Top 15 Free Health Apps 2022 for Android To Track Your Fitness

Check the best free health fitness apps for Android to track fitness, heart rate, BP, steps, workout, sleep, daily activities. Apps to stay healthy.. Continue reading...

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Using the health android apps get to be a healthier & more active life. Try to know how much or what kind of activity you required to stay healthy. By analyzing fitness, home workout, sleep, and daily activities, health apps provide features to keep up your body fit and healthy. Check out the best android app for health and fitness.
Health Apps for Android
You probably might hear plenty of times that Health is nothing but Wealth. But, most people nowadays neglect to take care of their physical health. Your better health can lead to lower your hospital bills, help you feel better and to do more exciting things.

Many people have a good habit of doing exercise daily. But the majority of people usually kept themselves busy in daily schedule and couldn't spare some time for the physical exercise. Also, physical fitness keeps your mental health strong as well. Anyways, as you know lots of people have their own Android Smartphones in this "Smart World". Then why can't we use health applications on Android Smartphone? Some smart features are given in such health apps for better experience and quick access according to your health. Take a smart step like your smartphone and use the following best free health app for android.

Recently I have posted Top 15 must-have Android apps right after buying a new smartphone. Including those, you will see that there are loads of best health apps already available in Play Store. But, here I am going to provide you best 15 application health apps for android. So it is obvious that you don't have to search free health apps for android again on the internet.

These top 15 health tracker apps android are compatible and specially designed for mobile systems as well as your fitness band. So, you don't have to worry about it. Simple checkout all the health-related apps and hit FREE DOWNLOAD to get those on your Android smartphone.

Best free health app for android: Using best health android apps get to be a healthier & more active life. Try to know how much or what kind of activity you required to stay healthy. By analysing fitness, home workout, sleep, and daily activities, health apps provides features to keep up your body fit and healthy. Check out best free health fitness apps for Android phones.
Best free health app for android: Using best health android apps get to be a healthier & more active life. Try to know how much or what kind of activity you required to stay healthy. By analysing fitness, home workout, sleep, and daily activities, health apps provides features to keep up your body fit and healthy. Check out best free health fitness apps for Android phones.
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Top 15 Best Health Apps for Android

Among the list of health applications, I recommend you to install Google Fit app. This is the best one to maintain your health. Not only Google Fitness app but there are different free health applications also out there. So, by using it, you can lose those extra weights and be healthier than ever before.

If you are an Android user and looking for health-related apps, check out the following list of 15 Best Health Android apps that will help you to live a healthier lifestyle ever:

1. Google fit app for android.

Google Fit
Google fit app for android
Google fit app is specially designed by Google and it is compatible with all the android mobile phones. You can easily download it from the Google play store. Google provides you a lot of features and specifications through this health app. Also, it is pretty much simple to use for all Age groups. When you install Google fit app in your mobile and set it up properly, it will automatically track your activity via phone sensors.

This Google fit app for android works very efficiently while you are doing the running, cycling, and yoga exercises. Much beneficial for the people who daily working-out in the gym as well. You will get quick access to your step-counts, burnt calories, and the distance you walked throughout the day by using this app. This is one of the best Android apps for health and fitness and much helpful for those who regularly exercise for a healthier lifestyle.

Google fit app is fairly accurate with the tracking of your routes and steps counting. You can see your daily progress on the basis of your heart points and steps goal. By using this app, you can adjust your daily workout goals and keep challenging yourself to achieve a healthy heart and mind. It compatible and supports Google smartwatch as well. If you have a smartwatch, let it connect to this app and you will get quick insight when you are out for exercise.

2. Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal.

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal
Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal
This is yet another best health Android app - Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker. It is much helpful to lose weight. This app build to help you to calculate the calories in food, meal, and in varieties of recipes. My fitness pal has a community that will give you an insight and quick access according to your daily food and the calories calculation directly in your mobile.

In this app, over 350 fitness programs are given to lose your weight. Easy to scan any barcode to check the nutrition facts. Day-by-day, you can check your health graph and fitness history to know how closer are you to your set goal.

3. Sworkit Fitness.

Sworkit Fitness
Sworkit Fitness
Sworkit app is really helpful for losing your weight, gain muscle, improve your flexibility and level-up your endurance. It basically known as exercise planner and fitness tracer. There has a lot of features inside this app.

For beginner users, this app provides 6-week fitness programs and it is an advanced level feature. You can do anything according to your only-5-minutes work out plan or a full-blown workout session at your home. Sworkit is fairly flexible and simple.

4. Adidas Running App.

Adidas Running App
Adidas Running App
Runtastic is most popular app in Google play store. This app comes with a live tracking feature. The app comes-up with a well-customized dashboard that you can use more effectively. You will get audio feedback from the voice coach while you running.

And the best part is, it comes with a cheering feature that will boost your confidence. The subscription plan also provided to you as a personal coach and much more features are there. Live-tracking and cheering features helpful for those who want to achieve their health or fitness goals.

