15 Best Ways, Speed Up Your Android WITHOUT ROOT

Increase Android speed without rooting: The question is; how to make smartphone faster without root/jailbreak? The Android OS is one of the most popular mobile operating systems nowadays. Android can do anything you want it to do, from taking smart pictures to calculating the temperature outside, booking tickets of the train, bus, movie or whatever. Everything seems on the fingers. But the things are not that much smoother with the Android performance. But why do Android phones slow down and sluggish to operate sometimes. There are some common Android errors need to fix and solve to speed up system performance.
Improve Android Performance Without Rooting
People used to search; how to make a smartphone faster? How can I fast my android mobile? How can I speed up my Android phone? How to save & extend mobile battery life? How to make the non-rooted Android phone run faster? What is the best app to speed up android? How can I make my phone Internet faster? How to fix Android battery drain issues? How to speed up android developer options? How to improve Android performance without rooting? Even, my friend who bought S7 Edge emailed me the question; how do I make s7 edge faster without ROOT because of warranty break issue...
In today’s techno-friendly world you cannot imagine a day without a smartphone or be thinking to switch to other gadgets because this is not the smart way and it will not be an easy task, moreover you have to shift all your customized data. Setting the new phone according to what you like, is yet another hard task. And the question is how many times with new phones will you be switched only because of the processing problems of the older one? How many times will you reboot/reset your device to make it faster? What to do then? Only rooting the phone is the only option to solve Android slow speed? Is it not possible to make Android faster without root? What about the warranty then? It seems like a problem, right?
Well, to surprise you, it is not an issue now. You don't need to worry, because, WITHOUT ROOT, there are many ways which can keep your phone run smoothly and you won’t face any problem. It means for any hang-ups or slowdowns of phone operations; you won’t have to switch your phone to a new or any high-end costly one. There are some quick and essential steps you need to follow to avoid the mess of a slow phone. Not only we work on the Android errors but also, we are going to solve; how to make the Android phone run faster? How to make Android faster with developer options? How to speed up internet in android? How to make Android faster without root? How to make the phone faster internet? Not only the best app to speed up android phone let's check out some smart ways to keep your phone speed high and to speed up your android phone WITHOUT ROOTING.
Speed Up Your Android WITHOUT ROOT
Speed up Android Devices Without Rooting
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15 Ways To Make Your Android Faster without rooting

Make Android smartphone faster - Android is doing everything you want your phone to do. At the same time, you are chatting with someone and then, on the other hand, you are writing an important email simultaneously.

But the multiple uses of apps and those smart but complex functionalities of Android OS from the surfing online or playing favorite music, running all those cool applications in your android phone may sometimes become problematic and causes slowing down your smartphone. We know this smartphone does so many smart jobs for us but it isn’t is obvious, that the phone might first become slow then started to perform slowly and then hangs regularly.

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Now you might think you do not know the technology that much to handle all this then no need to bother you don’t have to be a techno guy who knows-it-all to do these.

Just go through these simple steps to speed up your Android devices processing without rooting.

1. Uninstall, delete unwanted and heavy apps.

You better know you do not need some apps that you are not using regularly but still, you keep those heavy apps in your phones why? Do you know keeping unwanted/unused/heavy apps will slow down your phone If you do not need it then simply just delete the apps?

Heavy apps occupy more size on your phone memory keeping the CPU engage in operating on it and thus causing a negative impact on phone performance. Just remove those big sized apps and make the space and check your phone won’t go slow again. Also do not keep those special social apps on your phone if you are not using it on mobile daily like facebook, messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. If you are able to see in application settings pages, it requires a lot of space, and this will use the high portion of RAM of your phone compared to other apps making your phone slow. So it is highly recommended you to check the app list you have installed on your phone, and remove unwanted, heavy, old apps to improve your Android performance.

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2. Reduce & manage data usage.

Walking in a park and clicking pictures, editing photos with Instagram and then sharing it with all your friends or followers isn’t it fun? But do you ever think that constantly using your internet data can make your phone process slow? Data usage is an ongoing activity.

The more you use the DATA, the more your phone gets engaged. Use data when you need it. It is not necessary to keep your data connection ON throughout the day as it also results in slowing your phone. Do think about it.

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3. Prevent Android OS & apps from automatic syncing.

Many of us do not know the background auto sync process of an operating system. The automatic syncing drains not only your battery but also the RAM and slows down the phone considerably. Moreover, try to turn off the notifications of the apps too that you don’t use. Instead of getting notifications as it happens to live, make it get you noticed once in a day. This will definitely save your RAM from getting eaten up by OS.

E.g.: You use WhatsApp so frequently, and you can not keep its auto-sync off. Every image and every video gets downloaded into your phone storage media, and your phone's memory becomes heavy as well. This also makes your application to become heavy, and this consumes your RAM.

So it's better to turn off auto-downloading media in such apps like WhatsApp and avoid auto-sync with the cloud from its settings. Moreover, restrict your phone from unnecessarily syncing data by disabling it from the phone options. If you are not that much heavy user of Gmail or any such app that makes it necessary to get noticed to you then, I suggest you quickly do this by going to the setting and disabling the SYNC option.

Check WhatsApp Software Launched as Desktop App For Windows/Mac To Lower the Data usage.

