Is the warranty for your phone over? Or do you want to use your Android to its maximum potential? Yes, rooting your Android device will enable you to do so. The Android rooting is nothing but Android jailbreaking. Learn how to make rooted android faster & how to fix slow android phone including the list of best android apps for rooted phones (100% Works). Android system is best mobile OS, but check out top 10 rooted android apps & new ways to improve Android performance and avoid battery drain issues. Speed up android device after rooting
Android users used to search for; how to make cell phone faster? How can I make my Android phone faster? What apps to install after rooting? How do I overclock my Android phone? How to speed up data connection? How to speed up the rooted android mobile? How to overclock Android: turbocharge your mobile device? How to make Android faster xda? How to use 'Speed Up Swap NoAds' (root)-pro apk apps? how to make a tablet faster? My smartphone is running slow, how to fix it? So I listed apps to speed up/boost Android mobiles after rooting and tested strategies to do with a rooted phone to make it run faster.

Yeasterday, I published a page talking about; Top 12 Things YOU SHOULD STOP TO DO on Mobile Right NowBefore this, I was in search of some queries like; how to speed up my phone? What app is slowing down my android? Should I root my phone? What can you do with a rooted phone? How to make my phone faster? How to speed up the internet in android phone? How to improve the performance of Android phone just after root? How to fix phone slow working? Rooted phone now what? What to do after rooting? Even so, I personally don’t want you to sit idle after rooting the phone.

Out of the many things you wish to do post-rooting, I’m sure speeding up your Android device would concern you big time. After quick research, with the customization apps for rooted android, I got the best performance booster for android devices. There are various ways to speed up Android phone and best root apps to improve Android performance. With the benefits of rooting, I have listed best apps for rooted Android that critically uses the advantages of rooting OS to make rooted Android faster. In quick suggestion, the Superuser app is the first recommended rooted app anyone should install once your Android phone is rooted derived by best Android mods (free and paid).

This article deals with methods which can not only make your device faster, & make phone internet faster but also more optimized once you are done rooting it. As you know, today, there are apps for almost everything. It only makes sense for developers to come up with apps that fully optimize your rooted device. Before discussing those apps, here are some quick tips on how to maintain your newly rooted Android phone performance up. [Note: Since it's rooted, don't blame us if anything goes wrong with your Android device in the process.]

By lead response management study the marketing teams & sales professionals, required to check the different but effective ways to accelerate lead response time for automated marketing solutions. The fact is that the email marketing accelerates the lead response time. Read how email marketing accelerates lead response time & high-performance sales for businesses and encourages convert leads faster too. Email marketing accelerates lead response time
Marketing people used to search for what is lead response time? How can email marketing help businesses engage their leads? Why your lead response time is destroying your business? What are best practices for lead response management? What are the IMP things to do for faster lead response time? And so on...

To know how email marketing and email lead generation helps in the acceleration of lead response time you first must know, why is email marketing so important? Here in this article, we will provide you a step by step detailed explanation on how it works and what other benefits can it bring to your business like social marketing automation.

According to research, 34% of the world population uses email which makes a figure of 2.5 billion people and this figure is expected to increase to 2.8 billion in the coming two years. The reason why we are mentioning this lead response management study research is that we must emphasize on email marketing.

You see, a huge amount of people is using emails and in the age, almost everyone has an email address. You daily get many HTML emails and I am sure you do read all of them, get inspired by them and then you move towards the other emails. So, in short, email is a huge part of our lives and so the best example of marketing automation systems.

It's very important to know everything about what you are going to start. And particularly to be a successful blogger it's essential to know everything that need to know about blogging. That clears up all your queries & helps you to understand what precautions you should be taken. Today I want to suggest to you; what to choose & what not to, & helps you to walk on the right path. The motive behind why I'm telling this is, there are a lot of newbies are coming in blogging and want to be a blogger. So it's important to let them understand the things they should know just before jumping into the blogging industry. Before starting a blog
Most of the people are used to search; how to start a blog for free? How making money from a blog? What to blog about? How to start a blog and make money? List of best blogging platforms? moreover, they find about how to start a blog on facebook? Or how to start a fashion blog? What should I blog about? But only those serious, try to search about major things to know before starting a blog.

