25 Highest Paying Mobile Apps [Jan, 2024] To Earn Real Cash & Rewards [Android/iOS] Part-1

In this article, I'm going to share a list of money-making apps including Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, etc. These types of apps are high paying mobile apps that earn you real cash and rewards. You just have to use your "smartphone" very smartly. That's it. And you can simply start earning money just by seating at home.

People are wasting their time testing a variety money making apps, but I'm going to share tried and tested best apps that make real money so that you can earn real cash and rewards by using your own smartphone. Will you believe what if you don't have to pay for the mobile balance or your mobile recharge etc.? Yeah, that's true. This can be achieved by doing some easy mobile tricks with these types of money making apps. Let's check out the best apps to earn money by using smartphones quickly.
Highest Paying Mobile Apps
If you have a smartphone, then you can easily earn free rewards including mobile recharge, free talk time, Freecharge promo codes, free Paytm cash, Amazon Gift Voucher, Flipkart e-Gift Voucher, Paypal cash, and many more things. I have not only listed the apps that will pay you but also the apps which will give maximum discounts as well as to earn money just by watching ads. But for that, you may need to signup with referral code to earn money on a continual basis.

All of these are almost Indian money earning apps. And mostly based on Android or iOS platforms. But these apps let you earn huge amount of cash worldwide very easily and specially for that, you can also make use of refer and earn program given by the app. You can even earn money by completing daily challenges or quiz too.

I have listed top highest money earning apps which also give rewards like coupon codes for free recharge, real cash, etc. with the help of your iOS/Android mobile phones. You can easily top up your mobile recharge or pay your utility mobile bills. Moreover, I would like to say, you can even save your pocket money by using these money-making apps. I've seen many students are always looking after some free recharge tricks, extra free talk time offers, cheap call offers, etc. But your search is over here now.
Free money earning apps
Free money earning apps
Before moving ahead, I just wanted to give you some background information like a few years ago, the idea of a mobile app for a phone was completely new. But since we are now living with the tech world by these smart-phones, there are loads of apps that are developed for making our lives easy. Also, the online business has grown significantly into a multi-billion-dollar industry with thousands of different money-making apps and millions of users. So new apps will gonna come periodically and here we update those regularly so don't forget to bookmark this website and keep visiting to check new apps for earning.
There are some apps that display deals, ads, videos, etc. on full-screen as soon as whenever you launch the apps and the user is bound to see the content, ad, video. The app developers certainly get a commission from Ad providers. But you won't earn anything from those apps. No doubt, there are some apps that give profits to the developers, but there are also special apps that are designed to give rewards to the end-users directly.

Here I have listed tried and tested apps only. You really need to check out these apps that will allow you to earn real cash and rewards.

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TOP Highest Paying Mobile Apps

I have personally used these money earning apps and then divided according to the rewards to help you figure out which app to try out first, but I suggest you try all, probably you like all of them out. Some even might help you to get more rewards in a short time.

Best mobile apps for iOS, Android to earn real money, cash and rewards:

1. PhonePe App - Get Rs.100 FREE for Using Mobile App

PhonePe App Offers
PhonePe App Offers
Exclusively offering you PhonePe App Offers - 50% Cashback - PhonePe is a one-step UPI-based app that can help all your payment demands, in a trustworthy & secure manner, powered by YES Bank. With the PhonePe app, you can send and request money from your contacts anytime, anywhere in seconds.

Follow these steps, and you will get FREE Rs.100 worth MONEY IN BANK or if you want a mobile recharge too. You just need to do a UPI transaction on the PhonePe app for the first time, and that’s it. If you want you will get money in your PhonePe wallet as well, it's just like other online wallets that you can use for online as well as offline transactions.

Steps for opening an account on PhonePe UPI app:
  1. Use ONLY mobile to open PhonePe OFFER LINK: https://phon.pe/6407n61r
  2. Sign up for an account with the mobile number and verify with OTP.
  3. Select your bank and wait for awhile.
  4. The app will fetch bank account linked to a registered mobile number.
  5. Make sure to Verify and Set PIN for your PhonePe UPI account.
  6. Now, you just need to do your first UPI transaction.
  7. Maximum cashback is 50% or up to Rs.100.
  8. So, make sure to make First UPI Transaction of minimum Rs.200 so that you will Get Rs.100 FREE.

2. Confluence App - Install App and Get Rs.150 Every Month

Confluence App
Confluence App
Are you interested to earn vouchers of Rs.150 every month for Amazon, Flipkart, etc.? Obviously Yes, right? Just install this Android App and forget about it. Just don't forget to redeem the vouchers on a regular basis.

Yes, it is completely tested & authentic. You just have to install the app on your Android smartphone and leave it there. No need to open the app every single day. Just open when you wanted to redeem the earned money.

It is very similar to money-making android apps where people earned money and enjoyed a lot...!!!