4. Stop Android Live Wallpapers from reducing phone speed.

The live wallpaper on your android mobile looks so cool and beautiful. I know the touching the water and it moves, that crystal clear sound, such a wonderful experience on your phone! Having an Android phone doesn’t make it necessary to use all its features. Using live wallpaper may seem fun and amazing. But it not only drains your battery but also eats your RAM. Thus making your phone operations slow. To boost Android performance, try to avoid using live wallpapers to free the RAM and for smooth usage of phone functions. Keep your CPU free from unwanted operations.

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5. Use limited widgets.

We all know, the Android OS provides the enhanced facility of using widgets, by using it you can use your apps from the shortcuts rendered by Android apps.

One you slide up & there the camera opens. Or one you slide down, you can visit your message box. But filling your home screen with tons of widgets is not a healthy choice for your phone. Accordingly to improve phone performance try to use only those widgets which are actually required for your daily needs. Try to keep your home screen clean, and your RAM will not be used much.

6. Clear cache regularly.

Do you know, what is cached data on Android or temp data on phone? Using so many apps on your device also collects lots of temporary data. And temporary data also gets stored temporarily on your phone storage that also affects your phone's performance. It’s good to keep things clean, so it is also good to keep your smartphone cleared from temp data as well. Try to make 'clear cache' regularly for a smooth performance.

7. Kill left behind running apps.

Sometimes, it happens that, you opened an Instagram app to share photos or a Facebook to share status or Gmail for an important email, and then suddenly you got a call, and you forgot to close those opened apps. This happened with almost everyone we use apps and then forget to close them.

This is a very bad habit that you just keep on opening and opening apps and do not close them. Remember these apps still keep running in the background which eats up your RAM continuously. I highly recommended you to try to remove & kill left behind running apps from time to time.

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8. Disable system apps (No Root).

If you got your phone installed with lots of system apps preinstalled by default from the day you bought from the shop, then this also could be the reason behind your slowing down your working Android device. I know it's not possible to remove those system apps without rooting from Android OS. But one thing I can surely mention that you can disable those unwanted system apps to improve your Android performance without root.

Disabling the systems apps not only prevent the RAM usage but also improve the CPU performance. This step is also recommended to you to fix slower Android speed. GO to settings >> Apps >> Find desired system apps >> click on disable. Trust me it's the same thing like to removing the apps. Thereafter these apps will not be able to update and grab the storage media.

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9. Install only required apps.

Installing and keeping many applications on your phone and not using them is not a wise option. Just because the Android OS allows you to install and use so many different applications, it doesn’t mean you need to have them all from the Play-Store app market.

Keeping only those apps on your phone which you actually required plus only if you are using them regularly then it is a smart way of using smartphones. So it’s a simple suggestion to keep only those apps that you use daily. Deleting unwanted data will keep your phone light, and this will provide more space for the system to perform operations hassle-free.

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10. Free up internal storage.

Keep your internal storage optimized. As the internal memory is limited and filling it with unwanted media might eat up not only storage but RAM, resulting in your phone to work slow. So the simple instruction to you is that try to move your photos, music, or any media folders, etc. to an external memory storage or card.

As much as u keep your internal memory free the more space, your RAM gets to execute smart operations faster. Boost your Android phone by freeing up internal storage.

11. Keep your phone updated.

One must always keep their phones updated to avoid unwanted crashing of apps, with the latest updates it becomes smooth and swift for the device to perform the operations, as the latest updates came with bug fixes according to the version and related to each device model. It is the smart way to keep your Android OS updated and to speed up overall mobile operations.

12. Stop background running apps processes.

Most of the Android user is just installing the apps failing to optimize their operating. For example, the app like System Cleaner, it is one of the best apps for Android mobile phones. But only installing such system optimizing apps is not enough, you need to keep an eye on those apps which you allow and permit as an Android manager to handle your device.

As an administrator, many apps keep on running, scanning your memory, your CPU usage, downloaded files, mobile temperature, and many other things. Such processes keep your CPU busy to handle all those tasks with the help of high use of RAM causing slower down your Android phone. To speed up a sluggish Android smartphone, you need to check all the settings and kill the background running app processes.

Quick suggetion: Make Android Run 10x Faster | Auto Android Phone Booster & Battery Saver App

13. Restart your phone frequently.

Keep the practice of restarting your Android phone after every 1-2 days. Rebooting your device indirectly restart all the processes of system apps clears all previously saved temp or junk data of unused mobile apps.

14. Do a factory reset once in 6 months.

Factory reset restores all the default settings to factory settings. At the time you factory reset the Android phone, it removes all the apps and data, media files from phone storage. In short, the factory reset brings back the time when you had bought the phone from a shop, and your device worked faster.

Restoring Android by the factory reset fixed 95% of Android problems. But before resetting your mobile, just make sure to backup all your important data including contacts, SMS, audio/video files and other app settings.

15. Subscribe Problogbooster Android tips.

Don't forget to follow Problogbooster for the new updates and indetailed articles regularly publishing about Android errors and their solution that will help you to fix your android issues quickly and keep your Android phone as fast as it was before when you bought it from the shop.

Bottom Line

Now that you know so many tips and tricks on how to speed up your Android phone without rooting, so try these to have a pleasurable experience with your android phone. And I am sure after trying these tips, you will definitely change yourself to use these tips regularly to keep your phone run smoothly.

Using an Android nowadays is like a dream come true but using it in the right way can give you more happiness. Just imagine with all these tips & tricks you can enjoy a hassle-free experience with your android phone. All you just required to do is follow some of above listed smart ways to avoid the fuss. And don't forget to share it with all your friends. If you know any other better idea to boost Android phone performance, then share it with us via comment sections shown below.

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