Top 15 Must Have Android Apps (Retro Apps) Right After Buying A New Smartphone

And finally, you bought a brand new smartphone, Great! So, what next? More than 2 million apps have been reported on the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. None of us can have all the apps because the smartphone storage doesn’t allow such bigger space and most of the apps might not be interesting to us.
Apps You Should Install Right After Buying A New Smartphone
People used to search; best android apps all time, best free apps for android phones, must have android apps, most useful android apps in daily life, android's 10 most exciting apps, best android productivity apps, best android game apps, must have free android apps and so on... Stop searching for important apps for Android mobile or what are must-have apps for iPhone.

We updating this app list regularly and your suggestion might get it into the next update. The apps that are going to transform functionality or, at the very least, give something so great so that it gets listed as one of the must-have apps for your smartphones. This selection of necessary Android apps aims to help you find the very best of the platform without any kind of trial-and-error. Make your smart new phone even smarter by installing these smart apps right away.

To guide the users about using the best apps, we are going to entail top 15 must-have apps that everyone should install after purchasing a new smartphone. These top Android apps are recommended by Android App developing experts and those iPhone apps by ios mobile app development professionals. For apple phone system users, instead of looking how to download app store apps for free, get these listed mobile apps first then you can go for jailbreak and all to install more app development ios tuning tools. Today, I'm going to provide a list of top 15 best productivity apps for your Android phone. Go through the page to find out the top app list.
Top 15 Must-Have Apps You Should Install Right After Buying A New Smartphone
Top 15 Must-Have Apps You Should Install Right After Buying A New Smartphone
Last time we have seen, how 25 Top Mobile Apps That Earn You Real Cash & Rewards and help you to make money online via smartphone sitting at home. And today we are going to see the most essential apps list that everyone should install on their smartphone right after buying a new mobile.

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Top 15 Must Have Android Apps Right After Buying A New Smartphone

These are the best apps especially those android apps build by the smart and best android applications development for your android phone; making an example for Android app development. For apple phone system users, especially they develop an app for iPhone which will enhance your mobile performance.

Check out the top 15 best Android apps that you must install immediately after buying a new smartphone:

1. Avast Antivirus

After the purchase of a new phone, many apps are installed, and few among them might be dangerous for the phone as well. To maintain efficiency and better functionality of your phone, you need an antivirus program to handle all the bugs and unwanted content.

None can serve better than Avast Antivirus tool.

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2. NeverLostMyDroid

Android Mobile can be tracked after it gets lost/stolen. You need to keep ready your phone for the loss by installing the tracking app. Learn how to Find/Track Your Lost/Stolen Android Phone. It is easier than ever to track down your lost phone; you just prepare your phone for a loss by setting up the best app for phone tracking.

Learn more about the best free Android tracking app for free download, Android tracking app hidden for stolen phone or Android tracking app tutorial. Its not available for iOS

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3. Social Network: Facebook

Social media is an important part of daily life of a smartphone user.

Many phones have a built-in app on Facebook but don't provide Messenger so use should download and install these apps. Through these, he/she would remain connected with friends and other communities. Moreover, the Messenger offers easy and comfortable communication.

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4. Dropbox

The storage space provided by a smartphone might not be sufficient for a user to install so many apps and keep all the data.

Though numerous online storage services offer free accounts on their platforms where the users can store their relevant data and documents, Dropbox is the best among all because it’s user-friendly and gives enough space with an incredible package of getting more space for adding friends and more users.

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5. Line Launcher

You can find multiple launcher apps to customize your Android smartphone, but Line Launcher is the coolest one and user-friendly too.

With launchers, you can enjoy thousands of wallpapers, themes, and widgets for better customization of your phone. We have personally tested the apps and found it to recommend others. Its not available for iOS

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6. Google Earth

Need help when you forget to reach a particular place? Visit play store and download Google Earth to stay on the right track when you are traveling.

It provides accurate locations with shortest routes to access a particular restaurant, shopping mall, or market. The 3D supported images, and places are really great and convenient too for all the smartphone users.

