Top 8 Google Adsense Alternatives For YouTube Channel 2024 | Video Monetization

And here we go: Adsense Alternatives For YOUTUBE. These days, the entertainment is changing & growing; because of that millennials are earning via vlogging, video blogging through a mobile, social networking sites like YouTube. It's now all about money making blogging or vlogging. We already know all about blogging that regularity publishing & sharing your thoughts, ideas with detailed information through the blog and the Vlogging is a video blogging through video channel like YouTube Channel. All the publishers uses Google Adsense program on the start to make money online via blogging/vlogging. But the only Adsense is the solution to make money? What are Best Google Adsense alternatives? How to make money without Adsense? Let's check.

Best Adsense alternative networks for YouTube monetization
The prominent question is, How to monetize youtube videos without Adsense? How To Get & Increase YouTube Views Free Organically? You can make extra income in addition to the current benefits you are getting from YouTube channel. People used to integrate YouTube channel with Google Adsense to monetize and earn more revenue by uploaded videos.

If, you have stuck at temporarily disabled monetization by YouTube? Or got disabled the ability to monetize your videos. Today I want to tell you, you can still make money from YouTube videos, even if your channel is not eligible for monetization.

Here I have listed top high paying Google Adsense alternatives FOR YOUTUBE CHANNEL - CPM Ad Networks & MCN Network with the comparison of features, limitations, & requirements to make money. These best Adsense alternative for YouTube that publishers need to check and try for all kind of reasons to make money online.
High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives For YouTube Channel Video Monetization: YouTube videos without Adsense? You can make extra income in addition to the current benefits you are getting from YouTube channel. You can still make money from YouTube videos, even if your channel is not eligible for monetization. Using adsense alternatives for YouTube make money on YouTube without AdSense.
High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives For YouTube Channel Video Monetization: YouTube videos without Adsense? You can make extra income in addition to the current benefits you are getting from YouTube channel. You can still make money from YouTube videos, even if your channel is not eligible for monetization. Using adsense alternatives for YouTube make money on YouTube without AdSense.
Last time you have seen Top 7 Google Adsense Alternatives | Best CPC/CPM Ad Networks To Make Money Online From Blogging but this time, we are going to check Google Adsense alternatives again but best suitable for YouTube Channel & YouTube monetization. Here we have listed best YouTube Monetization Alternatives and Advertising Networks to Google AdSense that help you to generate more revenue than Google AdSense on YouTube Channels.

Top 7 High Paying Alternatives to YouTube's Adsense Platform To Earn Money Online From Vlogging

These are tested ad networks, and here you just need to submit your application along with your YouTube channel details like analytics reports, the number of videos and subscribers and apply to get started to earn from your YouTube channel and with all your videos published online.

You may know how YouTube’s monetization works - YouTube pays you 55% of that revenue to you and keeps the 45%, encouraging YouTubers to upload more quality & unique videos and make more money.

As these MCN Networks are tested, I am recommending you to try best highly paying Ad networks listed below for your YouTube channel to earn more revenue:

1. AdRev - Monetize YouTube Videos

Top Google Adsense Alternatives For YouTube Channel
This is the most popular Adsense alternative for YouTubers. You just need to make great content on your youtube channel and publish all your videos online publicly and start to get paid for doing what you love. This is YouTube Certified program so you can trust for monetizing all your videos.

Adrev helps to promote your channel across the network which gets 25+ Billion views annually. You will get full creative control for creating custom thumbnails and tools to boost discovery of your videos. You also get the training videos and support team from a YouTube Certified, dedicated partner manager. Moreover, their copyright team will clean up your channel and ensure you are optimizing monetization opportunities. AdRev is trusted and safe.

Features & Channel Requirements

  • Requires 500 visits per day
  • 70-30 Revenue Sharing
  • Suitable for All Channels
  • Min. Payout $10 via PayPal
Apply for AdRev - Monetize YouTube

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2. Fullscreenmedia | Create & Make Money Vlogging Differently

Top Google Adsense Alternatives For YouTube Channel
Fullscreen is the premier global network that will help you to take your channel to the next level. They offer advanced tools to optimize all your videos for success and make more revenue for you. They have a huge community of creators that they will help to build up your audience and boost your income.

The video uploader tool offers the quick way to publish videos to YouTube and Facebook in one go, moreover, by using tools you can design beautiful thumbnails and improve your SEO - this will boost your channel listing in Youtube search. You can backup all your original, uncompressed video files to their servers. A massive Music Library - here you can access 500,000+ completely free music and sound effects to make your videos glow.

Features & Channel Requirements

  • Required visits are not shared publicly but need extended video views.
  • 80-20 Revenue Sharing
  • Suitable for All Channels
  • Min. Payout 50 via PayPal
  • Original Content [No Copyright Strikes/illegal material].
  • Advanced Tools & Features

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3. Freedom! - YouTube Partnership Network

Top Google Adsense Alternatives For YouTube Channel
This MCN is the fast-growing YouTube Partnership network to make money helping you growing your business and associating you to connect with others creators and build your across multiple platforms to supercharge your YouTube channel. This network the full transparent network that permits revenue visibility for everyone. There is no need to sign a contract; you can leave this Ad Network anytime.

