This is an interesting topic of discussion. We have to wash all our utensils every single day. We employ a maid for this duty and paying some fixed amount of money on a monthly basis. Finding an economical & affordable local housemaid is itself a challenge. And even if we find economical bai for this task, still we have to worry about whether the maid will come up the next day or not. Also, if she took a day off, we have to do this task on our own anyway. Comparison between the dishwasher and housemaid
People used to search for I am planning to buy a dishwasher & how is the experience with dishwashers in India? Are dishwashers worth buying in India? What are the pros and cons of using a dishwasher in India? How taking the dishwasher into the kitchen worth? And so on...

We are living in smart gadgets world now. Almost all of us are having smartphones, washing machines, floor cleaners, etc., etc. Then, why can’t we have something which can replace the maid now? We are turning our heads towards metro cities. And maid wages are no less than the EMIs which we spend on our smartphones. Also, maids are quite choosy in their timings. Sometimes, we also had to re-schedule all our activities according to their timings.

Let me introduce you to "Dishwasher" now; you can say it is a "smart maid" who is there with you 24x7. You don’t have to wait for it to do the job. Just turn it on, add some detergent, provide water, kick-start it and soon you will have nice, clear, odorless, and hygiene utensils.

No doubt your maid does the same thing as the dishwasher, but there are many factors you need to consider to calculate everything. I'm here to compare tons of points between maid and dishwasher. And I’m sure, this article will jiggle your mind.

Online merchants have the hardest time in the industry creating and fostering customer loyalty. Trust is a large part of that difficulty, as it’s harder to get a customer to trust you when you don’t have the look and feel aspect of your products to offer. Email Marketing Automation Strategies
People used to search; how email workflow automation work? Ways to get best automated email campaigns to work without marketing automation software for agencies being used? Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation which is better? And so on...

However, there is a way you can use email marketing automation to encourage customer loyalty and trust for eCommerce stores. Surprisingly, by completely automating part of your communications, you can actually connect with your customers on a more profound level.

You can start by making sure your message is always relevant. While it might seem difficult to personalize an automated message, the reality is that this starts with the smart segmentation of your marketing and subscriber lists. By segmenting these lists, you can create messages that are tailored to your customers and feel like they were specifically written for them.

One of the best ways to go about segmenting your customers is to pre-segment them with tailored email marketing lists. By offering several different, personalized offers for your email capture incentives, you can pre-segment your customers by their interests.

Not only does targeting your list building create a more personalized experience for your customer, but it creates more trust and loyalty by reinforcing that you offer what the customer wants.

The best way to further strengthen this strategy is by adding more channels to your email marketing automation workflow and creating an omnichannel customer experience. In doing so, you provide a better overall seamless experience for your customer that feels the exact same no matter what channel the customer uses to reach out to you.

The Google Chrome is the best browser if browsing speed is considered. If the surfing speed and browser performance are the main concerns for you then you must be interested for making the Google chrome faster to the maximum limit. I love Google Chrome browser but one of the issues is of consuming a lot of system RAM causing chrome crash & make me work slow. A slowdown in performance is one of the blame often labeled on the browser. But luckily Google have provided Chrome flags to fix crashing & optimize the Google Chrome for faster web browsing and it will improve your productivity.
Make Chrome 8x Faster
People used to search; how to increase browsing speed? How to make downloads faster? How to improve the speed of Google Chrome? How to get rid of Chrome keeps freezing quickly? How do you speed up Google Chrome using chrome flags? How to boost internet speed for faster surfing? How to fix Google Chrome not working? Why is google chrome so slow? How do you make my Google Chrome download faster? How to boost the speed of Google from the chrome to browse? How to optimize Google Chrome? How do you speed up your browser? How to fix Chrome browser getting sluggish at tabbed browsing? Ways to fix chrome freezing and to increase the speed for loading pages while surfing the net? How can you make your slow Web browser faster than before? And so on...