How to Install Confluence app and claim the offer?
  1. Open Nielsen Confluence Panel official site: https://mobileconnectpanel.com
  2. Click on GET STARTED button.
  3. Agree to Terms & Conditions and Proceed further.
  4. Enter your Mobile number, Pincode, Date of Birth, etc. details in the registration form.
  5. DO NOT FORGET to enter this referral code : NUEHY54849.
    You will get 250 points as signup bonus.
  6. Confluence Panel Registration Form
    Confluence Panel Registration Form
  7. Verify your mobile number.
  8. Then quickly Complete the survey. Won't take much time.
  9. You will receive a message with App Download link on your mobile.
  10. Just Install the app on your Android smarphone.
  11. Login with your Mobile number and Password.
  12. Confluence Panel Dashboard
    Confluence Panel Dashboard
  13. That's all.
  14. Now keep the app in your mobile and check your points every month.
How will you get rewarded?
For every 1000 points, you will get Rs.100. But the maximum you will get Upto Rs. 150 every month.

Signup Bonus = 250 points.

Daily = 50 points
It is just because, you have installed the app on your mobile. No need to open the app daily.

Monthly = 50 points x 30 days = 1500 points.

Total points = 1500 + 250 (signup bonus) = 1750 points at the end of the month.
So the actual reward = Rs.175 but you will get maximum of Rs. 150 for a month.

3. Google Pay App - Refer and Earn Rs.251 Per Referral

Google Pay App - Refer and Earn
Google Pay App - Refer and Earn
Google recently launched this fast ever UPI Payment app, especially for Indian customers. They have introduced Google Pay app for the quicker & faster payments, online transfers using UPI gateway.

Steps to claim Google Pay Refer & Earn Offer:
  1. FREE download for Google Pay App from below offer link (Use only MOBILE): https://g.co/payinvite/jc1z3
  2. Once installed, tap on 3 dots at the top-right corner of Google Pay app and click on 'Referral Code' option.
  3. Enter referral code as : jc1z3
  4. Now, it's important to enter your mobile number which was registered on any of your Bank Accounts.
  5. Verify your mobile number with OTP and login with your 'Google Account'.
  6. Set your Google PIN or Use the phone security.
  7. Go to App Setting >> Bank Account >> Select Your Bank >> Create UPI PIN or Verify your Bank Account with UPI PIN.
  8. Go to App's homescreen and Tap On "New" option.
  9. Now do money transfer of atleast Rs.1 to any Google Pay Number, you will then Get the Rs.251 instantly in your Google Pay account.
    If you don't have anyone to whom you transfer Rs.1, you may transfer to 7798335897 to get FREE Rs.251 instantly.
  10. Click on 'invite friends' and start sharing your Referral Link.
  11. Invite your friends to make a money transfer of Rs.1 from their account and both of you will Get Rs.51 in your account in 24 hrs.
  12. You can Earn Up to Rs.9000 from this Offer by referring your friends.

4. UPSTOX Pro App - Get Rs.500 per Refer into Bank

I've been using Upstox to trade in stocks and invest in mutual funds and am really impressed by their platform. Their trading app is the highest-rated in India! You too can try their platform for free and also get partner benefits worth ₹28,000. Just open a free Demat account online. Start referring.

Upstox is one most trusted & fastest growing stockbrokers and also funded by world-class investor Mr. Ratan Tata. You can even search for more info on Google as well.

3. BANK details.
4. Picture of the signature on white paper.
5. Need to capture a short video of 2 second while signing up.

Follow these steps to seet up UPSTOX Pro App:
  1. Free Download app: https://bv7np.app.goo.gl/eT3D.
  2. Enter Refer used Id : EMDM.
  3. Sign up using Email address and Mobile number.
  4. Now enter PAN + Date of Birth then tap on Next.
  5. Select other information like: Gender, Marital status, and Annual income.
  6. Tap on NO since you are Indian citizen and then tap on Accept >> Next option.
  7. Give Bank Details and Upload a photo of your Signature and tap on Next option (No need to upload income proof).
  8. Now Skip this step: REFER & EARN and select E-sign with Adhaar.
  9. Enter Adhar no. on virtual id and enter OTP.
  10. Now you will see a PDF then click on SIGN NOW.
  11. Now it will ask you for OTP (i.e. Aadhar OTP). Enter it and your application gets SUBMITTED
  12. Within 24 hours your account will be Activated and User id / password will come on your registered mobile number.
  13. Now go to Refer & Earn and share your link and earn Rs.500 per successful registration directly into your bank account.
Actual Proof:
How to use Upstox App?

Note: Annual charge from next year: Rs.177 & free for 1 year.

5. CRED App - Refer 3 Friends & Get FREE Rs.1000 Amazon Voucher

You must have heard about this CRED app. It is one of the best rewarded, safe & secure apps for your credit card bill payments. I think 90% of people pay their credit card bills through net banking, but you don't get anything in return.

