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As long as people are eager to build a blog, ultimately they are making this BLOGGING platform more popular in the market. In extending to that, they not only want to get busy in writing all the time but also willing to earn more money from their blog with Google Adsense - and I think it is the strongest reason why they start a blog & & also you are here to read Adsense terms and definitions. It's the basic but fundamental terminology that every blogger and publisher should know. Google Adsense Policies That Every Blogger Must Know
People used to search; Google Adsense policy for India, Google Adsense youtube rules, Google Adsense terms and conditions in Hindi, youtube Adsense terms and conditions, updates about Google Adsense rules 2017, or youtube monetization terms of service. You are at the right page to know about Adsense terms of service that every blogger/vlogger should know and important Google AdSense terminology terms that will help you to avoid common mistakes that break Google Adsense TOS. There are lots of online ways for monetizing your website/blog that Affiliate marketing besides on one side but in a case of contextual ad networks there is no option for Adsense. Adsense is best CPC ad network amongst others and the most favorite of all the way from part-time bloggers to some of the largest publishers on the web. AdWords Advertisers used to pay Google when you get clicks on your ad from the visits by organic web traffic. And then Google pay some percentage of that estimated earning to all of you publishers via Adsense program. And I think, here you must be aware of those basic terms & definition before going into deep. Learn more about Adsense terms & definitions that you should know while making money with Google Adsense Program.
Adsense Terms and Definitions
Adsense Terms and Definitions
Every new blogger wants to earn cash online from Google Advertising. Even though; Adsense program pays the highest amount of revenue per click as compared to other pay-per-click [PPC] sites; their policies & terms are very strict. There are lots of factors that affect your Adsense earning that mainly includes CTR, CPC, eCPM, page RPM, keywords, SEO, Ad type, design, placing and positioning of Ads, PageRank and also your web traffic location.

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5 Google Adsense Terms, Conditions & Policies

1. What is CTR: Click Through Rate

It is a ratio of clicks to the no. of total views/impression. It’s one of the primary factors that describe how successful you are for serving targeted ads for the advertising campaign that are performing on your site. Recently the new sub-topic comes into the picture - Mobile ad CTR. In a case of mobile advertising, the average CTR for the mobile ads measures the percentage that the mobile holders click on the ads showing on the screen and he remains regularly stumbles upon by both mobile advertisers and publishers.

Formula to Calculate CTR = [clicks ÷ impressions]

A mobile ad campaign that includes CTR email-marketing calculated by the impressions caused by the opening of emails by mobile owners. Moreover, if you are advertiser & running any AdWords campaign you also need to know that the good CTR AdWords is labeled as the effective ratio of ad clicks to impressions in your AdWords campaigns.

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2. What is CPC: Cost Per Click

It is the figure up to which you have earned when the visitor clicks on any of the ad placed on your site. Other Adsense competitors handle this term as PPC – pay per click. This opens the door for PPC management tools and requires more guidelines including PPC accounts.

Formula to Calculate CPR = [estimated earnings ÷ total clicks]

As of Adsense flexibility & the variety of ad types, the advertisers are ready to provide high CPC to Adsense publishers. That is why Adsense is on the top of the list of best CPC ad networks comparing with PPC advertising & marketing companies.

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3. What is eCPM: effective Cost Per Mille

It is the ratio of estimated revenue to 1000 ad impressions. This eCPM calculator formula gives you an idea of how much you generate advertising revenue from Adsense when you got 1000 impression on your site.

Formula to Calculate eCPM = [estimated earnings ÷ 1000]

In Latin, Mille means 1000. What is the difference between CPM and eCPM? CPM is related to a particular targeted ad campaign and eCPM comes in a picture when all of these ad campaign performing on your site "effectively" and so it’s called as eCPM.

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4. What is Page RPM: Revenue Per Mille

In simple language, it is a figure that shows how much you are going to earn revenue for your 1000 ad impressions. Higher RPM makes you expect higher earnings.

Formula to Calculate RPM = [(estimated earning ÷ total impressions) x 1000]

It is also called as Page revenue per thousand impressions. If your Adsense account shows 10.2$ RPM, then you can calculate how much you are going to earn for 5000 impressions by 5x10.2=51$.

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5. What is Banner Blindness

It is the term in advertising network where the site visitors tend to ignore the ads placed on page knowingly or unknowingly. Low redundancy leads to banner blindness. And thus, this term is still in the picture for publishers to improve and enlists common techniques to overcome banner blindness or reduce it & improve ad revenues.

Bottom Line
We all know Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers to make money online, but these are most important factors you can't ignore in order to become successful Adsense publisher. If you have any other queries related to Adsense terms, do let us know via comments, we will try to solve it as early as possible.

Important: If you are one of the active AdSense Publisher, you need to accept the new AdSense Terms and Conditions before 25th April, 2008 otherwise you may not be able to work with your existing Google AdSense account.

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned information is truly based on my understanding of the Google AdSense terms info and data. I may have misunderstood/misinterpreted/mistaken some of the policies/information/terminologies/conditions so it is better to consult your AdSense representative before proceding to making any changes.

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