Indeed there are lots of newbies are coming & it's because of the earnings that the popular bloggers are getting. A skilled person may find it easy, but that doesn't happen with everybody. It's not like you to write a post & getting tons of traffic & earning huge; you certainly have to work hard.

Clearly, blogging is an art, and you will know it & learn it when you start writing. It's really not going to happen overnight; "Rome was not built in a day;" you need to wait till an opportunity strike. So here are a few things that one should know before starting a blog so that they can save their time which they may gonna waste doing blogging mistakes.

As said "Windows 2000 already contains features such as the human discipline component, where the PC can send an electric shock through the keyboard if the human does something that does not please Windows." by the mighty man - Bill Gates, has once said these words for his greatest invention- 'Windows computers.' Microsoft Windows The best-hidden features, tips, and tricks
Windows users used to search for what are the newest features in windows? How to turn windows features on or off? What is God Mode in Windows? What are the features of windows that are mostly hidden? Any new windows 10 shortcuts to know? Any recent windows 10 update you need to know? What's new in windows insider program? windows 10 performance tweaks and so on...

This was just one instance. There are much more hidden and spectacular features on your Windows PC now that make it way too quick-witted.

Indeed, Windows computers are a life saver. These amazing tools/features can do things in a jiffy for you, without letting you download any other third-party tool. Check out the extra hidden but amazing features you probably don't know that Microsoft Windows implemented already for your use. We already saw Windows 10 tips tricks and hacks or GODMODE, but these are less explored features you don't know existed.

Is WordPress safe from hackers? Are WordPress sites secure in these days? Since its introduction in 2003, WordPress has become one of the most popular website management systems. Out of 100 domains in the US, 22 of them use WordPress. The popularity of WordPress can also be judged by 126 million unique visitors it gets per month. Secure WordPress Websites
The wordpress developer & WP publishers used to search for how to make website secure? How to secure WordPress website from hackers? Do you know security issues with WordPress while blogging? How to password protect WordPress to prevent loss? How to strengthen your WordPress database security quick? How to make your WordPress site secure from hackers? The quick answer is to install, activate, and configure the best WordPress security plugins.

WordPress is the most popular blogging and Content Management System (CMS) platform on the Internet that makes it a target for hackers. I’ve observed many website owners bothering about the security of WordPress. There are some responsibilities that you have to consider as a WordPress website owner. Here is a summary of the WordPress security best practices for hardening WordPress security, that will encourage you to do that.

With the WordPress security expert, I have listed WordPress hosting security checklist includes 10 things you need to know about WordPress protection security for your website. However, the open source platform comes with its own bag of security issues, which makes it vulnerable to hackers. During 2007/08, the platform’s increasing popularity gave rise to a wave of exploits, which were quickly addressed by the company.

In 2015, there was an XSS WordPress vulnerability that affected a large number of preinstalled top wordpress security plugins. The issue was addressed in WordPress version 5.1.2. The recent malfunction, however, shows that even though the platform is quite mature, security issue can arise at any moment. Hence, it is better to take all possible precautions while setting up a website on WordPress. You not only secure WordPress hosting but also need to use the best security plugin for WordPress blog site you working with. It really becomes important to follow essential WordPress security best practices. Check out top 10 ways to secure wordpress websites like a pro.

The Fashion Blogging is not at all a new concept. But if you see, it emerges in the most innocent way these days. In this world of the Internet, fashion has come up with a new era and a new concept. It is the blogging that relates to the dream fashion redefined by the new style & trend in a way that the fashion designers or publishers fail to do. The famous fashion blogs show how to be fashionable with current, fresh style that makes you look different. How to get started as a blogger in the fashion industry
How to start a blog & run successfully? What about fashion blogs and fashion blogger? Which things need to consider for starting a style blog? How to become a beauty blogger? How to create a fashion website? How to become a style blogger? How does a fashion blogger make money? Let's check all the things you need to consider to become a fashion blogger professionally.

If you are very much passionate about fashion, you can share your views through blogs. If you are a content writer & love writing, this can shape your career excellently. As a fashion designer, I would suggest you create a fashion website, and you can turn your fashion blogs into a full-time career option. You can make handsome money through fashion blogging. If you see fashion blog examples that having better reputations, you may notice that the fashion blogs are slightly different from regular blogs.