But CRED has brought you an amazing platform where your credit card bill payment gives you free gift vouchers, VIP pass to various events, free beauty & personal care kits. Earn exclusive rewards from Uber, Amazon, Flipkart, and more every time you make your credit card bill payment on CRED App.

Steps to install Cred app and claim the voucher:
  1. Open this link on MOBILE only : https://cred.onelink.me/spQx/4513e920
  2. Register on Cred with mobile number which is linked with any of your bank account.
  3. Complete registration process to check your Free Credit Score [Note: Applicable for those who have credit cards].
  4. Verify your credit card number and Activate your Cred account
  5. Once the entire process is completed, your CRED account will be Verified.
  6. Now start referring friends and if you refer 3 friends you will get 30 gems, you can redeem 30 gems to get Rs.1000 Amazon Voucher.

6. Crownit Small Survey - Free Rs.100 Paytm Cash

Crownit Small Survey
Crownit Small Survey
Crownit is most popular and helps you earn some cash by completing the surveys and by uploading your bills and participating in the contests.

All you need to do is to just complete the following survey today & earn Paytm cash of Rs.100 that will be credited in your account or can win a weekly rush ticket of the Crownit app.

How to complete Crownit Small Survey?
  1. Open Crownit survey page using this link on Mobile : http://crwn.in/s/8271e9d1
  2. If it prompts you about your location: use Fake GPS Location App and move map-pin to Lucknow city.
  3. Now just select details like below:
    Survey is About: Hair Oil
    Select Sex:– Female
    City:– Lucknow
    Select:– Not participating in any beauty product-related survey
    Profession:– None of the above list
    Category:– Select 3-4 category including Parachute advance.
  4. Now you just need to complete TWO back-to-back surveys by just filling details like above.
  5. Login into the Crownit account : by entering the registered mobile number & proceed with the OTP.
  6. You will receive Rs.100 or Rs.200 Paytm cash within 2-3 days.
Crownit is one of the best sites and having a genuine money-making mobile app, so you can trust. Using this money-making mobile app, you can weekly earn PayTM cash from home.

7. Free Paytm Reward - Rs.10 Cash Instantly

Free Reward on Paytm App
Free Reward on Paytm App
Just follow below steps and get FREE Rs.10 Paytm cash into the wallet. Steps to claim FREE Paytm Reward:
  1. Give miss call on this number: 8006303679.
  2. Wait for the callback.
  3. Now Press 1 and then after Press 2 and wait for a while.
  4. You will be asked to enter Referral Code, Press 1 and enter this code: 110665.
  5. Now Press 1 for the referral code and boom, you'll Get Rs.10 free Paytm cash into your wallet..
  6. Then call will be disconnected automatically..
  7. You can try this offer only one time per user.
    Note: Obviously, the number will be busy. So you need to keep trying.

8. Dunzo App - Get 50% + 40% OFF on All Grocery Shops

Dunzo App
Dunzo App
Please note
Working only in Banglore, Pune, Gurgaon as of now.
Simply, make a purchase of Rs. 200, but Pay only Rs.25.

Steps to be followed in Dunzo App:
  1. Download Grocery Shop App: https://dunzo.onelink.me/jWqC/4755931e?referralCode=T1wcNq
  2. User T1wcNq to Get Rs.100 Cash in your account.
  3. Make sure to use code "T1wcNq" while signup.
  4. Your order should be more than 200.
    Without code there is NO BONUS.
  5. Add location or let the app locate you automatically.
  6. Select store (Dmart also) near You.
  7. Add products and make sure total should be at least Rs.200.
  8. The delivery boy will call and ask you to confirm the products in the chat window within the app.
  9. Check the product and the price in the image. You may call him to update the order or simply write OK in the chat.
  10. 100 Dunzo Cash will be applied on the Rs.200 order
  11. Now, check for the offer; 40% off Up To Rs.75 on first 2 orders.
  12. Here, total you need to pay is = 200 - 75 - 100 = Rs.25 only.
  13. If you couldn't find your item then just type it in chat box, delivery boy will call you from the shop to confirm the order and price.
  14. Just confirm your total cost + offer, and then Pay with Paytm.
  15. Get the delivery. That's all.

9. Zoomin Offer - Get 32 (6x6") Photos in Rs.170 Only

Zoomin Offer
Zoomin Offer
Steps to claim this Zoomin Offer:
  1. Go to Zoomin Site : https://www.zoomin.com/in/
  2. Sign up and verify your email ID.
  3. Click on this offer link:
  4. Add all your 32 photos.
  5. Choose any print book style.
  6. When you click "Add To Cart", DO NOT select any paper style. Just say 'NO THANKS' for any additional paper.
  7. Your photos will then start to upload.
  8. Apply this promo code: PBBGET100 in Coupon Code section, here you will Get 150 Discount.
  9. Now, the total value would be - Rs.269.
  10. Then pay using Paytm balance to get 100 Cashback.
  11. That's it. You bought 32 photo prints in just Rs.170 only.

