Adsense Update: No More Website Banning (*Conditions Apply) | Only Individual Pages Gets Flagged

Google has declared two updates to its AdSense system: it will increase more ad transparency. Individual pages flagged rather than complete websites.. Continue reading...

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The Google Adsense - Best ad network - started 15 years ago by Google team to help publishers make money online from their blogs and high-quality content. In last 5 years, more than 10 Billion dollars are paid to Adsense publishers from monetizing the content. Millions of publisher try to prefer Adsense as the first ad network to make money from advertising.
No More Website Banning
Last week, the Google Adsense - Display Ad Network announced a new Adsense updates to all of their publishers to ensure brand-safety for advertisers.

Now onwards, Google Adsense will be going to check each individual pages and flags them as suspicious for policy violations instead of the traditional method of banning the whole website. Google stated; this time they are going to make two modifications to the AdSense product.

(a) Allowing the ability to ban the ads only from page-to-page basis only if that particular web page is violating the Adsense terms and conditions.
(b) A new and separate AdSense policy center dashboard for the publishers so they can understand and know in details why their pages are blocked.

Google already declared these Adsense updates will enable it to perform fast and more accurately against banned content. Even you know many and most effective ways to make money with adsense; you must be aware that; Google does have the power to use site-level actions to ban and to remove your content from search but only as required and if it's required in case of extreme or regular violations of the Google has the rights to permanently ban & terminate the Adsense publisher account.
Adsense Update No More Website Banning (Conditions Apply)
Adsense Update No More Website Banning (Conditions Apply)
In previous posts, we have seen Google Adsense alternatives for youtube and high paying PPC ad networks for monetizing your existing content. There is no doubt that the Adsense is best to make money online from blogging too and now with new Adsense updates remaining glitches seems to be gone.

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Instead of website banning, Individual pages are going to be flagged

Now the AdSense’s algorithm has been upgraded so it can now pull out its ads from individual flagged pages, rather than complete websites. Earlier, Google typically bans your AdSense account and remove ads from every page on a site after a policy breach, instead of just the pages with violating content.

From the Google Blog:
We’re introducing a new technology for policy violations that allows us to act more quickly and more precisely when we need to remove ads from content that violates our policies. Historically, for most policy violations, we remove all ads from a publisher’s site. As we roll out page-level policy action as the new default for content violations, we’ll be able to stop showing ads on select pages, while leaving ads up on the rest of a site’s good content. We’ll still use site-level actions but only as needed. And when it's necessary, such as in the case of egregious or persistent violations, we'll still terminate publishers. Altogether, this means fewer disruptions for publishers.

Scott Spencer - Director, Sustainable Ads
Till today, Adsense tends to ban the publisher accounts and remove all of its ads from the violating websites once they found any objectionable e activities while monetizing content. From today onwards, Google can be more intelligent. Not only the inherited algorithm but also Google will use strict reviews manually to ban violating web pages whereas keeping your brand-safe content with your domain and you can still able to monetize your content with advertising.

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Additional "Policy Center" for AdSense Publishers

Google has declared two updates to its AdSense system - it will increase more ad transparency towards publishers about how it works with violations and ban ads from websites.

Are you aware of 8 Best Strategies To Get A Premium AdSense Publisher Account you may like it to know.

Anyways, the Google Adsense will start a program in a few weeks labeled as the "Policy Center" to support Adsense publishers to understand the Adsense terms and conditions better and resolve violations more quickly.

Furthermore, Google stated that:
We’re also announcing a new Policy Center as a one-stop shop for everything a publisher needs to know about policy actions that affect their sites and pages.

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Just like a support system, this new policy center will able to provide particularly account related help for all the AdSense publishers. You will no longer require to fill out Google forms to contact and call the action for reviewing your fixes. The policy center will able to provide step by step guide and instructions to solve all your requested issues. The Policy Center also makes it simple for publishers to inform us when policy violation issues have been fixed and their infected web pages are ready for further reviews.

Google will be smart enough to check displaying ads on selected web pages while keeping & allowing ads on the safe contents of rest of the site.

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Bottom Line
Although these updates are best suitable and work for honest publishers and active professional blogger and are in the much interests of all current AdSense publishers.

With these Adsense updates, the success of desired results will be executed by controlling monetization of quality content and stopping banned content - by means of ensuring "brand-safety" for advertisers remains to be marked.

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