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Ezoic Review Automatic Ad Earnings Growth Adsense Certified Tool
Ezoic Review
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Yeah it's Ezoic — the world's first & only AI technology based Google Adsense Certified Partner. It's a best Google ad tester tool to increase website ad revenue and itself a better option than highest paying Google Adsense alternatives that works with Google ad exchange partners. And today this article will concentrate especially on Ezoic Review.
In short and by comparing with the other most popular CPC publisher network & web advertising services; I must say that the Ezoic is a website improvement program that will not only help you improve the functionality of website but also boost blog ad revenue to earn more money about 70% to 200% via Google Adsense by optimizing your best display ads, ad sizes, and ad placements automatically. According to my experience, it double adsense earnings to maximize adsense revenue from existing traffic. Lets check out how to get ad revenue on a website with Ezoic ad optimization

Ezoic review: double your adsense earnings by auto ad optimization
People used to search; what is Ezoic? Does Ezoic work? Ezoic vs AdSense? How Ezoic AdSense and Google ad exchange work at same time? How much Ezoic earnings? Ezoic real review? Ezoic cost? Ezoic pricing? And much more.

Only optimizing blog is not sufficient now to maximize Adsense revenue but effective optimizing ad slots, ad formats & placements are also considerably important. Besides, there are lots of bloggers and site developers who failed to do it effectively. And hence this Ezoic review page will explain to you everything that you need to know about ad optimization including how to set up Ezoic on a website and make money? How to make Google Adsense money using Ezoic?

In order to maximize AdSense earnings with Ezoic, you just need to optimize your ad slots assigned all over the web pages. Furthermore, the Ezoic is the best platform which has the goal that allows you to earn extra money without affecting website performance & improving user engagements.

Habitually we all always seems to focus only on writing the site contents, then it's marketing & to use other website optimization tools but most of us are get failed to optimize particularly in monetizing the content on ad optimization like ad location, sizes, colors, and other formats used on a single page effectively. Ezoic do all the ad optimization itself & test it automatically in an excellent way not just to maximize your earning potential but help to improve the CTR [Click Through Rate] of your site.
Ezoic Review - Double Your Adsense Earnings | Increase AdSense Revenue by Auto Ad Optimization — What is Ezoic ? Ezoic vs AdSense? How Ezoic AdSense work at same time? How much Ezoic earnings? How can I increase my AdSense earning CPC? How much does Google AdSense pay per click in India? A Content Intelligence Platform Certified by Google Adsense for website optimization and monetization - help you to increase website AdSense ad revenue from 50% to 200% - FREE to join - Try it to get the boost in ad income & for more organic traffic. It's a best Google ad tester tool to increase website ad revenue and itself a better option than highest paying Google Adsense alternatives that work with Google ad exchange partners. Ezoic does all the ad optimization itself & test it automatically in an excellent way to improve the CTR. Learn how to get Ezoic into your website and get double your estimated Adsense earnings.
Ezoic Review - Double Your Adsense Earnings | Increase AdSense Revenue by Auto Ad Optimization — What is Ezoic ? Ezoic vs AdSense? How Ezoic AdSense work at same time? How much Ezoic earnings? How can I increase my AdSense earning CPC? How much does Google AdSense pay per click in India? A Content Intelligence Platform Certified by Google Adsense for website optimization and monetization - help you to increase website AdSense ad revenue from 50% to 200% - FREE to join - Try it to get the boost in ad income & for more organic traffic. It's a best Google ad tester tool to increase website ad revenue and itself a better option than highest paying Google Adsense alternatives that work with Google ad exchange partners. Ezoic does all the ad optimization itself & test it automatically in an excellent way to improve the CTR. Learn how to get Ezoic into your website and get double your estimated Adsense earnings.
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Ezoic Review

Before I began reviewing Ezoic, I would like to quickly show you, what I was earning using Adsense before Ezoic and then what exactly I was able to get using Ezoic earning chart after I started using Ezoic.

