The Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. It effects in 2004 & by the benefits of social media, within a very short period of time, its popularity & active users increased & still growing rapidly. In addition to that, the Facebook is best to drive targeted traffic to the brand and so most of the marketers are tends to use FB for better branding. Here I'm going to overview the major advantages and disadvantages, pros+cons of the Facebook.
Advantages & Disadvantages of Facebook
In the marketing point of view, Facebook is valuable to create a brand not only for individuals but also for businesses at the global level. The Facebook benefits include as a social networking pros provides benefits for business and individuals too, such as making a group, chatting with clients, making an event, wall stickers, reliable platforms, news feed, etc. you can meet new people & have knowledge of various places, traditions & culture. No doubt, Facebook is proved as a great option to connect with the world these days. Moreover, now you can access Facebook free without Internet from any kind of mobile device.

Most of the people use FB in day-to-day life; even many people spend hours-&-hours on Facebook. But there are advantages/disadvantages social networking sites; it’s now important to not to get addicted to it. And here is the actual hole in the ship that brings the drawbacks of social media marketing following FB as disadvantages of Facebook for business. Today this article will list all pros & cons of the Facebook usage.

However, the coin always has the two sides so you must know both sides of Facebook & try to be aware of the Facebook drawbacks & go with the Facebook benefits. Check not only out the facebook advantages and disadvantages for business but also the benefits of social media in business, advantages of social media in day-to-day life, disadvantages of using internet, pros of social media, benefits of Facebook, positive impact of social media and get to know that the Facebook isn’t the social network anymore.

Try these Google AdSense Alternatives 2021 - top paying ad networks. If you are one of those who generating massive organic traffic from the search engine, then you can earn more money with quick Adsense optimization stratergies and by using best banner ad networks. If you're still waiting to get approved by AdSense you need to check these highest paying Adsense alternatives to make money blogging. Here I've listed top high paying best Google Adsense alternatives - CPM Ad Networks to make money [2021]. These contextual ad networks are the best way that publishers need to check and try for an Adsense alternatives for all kind of reasons to make money online.

High Paying Google AdSense Alternatives (2021 Edition)
Many online publishers used to search; what are the best options to make money for bloggers? Is that possible to make money blogging without AdSense? List of best Adsense alternatives to earn more money? Latest high paying ad networks to make extra money? Any new highest CPM rate advertising networks for publishers or the updated ad networks help to make money from the blog and so on...

As a professional blogger I can say that, there is no doubt that Adsense is still best for almost all the bloggers & publishers to make money online. The potential professional bloggers & publishers are making a huge amount of money with Google Adsense. But because Adsense gets banned for some reasons those who not able to work with Google Adsense; there are multiple Adsense alternative ad networks are available that'll help to monetize your content-rich websites and blogs without Adsense.

If you're looking to test the best blog monetization programs & want to keep your ad revenue diversified with best-paying alternatives to Google AdSense to make more money for your blog, then you have arrived on the right page. Till now I have reviewed more than 50 handpicked top alternatives to Adsense for publishers and only the best & high-paying alternatives are listed here. From my own blogging monetizing experience, I would like to suggest you that don't limit yourself to only one ad network, rather go to try these contextual ad networking program listed below and check which one best work with your content and your micro-niche blog.

Each ad network gives something different than others to earn more money from your ad space with the help of the variety of ad types on your website that would cause you to have some other sources of income. Considering that you are working on the micro-niche blog, try for monetizing with affiliate products too even if you failed to get an approved Adsense account.

I have listed the top CPC/CPM ad networks to make money online from Blogging. You can just start making money in a couple of hours once you applied with your content. Some of the ad networks are hard to get approved but they have high-paying CPM rates. Since every ad network works different for different users, I would like to suggest you especially for newcomers in the blogging industry; not to stick with only one, rather work with more advertising networks, and then figure out which one is working better than others for your blog, your niche, and organic driven targeted traffic.

