedure is somewhat different in each state as the Act is different in each state but the basic process remains the same for registration as well as shop act license renewal.

Here we are discussing how to apply for Shop Act Intimation Receipt and what are the points which you need to consider while trying to file an application form. This information is majorly focusing on online service providers or publishers like bloggers, content writers, web designers etc. who are dealing with their viewers through an online channel. Such service providers usually do not own a physical shop but they still provide services to their customers. And yes, such providers have equal right to request for issuing a shop act license same as that of those shop owners who run actual physical shops.

Note: This Shop Act Intimation Receipt is the document which is treated as shop act license in Bank, shops and other financial requirements.
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Ohh... So your blog post thumbnail is not appearing in Blogger homepage and other subsequent archive pages. Here we have shared some solutions to fix images, and I hope it will solve your blogger images issue quickly.
Fix Blogger post not showing Thumbnails or pictures
Serious bloggers used to search; Why blog pictures not displaying on my blog? How to fix image thumbnails are not showing bug in Blogger? Why post thumbnails not appearing on the blog? Why isn't the thumbnail from my Blog Post showing correctly on home page? And so on...

While daily posting of new pages on blogger, we tends to use free royalty free images for blogs but suddenly in one day you got the bug causing the image thumbnails disappeared from the homepage and archive pages. And you then checking and start editing HTML template to solve it. But in reality, the issue is neither with your blogger template nor with the Google updates.

There are lots of blogger around facing the problem of their thumbnails not able to load in blogger. I recently got the questions from my active readers when their post pictures are not showing in the blogger. Why did blogger thumbnail stop showing up? How to fix photos not showing? Is the SSL causing images not to display in the post list? How to solve images not appearing? These are the prompt questions.

No need to worry, I have found some quick solutions that not only work to optimizing images for web but also will work for you if the thumbnail is not loading on your blog post correctly. Learn to fix missing thumbnails on blogger platform.
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YouTube is the world's most popular & familiar platform to watch online videos. Whenever we think to watch the video, the first name comes to our mind is youtube. We automatically turn towards YouTube to watch videos, tutorials, movie trailers, even more, recipes too. It is so watcher friendly.
Amazing YouTube Tricks and Hidden Feature Nobody Told You About
Users used to search; youtube hacks and tricks? What are the most popular YouTube tricks, hacks, and features? youtube hidden tricks? And so on...

Although Google might be the largest search engine and Facebook is the most popular social site, the YouTube is at the top of video sharing sites.

Millions of subscribers following Youtube Channels each day on YouTube, with over 850 million unique visitors watch public videos on YouTube; approximately 5 billion hours of videos are viewed, with more than 60 hours of videos published for every single minute.

Follow these simple YouTube tricks that every YouTube addict should know which make the YouTube better with improving the user experience. Keep reading and comment below about what you think on this.
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You've arrived at a very right place if you are searching for Mythemeshop coupon codes. Along with the MyThemeShop review, we have a special discount for you. We provide Mythemeshop Maximum discount coupon codes for new users on every theme purchase. MyThemeShop offer both a selection of well over a hundred of innovative & beautiful Premium WordPress Themes.
MyThemeShop Review + MyThemeShop Coupon Codes 2018
Web developers used to search; why MyThemeshop is good? Where to get MyThemeshop coupon codes? MyThemeshop discount offers on BlackFriday Deals? What is best in MyThemeshop store? MyThemeshop free themes? MyThemeshop WordPress product review plugin reviews? MyThemeshop SEO friendly website templates? And so on...

MyThemeShop is the best theme provider that mainly concentrates on building responsive and easy to manage WordPress templates. MyThemeShop is at the top of the other competitors works as the WordPress theme providers for many reasons. MyThemeShop themes are very attractive & SEO friendly wp-eCommerce themes which do not only help to get attention but also helps in performing well in SEO perspective and SEO optimization to drive more search traffic.

In this MyThemeShop review, you will get to know that why you must go for using the service provided by MyThemeShop for all your website building requirements. Check out MyThemeShop review & these awesome MyThemeShop Coupon $19 [19 dollars] discount on MyThemeShop purchases. Get maximum possible 50% discount on WordPress Themes & plugins provider.

Trying to decide whether to open an account for a MyThemeShop membership? We have got your back. We are here for you offering the maximum possible discount for this amazing WordPress theme provider. So grab this coupon to get a huge discount on MyThemeShop. This is a very limited time offer! Check what features of MyThemeShop WordPress Themes made me recommend it to ProBloggers and why MyThemeShop never disappoints. MyThemeShop give a broad range of Premium WordPress themes & plugins for all types of sites.
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You only have a couple of seconds to make your first impression more awesome with your blog. I agreed that you might have a great looking design, stunning imagery, and valuable content but if your blog taking too much time to load then people will surely click on 'back' button on their browser. Even probloggers are also asking How to speed up blogger blog, Why is my blog so slow ?
Make Your Blog Load Faster
Professional bloggers always looking for different ways to speed up Blogger platform blog and used to search; how to reduce the loading time of blog? How to compress your Blogger Template's HTML Code & increase speed? Why my Blogger template blog is so slow? How to increase the loading speed of my blogger website/blog? How to optimize the blogger template and make it load faster? And so on...

Here today, I'm going to share some most effective ways and tricks that will help you to boost the loading time for your blogger template. These tips give you a fast page load time, that will increase your overall page views, cause lower bounce rate and if it has been linked to monetize then it will improve your product sales-numbers with affiliate marketing.

The statistics say people hate to wait for & leave your page if it’s taking more time to load in the first few seconds. So it's most essential to load our blogger blog as fast as possible. Instead of asking How to reduce blog load time? or How to force BlogSpot/WordPress blog to maximum load speed; go ahead and learn how to edit Blogger HTML & optimize your blogger template with some advanced tips and tricks that will help you not only to make blogger blog load faster but also with better user experience, ultimately that will help to improve PageRank.
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