The biggest advantage is that this network just ensures you that your original & unique content videos will be taken care of by taking down any COPIES on YouTube. This network helps you to prevent making copies of your videos. This MCN is the best Adsense alternative that pays you even if you've made $1.

Features & Channel Requirements

  • Requires 33 visits per day
  • Up to 95% Revenue Sharing
  • Suitable for all channels including; Gaming, Music, Vlog, Beauty, and so on
  • Min. Payout $1 via PayPal
Apply Best YouTube Monetization Partnership Network FREEDOM

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4. VidGenX | Best YouTube Partnership Network

Top Google Adsense Alternatives For YouTube Channel
This is new but fast-growing YouTube MCN network. They have just started in 2015 and offering maximum revenue to all type of small and large YouTube content creators. This YouTube MCN help to increase YouTubers channel viewer, subscriber, sponsorship, providing Content ID to our VIP partner with high revenue earnings. They have huge 300,000+ royalty free music + sound effects [250,000+] with advanced tools and features and also have a very experienced YouTube-certified support team, who are always ready to support you 24/7.

The clear dashboard shows you detailed information about your channel subscribers, the total number of video views, YouTube earning details and a unique app to claim your copied video. The best part is they permits you free access to TubeBuddy to optimize your YouTube channel and boost more traffic.

Features & Channel Requirements

  • No specific views requirements.
  • 95% Revenue Sharing
  • Suitable for all channels including; Gaming, music, Vlogging, beauty, and so on
  • Min. Payout $1 via PayPal, direct deposit, check, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI Wallet
Apply VidGenX | High Paying Alternatives to YouTube's Adsense Platform

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5. FilmSection | Make Career on YouTube

Top Google Adsense Alternatives For YouTube Channel
This is most popular, and the fastest growing YouTube Network helps you get High Earnings. When you are linked your YouTube channel & partnered with FilmSection, you will start to earn more money than you do with just AdSense principally because they have its Global Advertising Sales Department trading beside YouTube and making sure that they optimize the advertising fill rate. This ensures the fact that they offer a really high Revenue Share to all of their partners puts them at the highest paying networks globally.

The 'FilmSection' has super useful dashboard includes the Powerful channel development tools helps you to cross promote your channel & your most viewed videos, driving more views and to boost subscriber growth. They also help channels properly maintain and optimize their content to improve CPM, impressions, and to get more YouTube subscribers.

Features & Channel Requirements

  • No particular views requirements.
  • Three months no-lock in trial
  • 95% Revenue Sharing
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Suitable for All
  • Monthly payout via PayPal, Bank Transfer or the Western Union.
  • No withholding tax - You earn 100% of everything you make.
Apply FilmSection

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6. Maker Studios | Grow Channel Branding & Revenue

Top Google Adsense Alternatives For YouTube Channel
MakerStudios brings 10+ billion views per month on YouTube singly by 960+ million YouTube subscribers. MakerStudios also provides access to learning, collaboration, and promotional opportunities designed to fast-track your channel growth.

If your channel content can broadly match within the subjects of MakerStudios requirements [listed below], you probably qualify to join their HIGH CPM YOUTUBE MCN network.

Features & Channel Requirements

  • No particular views conditions. The low-traffic networks can apply. 
  • 60-40 Revenue Sharing
  • Suitable for channels that fit into - Gaming, LIFE + STYLE, FAMILY, ENTERTAINMENT
  • Payout via PayPal
Grow Channel Branding & Revenue - Apply Maker Studios

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7. Machinima | Popular YouTube Network Focusing on Gaming

Top Google Adsense Alternatives For YouTube Channel
When building your audience to subscribers for your YouTube channels, the distribution of the content is important. The wider distribution is, the better way to grow your YouTube channel. And Machinima offers the most extensive distribution in the competitive business, optimized & configured for maximum visibility, coverage, and trying to boost YouTube earnings across the entire networking sites.

Machinima is the dominant video entertainment network & fast growing YouTube Certified MCN Network. Especially for the Gaming world, the Machinima is one of the top entertainment networks on YouTube that includes 150K+ royalty free music + FX & help secure sponsorships, start campaigns and build awareness. If you are running gaming channel or publishing demographic gameplay videos on youtube, then join it to get most out of your channel.

Features & Channel Requirements

  • No particular views conditions.
  • 75-25 Revenue Sharing
  • Best Suitable for Gaming, 
  • Payout via PayPal
Apply to Grow Branding Gaming Channel Machinima


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Bottom Line
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It doesn't matter which MCN content network you want to associate with your YouTube Channel; you need to follow the copyright rules & community guidelines while publishing new videos. Before applying, just make sure your channel has NOT any copyright strikes and not violating YouTube community guidelines.

Interestingly, even if the monetization feature on your YouTube channel has been deactivated, there are still ways to monetize your existing videos. You can utilize alternatives to YouTube’s AdSense monetization, which can be a viable option. These alternatives include some of the best High Cost Per Mille (CPM) YouTube Monetization MCN networks.

These networks have the potential to provide significantly higher earnings than AdSense alone. Therefore, it’s worth considering these alternatives as they can help you maximize the revenue potential of your channel. It’s always beneficial to explore all available options to ensure you’re getting the most out of your YouTube channel.

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