Anyhow, to monetize my website & blog content; I've tested several ad networks & here reviewed only the top CPM Ad networks to find the perfect match for targeted visitors. The measurement is only focused on the high CPM rates for publishers. In the market, you may see the publishers making $100 per day to $1000 per day with CPM/CPC Ad Networks. So stop searching, & wasting time in testing hundreds of ad networks and suggested to go for tested higher-paying monetizing ad networks. Also, these are the best Adsense alternative for Indian traffic & proven as the top display ad networks. These best banner ad networks & best PPC advertising networks make you add some additional income sources. The Google Adsense optimization is one part but finding the best CPM banner ads programs, contextual ad networks, higher CPM rate publishers & fixed CPM ad networks is also equally important.

One of the ad networks will pay you free money to use their services; like sign up the get $25 for free by adding your website.

Particularly these Google Adsense alternatives for Indian publishers/for small websites are designed for web advertising services for bloggers & small publishers with Indian traffic. Without wasting time, find the best way to advertise and work to earn revenue with your website or blog & learn how to get paid for every banner/Ad impressions with these high paying ad networks.

The idea behind creating a website varies from sharing your expertise, info to promoting the products or services. Everyone has a different way to express their knowledge and also push their products online via websites. But one thing you must require that a best clean website. You must have a nice template, that must be SEO friendly, mobile-friendly, Adsense ready and fast loading. Let's check out most required free AMP best blogger templates that you can't ignore. I have shared the most popular, best-selling, premium quality APM Blogger templates for your business, eCommerce, company, blog, affiliate marketing sites. Here you will find the fastest loading and Ultra-SEO friendly APM blogger templates featured with rich snippets to identify all parts of your website and are listed in SERP as well. Accelerated Mobile Pages (APM) —
Before moving onto the list of effective APM blogger template, first, we will have to explore more on what this AMP means. People love to ask so many questions on Google like; What is Google accelerated mobile pages? What is AMP format? What is the AMP page in SEO? What does Google AMP do? What is the AMP website? Do amps require https? How is AMP created? and so on.

Google announced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in the month of October 2015. This is a framework allowing you to create fast-loading mobile pages for your website. This is a specially designed open-source platform. And it allows the publishers to improve the speed. It also helps website owners to give the best possible user experience for their readers on Mobiles. AMP page loads faster on low internet speed as well and hence readers don't have to wait for pages to get loaded. So, the majority of publishers, site owners, etc. are adopting this latest and efficient technology.

The most powerful advantage of AMP is that it does not cut the ad revenue. So basically, the AMP is a path to create fast-rendering pages for mobile devices. There are 3 basic functionalities; AMP HTML, AMP JS and AMP CDN on which APM works. Also, SEO Optimization is equally important for developing the template which helps to increase the traffic. You may refer to this article to learn more on these 3 functionalities: Getting Started with Accelerated Mobile Pages (APM) - Know More About AMP Project

There are plenty of advertising networks, websites and affiliate programs that'll drive you to make money blogging. But if you're looking for the best blog monetization option from the all, Google’s AdSense can be the ideal one. The Google AdSense is the best strategy for making money blogging all the time. Making more money with AdSense
Bloggers used to search; How to earn money from google at home? How does Google AdSense work? How much does AdSense pay-per-click? How many page views do you need to make money with AdSense? It's not that much hard for making money with Google AdSense without a website, but it's not that much easy too. You must know effective ways to make money with AdSense. Earning money from google without investment through the internet become the first choice for every newbie publisher. Let's find out how to generate more money with adsense.

If you see, from newbie to professional, it is proved that the Google AdSense is the money maker and it is the most trustworthy advertising network till now. Not only it relates to a pay-per-click option but CPM (Cost per thousand). For making money through Adsense advertising program, it doesn’t require any formal educational or technical background. Nor it needs professional experience to do it. There are many bloggers, writers, publishers, online entrepreneurs who are earning handsome money through the AdSense.

