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Friends many of you might be taking an Android phone into work & might be completing different types of tasks with the help of your phone. But here I am going to tell you about certain things which you should never do with your android phone. So let's start.
Things to avoid on Android Phones
Android users are used to searching; what are the things which never do on phones? What damage the Android? Things to check while using android? Crazy things must be stopped on Android? Know before rooting the phone? Things when getting a new Android phone? Top bad habits must be stopped on Android? And so on...

In the everyday life, nearly everyone uses mobile phones and most of the users use Android smartphones. These smartphones are now becoming an important part of our life. But sometimes these mobiles devices are getting damaged by our own mistakes. Here today, I'm showing you 12 things you should not do on your Android phone.

Friends it is possible that you may have purchased a new phone some shortly or else you are planning to buy a new one or have been using a phone for a long time. But my dear friends here in this list there will be one or other thing that maybe you have been doing knowingly or unknowingly which you should not do. Also, you should check carefully if you are doing these mistakes because these actions might break your android phone. So browse the following information completely.
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You are here for HIGH PAYING MOBILE RECHARGE APPS; no doubt, recharge is one of the most important things for smartphones. But what if you get a chance to earn easy Free Mobile Recharge by sitting at home? Yeah... it's so simple. In India earning free unlimited mobile recharge online is now become so simple that not only gives you free Talktime but also to make some money by referring your friends. Here are some apps listed below; that are avalible in App stores for all you mobile users. Free Mobile Recharge Apps 2018
Here we are going to see; how to get free mobile recharge? Where you get free prepaid mobile recharge? What are the ways to earn free recharge for mobile? What are the apps used especially to get free mobile recharge India? Where you get free mobile recharge code? There are so many startup apps that offering attractive offers, good deals to earn mobile balance or online mobile recharge and also allows you get paid unlimited by referring your friends.

They are offering free money as because you are started to use their apps and referring to others. Apps like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart or UC Browser; these are the top apps that will give you promotional cash in terms of the free recharge or free wallet balance from their profit that they got once you installed and used their apps on your mobile. Let's find out how to get FREE RECHARGES, FREE WALLET BALANCE, FREE TALKTIME; there is no need anymore to find about Airtel/Vodafone/Idea online recharge anymore when you get to install these apps on your mobile.
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Android & iOS systems are obviously the best mobile operating-systems for smartphone till now. It is easy to use therefore it is widely used systems at the moment. But wait, your mobile phone keeps rebooting & you don’t even know what to do. It supposed to be work anyhow, at least, it would be acceptable if there was a single reason or cause that tells why the phone keeps restarting randomly, but there is no quick solution that fixes it asap. So on this page, I'm going to discuss what are the most causing reasons making your phone keep rebooting and won't allow starting again. I’ll also be going to explain the possible solutions on how to fix the restarting problem of your Android/iOS phone.
Why does my Android phone keep rebooting automatically?
Users used to search; Why does my phone keep restarting itself? Why does my iPhone keep restarting on its own? Why is my phone turning on and off by itself? how to stop your iPhone X restarting itself? Why does my Samsung phone restart over and over again?

If your iPhone keeps restarting over and over again on iOS 10/11/12, then here I'm going to explain some quick suggestions to fix the iPhone X/8/7/6s/6 keeps restarting again & again problem.

Android (operating system) is a Linux based open source operating system specially designed for screen touch devices like tablets, computer, smartphones etc. Like all other systems, after some period of time, the version needs to be updated. That is the reason, there are so many versions of Android OS available from cupcake to latest marshmallow.

While updating and operating these updated devices and its functions, many times it is noticed that they come across many issues & the most familiar of them is "Android phones reboot automatically". So in this post, you will see why such problem occurs & how to get rid of it.