5. Headspace - Meditation & Sleep.

Headspace - Meditation & Sleep
Headspace - Meditation & Sleep
Excercise is so much important for our health. And so, your mental health is equally important too which you can achieve by doing Meditation. So, I would like to recommend you Headspace app. Headspace is a meditation app.

In this app, it includes a variety of guided meditations, emergency SOS [Save our souls] sessions and various programs are also available. You choose those based on your needs. This app even sends you the meditational notifications about telling you to chill out and breathe a little a bit.

6. Lifesum.

Lifesum is another best fitness and health application for android. Diet plans, food diary, macro calculator, calorie counter, healthy recipes guide, and many other things that you can get at one place through this app. You can get tons of nutrition guidance here. Meal planning and diet is an top Lifesum feature ever.

If you want to know how much calories and nutrition fat are there in the product you are going to buy, you just have to scan the barcode. Many people want to lose their weight, Lifesum app will help such people through exercise and diet planning.

7. Happify.

Nowadays many people are living a very stressful lifestyle. And Happify app helps to reduce the stress from your life. It helps you get rid of your negative or any dark thoughts from your mind. Negativity, bad emotions, and frustrations spreads like a Poison in your mental health and your lifestyle. This is why this heath app was built for you to live a happy and healthier life.

8. MyChart.

This application gives you the information according to medication. You can view your reports immediately by sitting at your home. You have any physical problem or health-related issue, this app provides you with scheduling and managing appointments online.

You can easily schedule your visits to the doctor and send urgent messages to your clinic and receive a response within a few days. Because of some health issues, many people are not able to visit the clinic physically. But you can connect your accounts from other healthcare organizations so that you can see all your health information in one place.

9. Runkeeper - GPS Track Run Walk.

Runkeeper - GPS Track Run Walk
Runkeeper - GPS Track Run Walk
Love to do running and jogging? Then RunKeeper is one of the best apps for you, that you must download and use on your daily basis. This app can track all the details of your running and jogging it including your speed, distance, and time as well.

The app will also regularly updates you on your progress and provide some important tips on how to run better. RunKeeper app makes it easy to share your runs over social networks.

10. Seven - 7 Minute Workout.

Seven - 7 Minute Workout
Seven - 7 Minute Workout
Not everybody has time to engage with their daily exercise for longer hours, everyone might be busy in their daily work life. If you want to get fit and flexible and you can only spare 10 to 15 minutes a day, this app will much better for you guys.

You can follow 10+ different exercises which lasts for 30 seconds. By using this app, you will get faster results with your workout plans and increase your fitness level. It has access to over 200 exercises and workouts to set up your own training.

11. BodySpace - Social Fitness App.

BodySpace - Social Fitness App
BodySpace - Social Fitness App
This is a revolutionary app that changed people's lives drastically. You can choose the program that perfectly fits for you based on your goal, experience level, gender, age, duration, or even number of workouts per week.

Simply apply the training program to BodyCalendar and get daily your To-Do list and training program reminder every single day. This app is kind of ongoing transformation scheme.

12. Cronometer – Nutrition Tracker.

Cronometer – Nutrition Tracker
Cronometer – Nutrition Tracker
It is one of the most accurate and comprehensive nutrition tracker apps ever. It is absolutely free to use and provides you more accurate nutritional information than any other app. Like many other apps, there is a feature that you can use to scan food packet labels with the barcode scanner.

You can track your calories, protein, carbs, cholesterol, and more through this app. Also, Cronometer are having a community and their friendly team is always there to help you reach your nutrition goals and provide you with excellent customer service.

13. Fitbit Coach.

Fitbit Coach
Fitbit Coach
Fitbit Coach is the best application and also try to help you to fulfill your goals according to the exercise. Fitbit coach offers you dynamic workouts ethics that adapt to your feedback, goals, and abilities. Your bodyweight, running, or walking workouts also tracked in this app.

The app is designed to move steadily and help you achieve your personal fitness goals and that also according to your exercise style. There are hundreds of exercises for different body parts that you can keep your workouts fresh.

14. Noom - Health & Weight.

Noom - Health & Weight
Noom - Health & Weight
For any program or health app, the goal is, obviously, to keep you fit and fine. But, Noom application is based on a psychology approach. So it is quite different from other applications.

It basically identifies your deep-rooted thoughts and any hooks that affects your mind-health. It helps you to create personalized plans according to your health. And, sooner or later, it will build a healthy habit in you.

15. Fitness Buddy.

Fitness Buddy
Fitness Buddy
Fitness Buddy is like your virtual personal trainer and nothing but nutritionist for you. With hundreds of different workouts, you can tackle easily at your home. Also, this app provides you personalized meal plans and recipes.

All exercises feature is given with clear instructions and videos, also provided a progressive workout plans for you, and this is ideal for beginners as well as for advanced lifters too.

Bottom Line
I hope you will try the above apps and you will definitely be happy with the kind of features give by these apps. Feel free to use the comment section below to get in touch with me anytime. Happy to hear from you.

Still, if you find something else more promising than that of what I've enlisted above and want to suggest any other things, do not hesitate to use below comment section. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime. Happy to hear from you and would like to share as much information as possible to help others.

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