The slower web browsing is one of the common problems that many users getting irritated while visiting the websites on the net. And the sluggish web browser adds more to cause more trouble. With the factors of benchmark tests, better security measures & the ability of faster surfing speed, the Google chrome is at the top of best browser list, and it is the reason why Google Chrome is the best and most popular web browser available.

With most of the users, when they install and began to use chrome, it gives faster and smooth operations. But after few days, it gets started to slow down the browsing speed and even getting unresponsive and then going crashed invariably. Over the time Google chrome started providing sluggish performance and gets failed to achieve the fastest browsing speed possible. We know and appreciate that Google Chrome is the fastest web browser available on the market, but many of you notice that it’s often gets crashed by taking up too much RAM and slowing down the computer performance. Luckily with the optimization by implementing better security measures and protocols, the Google chrome allows using simple flag modifications to improve the web browsing speed and making chrome blazing fast.

If you find your chrome browsers performing slower than it was, or its process has started using too much of RAM making your computer unresponsive or slow to perform, then you'll find this step-by-step tech guide to be extremely useful that can make your work done faster & ultimately make you productive. I’ll show you speed hacks on how you can make your Chrome run 200% faster, improve the performance and allows you browse the internet faster than before by reducing the amount of RAM usage by the browser.

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One of the factors that I enjoy most about SEO is that it's never getting old. You always need to keep updated with the latest Google algorithm updates. There's constantly something to question and so there's constantly something more to learn. It's a field crowded with highly skilled experts, and so it becomes very competitive since many of those have their own professions. But how they get succeeded? What anyone needs to learn about their SEO strategies? Are you ready to learn SEO? SEO updates & expert optimization
People used to ask; how can you learn SEO? How do I do SEO for my website? How do you do SEO yourself? What are Google SEO tools? Where to get online sources for learning SEO? Want to learn SEO from experts? SEO tutorials, top SEO tips and so on...

The search engine optimization (SEO) has improved over the last few years, with the improved & extensive use of SEO best practices.

Now, the SEO industry is worth more than $72 billion. Not only large businesses but small companies are also taking part to learn how those advanced and actionable search techniques have the power to grow their business. No matter what kind of business you are running large or small, if you are depending on targetted organic traffic for your sales, you need to be expert in SEO or else you required to hire an SEO expert that will work better for you.

On the other side, the Google keeps making big algorithm changes after every few months and the businesses and their hired experts are trying to prepare and then implement to work better for them.

SEO has become a wide field and it’s increasingly necessary to know more about other factors of marketing clues to implement best search strategies. Being an SEO expert you require research, practice, and of course experience. Seekers are still ready to pay the higher salary for an SEO professional who knows how to cope up with the competition. And if you're able to implement a successful SEO campaign and drive their marketing channel to grow under your expert guidance you can then settle yourself and will perform pretty well as an SEO expert.

SEO is a huge and most effective element in digital marketing today. And as you see, it is always updating & growing. Further including to it, the search engines especially Google keeps announcing new features in the SERP, no more keywords are considered for search rankings, first 3 letters of URL are promisings and lots of other search variables & SEO changes. Whatever you understand today will be thrown out of the box tomorrow. This shows that if you are not active, productive, analytical and pretty experimental it becomes hard to get the better results tomorrow for whatever you are working today.

It’s nearly about 3 years ago I regularly started SEO learning. I can sincerely say it’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever tried to do in life. I used to keep learning on case studies for link building, keyword research, technical SEO and more. Yeah, it is the most difficult, exhausting and annoying thing that could happen to anyone. Then I hired SEO professionals and spend huge money. Then? What I got to know after a few years? Today I'm going to provide a short list of what I’ve learned after spending and hiring SEO experts.