Adsense Earning Report (BEFORE EZOIC)

So here is the chart showing the Adsense earning report from 1st June 2021 to 30th June 2021 period when I was using Google Adsense ads on this problogbooster website.
Adsense Earning Report
Adsense Earning Report
You can check in the above screenshot, I had a total of 35,37,581 page views and earned $334.34 using Google Adsense, with avg. RPM of $18.38 only, which is significantly low.

Ezoic earning report (AFTER EZOIC)

So, I then switched to Ezoic from adsense and start using it from 1st September 2021.
Ezoic Earning Chart
Ezoic Earning Chart
You can check in the above screenshot, my Ezoic earning $1423.34 for 1st September 2021 to 30 September 2021 with RPM [EPMV- Ezoic term] of $55.78.

So if we think only of EPMV, you can say, almost I got an increase of 325.72% growth in RPM or EPMV in the first month itself.

Ezoic | A Content Intelligence Platform

Ezoic - Double Your Adsense Earnings
Ezoic is a website improvement platform based in Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA, US. It’s the first largest automated testing platform and only technology based Google Adsense Certified Partner for content publishers.

As because of enormously knowledgeable & conversant about online advertising they are selected for Google Adsense partnership. And so the Adsense publishers are getting amazing results in their estimated earnings.

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is an AI-based automated website ad testing platform that helps website owners to increase organic traffic and generate extra ad revenue by testing hundreds of ad slots and style combinations. Ezoic helps any content publisher looking to enhance site speed, SEO and so the overall user experience on their website.

What is Ezoic used for?

Ezoic is a California-based advertising technology company and AdSense certified Google Publishing Ad Partner helping web publishers to control monetization, optimize content, increase page speed, improve UX, improve revenue, enhance SEO, and more using Artificial Intelligence. AI-based automatic Ad tester uses real artificial intelligence to increase ad earnings and enhance visitor experiences.

How Ezoic Works?

It works with Artificial Intelligence (AI). When you place ads on your website, for the first few days (20 to 50 days) it analyzes the visitors coming to your website. According to your user, displays the same ads which attract the user, allow him to click on the ads.

How Ezoic increases earnings? It helps compromising with other Ads Network (Ads displaying company) to bring ads with higher CPC. For example, if you compare Ezoic and Google AdSense, then if you have the same ads on Google AdSense and Ezoic, then ads of the ad network with higher CPC will be displayed on your website.

Meaning if in Google Adsense and Ezoic, Adsense will have more CPC ads then now there will be a display of Google Adsense on the website and if in Google Adsense and Ezoic, Ezoic will have more CPC then Ezoic's Ads will be displayed on your website .

In this way, your Ezoic earning will increase two to three times, as well as with the help of Ezoic, you can also increase the Page Speed of your website and your website will start ranking in Google.

Is Ezoic better than AdSense?

As per my own experience, yes, Ezoic is a better option than AdSense. It helps me to tweak my site settings, optimize SEO and so I get able to have higher search rankings so the positions in SERP. Within 2 weeks it increases blog traffic and so the ad revenue seriously.

The clear difference shows that using a variety of web tools including auto ad location testing, SEO, ad-media partners, here Ezoic is the winner as compared with AdSense.

Why use Ezoic To increase website ad revenue when we have AdSense?

Ezoic makes it easy for publishers to optimize websites. I consider like the advance things appearing in the advertisement industry. Every person know about the Adsense a lot, but AI using the Ezoic technology & the new trends are coming into advertisement networks really fascinating.
  1. Uses CDN servers — Helps to improve site loading speed.
  2. Ad Position Testing — Helps publishers to recover lost revenue.
  3. Create & test new layouts — Helps to improve page views.
  4. Website optimization — Helps to improve the user experience.
  5. Asynchronous Ad loading — Helps to improve user integration.
  6. More page views + better user experience = Drive more traffic
  7. AMP Converter — Helps to improve PR [search ranking].
  8. Ad Mediation — Helps to enter all of their existing ad partners.
  9. Big Data Analytics — Help to know more than Google Analytics
  10. Auto Ad Optimization & Monetization — Helps to earn more than double.
You may also like to know; 5 Google Adsense Terms & Policies Every Blogger Must Aware | HELP | SUPPORT

How much can you earn with Ezoic?