It looks great when your mobile devices work well in a way you want but it makes you frustrated when it creates randomly phone rebooting issues like this. These frustrating things create a doubt in mind about the device even though the Android operating or latest iOS system is a pleasure to use. The feeling is like a fired of the device. I would like to mention here that, this is not a big problem at all although it has to sort out ASAP to enjoy the greatness of the device. So let's see the reasons behind it and quick solution to fix the restarting issues of phones.
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And finally, you bought a brand new smartphone, Great! So, what next? More than 2 million apps have been reported on the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. None of us can have all the apps because the smartphone storage doesn’t allow such bigger space and most of the apps might not be interesting to us.
Apps You Should Install Right After Buying A New Smartphone
People used to search; best android apps all time, best free apps for android phones, must have android apps 2018, most useful android apps in daily life, android's 10 most exciting apps, best android productivity apps, best android game apps, must have free android apps and so on... Stop searching for important apps for Android mobile or what are must-have apps for iPhone.

We updating this app list regularly and your suggestion might get it into the next update. The apps that are going to transform functionality or, at the very least, give something so great so that it gets listed as one of the must-have apps for your smartphones. This selection of necessary Android apps aims to help you find the very best of the platform without any kind of trial-and-error. Make your smart new phone even smarter by installing these smart apps right away.

To guide the users about using the best apps, we are going to entail top 15 must-have apps that everyone should install after purchasing a new smartphone. These top Android apps are recommended by Android App developing experts and those iPhone apps by ios mobile app development professionals. For apple phone system users, instead of looking how to download app store apps for free, get these listed mobile apps first then you can go for jailbreak and all to install more app development ios tuning tools. Today, I'm going to provide a list of top 15 best productivity apps for your Android phone 2018. Go through the page to find out the top app list.
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The educational apps allow students to learn and understand things in an easy and enjoyable way. The benefit can get with these learning apps for kids is the natural method of teaching the tough subjects that are otherwise complicated with the traditional methods. Above all, kids don’t even realize they are learning something. This fun & kid-friendly good learning apps for toddlers keep your tot busy and learning on the go. Check out here the useful and best educational apps for preschoolers you must download now!
Best Free Learning Mobile Apps for Your Kids
Parents used to search, What are the best educational apps for 5-year-olds? Best educational mobile apps for toddlers? Free educational apps for preschoolers & kids? And so on...

Kids need interaction and fun in their learning to stay motivated and engaged, whether it’s math’s equation or complex science experiment. However, many parents and teachers find it challenging to make learning enjoyable for students and kids. If conventional methods are not working, it’s time to think outside of the box and needs to try best educational apps to assist homeschooling parents.

Have you ever thought about learning through the educational mobile app? No worries, here we have published the list of free apps for education help not to stop the education of your child after the school. Educational mobile apps teach kids in an individualized, creative, and fun way by mixing up education and entertainment. These apps for education use the graphics, animation, games, and story-telling to make kids familiar with the basic concepts of their school subjects. For example, they can understand the complex math equation by solving a puzzle or playing a game. Similarly, a science mobile app presents experiments game form so that they know the conclusions and react quickly.

With a plethora of applications available at the app stores, it is not easy to choose the efficient one for your kids. Only Apple Store has over 80,000 apps marked as educational, however, most of them may not live up to parent’s expectations. Fret not! Check out here the handpicked best free learning apps for kids that cover the aspects of the elementary education but in fun and interactive way.
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How to use Facebook without Internet? Or with classic mobile? Are you upset with your old mobile which is unable to access your Facebook account??? Or are you stuck in a place where the mobile Internet is not working when you want to update your Facebook status? No worries, still you can access the Facebook without Internet, and you can connect with your friends from the same mobile. Use Facebook Without Internet [FREE] On Mobile/Android/iPhone
Now the Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook) wants to put the entire world online Internet. In association with Fonetwish, the Facebook India has started to allow all the users to access Facebook on every mobile phone without even the Internet nor any mobile app. So the Facebook users from the India can able to access Facebook on any mobile without any internet or even with the old type of cell phones. Then learn how to login into Facebook account without Internet and from any mobile device. You can now use Facebook on the go. Now Facebook users can access Facebook on any mobile without any internet connection, just by dialling *325#. You can even access Facebook on a mobile phone which has no browser or other forms of data connectivity like EDGE / GPRS / 3G. If you do not have the Internet connection either any data plan on your smartphone, you can use Facebook. It is also used on an older version of mobile devices too. This won't provide you full control and access to your Facebook without Internet, but you will still be able to check your news feed, post comments & status. It uses USSD to transfer information from and to your mobile handset. Learn how to use Facebook without internet.
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WhatsApp is well known and popular for free online messaging service. And previously WhatsApp has introduced TICK feature in last year, focused on knowing the receiver has read that message or not. But people are still want to know more about spy on WhatsApp messages, how to find out who has read your WhatsApp group messages and how to monitor WhatsApp messages iPhone, see others WhatsApp messages or hacking WhatsApp messages.
Who Has Read Your WhatsApp Group Messages
Users used to search; do read receipts work on group messages? How do you know if a text message has been read? How to know who has read your WhatsApp group message on Android/iOS? The questions are still there, How to know who has been reading your WhatsApp group messages on iPhone/Android? Can you track WhatsApp messages? How can I tell if someone has read my message? What about the messages sent to the group? How to find who has read your message in a WhatsApp group?