You need to have a blog and several pages published so that you can use the AdSense money-making program. To gain more traffic you need to make your blog or site eye-catching, interesting and search engine friendly. Here in the Google AdSense monetization, the publisher needs to copy the advertising code generated by Adsense and paste it into the HTML body of the website. The rest is taken care automatically by the Adsense itself. Once the Adsense account is approved, it will then allows you to place the ad codes to show the advertisements on your blog, or websites, as well as on your YouTube videos, and get paid when visitors view and clicks on them. Adding and running the ad codes on the site doesn’t require any specific professional or educational background. Any person just having a computer and internet facility can start earning through Google AdSense. Even though, if you don’t have a computer or internet, you can also make money by working through smartphones, a cyber cafe, a college library, etc.

There are many best alternative to AdSense but still, the Google adsense is one of the best ways to make money from the website. Google AdSense is a reputed company. Google AdSense is a contextual advertising network and it is the most reliable network to make money. However, it is not that once you register with AdSense you will start earning. I have seen, many bloggers who start a blog and making money by Adsense, and then after a couple of months, they tend to stop it just because they are not able to earn the money as per their expectations. Though the income derived from AdSense is passive it takes time to enjoy the fruits. But there are no issues and no doubt your efforts definitely help you enjoy the results of it. Make sure that your content is useful and entertaining one. Without quality content, Google AdSense would not let you earn money through the pay-per-click program. You need to optimize the ads and so the adsense to make more money with adsense. The Adsense optimization requires extra creativity, additional study, and an ongoing testing for getting best out of it. And exactly what I'm going to share most effective ways for optimizing AdSense that will help you maximize the adsense earning.

As we all know about a legendary person, a paranoid entrepreneur, world's richest and super businessman handling various companies and trying to change the world, we are going to talk about the man who is well-known as the most powerful, iconic entrepreneur, business magnate and revolutionary person in the society, 'Elon Musk.' You can even say "A real life Tony Stark" 😉
Learning from 'Elon Musk'
You all might be known and heard lots of things from the last few years about Tesla, SpaceX, Solar City, PayPal, and several companies that Elon Musk is making a significant impact on our lives and going to change the world for better future.

The 'Elon Reeve Musk' was born on 28 June 1971, in a small town in South Africa. Elon Musk founded the 'SpaceX' company in May 2002, whereas he is co-founder and CEO at 'Tesla'. He is a founder of 'The Boring Company', & '' (now PayPal) and co-founder of Zip2, OpenAI. He is also a chairman of the 'SolarCity' organization too.

Some people may have been surprised about how can Elon Musk run all the companies? How he handle competition in business? And how he expertly control conflict management? Since childhood, Elon Musk always focusing on the solutions of the problems according to his point of view, then he believes on. It doesn't matter if you create any problem in your work, always think about how can you find the solutions to the issues and their further possibilities.

What are the key elements of selecting a perfect website template? Today’s article is dedicated to all those users who are overwhelmed with the right website template choice. It's quite difficult to answer the question what do people notice first when visiting a website, what they want and why some people bounce from the website
Choosing the Best Template for Website
Website owners used to search; how to choose web design templates? how to design a website layout? Factors to check to pick website templates? Selecting professional website templates facts? Best Wix templates or Wix responsive templates for the website? What are the best website design templates? Finding website builder templates? what is website templates with examples? Factors to consider while choosing a perfect template for your website - And so on.

Choosing a website template — is not an easy task when 1000 options are available. These following factors and standards will help you to decide and choose the perfect template for your website and your business. It depends on what they are looking for, be it a particular product or professional service.

Only knowing the psychology of website visitors we can create a website that gets results. When visitors come to your website, they will produce a set of feelings whether positive or negative. A visually engaging website has the biggest impact on your visitors’ psychology and helps them to find the needed information quickly and with ease.

Let's clean up what are the top priorities when selecting a perfect website template to establish trust and to make your visitors feel comfortable and engaging. You require knowing your business niche and purpose to choose the best website template. The website theme can also save your time, effort, and money – if you decide the right one! There are lots of things to consider; The following factors will assist you to choose the template that's best for your website.

