9 Ways Fixing A Phone That Won’t Charge Properly To Solve iPhone/Android Charging Jack Without Repair

I discussed many things with you about features of Android mobile phones through my site. I always try to guide you on how can you do different kinds of things in your Android smartphone. Now, recently I heard many of you are facing problems with your battery or with it's charging capacity. But in case your phone battery is not charging properly, it doesn't mean that your phone charger or your battery is totally damaged. I've listed the couple of points which will talk about mobile charging problem & explain why your phone is not charging properly. Fix Android phone that won't charge properly
Android users ask these questions to Google; How to fix a phone that won't charge properly? why is my iPhone not charging? How do I fix my charger port on my Android? How to solve mobile charging problem How do I fix my Android battery not charging? Why is my phone not charging when its plugged in? How to fix a phone that won't charge? How do you fix a charger that won't charge? What happens if your charger doesn't work? How do I fix the charger port on my phone? How do I fix my charging port? Battery charging tips for android phones and so on.

It's really annoying when you wanted to charge your Android smartphone and it does not show any charging indication on the screen. You just plugged in the charger and nothing happens. When you search this mobile charging problem over the internet, there are tons of guides available online. Most of the time, first thought which comes to our mind that, the battery has now died and has to be changed immediately. But here I'me giving you a systematic way which will help you resolve this Android phone charging issue because not every time your battery is the culprit.

Since we are talking about mobile charging problem, charging the phone obviously generates heat. And if you usually keep your phone on charging and put that under the pillow or any bag or something. It might create more heat and your battery might get damaged due to this. In case you wanted to charge your phone overnight (which actually NOT a good idea at the first place to charge overnight) you should keep your phone out in open space.
Fixing A Phone That Won't Charge Properly
Fixing A Phone That Won't Charge Properly
Before moving further you may also like to know most annoying Android errors and their fixes:

Fixing Android phone that won't charge properly.

Based upon my own personal experiences, this mobile battery charging problem and its solution are much simpler than what we think. If your smartphone or tablet is not charging properly or at all, do try below-mentioned ways to solve this issue.

These are the best ways which will help you resolve this mobile charging problem:
  1. Clean and maintain ports
  2. Check charger and port contact
  3. Try with different charging cable
  4. Now try with different adapter
  5. Charging safety standards
  6. Right charging source
  7. Suitable Android OS
  8. Check battery voltage and ampere
  9. Replace battery

Now, we will discuss these ways in more detail. Now go through this and check which one will solve your problem.

1. Clean and maintain ports.

Many of you put your phone in jeans, purses, jackets or sometimes bike diggi, etc. Also, people feed all their stuff like mobile, headphones, adapters, watches, foodstuff like chips, chocolates, etc. in their handbags. So, dust, lint, dirt, powder, and many more things might get stuck inside the charging port. I've seen this as a common problem where ports got chocked with chocolates.

So it would be good if you could clean charging port regularly. We unknowingly do these things, but we should get rid of such dusty things by planning some cleaning time for your phone.

2. Check charger and port contact.

Since we use our phone daily and keep plugging-in and plugging-out charging cable all the times, there could be a possibility that a metallic panel in connecting port might get bend. Due to which, your charging cable is not connected properly. You can do it yourself by looking at the bend and turn that panel to its right place.

This could be because of continual plugging and unplugging or could be a manufacturing defect itself. Just use some small things like pencil, pin, needle, etc. to level-up that metallic panel to its correct place. But do it very carefully and smoothly. Most of the time, you solve this problem by using this easiest way.

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3. Try with different charging cable.

Sometimes, there is the problem with your cable itself and we keep running behind adapter, ports and all. All charging cables are going through endless flexing and curling states. As a result of that, your cable got damaged. We also try to purchase dummy cable from the market just to keep our original cable safe. We keep using that cable for charging and for data transfer as well.

Now, you may try charging your phone with another but authentic cable than that of you use daily and check that if it works properly with your phone. Maybe the life of your dummy cable is ended and it's not charging your phone anymore. This is the easiest way to find out a faulty cable by trying the battery charging with a different cable.

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4. Now try with different adapter.

In the above point, we talked about dummy cable causes this battery charging issue. Now it could be a possibility that your adapter is not working properly. I've seen many adaptors where their USB ports become loose. This is because of continual plugging and unplugging of charging cables.

Here you should try with a different cable and adapter combinations and check which works well with your phone. Try your cable/adapter combination with on your friend's phone which might work for him/her and will prove your mobile or mobile ports are not faulty, the cable or adapter are the culprits.

5. Charging safety standards.

Do not charge your phone near too hot or too icy or too humid or watery surroundings. If you are planning to purchase new cable or adapters, search over the internet about incidents that happened using doggy adapters or cables from the market. There are tons of cheap 3rd party accessories you can find in the market, but those are too risky to be used. While purchasing such mobile accessories, make sure you have read and ensured they are complying with all the safety standards.

Also, I would like to recommend one thing, never try to charge your phone overnight. Since we are using power adapters these days, our battery might get changed quickly before even we go to sleep. And it might keep charging the phone even after 100% battery life. Never drain your battery completely. So it is always a good practice to the plug-in charger when your battery goes down bellow 5%-10% level and unplug it when the level goes above 90%-95%.

6. Right charging source.

If we compare charging your mobile from the wall socket with charging it from USB ports of your PC or laptop, you will see wall socket charging is quite faster than USB charging. Wall socket gives double the power than of USB ports. Recently, we are now even using power adaptors, which charge your phones very quickly.

But the thing is that does your phone is suitable for these charging sources? E.g. say if Samsung Galaxy S3 does not support charging from the power adapter, so continual use of a power adapter for charging might damage the battery life of that mobile device. People also try to their Bluetooth smartwatches or Eearpods chargers for charging their smartphones. The power needed by these accessories might not be the same for your smartphone. So always look after whether the right charging sources are being used for charging your mobile device.

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7. Suitable Android OS.

You might observe that you did update your mobile operating system to its latest version, and now your battery is draining rapidly. This is because newly added features might use your battery to serve you more. This is the case for the devices which are too old and its OS is updated to its latest version.

It could be a case that, you are using newly launched mobile and with old OS. In both the above cases, your battery is drained rapidly just because your mobile is not suitable with the installed operating system. So either you should update or roll-back your OS to the suitable one and then check your charging problem again. There are cases where battery life is significantly improved by an update or by a roll-back.

8. Check battery voltage and ampere.

Check whether voltage and ampere required by the battery is actually received after applying the charger. You can check this by using Ampere application. Click here to install Ampere application on your android smartphone.

After you install this app, connect the charger and you will see a message like 'Measuring' on screen. Once it measures the power, it shows some statistics on-screen in milliamps. It will also display different battery parameters like; Level, Health, Temprature etc. This also helps you find out which of your adapters or chargers are performing best.

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9. Replace battery.

Batteries do come with a life. They won't last forever. After a certain amount of time or years, they fail to hold the charge. The more you charge and discharge the battery, the more are the chances of replacing it. If your battery gets damaged within the first 6 months, then you got the faulty battery and you can claim for a free battery replacement. But if you are using it for 2-3 years, you should buy a new one from the market.

But as I said above, whatever you purchase for your mobile phone, make sure you have read and ensured they are complying with all the safety standards. Anyways, changing the battery itself is one of the last tries to solve this battery charging issue.

I’m sure by following any one of the methods from listed ones will help you resolve the mobile charging problem.

If you are facing this error or something you want to suggest apart from the above points, feel free to use below comment section below to get in touch with me anytime. Happy to hear from you and to implement the suggestions for helping others.

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