Your website niche, published time, traffic quality, and access to the premium ads all get calculated to estimate your earnings. With auto ad slot optimization you will be able to insert maximum ads per page and it will help you get higher ad views. With Ezoic for 1000 ad impressions, you will earn in the range of $15-20 for most websites that have full access to Ezoic ad tools.

Is Ezoic company legit?

Yeah, it's Ezoic — the world's first & only AI technology-based Google Adsense Certified Partner.

Can I join Ezoic Without AdSense?

You do not require an AdSense account to sign up and start working with Ezoic. But, if a website is not having AdSense it will always require to accept Ezoic ad policies and Google's ad policies.

Try Ezoic Here

Is it necessary to monetize the website with Google AdSense to get Approval from Ezoic?

No, it is not necessary at all that to get your website monetized with Ezoic, first the website should be monetized with Google Adsense.

You can use Ezoic as an alternative to Google Adsense, because many bloggers leave blogging midway due to lack of approval from Google Adsense.

However, if the website is monetized with Google Adsense, it can be easy to get approval from Ezoic.

Ezoic Requirements

  • Site size

    Minimum 10,000 visits/pageviews per month, but you can also join Ezoic via Ezoic’s Access Now program if you have less than 10,000 page views per month.
  • Website Categories

    Ezoic operates equally well with all types of content. This contains, but is not limited to: health, science, nature, home & garden, hobbies, travel, food & drink, automotive, sports, business, humor, literature, games, entertainment, lifestyle, culture, history, technology, geography, education, family, and more.
  • Site content

    Like all ad networks, Ezoic also demands unique and relevant content. Available worldwide, preferably in English. And 1200 word count for the rich content so as to collect enough data to optimize your site for better performance.
  • Monetization

    For monetization features are now open to all sites. Ezoic removed pageview requirements but a website with less than 10,000 pageviews can easily join through a program titled 'Access Now'.
  • Google Policy

    You need to accept Google Google advertising Policies and conditions to publish original content, no sale or promotion for the sale of counterfeit goods or products, no spam keyword attack, no promotion of services that cause damage, harm, and no dishonest behavior like invalid click activity, discrimination, hatred violence.
  • Website Traffic

    Your website traffic must be organic, human, and without known violations of common ad policies. The traffic has to be driven mostly from advertising-friendly countries.
  • Accepting ad policies

    Your website and content accept an existing Google AdSense or Ad Manager account, it must be in good standing with Google.

Getting approval from Ezoic

What are the conditions for getting approval from Ezoic? To get approval from Ezoic, policies have to be followed like Google Adsense. In the earlier times, it was mandatory to have 10,000 monthly sessions to get approval from Ezoic, but now it is not so.

Now you can apply if you have less than 10,000 Monthly PageViews and your website does not have to be approved by Google Adsense to get Approval from Ezoic. You can apply for Ezoic even if your website is not monetized with Google Adsense. You can also earn by connecting Media.net, Google Adsense, Sovrn, and Conversant with Ezoic. Check Ezoic mediation ad partners apps list shown below:
Ezoic Mediation Ad Partners Apps
Ezoic Mediation Ad Partners Apps
Like Adsense, Ezoic also supports websites made in multiple languages.

