How to Create First YouTube Video (Beginners guide)

In the world of the Internet, a lot of social media platforms are available. YouTube is one of the popular and huge video streaming platforms. Millions of videos get published every day on YouTube, as well as a lot of people, want to start YouTube channel and make money online. But lack of knowledge about Youtube and creating YouTube videos people not being able to take a step and they declined their ideas. Many of you may hear before that "The first impression is the last impression". This is exactly what your first YouTube video works online. Creating a YouTube channel is easy but creating videos for YouTube is something you have to practice. Your first YouTube video should attract people and allow them to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Before making the first video for YouTube you need to dig deep and find out what you are passionate about. Good videos don't mean professional lighting, editing and sound, but they should convincing and well mannered all the time.
Make your first YouTube video truly amazing
Your first video should be nothing but your first impression on YouTube. So, it is important to make them satisfied with your first YouTube video. A good video is simply topics and personalities that engage the viewer and make them want to watch more and learn more about yourself or the subject or you can say your vlog niche. All these depend on how you make it and convince them with your first-ever Youtube video. Recently I posted 12 ways that you need to consider for making money via YouTube channel that you also like to read.

Other than your first YouTube video, let me share a little fact with you early in this paragraph! Your first YouTube video will go to sick you for a while. Of course, you are not friendly with making a lot of YouTube videos and it is your first impression, so it is probably not going to be popular in less time and attract a lot of views either. But one thing is sure, as time goes by, when you create a lot of videos, you will get a lot of knowledge about overall about making YouTube videos. After a year, you're going to look back and say that "If I had a chance to remake that video, I'd do it completely differently." After a couple of videos, you'll start to get the hang of it. Overall your video-making skills, your presentation and your convincing power in the video will grow and helps to keep engage your subscribers on YouTube, as well as helps to grow views on every video that you upload. Today, I’m going to share with you some pro tips and techniques that will show you exactly what you should and shouldn’t do while making YouTube first video.
Making your first YouTube video
Making your first YouTube video
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Making your first YouTube video (Beginners guide)

Sharing tips and techniques while making YouTube first video to engage viewers:

1. Find a suitable niche

This is one of the first and important things every beginner should know. Before taking a step toward how to create your first YouTube video, think about your content and vlog niche. On which topic you are going to make YouTube videos? On which content you are going to create youtube videos? All these things matter while making the first YouTube videos.

Because this is your first YouTube video, you have to make sure about the content. Whether it may be fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, healthy living, or just being yourself. Not only just content but also many other things that matter while making a first YouTube video. The video location, your communication skills and also how you present yourself all the things are very important while making the first YouTube video.

So find the most suitable and very friendly topic while making your 1st youtube video.

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2. Make a script and figure out your style

Making YouTube script and figure out your style
Making YouTube script and figure out your style
Before shooting your first YouTube video, it is important to prepare a script. Think about how can you add some important key points and how your audience will eager to hear all your points. A common mistake that every YouTubeter made is they speak too much and divert the main subject.

Think about every line that you write in the script. Not too much but add some unique and niche-related points, so it is easy to digest for viewers on YouTube.

3. Focus overall presentation

Your first YouTube video should be all about your content and how you present your skills to the audience on YouTube. Observe, how other professional YouTubers give talks and how they communicate in their videos. Your first video should be all about your vlog niche. When the audience gets to know about which type of content they are going to get from you and what is your vlog niche, they will deliberately come to your channel and watch your videos frequently.

In the first YouTube video, all you need to focus on is your skill of presentation and communication that will impact the viewers. So keep focusing on these things to make your first video attractive and memorable.

4. Make a video in perfect lighting

Make a video in perfect lighting
Make a video in perfect lighting
It is your first YouTube video and there is no doubt to have perfect lighting while shooting. It is important to capture whatever you’re filming in the best light! The possible and good lighting is the key to making your YouTube videos better and grabbing viewers attention every second in the video.

The easiest way for making a better film is to shoot in the natural sunlight coming through the window if you are shooting in the room. You can also use an affordable ring light. The standard ones come in at under $20. If you have a budget and want your videos more attractive then do buy some equipment and start shooting in the good light.

5. Introduce yourself

If you want people to recognise you well, it's important to introduce yourself in the first YouTube video. Other than your content and vlog niche people should know about who you are and what is your goal on YouTube. Make sure to tell about your name, your work and don't forget to explain about your future goal according to the YouTube channel.

By introducing yourself in the first video, YouTube followers are able to know about you and eventually, it enhances to build trust between you and subscribers. Once you explain about yourself and convince them in the first video, your subscribers will never be avoided watching every video that you uploaded on your YouTube channel.

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6. Focus on good audio and voice over

Focus on good audio and voice over
Focus on good audio and voice over
The background music is another one of the best things to make your first video attractive. Using background music and audio will help your subscribers, stick with your video till the end. Make sure the room you are shooting is as quiet as possible. If you have no budget to buy quality mic and equipment, with today's technology, you can record your first YouTube video on a smartphone and a laptop’s built-in mic is definitely an option for every beginner.

Eventually, to avoid noisy background you can have a great option to add background music in the video. YouTube has its audio library of stock sounds, which you can incorporate into your videos. Your voice on the video and the music that you added should be perfect and matches the timing. Don’t be afraid to add those beat sounds, but remember that your audience is here to learn from what you’re saying.

7. Edit your first video like a pro

Edit your first video like a pro
Edit your first video like a pro
Not like a pro but editing your video can be the most fun and most time-consuming part of the creation process. For a beginner, it can be slightly overwhelming. But there are several video editing software are available online which is best for beginners as well. Anyone can learn easily and edit their first YouTube video to impress YouTube audiences.

Other than background music and audio, there are countless things that are important to know while editing the first YouTube video. Add titles, transitions, annotations. If you have music in your video, make sure it doesn’t overpower you with your voice over. Another important thing is while editing video let quickly find and delete your “hmm,” “ugh,” and other mumbles and hesitations.

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8. Add a simple intro

A video intro leads your viewers into your content. There is no confusion to choose the unique intro for your first YouTube video. If there is technology-related stuff make an intro that is related to the technology and use some voice over in it. If there is fashion or beauty related content make it a suitable intro for fashion and beauty. Keep your intro simple and to the point.

Your intro should be able to give a quick glance at your content. Your YouTube viewers don’t care about anything other than what you promised to teach them. Not only for the first YouTube video but also the intro you use should be used throughout all the videos. Make sure whatever intro you use in the video it should be for 5 to 10 only seconds and not more than that.

9. Create a compelling outro

The outro is the last part of your video, so all you have to think about is how can you make it memorable and convincing. A YouTube outro is where you can add specific calls to action to your video. This can also be referred to as the end screen. There are some important elements, that you should follow while uploading your first YouTube video. Add subscribe button and allow them to subscribe to your channel.

10. Pick your SEO keywords carefully

Last but not least! Once you’ve nailed down the right SEO keywords for your YouTube video, it’s time to optimize your videos with keywords. To do this, you’ll need to strategically weave your keywords into these key fields. Stuffing multiple keywords into your video titles, description, and tags could actually harm your video performance.

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Instead, include just one or two keywords and then add relevant keywords to your video description. And then finally all your first YouTube video making efforts will pay off on this huge platform called YouTube.

Bottom line
After all your first YouTube videos will never be perfect. The fact is, they don’t need to be. As you make videos, you’ll learn new skills and keep on improving. But I think you will no need to stretch out the time to learn more things, using above all the tips you can easily make your first video attractive and convince your audience to follow and subscribe to your channel.

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