TV Buying Guide [4K]: 10 Things To Know While Purchasing A Smart Television | LED, LCD, HD, Samsung

Nowadays, Television is an irreplaceable part of our daily life . You will find Television set in almost every single home. But not everyone uses a Smart TV. In fact, some people don't even know; what Smart TV does actually and what are its specifications and many more things. Here, I'm providing you the best Television buying guide. This guide will help you a lot while buying a new television, no matter you buy it Online or Offline. So, make sure to stick with this page till the end.

TV Buying Guide
Television is an electronic gadget and you have to choose it carefully. So, you need to follow all this Smart TV buying guide that I'm going to provide you through this page. You can see there are thousands of companies and brands are available in the market. People have different choices and it depends on their experiences and expectations from the TV. You have to know which TV brand is best for you. Also, you must know the list of the things that need to be considered while buying a Smart TV unit according to your needs.

If you ever thought of replacing your antique and old television with a new one, and if you ever think like how do I choose the right TV? Then you have come to the right place. I am here to tell you, how to choose the best TV. Because of the lack of knowledge, people somehow get confused while buying a new TV, they have many questions like what should I look while buying a Smart TV? And what are the best TVs to buy? So, without wasting time, let's take a look at what are the answers to all these questions.
TV Buying Guide [4K]: 10 Things To Know While Purchasing A Smart Television | LED, LCD, HD, Samsung: Presenting buying guide for TVs online/offline. New buyers confused about purchasing new smart TV on Amazon, FlipKart. Choosing a perfect 4K TV unit is challenging by comparing brands like Samsung, LG, VU. Browse the TV buying guide listed 10 major things you require to consider while buying a new television. Modern smart TVs come with lots of new features like size, resolution, sound quality, screen type, viewing angle, Refresh Rate, LED, LCD, HDMI, so it is a bit difficult to decide which TV is best? Having trouble deciding which smart TV to buy then check out our ultimate 10 step formula detailing all the essential factors and aspects you have to know while finalizing your TV purchase. Check out buying guides for TVs.
TV Buying Guide: Presenting buying guide for TVs online/offline. New buyers confused about purchasing new smart TV on Amazon, FlipKart. Choosing a perfect 4K TV unit is challenging by comparing brands like Samsung, LG, VU. Browse the TV buying guide listed 10 major things you require to consider while buying a new television. Modern smart TVs come with lots of new features like size, resolution, sound quality, screen type, viewing angle, Refresh Rate, LED, LCD, HDMI, so it is a bit difficult to decide which TV is best? Having trouble deciding which smart TV to buy then check out our ultimate 10 step formula detailing all the essential factors and aspects you have to know while finalizing your TV purchase. Check out buying guides for TVs.

Smart 4K TV buying guide: 10 Things you should consider before buying a new television

Below is the list of things that need to be considered while buying a correct TV unit:

1. Choose television size.

Choose television size as per room - TV Buying Guide
Choose television size as per room
This is the first and most important thing which you need to think about TV. Frankly speaking, screen size matters a lot. It doesn't mean you have to buy a very large screen size TV unit, but you have to look at the dimensions of your room and decide from what distance you are going to watch the TV. Remember that, the television size measured diagonally in inches from one corner to the opposite corner. Better to consider the room size and then think of what could be the best screen size suits with your living room, bedroom, or wherever you are going to place it in your house.

Basically, everyone prefers to buy between 55 to 65 inches TV and it is the normal and default size for a common man as per their budget. Also, as you see, newly launched VU 75 Inch 4k TV, there are 70 to 80 inches are also available in the market or even larger sized smart televisions too, but these televisions are for those who have a big budget and have very large space in their house. So, I would say, try to find a correct sized TV unit which perfectly fits and suitable according to your room dimensions.

2. LED vs LCD: Choose the best screen type.

LED vs LCD: Choose the best screen type - TV Buying Guide
LED vs LCD: Choose the best screen type
This is yet another important thing while buying television and it is nothing but choosing the screen type. Here we are going to learn, about what are the types of screens and it's technologies. Basically, 2 types of display technologies are more common: LCD and LED. You might have already heard before many times about these.
  • LED stands for Light Emitting Diode
  • LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display.
An LED TV typically uses a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel to control where light to be displayed on the screen. These panels are usually composed of 2 sheets of polarizing material and have a liquid crystal solution between them. When an electric current passes through the liquid, it causes the crystals to align so that light should or shouldn't pass through.

You are probably thinking of what the difference is? Basically, older LCD TVs uses Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFLs) to provide lighting. Since the technology got evolved and is now better than earlier, all LCD TVs now use LED lights and are generally considered LED TVs. LED LCD TVs use an array of smaller, more efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to illuminate the screen.

There are a lot of conflicts like in terms of televisions display and panel technology. Some televisions come up with Flat screens whereas some brands turned into curve-shaped TV to give it a modern look.

3. Screen resolution.

Screen resolution - TV Buying Guide
Screen resolution
You might be heard about 4K, HD (High-Definition), UHD (Ultra-High-Definition), or Full HD. These are types of television screen resolutions. If you choose a higher resolution TV unit, images displayed on the screen looks more promising, standard, and sharper. The resolution usually termed in e.g. 1920 x 1080p, which means, the screen has 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically. Make sure to buy a higher resolution television for a better viewing experience (irrespective of the size of the screen).