10. Ola Cabs App - Earn Rs.300

Ola Cabs App
Ola Cabs App
Ola Cab offers City Taxi rides for people across several cities in India. Ola has changed the way people move around in the city with a range of cab options to choose from like; Sedan, Mini, and Prime. If you want to schedule a pickup to catch a flight or train for a later time, just use "Ride later" and plan accordingly. Ola drivers are professionally trained and the cabs have already gone through stringent quality checks.

How to earn Rs.300?
  1. Download and install Ola App from here - OLA app
  2. Sign up to the app with Referral Code - Z2MGE3.
    You will get Rs.300 only when you enter this code..!!

11. Foodcloud - Sign Up and Refer to Get Rs.300 Credit

Foodcloud - Signup and Refer to Earn
Foodcloud - Signup and Refer to Earn
Basically, FoodCloud enables passionate chefs to become homepreneurs without making large capital investments! And It's time to share the joy of FoodCloud with your friends! And you can use your credit balance fully for any order. Our referral program rewards you for every friend you refer to.

How it works?
  1. Go to this offer link: https://goo.gl/QPSz9H
  2. Sign up with Referral Code: vs51c1cc.
  3. You will get Rs.150 as Sign-up bonus.
  4. Now, refer this app to your friends so they will get Rs.150 too.
  5. And when their first order is delivered, you will get Rs.150 too..!!

Surprise-Surprise-Surprise..!!! There is a trick while placing order:
  1. You can create as many accounts as you want.
  2. Suppose you want to create 4 accounts (A, B, C, D).
  3. Creating account in this way:
    Create Account 'B' by using referral-code of 'A'
    Create Account 'C' by using referral-code of 'B' and
    Create Account 'D' by using referral-code of 'C'.
  4. Now just order food from Account 'D'. You will get Rs.150 off while ordering.
  5. As soon as your order delivered. You get Rs.300 in Account 'C'
    i.e. Rs.150 Signup offer + Rs.150 by Referral.
  6. Same happens in accounts B & A.
  7. Just try it and full your tummy..!!.

12. AirDrop - Secret Invite worth $10000

Initiative Q Invite Link
Initiative Q Invite Link
Hello, guys, this might sound like a scam Mad Slap but WAIT. This is something that should be taken seriously, this is the "Real Deal".

Initiative Q is building a new payment network and giving away significant sums of their future currency to early adopters. This is based on "invite-only" fashion and I have very limited number of invites.

Use the invite link: https://initiativeq.com/invite/rV9z3JzE7
Currently, you can not join without an invite.

Saar Wilf, a serial entrepreneur who started his first payments start-up in 1997. Later founded Pseudo-Sciences, which redefined the payment security space and was acquired by PayPal in 2008 for $169,000,000.00.

Wilf has compiled a team of experts from a variety of disciplines, including mathematics, economics, and other social sciences. Economic and monetary models were developed with an economist - "Lawrence White" Who is a professor (in George Mason University) of monetary theory and policy. White has published numerous articles and books on monetary theory and banking, including The Theory of Monetary Institutions, Free Banking in Britain, and The Clash of Economic Ideas.

The idea behind Q is to first create a critical mass of users, which can then be harnessed to create World's best payment network. Therefore, our primary focus is to get millions of Q members registered, after which we will continue recruiting the world's top professionals in payment systems, macroeconomics, and Internet technologies.

The reason why they are doing this is; they try to get as many users as possible to take over Crypto + Cybersecurity and Payment Processing niche. Hence the Founder of Q, has proven his self to be reliable based on solid results and experience as a serial entrepreneur.

As you can see above the target price is $1 per Q token and I have gotten 13k+ Q tokens even if it doesn't hit the $1 dollar price mark, I will still make $2000 to $4000 for free because they are giving these Token for FREE at the moment...

Verify your email after joining otherwise you will not get your Q tokens.

13. Payumoney - Register & Get Rs.100 Free Movie Voucher

Payumoney - Register & Get Rs.100 Free Movie Voucher
Payumoney - Register & Get Rs.100 Free Movie Voucher
Payumoney is giving this a special delight to all their users. It is basically a payment gateway, that offers extra instant cashback on many popular shopping sites. It also offers usual discounts. You just need to select Payumoney as a payment option at the time of checkout to get an additional discount.

Why Payumoney is the best among the payment gateways?
Payumoney provides payment gateway for online transactions like PayTm, Mobikwik, etc. It is one of the fast, easy, secure online payment solution for transactions. Not just this, you can even get extra discounts on your shopping cart which you cannot get on your debit card transactions. You can use payumoney at:
  • Online shopping like Jabong, Pepperfry, Lenskart, etc.
  • Use payumoney to Buy EGV of Amazon, Flipkart, etc. at Giftxoxo.
  • Use Payumoney to Mobile Recharge, DTH or Postpaid Bills at Komparify, The Mobile Store and many more.
  • Order food online at Foodpanda, Justeat etc.
  • Book movie tickets at Bookmyshow, PVR etc.
You can use your Payumoney Movie Coupon on Booking tickets at BookMyShow, Ticketnew, etc. stores that support the payumoney payment option.