Try Ezoic Here

Ezoic makes it easy for publisher to optimize website to better perform and earn more

Ezoic makes it easy for publisher to optimize website to better perform and earn more
Ezoic makes it easy for publisher to optimize website to better perform and earn more
Ezoic (ee-zo-ic) is an automated ad testing platform that allows publishers to track and optimize ad slots and website layouts. Using AdSense and DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Ezoic helps web publishers maximize earnings and enhance user experience across desktop, mobile, and tablet.
“Anyone can insert ads to a page, but that’s just short-term. What Ezoic perform is use analytics to make sure that the user experience is excellent. We’re tackling the extremely complex task of balancing user experience, content, and monetization. And we’re doing it through data that spans all platforms.”
–John Cole, CCO, Ezoic

Difference between Ezoic and AdSense Auto Ads?

Publishers may notice that manual ad testing is too much time-consuming and technically difficult to archive desired results. Publishers have to be concerned about mobile support, site speed, SEO, and usability while also earning an income.

But with the Ezoic automated ad testing platform, publishers can control a machine learning (A.I.) testing system that could allow them to improve earnings, boost web traffic, have higher page loading speed, and increase the user experience at the same time.

Is Ezoic a Scam or Trustworthy?

In association with Google’s Certified Publisher Partner program, Ezoic is now able to assist even more publishers to optimize websites, increase earnings, and improve user experience.

About the Certified Publishing Partner Program

A Certified Publishing Partner can assist when you don’t like to do it alone. Our publishing partners manage all things from setting up to optimizing and maintaining ads, so you’re free to spend more time posting content on your website.

Using Google best practices, partners experience maximum performance and so higher earnings with AdSense, Mediavine, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, AdThrive, and DoubleClick for Publishers.

Ezoic Expertise

  • Ezoic lets tech site publishers perform fast loading speed, earnings, and satisfying UX.
  • Making easier methods for publishers to navigate and find content with automated site testing.
  • Niche specific optimization where it customises you pages to maximize results from each user session.
  • Optimizing ad revenue by testing different page layouts and ad locations
  • A dedicated Manager with an understanding of your niche provides help to achieve your objectives precisely.
  • Assisting web publishers to employ AdSense and DoubleClick Ad Exchange together to monetize content and secure page layouts that follow policy-compliant simultaneously.
  • Guaranteed earnings boost with additional growth tools.

Ezoic Recent successes

  • Increased earnings by 450%, with an 87% increase in time on the website for ProBlogBooster.
  • Increased time (bounce rate) on the website by 48%.
Ultimately you the publisher will get the daily increase in estimated ad earnings [around 70% to 200%] with enhanced user experience, more traffic, more page views, and so higher PageRank. So don't waste time and get to know more about contextual ad networks revenue optimization and learn how to be get integrated with Adsense Certified Ezoic program into your website to double your estimated Adsense earnings.

We know; better user experience is equal to better search rankings and it’s the best way to cause MORE AD REVENUE. Recently you have seen Advanced Tips for Making Website to Load Faster and How to Setup Free CloudFlare CDN for Your Blogger Blog to Boost Website Performance. But today you are going to see something more remarkable and the only effective way that I personally have ever seen in my Adsense estimated earnings. I really excited to introduce the Ezoic platform to you and really want you to earn more with this LEGITIMATE program.

I must say - Ezoic is a must have automatic testing tool for serious publishers.

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Ezoic Review: My personal experience & optimization results I got after using Ezoic for 10 days

Every publisher should focus on that particular part like you can monetize more using some kind of AI technology and the header bidding everything that Ezoic is right now providing. I really like the concept of making an understanding of all what exactly happens behind the advertisement industry, that insightful things I really wanted to share it with you today.

How I got a 50% boost in ad income and more traffic by website optimization and monetization with Ezoic for 10 days. And I don't hesitate to tell you that this Ezoic definitely help in increasing your Adsense earnings by 200% in just 2 weeks.