Nevertheless, when you are added to one or more WhatsApp group conversations, it can be simple to track down the WhatsApp messages, and you cannot actually know who has read the message and who didn't.

Learn to track WhatsApp messages, know how to WhatsApp messages spying and how to know who has read WhatsApp group message. By using this WhatsApp trick about WhatsApp group messaging, this will let you know by showing you which members of the group have seen your message.
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You might see lots of errors or alert messages when you use iTunes to update/upgrade or downgrade or restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. There is another error like iPhone is disabled. The question I got; how to fix iTunes error 3194 can't/not restore, downgrade? There are various ways that can easily fix the error 3194/3600/9006 in iTunes while restoring/ updating your iPhone or iPad.
How To Fix All iTunes Errors on Windows/Mac:
The Apple users used to search; Why my iPhone is not updating? What is error 9006 when updating iPhone software? How can I reupdate my iPhone? Why cannot restore iPhone on iTunes? Why is my phone stuck on verifying update? How can I restore my iPhone without updating? How to solve error 3194 occurs during iOS downgrade? And so on...

If you experience with unknown errors in iTunes while you trying to restore or upgrade iOS system then this article is for you and it will let you answer how to resolve iTunes errors while restoring/ updating/ upgrading or downgrading iOS quickly. Actually, these errors mostly occur because of the glitches and bugs in developing the OS platforms and you stuck aimlessly while updating, restoring or downgrading iOS on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

So your iPhone could not be restored because of an unknown error occurred 3504/3600. If you are searching for iTunes error 3194/3600 downgrades then you are on the right page. The jailbreak tweaks triggered error while updating your old iOS or restore iOS. You may also get the "This device isn't eligible for the requested build" error message if you are trying to update or downgrade your idevice. Commonly, these errors have occurred due to an older version of operating system on the computer or not able to connect to the server or older drivers or hardware cable problem even you have updated iOS.

Here I've provided the common solutions & the easiest ways to fix iTunes errors. Learn to fix error 3194/3600 and resolve iOS update and restore errors in iTunes during iPhone restore & get more help to resolve with iOS update and restore errors. Troubleshoot 100% working method to solve all ITUNES ERROR on Mac or Windows.