How to Get PayuMoney?
  1. Sign up for Payumoney as a new customer from here: https://goo.gl/fVM6Q2.
  2. Select "I am a Buyer" and fill up your info Email, mobile Number and set up a password.
  3. Verify your Email/Mobile number whatever you will be prompted and complete the registration process.
  4. Now, you are successfully registered to payumoney. You will get this coupon in your Payumoney account. You can use that coupon on Payumoney payment page.
  5. Then Visit BookMyShow or Fastticket or Ticketnew using your PC or Mobile Browser, choose movies tickets & make total purchase value of Rs.250 or more.
  6. On payment page, select payment option as "PayuMoney" and use the coupon code you received previously.
  7. That will be all guys.

14. ScoopIt Survey - Rs.120 of Amazon Gift Voucher

ScoopIt Survey
ScoopIt Survey
Scoop is an initiative by Indee.tv which provides large audiences with advanced access to movies and TV Shows. And they expect viewers to fill up the feedback form after viewing the shows.

This feedback help filmmakers improve their content based upon people's views. They provide users with exciting rewards in return for each survey like Amazon Gift Voucher of Rs.120.

They publish very frequent surveys to fill in and you can earn assured gift vouchers from that. So don't be too lazy and register now from here - https://goo.gl/z6guU2

Within a few hours or within a few days you will get an Invite from Scoop for the survey, you need to fill your details after that within 24 hrs. You will get a Survey link to fill the survey which takes maximum 5 to 6 minutes.

  • Once you submit your feedback along with the payment preference, they will transfer you the reward amount after 15 days.
  • Make sure to register with your same Email ID, Phone no. & Name as registered on Amazon site.

15. RedBus - Get Rs.100 On Sign-up

RedBus - Get Rs.100 On Sign-up
RedBus - Get Rs.100 On Sign-up
Redbus is the bus booking service in India and they have recently launched RedBus CASH OFFER. For this, use Redbus android app to book buses and Volvo tickets quickly. Redbus is the quickest and easiest way to book bus tickets. This will give you Rs.101 cash after Sign Up in your wallet.

Steps to claim RedBus Sign-up offer
  1. Download Redbus App: https://r.redbus.in/q9gpc
  2. Open app and Sign up with your proper details.
  3. Don't forget to user Refer Code: Q9GPC

16. GoPaisa - Earn Money & Help your friends to save Rs.50

GoPaisa - Earn Money & Help your friends to save Rs.50
GoPaisa - Earn Money & Help your friends to save Rs.50
What if you get even more extra discount on online shopping. Yeah, you heard it correct. GoPaisa is for you. When I do online shopping by using GoPaisa.com, I got extra cashback on my wallet. It is so much easy to use.

What you have to do is to follow the given steps. Then you need to click through their site before shopping online just like you normally would do. They include almost all well-known stores.

How to do this on GoPaisa.com?
  1. Open a new account: https://goo.gl/UfiDtK
  2. Don't forget this website when you do next online shopping. It will give EXTRA DISCOUNT on a already discounted price.

17. 5paisa

5paisa - Earning mobile app
5paisa - Earning mobile app
Between all the top mobile earning apps and other money-making applications, I would like to take this app first. Using 5Paisa mobile app you can easily get ₹200 FREE Amazon voucher.

The 5paisa is a mobile trading application where you can register free of cost and start investing your money. 5paisa is India's fastest growing discount broking company. You can invest your own money and this app provides you different offers and discounts regularly. Also, you will get varieties of gift vouchers and free coupons that you can easily make money from 5Paisa.

Absolutely, fast trading platforms you will get the best trading station here, for trading it cost 0% brokerage.

By using this app, you can open a free DEMAT account and move to 0% brokerage trading. Pocket-friendly subscription plans that offer you higher exposure, referral benefit up to Rs.250, free transactional charges, and much more.

Nowadays you may know that many apps providing you different free vouchers that you will easily make money directly in your wallet. At first download the 5Paisa app with the current offer link shown below, as the 5paisa offers you to Rs.200 Amazon free voucher on sign up. You just need to verify your account along with your PAN Card and Aadhar, OTP verification and you will get Rs.200 Amazon voucher free on successful verification on 5Paisa.Com.

This is because 5Paisa app is an investment-based application and website, it requires some documents and you need to go with the process to sign up your account.

For successful registering and opening an account at 5Paisa you need the following documents:
  • Valid bank account with a linked mobile number.
  • Pan card number just to verify.
  • Bank account details to check your name.
  • Last 6 months bank statement.
  • Picture of your signature on white paper.
  • Scanned photograph of the person (optional).