Ezoic Dashboard

Ezoic helps intelligently increase revenue and balance UX for your website. Ezoic provides a free, flexible way to earn money from your websites, mobile sites, and site search results with relevant and engaging ads. Ezoic is working hard behind the scenes, maintaining the Ezoic Dashboard to ensure all publishers earn optimal ad revenue.
Ezoic Dashboard
Ezoic Dashboard
Ezoic dashboard is provided to know how much you could earn from Ezoic and to view your potential earnings on daily basis.
The Ezoic dashboard is much more dynamic and customizable than AdSense’s dashboard. I must say, Ezoic dashboard is the best as it clearly shows your daily earnings report, daily pageviews, and monthly outlook. Dashboard provide a single place for you to review consolidated performance statistics from across your account.

The Ezoic dashboard puts detailed, comprehensive data at your fingertips. Ezoic dashboard is a very simple plugin to display your live Ezoic earnings on your Ezoic Dashboard. The Ezoic dashboard is pivotal to a publisher's success with their ad revenue.
As you can see from the screenshot above, you can adjust many of the ad attributes yourself, which isn’t possible with Media.net dashboard. You can also make changes to your monetization settings, and overall ad set-up, and ad placements through the Ezoic dashboard.

To have Ezoic premium options you can check Ezoic website layout optimization platform plans & pricing from the dashboard link easily.

Ezoic vs AdSense

No. Ezoic AdSense
1. Min Payout $20 Min Payout $100
2. Min 10,000 visits requred. Or you can apply with quality content if you dont have considerable pageviews No limit to apply Google Adsense even in low traffic.
3. Option to work with other Ads networks No option.
4. Using Ezoic, you can increase the page loading speed of your website. AdSense does not help to increase page speed.
5. Check official website: Ezoic Check official website: Adsense
To know more about the comparison and differences between Ezoic and AdSense, I have specially posted a full page about Ezoic Vs Google Adsense, that you would like to read: Ezoic vs AdSense - Compare Differences & Reviews

How to install & setting up Ezoic account: Step-by-step guide to integrate

The best method is by using CDN. I have already posted how to use CDN on your blogger site. You need to follow it and install FREE CDN on your website. and come here again.
Else, if you have your own hosting then you need to change your name servers in DNS setting redirecting to Ezoic servers.

Step-by-step guide to integrate Ezoic into your blog website:
  1. Step 1: Open Ezoic

    Go to: https://goo.gl/yMlVab
    Open Ezoic ad network
    Open Ezoic ad network

  2. Step 2: Adding website to Ezoic

    Add your site. Fill your details and click on Visit the Ezoic Dashboard.
    Adding website to Ezoic
    Adding website to Ezoic

  3. Step 3: Integrate website with Ezoic CDN

    The first option is to integrate your site with Ezoic. I recommend you to add your website via CloudFlare. Here you need to link your site's CloudFlare account to Ezoic. Put your CloudFlare email address and password to sign in and install CloudFlare.

    CloudFlare is the best tool that protects and accelerates your website online up to great extent. Once Cloudflare is installed for your website, the web traffic is then routed through CDN servers via the intelligent global network.
    Integrate website with Ezoic CDN
    Integrate website with Ezoic CDN

  4. Step 4: Installing Ezoic Ad Tester Apps

    Go to App store and make sure you have installed Ad tester and Mediation app. The Ad Tester app automatically tests additional ad locations whereas the Mediation app allows you to add all of your existing ad network accounts to Ezoic so that they can bid for the ad space on your website.

    It is recommended that you should link your Google Adsense account firstEzoic said. Here you need to choose ad networks and put your login details into it just to add it to your Ezoic dashboard.

    Need NOT to worry as it is certified by Google Adsense. It’s 100% reliable platform. So I highly recommend adding Adsense account.