As you are come to see this page, that means you obviously facing one of the common Android errors while downloading or updating apps on your Android device. No worries; we are here again, learn how to get solved and be ready for future issues mostly happened with App Store. The 'play store app down' is one of the major error in play store in addition to it there are lots of errors have also existed. Fix Common Google Play Store Error 2020
People used to search; why play store not downloading apps? Why does it say server error on Google Play? How do I reinstall the Google Play store? Why is my google play store not working? Why does the Google Play store keep crashing? How to fix play store not downloading apps? play store error retrieving information from server failed? What is error code 491? Fixing Google play store server error codes? can't download apps from the play store? Why does your phone say "Unfortunately Google Play store has stopped"? How do you reset the Google Play store app? And so on...

Have these some of the most common Google Play store errors ever faced by you? Anyhow, we've all seen these Google Play Store problems in many times. You might experience an error that contains random numbers when you download or update android apps from the Google Play store. Here you're going to learn, how to fix google play services has stopped, Google play store server error, No Connection - Retry error message, Google Play Store Error 963, Error 491, Error 18, Error 495, Error 103, play store not downloading apps, 'insufficient storage available' error message, or error retrieving information from the server, error downloading, authentication error, insufficient storage error, check your connection and try again error, Google play store has stopped.

Learn how to fix common Google play store app error codes 491, 413, 495, 941, 921, 924, 923, 926, 961, 963, 971, 504, -506, 693, 919, DF-BPA_09, Df-Dferh-01 & Error -24. Google play store is nothing but an online market website to download and installs various apps for user requirements. After upgrading to Nougat you can't download apps from play store and also all other Google-related services are not connecting to the WiFi home network. Most of the time, it shows download pending in play store while downloading or updating the app. Whereas, the next problem is that Google play services won't update as it is "not compatible with the version" even by resetting all Google apps to their factor default version as a fix.

For the Google play mobile application download is easy but these Google play service app download errors like play store stopped working, are generally caused with many of us in several times, that when you are going to try to download or update the application on the Android devices. The result is only a cryptic error message having some random numbers from the Google play store. It's not only disturbing you but make a panic situation. Here's the list of most common playstore errors and their solutions you can follow when the Google play store app doesn't work for you.

In starting your own business, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. Two of the things you need to consider are the logo that you will use to present your business and the video that you will use in marketing your business. According to the professionals; your logos and videos are one of the ways to increase your audience and potential customers – that’s why you need to assure that the logo and video that you will use are efficient. Making a Catchy Logo & Video for Business
Web designers and publishers used to search; how do I create a brand logo? How do you make a good marketing video? What is the best free logo maker? What are the five characteristics of a good logo? How can I design a good logo? And so on...

Managing your own business and creating engaging content for all of the products with your customers & the readers may seem both interesting and profitable.

Though, along with creativity and the latest innovation, it also needs a great deal of hard work. It can be frustrating if your products and the high-quality content don't receive the attention and have a notice from the traffic they deserve and you then able see that your readers are going away day after day. Why does this occur? What are you doing negatively? Various factors may be required to consider and to work here. But, for the most part, it all comes down to having a catchy logo & appealing content to be shared. Let’s check out how to make a winning logo & killer video content for your business.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO is an essential part of blogging, without it we can NOT able to get the top positions in search results, and also there is no extra organic traffic from search engines. Since google search architecture always keep an eye on each link towards your site or from your site. Most of the time we get these outbound links through the comment form. Now the question is should I keep blog comments as nofollow or dofollow? And how to nofollow all external links automatically in blogger?
Remove NoFollow From Blogger/ WordPress Comments
Professional bloggers used to search; What is the use of no follow? How do I make a link no-follow? How to use rel="nofollow" for external links? What is the benefit of noindex/nofollow on blog comments? And so on...

These comments are one of the most important parts of your blog as each comment shows an idea to you that how your readers or visitors get that particular post on which they put their words, whether they want further information? or they have any questions? or they like your content of blog posts or not.

All blogger likes to get comments in his every article published. And this is one of the best on-page SEO tips for all bloggers to boost their page ranking by making SEO friendly comment system. Learn this tutorial on How To SEO Optimize Your Blogger Blog For Higher Search Results.

This SEO secret will help you rank better on Google in less time. Learn how to make your blogger comments nofollow and why in simple steps.


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