4K or UHD refers to a TV display that has a resolution - 3840x2160 pixels. Which means, these screens have four times sharper images than that of other high definition screens. You can enjoy an ultra-high-quality picture if you play 4K videos on your TV. So make sure to check that, the television should support 4K or HDR content. Note that, low-quality and low-resolution screens appear the blurry, distorted image/videos on the screen. So, no matter what is the budget you have, make sure its worth an investment.

4. Refresh Rate.

Refresh Rate - TV Buying Guide
Refresh Rate
The next more important thing is Refresh Rate of the screen. You might have heard the term "FPS" and refresh rate is usually termed in this unit, e.g. 30 fps or 60fps. FPS stands for Frames Per Second. This factor indicates, how many frames your TV screen can process per second. Hence, higher the refresh rate, better the viewing experience. If the refresh rate is higher, slow-motion videos look smooth, whereas, in the low refresh rate screens, you will find slow-motion videos are played in steps.

There are some televisions that offer you refresh rates of 60Hz [Hertz]. It seems a default refresh rate for almost all the televisions. It means the frames on your television screen refreshes 60 times per second. But, there are few modern and upgraded televisions available in the marker that offers refresh rates as high as 120Hz [Hertz].

Usually, movies are refreshing at 24 FPS (frames per second) but if you start any live tv show or channel it shows us in 30FPS or in 60FPS. So, if the refresh rate of your television is higher than the content itself, video run without any glitches and it create a smooth image flow experience on your screen. While choosing any television, make sure to check its refresh rate, its good for any high-quality video content that you intend to play on your screen.

5. Inputs and HDMI Ports.

HDMI Ports - TV Buying Guide
HDMI Ports
Input ports are the common thing to be considered while buying a TV unit. HDMI ports are now mandatory for almost all the televisions. HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. HDMI carries both signals, Audio and Video. Through this HDMI port, you can play any game on your television. DVD player, laptops, PlayStation etc. can be connected directly to your television through HDMI connector.

The placement of HDMI ports totally depends on your television brand. Most of the brands provide this port at the lower backside of the television. HDMI 2.0 port support video of type 4K and UHD. Whereas, HDMI 2.1 goes further and it delivers video of type 8K contents.

Apart from HDMI, there are other ports that you need to check, like USB ports, cable connections, and other small ports are provided that you can use to connect other multimedia gadgets you have like speakers, etc. So, make sure to check a sufficient amount of ports are given according to your needs.

6. Accessories.

When you finally choose to buy a television, there are some accessories that the company provides. It is your responsibility to check all the important accessories that are given and are mandatory for your TV unit. Some important accessories are; remote control, batteries, gamepad, set-top box, HDMI switcher and cable, wall brackets, cleaning solutions, television stand.

Also, most importantly smart guide or booklet that provided by the company. These and many other small accessories are given that you have to check while buying your television.

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7. The Brand.

The Brand - TV Buying Guide
The Brand
This is yet another important factor: The Brand. When it comes to choosing any electronic device, you look at which brand is the best for TV. A bunch of companies and products are available in the market, but which brand is best for your television? Many people get confused to choose it. People don't know how to choose a good TV. There are specific brands in the market that only recognize only for specific products. It may be on the mobile, laptop, pen drive, and many more. Choosing a brand totally depends on people's expectations and experiences.

It's like buying an Ice-Cream, the choice is all yours and is totally dependent on the flavor you like.

But, let me tell you one thing, brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, TCL, UV, Sansui, Panasonic, and many more brands that you might be heard hundreds of times specifically work on building TV Units. And in the market, there will always be a competition between these brands. All brands are best for specific reasons. So you have to make this judgment call according to your needs.

8. Warranty

Warranty - TV Buying Guide
Warranty is a default thing which is usually provided by the company. It can be for one year or two years max. In this warranty period, the television company take entire responsibility to give services for the TV parts and has a replacement policy in case of any damage. And when someone investing thousands of money in TV unit, Warranty is an obvious thing for anyone to check. And since it's an electronic system, no one can tell for how long it will work.

Warranty should be there for such electronic product. Most of the warranties are provided for body parts and services. These services will only cover manufacturing defects. So, while purchasing TV unit, make sure to check warranty is given, the duration of warranty and what are the things which will be covered in the warranty period.

9. Check Viewing Angle.

Viewing angle is another thing that has to be considered while purchasing a TV unit. You have to see the screen from various angles and not just from the front side. There are some cases that, the screen loses quality factors such as contrast, color accuracy, or even clarity of the image and video when viewing the screen from the side. Some flat-screen televisions have a problem of displaying blurry images around the corners.

So, in the case of the big screen TV units, the viewing angle has to be checked prior to the purchase of the product. There is no point buying such big TVs when the viewing angle is less, it will be a waste of money. Thus, I would like to recommend you to check the viewing angle by watching a TV from the left-right sides as well as from top-bottom sides too. And make sure to check the main part of the image, and video on the TV looks fine from all the sides.

10. Service.

The last but not the least thing to be checked is Services. Nowadays, after-sell-services are the key things people usually check by reading through review comments from other buyers. The services could be the installation or demonstration of your TV unit or even the services needed when you wanted to claim your warranty.

In case you are purchasing the product Online, you can easily go through reviews given by other people who have already purchased the TV unit. Based on their experience, you can decide whether to go for this product or whether to switch to other products or other brands.

That's all, these are the couple of fundamental things to be considered while purchasing a TV unit. I'm sure these are helpful to you or your friends. I expect you to read all the above information carefully.

Still, if you find something else more promising than that of what I've enlisted above and want to suggest any other things, do not hesitate to use below comment section. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime. Happy to hear from you and would like to share as much information as possible to help others.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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