This page will also help with iOS update and restore errors like iTunes Error 11, iTunes Error 21, iPhone Error 21, -1 iTunes restore, iTunes error -1 fix, what is iTunes error -39, iTunes unknown error (-1), iTunes error 3600, iTunes sync error -54.
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There are lots of opinions; why Android phones are better than iPhone but the fact that the questions "why is my phone battery draining so fast?" "why is my Android phone battery dying so quickly?" "Why is my phone battery dying so fast all of a sudden?" "Why Android battery drain while sleeping?" "Is there any Android battery drain virus?" "Does Android battery saver mode actually works?" "How to increase mobile battery life fast" "How to fix Android battery?" and so on... Especially Samsung galaxy s battery draining quickly so a large number of Samsung people facing the draining problem. In the series of Android problems and solutions, today we are going to see; how to fix android battery drain issues? Android OS Marshmallow/ Nougat 6.0.1 battery drain fix, quick tricks for fixing poor battery life on smartphones in Lollipop or KitKat and also discuss on removing system hogging apps, extending battery life, unknown problems that are draining your battery in the background and going to learn new smart ways to improve your mobile battery life. How to fix a drain
Most of the people used to search; How fix a battery that is discharging? How to extend battery life? Why is my phone battery draining when not in use? How to fix LG phone battery dies quickly free? How do you fix your phone battery? How do I keep the Android system from draining the battery? How do I find out what is using my iPhone battery? In today’s world, with 4G handsets by latest mobile operating system upgrades and new technology Qualcomm chips in the market, it is indeed difficult to keep track of the battery level on your smartphone. Smartphone companies like Samsung, One Plus even now have battery issues in their flagship phones. Of course, the sporting specifications better than some laptops today will certainly push the lithium-ion battery to its limits. Having said so, that is not the end of a hassle-free smartphone experience. It is widely known that heavier apps drain the battery faster. And if you left the GPS turned ON for overnight in addition to Wi-Fi, you’ve had it. Probably because of this, users getting huge battery drain with Marshmallow Moreover, the screen timeout and brightness as well affect the battery life. The 25% usage for the display brightness itself is the sign of a healthy battery. Even though if you see, in recent years, Samsung phone battery life problems are considerably issued and so the Samsung Smartphones have come up with the ultra-power saving mode, it makes the phone fit only for calls. For the longer battery life possible, try to manage your battery between 20 and 85 percent. Avoid letting phone battery totally discharge, and don't charge it from 0% up to 100% too often. Let's check out the quick fix to battery draining problem in Android OS.
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Apple has since 2007, from last 10 years; when the first iPhone was unveiled, worked hard to improve the phone to offer a superior product. The company has constantly held up on its promise to deliver high quality and exceptional products, and particularly through the iPhone, the Apple has gained a lot of ground in the smartphone market. And that is why, iPhone is still better than Android. Over the past few years, advancement in technology has dealt a huge blow to the company as many other models have come out that have threatened to dislodge the highly respected iPhone. iPhone X Features And Specifications
But this only came as motivation to the company to come up with better solutions that would retain the confidence its users have had all along. Therefore, Apple recently unveiled the iPhone X, which came as a surprise to many as the phone has seen massive changes in a bid to make it one of the best phones ever built. There are several highlights about the phone that make it different from previous versions, and according to Apple, this move was necessary to give a boost to the model and continuously serve the demands of the market. Although the new iPhone was unveiled when Apple was celebrating 10 years since the iPhone was launched, not a lot of information about its features was issued. Therefore, many people interested in getting one are looking for facts about some of the awesome features that have been included in the phone to make it a better alternative to all other similar gadgets in the market. If you are looking to get one, here are awesome features added to the new iPhone that you should know about. Check out Apple iPhone X release date, Price in India, Full Specs, Comparison, Reviews at Amazon.
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Okay Google, what is better iPhone or Android? What can an Android do that an iPhone can't? Why is Android popular? Which one is better iPhone or Android? Should I get an iPhone or Android? Android vs. iOS pros & cons - these are the most popular questions & terms most buyers search on the Google. Are you also planning to buy a smartphone? Which phone are you interested in Android or iPhone? Confused with which will serve you the best results for your needs? Let us talk today about which is better & which beats the other. Android is better mobile operating system as compared with iOS and so the mobile phones.
Today, the mobiles phones have turned to smartphones. They are not just remained as a contacting device but are much more for us. The smartphones of the era offer several functions, facilities, flexibilities and much more. Well, there are several smartphones available to choose from along with options for selecting mobile operating systems. Broadly speaking; actually, we have two options to choose from, namely Android and iPhone. Both of them nestles several features, strength, and weaknesses. The Android platform is much reliable than Apple's platform. No doubt, Apple's iPhone is much attractive and grab a lot of attention, but still, there are a number of reasons people avoid buying them. On the other hand, the Android platform is much simpler to use and is much flexible with lots of functionality. Let us figure out which one is better and ideal for you! Here are some vital reasons those prove how the Android phones are better than that of Apple's iOS iPhones.
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People preferred to go for the refurbished cell phone to save money while shopping smartphones. This buying guide will guide you to buy refurbished smartphones in a smart way and how not to get fooled while buying second hand or old cell phones or refurbished mobile devices which were faulty before fixing them. Buying Refurbished Smartphones - People asks how to buy latest refurbished mobiles? These refurbished phones are ready-made cell phones and off course, they have unboxed mobile handsets, rather they are mostly returned by customers because of small defects, and standard manufacturers already fixed those minor faults. But there are many important things and precautions you need to think before buying refurbished smartphones. Read the full buying guide and quick tips to keep in mind while shopping for a refurbished cell phone. [Applicable for all type of cell phones including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and all others...]
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If you are looking for; smart ways to increase battery life android root/unroot, or boost battery life android app, or how to increase battery life android lollipop, how to check battery health Android, improve battery life android root xda, save battery life android xda, how to make your android battery last longer, save battery android app; tips to make your cell phone battery last longer, new smart methods to get better smartphone handset's battery life... then you're on the right page. Check the best tips to save, improve your cell phone battery life without any battery saver apps.

