12 Tips To Save, Improve, Boost & Extend Mobile Battery Life

I got message; "my phone battery dies really fast" "how to make your android battery last longer" If you are looking for; smart ways to increase battery life android root/unroot, or boost battery life android app, or how to increase battery life android lollipop, how to check battery health Android, improve battery life android root xda, save battery life android xda, how to increase battery life of android phones, save battery android app; tips to make your cell phone battery last longer, new smart methods to get better smartphone handset's battery life... then you're on the right page. Check the best tips to save, improve your cell phone battery life without any battery saver apps. Extend mobile battery life
The mobile user used to find about how to increase the battery life of android phones? how to preserve phone battery lifespan? When to recharge a cell phone battery? Cell phone battery life expectancy? How to increase battery life android root? Best battery charging tips for android phones? How to save battery life on iPhone 6? And so on...

Have you ever faced the situation where you are in a hurry, and suddenly your battery goes down? Not only proper charging is essential for preserving the health of battery but taking care of battery does more work to save it much longer than we thought. As you may know, today we have devices that come with Li-ion and lithium polymer batteries but as time goes these rechargeable batteries lose their capacity.

I think everybody has experienced LOW BATTERY kind of situation. So it's the time to think about what can you do to not to stuck in such situations? How to get rid of this problem? How to increase the performance of your gadget battery? Is there any special app to extend battery life? How to prolong the mobile battery life? Extending iPhone or Android battery life is one of the prime goal to be archived while using any smartphones.

So stop searching especially about how to extend battery life on Android phone and quickly learn 12 quick tips to boost and get known completely on how to extend and improve the smartphone battery life. Every Android OS has battery saver features built in to tweak your mobile in a way the user wants to make longer battery life.

These listed below battery saver tips has all the answers you need to improve the battery life of your smartphone. Here we're going to solve a few questions like; how do I make my battery last longer? Why the phone's battery draining too fast? How do I improve battery life? Read more.
Tips To Save, Improve, Boost & Extend Mobile Battery Life
Extend Mobile Battery Life
In last posts in continuing the topics of Android, we have seen how to track lost mobile phone and how to solve display flickering error, but today we are going to focus on battery issues, so stop looking for, extend battery life android root, how to extend battery life of android tablet, how to extend battery life of android phone, how to check battery health Android, how to make your android battery last longer, what is draining my android battery; because as long as our device is running smoothly we are gonna work smoothly.

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Top 10 Best Longest Battery Life Smartphone

12 Smart tips to boost your Android phone's battery life

Here we go, we've got the ultimate guide on how to extend and improve battery life. Try these tips to extend your battery capacity. See what's sucking the most juice. And try to get out of battery problems. Not only tips but also we are here to provide you the instruction to change the settings for improving battery life.

Follow these 12 tips to extend your mobile battery life for a longer period of time as described below:

1. Force-stop unwanted apps.

Mostly there are lots of apps on mobile, and people are generally not using them at the same time but still, those are running in the background. The suggestion is to kill unwanted apps or forcefully stop them from apps manager this will prevent extra usage of your battery. Try to use Greenify App.

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2. Check proper charging.

First and most important thing, try to avoid using your device till the battery falls down below 10% and prevent it from going fully discharge.

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3. Avoid overcharging of the phone when it got fully charged.

First, don't use the phone while charging and don't keep your device charging once it got fully charged. Moreover don’t forget to plug-in your device to charge, when the battery falls below 10%.

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4. Don't use fake charger.

The Bogus charger will be harm to the battery. Only use the genuine charger for keeping a healthier life of the battery. Highly value capacitor charger does not only charge battery quick but also quickly damage your battery health. Don't use the wrong adapter because it will destruct power delivering capacity.

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5. Wi-Fi and DATA switch combination.

Try to use one signal at the same time, while on the DATA switch, turn-off your Wi-Fi signal whereas while on Wi-Fi, turn-off the DATA connection.

If you're connected to a Wi-Fi network, but want to keep your mobile data then turned off to save battery life.

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6. Use battery saving mode & switch-off unwanted signals.

If you don't need then try to keep your mobile on battery saving mode. This is the best way to improve battery life. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals are known as phones battery drainer. It drains more power from the battery.

Some of you always keep features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, auto email sync, auto-updates and much more; it will squeeze too much juice from your battery, shut down those features when not in use and that will support to improve battery life. A suggestion is to use auto off apps from the store.

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7. Change the screen brightness.

The brightness of the screen is the next most affecting factor for battery drain. As long as the screen is ON and with higher brightness; the faster your battery goes down.

So change the screen brightness as low as you can stand it and still read a text. Moreover, set the locking period as quick as possible. As quick as it gets shut down, the more power you save.

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8. Don't use vibrate mode.

Some people keep their mobile on vibrate mode. Vibrate and ringtone used to indicate incoming calls. Vibrating is draining the battery more than ringtones; because vibrating is nothing but shaking your phone by swing a small weight which takes lots of power from your battery.

Try to avoid vibrating mode. Use Sound Forge to increase the volume of ringtone. Suggestion to read: Make Ringtone Louder

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9. Avoid charging all night.

Don't leave mobile on charging throughout the night which is not essential. Once your battery got fully charged to 100%, the power supply causes heat in your device, and it will damage battery health.

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10. Avoid using dynamic backgrounds.

It was a new feature introduced in a smartphone called animated wallpapers that those are placed underneath of icons. Even this feature looks nice; these dynamic background images causes more consumption of battery more than simple static background wallpaper. Keep a simple background just to minimize the use of the processor by means of a battery.

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11. Keep device temperature appropriate.

It's observed that the battery would fall down very fast when the device gets hot. So the suggestion is to avoid the exposure of your device under direct sunlight or at the place where the temperature is warm.

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12. Turn off unnecessary notifications & push alerts.

Bonus Tip! Don't forget to turn off unnecessary notifications and their push-alerts, which all cause too much battery consumption activity on your device and that can lead to a reduction in the health of the battery.

Go to Settings >> Notifications >> go through each unnecessary app and choose "None"

Repeat this one as necessary, and in the future when new app downloads ask to allow Push Notifications, consider choosing "Don't Allow" instead.

Quick Suggestions:
Not keeping animated wallpapers as they tend to suck up more battery than fixed ones. While not always, I suggest you, in a week do fully discharge your battery to nearly 0% and then recharge it again completely without disturbing even once. And I highly recommend you the best app to extend battery life: GREENIFY App that surprisingly and significantly improve your battery use caused by unwanted apps. It ensures a good battery life.

Instead of listening to music at night and falling asleep, try to use an mp3 player with the auto-shutdown for that purpose! You won't ever run on phone battery; you never know tomorrow might be an emergency, and you don't enough time to charge!

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