Steps to get Rs. 200 Amazon gift voucher free on sign up on 5Paisa:
  1. Note that you don't need to download any app, nor required to fill any survey. Just open a 5Paisa account here: FREE Demat Account
  2. Click on 'Sign up', and fill all your basic details.
  3. IMP: Tap On 'Have a Promo/Referral Code' and enter the given 5Paisa referral code: VINA1506
  4. (To get the signup bonus you need to add the referral code as shown)
  5. Click on 'Register' Button and proceed for KYC Verification.
  6. Add your 'PAN' Number and then date of birth.
  7. Now you will get OTP on both mobile and registered email. Enter the OTP and verify it.
  8. Now fill the bank details and check for IFSC. It will fetch the details automatically from your bank. Just confirm.
  9. (5Paisa will instantly deposit Rs.1 into Bank Account for verification)
  10. Now you need to enter all your personal details.
  11. Agree on terms and conditions; and go ahead.
  12. Make sure to keep the option OFF asking for 'Country of tax other than India'.
  13. Just confirm the address as on the Aadhar card.
  14. Now just select 'BASIC Plan' which is totally FREE.
  15. Now tick on 'Full-Service Demat Account' (FSDA) and proceed.
  16. Here then it will ask to upload all the necessary documents. Upload the details like your signature pic and bank statements.
  17. Now you have uploaded all KYC documents successfully.
  18. Now you need to log in with Aadhar eSign for security confirmation. (if it's not worked, then the team will call and verify your details)
  19. Check all the details like name, address as on Aadhar card.
  20. In the end, you will get a congratulation message that you have successfully opened the 5Paisa account.

NOTE: After successful account verification, you will receive your Rs.200 amazon voucher code in next 5 to 7 working days from 5paisa.com

18. Zebpay

Zebpay - Earning mobile app
Zebpay - Earning mobile app
Zebpay is one of the most trendings & successful Bitcoin Exchange app in India to buy & sell Bitcoins. It is one of the fastest-growing and most successful cryptocurrency exchanges. Zebpay has an Android and iOS app too for buying & selling of Bitcoins.

Bitcoin is now one of the popular and trendy topics over the internet. More and more people are now being aware of Bitcoin and they are taking interest to invest their money into it. Here is another example that you can make instant money by signing up only. Zebpay is a secure and trusted app that over 3 million people prefer to invest in it. You can see Zebpay comes with a clean user interface i.e. easy to use.

Zebpay is a cryptocurrency exchange application for Android. It offers a seamless mobile trading experience and services to its customers. More than 3 million consumers have trusted Zebpay for its security and it's really easy to use since it has a great user-friendly look. Zebpay provides stress-free cryptocurrency trading.

Now let come to the point. Zebpay is genuinely giving you some amount by only signing up into it. Yes! It gives you Rs.100 to all their new users, who will verify their account and make the first trade. It is not a lengthy process to sign up for your account in Zebpay, in fact, it is quite simple and easy to register your account and making instant money in your bank directly. Not only Rs.100 By signing in the app but also you can refer your friends using the Zebpay referral code and get more Rs.100 each on every successful trade by them.

Here are the steps to register Zebpay account:
  1. Download the Zebpay app using the offer link: http://link.zebpay.com/ref/REF58972624
  2. Enter and verify your mobile number via OTP.
  3. Set your 4-digit Zebpay secure PIN code.
  4. Go to edit your profile and set name, email ID, and verify.
  5. After clicking on the Edit profile and register email-id.
  6. IMP: Now in the menu option, click on the 'Zebpay Referral Code/Zebpay Promo Code', and Enter Zebpay Promo Code: REF58972624
  7. You have to complete your KYC now and for that, you need your photo ID, PAN, Aadhaar card details.
  8. Upload there your card details & documents and it will get verified within 5 minutes.
  9. Get back to the dashboard and tap on the 'Deposit' option.
  10. Don't worry, your money will be safe and you will get back again. Here you need to add Rs.125 using UPI address.
  11. Once the money gets added, click on 'TRON'
  12. Here you required to purchase TRX Coins worth Rs.124 & complete your Order.
  13. You will receive the order confirmation within 15 to 20 minutes you will get Rs.100 FREE in your Zebpay wallet.
  14. Now you can sell all the coins from your wallet by tapping on 'Sell Max'.
  15. Overall, at the end of all, you will get Rs.224 in your wallet, and that money can be transferred in your bank account.

NOTE: One more thing, you can only earn free Bitcoins of a maximum of Rs.50,000

Also, you can contact anytime to Zebpay Customer Care No.: 1860-233-0474

19. AJIO Online Shopping App

AJIO Online Shopping App
AJIO Online Shopping App
Say hello to your new savings plan! By reading the title of this "AJIO Online Shopping" you may get some idea. The majority of people are not aware of this app, you must do all the following process to get a huge discount and free money in your wallet.