As every moment the fashion changes, you as fashion bloggers needed to be very much innovating in ideas. Writing fashion blogs requires innovative thinking that can make your blog outstanding. In the recent post I was talking about; unique blog ideas & topics that might help you. You should focus on writing evergreen blogs that can guide the people with their right clothing styles. Here I just listed the things you need to know for starting a style blog in a quick way since the fashion bloggers needed too many factors to consider while working in fashion industry. A particular fashion blogger knows how to be fashionable, how to create a fashion website & how to get started as a blogger to build themselves as a popular fashion blog.

Have you lost or accidentally deleted crucial and confidential data from your Windows system thinking that those are not important? Or, have you lost your Windows partitions or deleted them accidentally? However, knowing the importance of the data you had deleted or lost somehow, you now wish to recover them quickly and easily. But what is the best way to recover Windows data seamlessly? Which is best tool to recover data from hard drive? This blog post answers all your queries. Stellar phoenix windows data recovery
Windows users used to search for How do I recover permanently deleted files? How to backup/restore firefox profile data? How can I recover my deleted data? Can we recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10? And so on...

I have checked this hard drive disk recovery tool to retrieve deleted files from the external hard drive. The user-friendly interface supported me in picking the correct options easily and with the live preview feature. The disk drive data recovery becomes easy with Stellar; one of the industry leaders offering the best hard drive recovery service. I quickly located the deleted files and ultimately I was able to recover deleted files.

It has great GUI better than those hard drive data recovery services. This tool lets me retrieve the deleted partition as well. Before this, I failing hard drive recovery when tried some other cheap recovery tools, and get depressed after seeing their recovery results. The tool architecture works on the strong algorithm that makes it powerful and unique from other recovery software. Even though the recovery procedure requires more time; but it's a good thing that your important data is going to recover back. Such a professional software recovers lost, deleted, or formatted files/partitions from the Windows system. It can also restore data from attached external devices, such as flash drives, external hard drives, CDs/DVDs, etc.

Now restore your data without altering the original data or formatting of the files. The quick features are; any disk drive recovery, lost partition recovery, optical media recovery, recover photos and multimedia files, provides a pre-recovery preview of files, deep scan for the better result, system startup disc, & also you can image your hard disk too. All-in-all, it is a perfect software for all data loss issues that you may face in your system that runs Windows OS.

Are you looking for the right theme for your website or blog post? Are you looking for the most catchy and attractive theme that can suit your blog content? Want to know how to choose a WordPress theme for business? Are you looking for the reliable eCommerce Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins provider who will give you exactly the same what you are looking for? How to choose a free WordPress theme? Do you want to make your blog look attractive and eye-catching one? Do you want to design a good looking blog in a cost-effective way? Then you are on the right page. Check out most important things before you buy or start to make custom WordPress theme for your website. Choosing a WordPress theme for blog/website
Online publishers used to search for; which WordPress theme is best for blogging? Should I use a WordPress theme? What is the best WordPress theme for business? Things to know before choosing a WordPress template? Which is the best free theme on WordPress? What is the most popular SEO WordPress theme? And so on...

If you have read my recent post talking about 9 Reasons Why WordPress Is Far Better Than Blogger it is seen that WordPress can be the perfect address for your search. It is the right choice to make your blog shine. WordPress can be the right address to shape your web page look more attractive and impressive. Just take the theme that goes right with your niche through WordPress. You can even customize the WordPress them according to your needs; you don't need to be WordPress developer since WordPress is popular for its flexibility. It is well-known for its high level of customization.

There are plenty of WordPress plugins developed along with extensions especially to help the project shine. There are endless themes available with WordPress that too for free. Premium versions are also available for added beauty.

The first and foremost question arises in the mind whether to go for free themes or the premium one. Next, comes selecting the simple or multi-purpose themes. Whether to go for a framework or standalone themes? Overall, there are several questions and confusions in mind. In order to design the best blog post, it is necessary to clear all these queries. There is a need to think the right one for your blog post. Well, choosing the right WordPress template is of eternal essential thing today.


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