These library files: "Isdone.dll" & "unarc.dll" "missing DLL" or "not found" errors have been much striking these days. The Isdone.dll is an active link library file - it has a particular purpose that the system handles it in order to perform multiple tasks. Your PC requires Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files to (or "intending to") making daily tasks, and they apply in a virtual database called 'The Registry'. Recently I was installing the latest game, and after 9% it got stuck, and the error message is shown as an error, and it was "ISDone.dll is missing" unable to read data. Then I completely checked all the systems files including system32 folder; the DLL file is missing. Fix ISDONE.DLL/UNARC.DLL missing error code -1/-7/-11/-12/-14
People used to search; how to solve isdone.dll error while installing games? How to fix Isdone.dll/Unarc.dll returned an error code? How to remove ISDone.dll & unarc.dll file error in PC game? Getting rid of isdone.dll error unarc.dll error-7? Fixing unarc.dll error code: -12 check sum error? Solved the unarc.dll returned an error code 14? What’s QoS? How To Boost & Increase The Internet Speed by QoS | Make Router Faster? Remove archive header is corrupted unarc.dll error code 14? Some might faced isdone.dll/unarc.dll decompression error gta 4 installing game like Mafia, Call Of Duty 2019 and all.

Typically such errors occurred when people tend to install "downloaded" games/applications etc. on their own machines "directly." These special DLL files are handled by your PC while playing PC games (usually high-end/high-graphics games), the file used to provide information to the CPU & GPU while playing that game.

Usually, such errors occurred for video game and any other software/application which needed heavy graphics/animations. That is why the "ISDone.dll is missing" error message often arises during the installation of computer games gets failed. However, there is some role of DLL file which stops them from making these moves.

The "Unarc.dll" and/or "Isdone.dll' file errors are very common in nature for Windows 7/8/10 machine users. In most of the cases, these DLL files have been deleted, shifted, damaged by malicious software installed on your machines or sometimes Windows registry changes. The "ISDone.dll" & "Unarc.dll" are the files that, like all the other "dll" files, situated at the System32 folder on 32-bit computer systems whereas in the SysWOW64 folder for 64 bit systems. Here I not only tell you to download isdone.dll or unarc.dll files but also you will get to fix dll missing errors on your computer system.

Nowadays, Android Smartphones are the most preferred used phones across the world. Due to its numerous features, it becomes one of the most recommended operating systems. But still, there are lots of common problems with this Android operating system. Android unknown install error 961 is one it and it occurs when you try to install or update any app from Google Play Store on your Android smartphone. Here in this post, I have listed many solutions that will help you resolve this Android unknown install error 961/907/504/971 from your mobile device. Fix unknown installing error 961/907/504/971
These are the typical questions people searched on Google; How do you fix an unknown error when installing an application? fixing the Google Play store? Why does Google Play store keep stopping? How to solve download pending android error? What does download pending mean on Android? Why won't apps download on my phone? And so on.

There are a lot of issues that you face on your Android smartphone. If you start listing them and if you see a count of these issues, you will be surprised. Android unknown install error 961 is one of the most irritating error in android smartphones. This error usually occurs when you try to download, install, update, delete/uninstall apps from the Google Play store. This error can observe for any app whether it's free or paid.

Before you move ahead, check [SOLVED] Most 48 Common Google Play Store Error Codes Quickly

Whenever you try to download, update, install, etc. apps from Google Play Store, a request gets sent to Google servers and when that request gets FORBIDDEN, this Android unknown install error 961/907/504/971 starts to occur on your screen. There is one more reason like a misconfiguration of your android smartphone system files on Google playstore may lead to this error.

Anyways, in this article, I'm going to explain the quick solutions for this error that stops you from installing, downloading, updating apps from Play Store. I've listed a couple of steps below which will help you fix this issue.

Checkout this article as well: [FIXED] ‌Play Store Not Downloading Apps | Fixing Google Play Store Error Code 971 | Play Store Downloading | Can’t install App


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