Ajio app and offers are quite different. Many people in the festival season prefer to buy clothes online rather than visiting shops. Obviously, the reason being people are getting huge discounts while shopping online and some offers as well. There are thousands of different apps that give you the same online shopping experience, but shopping with Ajio is quite different and beneficial for online shoppers.

I am sure you guys will save huge money just by shopping with Ajio. Ajio is basically the popular fashion website that offers Rs.500 flat discount on almost all branded/non-branded products. Plus, additional Rs.100 off to the customers. That means overall, you will get Rs.600 discount but your order must be above Rs.999. It looks quite strange but much profitable and beneficial for all the buyers. Then why wait to do shopping with Ajio? Take advantage of it and enjoy the good discounts.

Let look on following steps carefully:
  1. First of all, you need to visit Ajio app in Google play store and install it in your device - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ril.ajio&hl=en.
  2. After installing it, just open the app do register and login.
  3. Add products into your cart.
  4. Ensure cart value must be above Rs.999 and just proceed to checkout.
  5. Now, just apply this Ajio discount code: AJIO500
  6. Now pay using any payment method or cards.
  7. Finally, you will see instant Rs.500 off on your cart value.

20. Pocket Money - Free Mobile Recharge & Wallet Cash

Pocket Money - Free Mobile Recharge & Wallet Cash
Pocket Money - Free Mobile Recharge & Wallet Cash
Pocket Money is another app that you can make money by completing easy tasks. An attractive and user-friendly app that allows you to earn unlimited free mobile recharge and wallet cash with pocket money. You can absolutely earn free money as well as you can FREELY pay all your bills like; cab rides, book movie tickets, online shopping and many more.

You can even earn a daily bonus on your 1st app register, get cashback and discounts by availing offers in this app. To make more amount of money you can invite your friends and family to register on this app from their mobile phones. You can participate in weekly contests to earn more and win exciting prizes. Lots of things are there like; filling surveys, fun tasks, and many more. I must say, you can try it once.

Over 6 million users have availed and got the reward of free mobile recharge and different offers by using this app. So, without wasting time, download the app and claim the offers now and start earning free recharge and free wallet cash instantly.

Steps to get discount and free recharge by Pocket Money:
  1. Download Pocket Money app from Google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pokkt.app.pocketmoney&hl=en
  2. Install and open the app then skip intro.
  3. Now enter your mobile number and verify it.
  4. Now you will see list of tasks, try to complete those tasks and start earning.
  5. To get instant credit, you just have to click on Allow button and you will instantly earn for that offer.
  6. Now let's earn more by referring friends.
  7. Go to menu and select Invite to earn option.
  8. Copy and share your referral link and starting referring friends.
  9. Once your friend joins Pocket money and completes one task, you will be rewarded with Rs.25. So, refer more friends to earn more.

21. Cashboss - Earn cash, Free recharge by completing few Tasks

Cashboss - Earn cash & Free Recharge
Cashboss - Earn cash & Free Recharge
This is another app in this list, Cashboss app provides you free mobile recharge and huge discount. This app is absolutely free to download and you can find it on Google play store. As you may know, there are a bunch of other apps that provide you such kinds of offers and free mobile recharge. But this app is different than other apps.

This is India's best free cash app; you can't believe that over 2 million users are using this app and making huge money from it. Also, people are increasing as we speak. You can get free recharge for any mobile carrier networks like; Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, Reliance, Tata DoCoMo, Uninor, and more, Cashboss offers you Paytm withdrawal options as well.

Some interesting tasks and games are there in this app, where you can easily start earning with small money towards huge cash. Spin the wheel and earn up to Rs.20 on each spin. The more task you complete, the more spins you get. Some referral programs are also given. You can certainly earn more money by completing those tasks. You will need to participate in the competition and win the guaranteed bonus amount by Cashboss.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:
  1. Search Cashboss on Google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.coupondunia.cashboss&hl=en_IN
  2. Install and open.
  3. Enter your mobile number and verify it with the OTP.
  4. Then, click on the menu button at left-top corner then click "Spin the wheel".
  5. Play the game and get free money.
  6. Now share with your friends and family to earn more by using Cashboss refer and earn program.
  7. You will get Rs.5 free Paytm cash instantly per successful referral and your referral must need to complete one task.

22. CashNGifts - Gift Cards, Recharge & Earn

CashNGifts - Gift Cards, Recharge & Earn
CashNGifts - Gift Cards, Recharge & Earn
Yet another amazing app! - CashNGifts. It is one of the largest online websites to get Free mobile recharge, Gift vouchers, Shopping vouchers, and Free gift cards. You can reward yourselves by doing simple activities like spin and win, inviting friends, solving captchas, contests, watching videos, playing free games, and many more.