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7. Weather & Radar - Morecast

It's a real-time webcam satellite reporting weather maps to help you go out. Along with all other necessary applications, the users always need to remain updated about the weather conditions and daily temperatures as well.

The 'Morecast' app provides one by o weather updates, lets the user compare temperatures and climatic conditions of various places and provides graphical representations of daily and a week too. No weather app can be better than 'Morecast'.

8. Best Messaging App: WhatsApp or Hike

For free communication, either video or audio or text messaging, WhatsApp beats all the apps.

We strongly recommend that all smartphone users should have WhatsApp on their phones to send text messages, audio recordings, videos, photos, and documents as well freely. The user-friendly interface of the app lets you enjoy convenient and fast communication.

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9. YouTube

Watching videos is great fun, and none can do better than Youtube to provide accurate and relevant videos on millions of subjects.

You can install the Youtube app and enjoy live videos too. Moreover, you can upload videos and download for the record too. When it comes to watching videos without interruptions, Youtube becomes the ultimate choice of any user.

10. Oxford Dictionary

Learning and education are loving habits for thousands of smartphone users. I, personally, am crazy to learn new words to build vocabulary.

You may also happen to see a word you have never read or heard before, so Oxford Dictionary is the best choice for learning vocabulary, new words and getting details about the use of a particular word.

11. ScreenShot Easy

Though almost every smartphone gives a built-in feature for taking screenshots of any moment or scene, the apps make it easier and convenient as well.

ScreenShot Easy is the best tool to download, install and use on your Android smartphone. Our experience with the app has been exceptionally excellent, and we highly recommend that users should try it once.

12. Greenify - Best Auto Android Phone Booster

This is one of the top apps to make your Android run faster - The Greenify, better than task killer or manager.

Greenify keeps your smartphone just like the day you were bought it, and that is why it is the best android app ever to keep android smooth and faster. Learn to speed up Android Smoother just like a fast phone. Its not available for iOS

13. ES File Explorer for Android & FileExplorer for iOS

This is one of the best free, safe, simple file managers.

ES File Explorer helps to manage your files efficiently & quickly with File Explorer. It is a full-featured file Manager leader on Android play store market including sharing option via WiFi.

14. Clean Master for Android & Clean Doctor on the App Store

Optimize your phone's performance with these Clean Masters Apps. The best way to clean your devices that reclaim space by cleaning caches, closing background apps & unwanted processes and deleting temporary junk files. These Clean Master apps help to accelerate & clean up temp files from a smartphone. These are best & useful cleaner and the optimizer will improve your device's performance by cleaning junk files, optimizing device memory, providing complete protection against viruses to ensure you 100% safe and virus free.

Cleaner helps to keep your device always tidy and performing well.

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15. Color Notes for iOS & ColorNote for Android

You can say Notepad or Notes app; it's a simple app to save your data, important notes on the go. A simple way to take note of everything worth remembering.

ColorNote gives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience and also sync with Google drive. This app simplifies your life which allows you to create, delete & edit notes with your favorite color.

16. PicsArt

Now the photo editing becomes easy via PicsArt. PicsArt is a top rank 1 photo editor and helps to promote your creative online presence. It's a free & full-featured mobile photo editor that allows you to edit and add thousands of effects to photos from the phone.

PicsArt iPhone app offers image enhancement tool. It is the world's most popular free mobile photo editor that claims 60 million monthly users. Its been listed free app of the day iOS but this is a free app on both Android & Apple store.

Bottom Line
Among the millions of apps, hardly few gain our attention. We wished to do a few things in life but couldn’t unfortunately and now the smartphone apps have come to facilitate and serve us.

All the users should have communication, social media, and entertainment, gaming, and daily life necessary apps to stay updated and feel great. If you have other Android apps you would like to recommend, you can share your opinion via comment, I would glad to add it to this list directly.

Article By Bella — is an active contributor on the subject of social media and currently working as a content analyst and senior editor with TheOneSpy. She loves taking on latest trends and IT-related areas.

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