Guide: Extend Mobile Battery Life [2018]
Have you ever faced the situation where you are in a hurry, and suddenly your battery goes down? Not only proper charging is essential for preserving the health of battery but taking care of battery does more work to save it much longer than we thought. As you may know, today we have devices which come with Li-ion and lithium polymer batteries but as time goes these rechargeable batteries loses their capacity. I think everybody has experienced LOW BATTERY kind of situation. So it's the time to think about what can you do to not to stuck in such a situations? How to get rid of this problem? How to increase the performance of your gadget battery? Is there any special app to extend battery life? How to prolong mobile battery life? Extending iPhone or Android battery life is one of the prime goal to be archived while using any smartphones. So stop searching especially about how to extend battery life on Android phone and quickly learn 12 quick tips to boost and get known completely on how to extend and improve the smartphone battery life. Every Android OS has battery saver features built in to tweak your mobile in a way the user want to make longer battery life. These listed below battery saver tips has all the answers you need to improve the battery life of your smartphone. Here we're going to solve few questions like; how do I make my battery last longer? Why the phone's battery draining too fast? How do I improve battery life? Read more.
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The smartphones in your pocket add extra value to the personality. It's act like how much smart & high tech mobile phone you have in your pocket, that much you are in good shape. Google and Apple are the backbones of this smart world of high-end mobile devices. existing they present newer, upgraded, hi-tech versions of smartphones. Why iPhones are better than Android mobile phones — Google Android launching a variety of new devices with little changes in specifications whereas Apple iPhones always tends to be launched with new tech features that take you to the next level. The iPhones high with amazing functions and cutting-edge technology, and that makes the iPhone one of the best smartphones presently available in the market. IF you are searching for why iPhone is the best or what can an iPhone do that an Android can't or should you get an iPhone or Android then you're at the right page. It really becomes difficult to choose the best and ideal mobile device as per your need. The iPhones came in a year before the Android one and is really ideal for every pocket. Considering the eye catchy mobile handsets filled with lots of features and excellent functionality, iPhones beat the Android. The iPhones are much more capable of performing the higher-end functions than compared to Android smartphones. There is no doubt the iPhones are much attractive than Android phones. They really add value to your personality and makes you stand top of all in the crowd. Its look is more appealing, and it is the first reason that it has become number one choice of the young generation. The most searching term that everyone looks before buying new mobile is "Android Vs. iPhone" and it's really important to know which is better iOS or Android OS. The iPhones are costly, but is it really a good choice to go with iPhone instead of affordable Android devices. Like these questions, if you are confused while deciding between iPhone and Android, let's check out the other promising reasons why iPhone is still better mobile phones as compared with Android devices.
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