Like other apps, CashNGifts also has its own wallet where you will get huge money. You can redeem your points into your CashNGifts wallet to recharge your mobile or pay your bills for FREE!!!. The amazing part is, you can also share digital gift cards to your friends. On every purchase of your friend, you will get some money.

Not just Gifts, Vouchers, and Cards, you can also pay your bills for FREE like; electricity, water, gas, telephone, DTH, postpaid, prepaid, landline bills etc. In fact, after paying bills, you can earn few more points again every single time, which can be used to redeem fun rewards and can be used for further bill payments.

Let's take a look at how to install this app:
  1. First of all, download CashNGifts app from Google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cashngifts
  2. Open the app and go on Register option.
  3. Enter your user name, valid Email address, mobile number and password.
  4. Check your mail inbox and then copy verification code from there.
  5. Now, login with your username and password and then click on verify account and enter verification code which you will get on your registered Email.
  6. Your account will then be verified successfully.
  7. Now go to refer option from the bottom and share your referal link to your friends to earn even more.
  8. Your referred friend will get 50 coins also Rs.5 as a sign up bonus.
  9. When your friend joins app and verifies their email address you will get 70 points and when they redeem for the first time you will get extra amount.

23. BharatPe - For Merchants

BharatPe - For Merchants
BharatPe - For Merchants
In this smart world, you may see many business utility and payment apps are there on the internet, where instant payments are just a few clicks away. Likewise, BharatPe is your one-stop app for accepting UPI payments from ALL mobile payments across in India. Like, Phonepe, GooglePe, Paytm all these apps are regularly providing you some kind of offers and discounts. Likewise, BharatPe also gives you huge offers or scratch cards. You can use this scratch card anywhere to buy anything.

BharatPe is basically a business utility app to accept UPI QR Code payments. You can claim BharatPe Scratch card of Rs.1000. You just need to sign up in the BharatPe app and you will see that the app needs some simple answers from you. And once you are done, you will receive scratch card worth of Rs.1000. You can also transfer that amount in your bank account linked to your BharatPe App.

Install BharatPe app from given link below:
  1. Go to Google play store and search BharatPe and just install it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bharatpe.app
  2. Open app and sign up using your mobile number which is must linked with any bank or payments bank.
  3. Verify your mobile number with OTP and link your any bank account and move to dashboard.
  4. Go to dashboard and tap on my business card option.
  5. You will get your QR code to receive payments from there.

24. Roz Dhan - Earn Money, Read News & Play Games

Roz Dhan - Earn Money, Read News & Play Games
Roz Dhan - Earn Money, Read News & Play Games
Roz Dhan is one of the best money-earning apps in India. It provides millions of best entertaining content like viral videos and trending articles. It is a self-earning app where you can complete tasks and earn FREE Paytm cash. You can also earn free money just by using the referral program.

Roz Dhan entertains you with 12+ categories while you Earn Paytm Cash Daily in parallel. Trust me, you can earn unlimited money from this app. First, you will get Rs.50 as a sign-up bonus. You can also make money by completing simple installations of apps and completing surveys/tasks through this app.

Win cash just by opening the app daily. It is a free money-earning app to get Paytm cash. Once you earn Rs.200 or more, you can withdraw the amount through Paytm app at any given time.

On top of this, other gaming apps may charge from you with something, but Roz Dhan app lets you play games absolutely for FREE!!. Through this app, not only you win money/real cash but also access popular sites related to loans, lottery, games, jobs, shopping, and many more.

FREE Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=videos.share.rozdhan

25. Dream11 - Cricket Sport app

Dream11 - Cricket Sport app
Dream11 - Cricket Sport app
Many of you may be heard about this application already. Mostly, cricket lovers can spot this app quickly. This application is all about cricket. But how can you make money from it just by watching the cricket scores? That's why I'm here. Like, all other apps, you can earn money from Dream 11 as well. No Pan card or any legal documents are required, just sign up to this app.

PayPal is offering 100% cashback up to Rs.100 on adding money in Dream11 through PayPal, as well as Amazon also offering 50% cashback up to Rs.50. These offers are available for all old and new users of Dream11.

Let's take a look at the following process.
  1. First of all, just you need to download the Dream11 app in your device: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mask.segetmaskd11
  2. Install app and register.
  3. Now click on "Add cash" option.
  4. Put any amount in "Amount to be added" option.
  5. You will see PayPal up to Rs.100 cashback offer there.
  6. Finish the transaction through PayPal and instantly you will get cashback up to Rs.100 voucher in your PayPal account.
  7. This PayPal voucher is valid on every merchant accepting PayPal.

So these are the most recent, and updated apps that make you earn and get free recharge, and also some of them save your cash or mobile data. Go and try them and put the comment about which app you like most that make you earn more.

Anyways, if you find something else more promising than what I've enlisted above and want to suggest any other things, do not hesitate to use below comment section. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime. Happy to hear from you and would like to share as much information as possible to help others.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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