    Then after in 24 hours your Adsense account gets integrated, activated and started to work with the Google Ad Exchange. You don't need to do anything, as Ezoic doing it automatically & also effective for you.
    Installing Ezoic Ad Tester Apps
    Installing Ezoic Ad Tester Apps

  5. Step 5: Placing ads above the fold

    Come back to the dashboard and start to Setup Ad testing App. Here you need to add Ezoic ad testing code into your <head> tag & follow all steps. This is the most important step. Here you need to choose the location of ads as per your need. I recommend using most of your ads placed above the fold. Placing ads above-the-fold is the most working method for many pro-websites, and I believe, these ads often perform well and help publishers to monetize content successfully.

  6. Step 6: Ezoic dashboard

    Now on dashboard, you will see 3rd step - Turn Ezoic ON & OFF. Here you can control the Ezoic account both show all of your ads on desktop or tablet or mobile. Moreover, you can control the percentage of traffic to send to the Ezoic Platform. I recommended to use it 100%.

  7. Step 7: Ezoic installed.

    You are successfully integrated and installed Ezoic on your site.

Congratulations!!! Now it required sometimes less than 24 hours to work it for your site effectively.

After integration, its taking time to learn your site layouts, previous ad slots, old ad locations and then started to test & experiment all ad monetization techniques to empower your daily estimated earnings to grow up from 50% to 200% on an average daily.

You must aware; Adsense Update: No More Website Banning (*Conditions Apply) | Only Individual Pages Gets Flagged

Ezoic Customer Care Support

How to contact with Ezoic Support? You can go to the help center of Ezoic's official website and click on Monetization, from here you can click on 'Get In Touch' and you can tell or read your problem.

Ezoic – WordPress plugin

The Ezoic WordPress plugin provides a website with features & settings for Ezoic on their content. This includes:
  • Adding automatic Ezoic ad slots
  • Website performance optimizations like pagespeed
  • Ezoic CDN settings
  • Edit and validate ads.txt file
Check here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ezoic-integration/

Ezoic Chrome extension

Ezoic chrome extension is so easy and automatic to use, and visually interpret! Simply drag and drop the ad placeholder, select sizes, make custom styling if you need, and you're done! Too easy to use.
  • View and create Ezoic Ad Tester placeholders and learn how to increase the page speed of your site.
  • Ezoic Chrome extension will allow you to make your site loading speed faster by displaying you precisely where your website is failing in the Core Web Vitals score.
Ezoic Chrome extension will allow you to make your site loading speed faster by displaying you precisely where your website is failing in the Core Web Vitals score.

To use the Ezoic chrome extension tool you will first need to create an account and integrate with Ezoic.

Check here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ezoic/nbccjeeblefkmoohdiipbghgikopimnd?hl=en

Ezoic Company Profile - Office Locations

Ezoic ad network office locations
Ezoic ad network office locations
Ezoic company is headquartered in North County, San Diego CA, with offices in London, San Francisco, and Newcastle, U.K.

Ezoic delivers worldwide service and support. People used to find ezoic freelancing company but the Ezoic brand and its diverse user base have been featured across well-known industry ad publications all over the world.

Ways to Receive Payments from Ezoic

They use the following payment methods by which you can receive your payments from Ezoic with min. threshold of $20.
  1. Prepaid card via Payoneer. Recommend to use Payoneer — Has better conversion rates.
  2. PayPal
  3. Cheque
  4. Bank transfer
  5. Dwolla ID or Email

Sign up To Increase Adsense Earnings
Ezoic - Automatically Increase Ad Revenue on your Blog

Final words

I exclusively recommended the Ezoic platform to you to give it a try. Ezoic can help you increase website revenue. It's a FREE program. So try it for ten days at least and I am sure you will get amazed by its results.

You shouldn’t only rely on affiliate marketing to increase your online income. Affiliate marketing techniques and trendy products become outdated quickly.

The strategies we discussed today can help you create a comprehensive content monetization plan to boost AdSense earnings effectively.

I hope this post showed you how to get started with Ezoic company and its ad network.

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say.

Come back after ten days here again to share your progress. Or for any question ask it via comment, we will definitely try to solve it.

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