8 Ways To Get Premium AdSense Publisher Account Fast

With the time lapse, it's been prove that the Google AdSense is the best way to monetize a blog. The Adsense for publishers offers the best ways to make money blogging and adds extra monetary value to your content. It is the number one high paying banner advertising network that offering high revenue to the publishers all around the world.
AdSense Premium Publisher Account
Many users used to search; what is premium Adsense account? How to (tips) get the Google Adsense Premium account approval? What are the features and benefits of having a premium adSense publisher account? What are the best ways that'll make you a Google AdSense Premium publisher? How to become Google Adsense Premium publisher with the existing account? And so on.

For many AdSense publishers, especially for the newbies, getting the Adsense account approval from Google is a great thing. That's nothing but it gives them motive and an encouragement to achieve something great in their life. Well, getting a standard account of Adsense for publisher is just a basic form to start making money online. There is something much larger than just having a regular account of Adsense for publishers.

Have you ever heard about Premium AdSense Publisher? This is what you are missing. For the premium AdSense publishers, there is something great with additional features. There is something extra features and benefits that can make you earn more than normal. Having a Premium AdSense Account is something big that anyone can increase a blog’s revenue amazingly.
Getting Google ads on your website is normal, but getting highly customized Google ads makes you premium AdSense user. It is the account where you can earn extra than normal. It is the account with extra features that offer additional benefits to premium publishers as compared to traditional publishers. The Premium AdSense account is a special Adsense account. This is an account that engages your high-quality content with high CPM ads for your massive traffic with 100% fill rate.
As per the eligibility, the premium Adsense publisher account is designed mainly for the blogs and websites that drive massive organic traffic from search engines. Let's check out how Google monetization boosts your estimated Adsense revenue and how you can be a Premium Adsense Publisher.
Premium AdSense Publisher Account
Premium AdSense Publisher Account
In the last article, we have seen, Adsense Update: No More Website Banning (*Conditions Apply) | Only Individual Pages Gets Flagged That assist you to know important factors you need to consider before and after applying for the Google Adsense.

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What is "Premium AdSense Publisher"?

Some of the users are still in searching of how to make money with google adsense or how to get google ads on my website or how to add google ads in my website whereas some like you are in thinking of getting Premium Adsense account. The premium AdSense for publisher are the top and authorized bloggers who need to fulfill all the essential things that Google want to see on your website.

You need to work hard including each and every aspect of your site including buying a domain to hosting servers. The most important thing is that the returns you get by google ads for publishers can be much higher for the Premium AdSense Publisher. But how to become a Premium AdSense Publisher? How to earn a great amount of money for the same blog? What are the steps or tips to become a Premium AdSense Publisher?

Top 8 Tips To Become A Premium AdSense Publisher

Well, to become a Premium AdSense Publisher, you cannot apply the same as you did previously and got the standard Adsense approval. Here are the tips to become a Premium AdSense Publisher.
First of all, let me clear you that there is no particular website where you can go and submit your application nor any official rules from Google Adsense. Getting Premium AdSense Publisher approval is a step next to getting the approval for a standard Adsense account. It's like you got the promotion from standard account to premium AdSense account. The Google AdSense team keeps a close eye on its Adsense publishers. The AdSense publisher who performs and put relatively extraordinary efforts to optimize AdSense is offered a premium account.
The AdSense publisher who performs really well in terms of driving higher page views, massive traffic, and high estimated Adsense income then he is chosen as the right candidate to get approval for Premium AdSense Account. The team automatically contacts such Adsense publisher and asks to become a premium AdSense publisher.

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What is the minimum requirement for applying to Premium AdSense?

Well, here are the mandatory requirements you need to fulfill to get considered you as an extraordinary Adsense publisher:
  • The blog or website must get more than 1 million page views per month.
  • It is necessary to get more than 100,000 unique search queries to the website or the blog.
  • It is essential to have an authority website. The website needs to be trustworthy and useful for the general users on whatever niche the blogger is working on.
  • It is necessary to put completely unique, original, updated content without violating the copyright infringements.
These are actually standard requirements set by the Google Adsense team. If the blogger meets these standard requirements, then there are high chances of Google Adsense team will contact him. After passing these criteria, the traditional Adsense publisher can receive the offer to become a Premium AdSense Publisher.

So, if you are interested to get invited to become a Premium AdSense Publisher, it is necessary to consider following things:

1. Play fair, No cheat, No trick.

The most important thing you have to work hard on the quality of the work.

Do not give Google any chance to question the quality of your traffic and about your ad clicks. It is recommended you monitor your traffic very closely. Always take care to post fresh, high quality, and updated content on your blog.

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2. Drive high organic traffic.

It is the very essential thing to need to start working to put more and more efforts for generating traffic. The effort needs to be taken to get impressive monthly traffic; more than 1M/month. And at the same time, consistency of the traffic also do matter most.

In order to get a phone call from Google to become a Premium AdSense Publisher, you should get consistently able to drive one million page views monthly. At the same time, you also need to have 100,000 searches per month. It's really hard but not impossible, although, the prize you get is also higher.

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3. Publish original, interesting & engaging content.

We all know, the content is the king that grabs the attention of most of the sponsors to advertise on. Similarly, the Google Adsense needs original and unique content. Moreover, the content needs to be an engaging, appealing and entertaining one.

If your aim is to generate revenue, it is necessary to produce useful and engaging content. Just note that high-value content drive massive traffic, but the engaging content makes your visitors into regular publishers, that will cause to get higher page views and higher domain authority for your niche.

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4. You must include targeted keywords with the content.

In order to increase the chances of getting premium Adsense account, it is necessary to write a post with the numbers of targeted google adsense keywords. Not spammy, but it is a need to do a proper keyword research before writing the content and posting the same. For better understandings, you must know; 5 Reasons, Why Keywords Are So Important for SEO Optimization

Do not target only a single keyword in the content. Instead, it is recommended to one primary keyword and number of long tail keywords related to the topic. This will help the content boost your search traffic with a huge margin. This is exactly what Google Adsense is looking for. You are free to use Google adwords as online keyword generator for your content.

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5. Long descriptive content.

To get premium AdSense status, the content you upload needs to be at least 800+ words. If it is over 1000 works, it is even better and increases the chance of getting premium publisher status.

Long and descriptive content help your readers to get everything about the topic. It also helps you to improve page views and so the page authority.

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6. Diversify the traffic source.

It is recommended to prevent heavy traffic from spam sites. In case, any suspicious activity is noticed on the reader's side including the unknown source of traffic exchanges, sudden traffic crash from the developing countries, or unknown referral sites visited by bots; then there are chances of getting your Adsense account ban.

Even though you are getting massive traffic, in such cases, the chances of reaching your premium status dream will get dropped significantly.

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7. Attract more audience from various social platforms.

The relevant audience engagement is the smart way to build better domain authority. To bring more and more traffic, it is necessary to think on social networking sites.

The social bookmarking sites can also be of great use so as to drive huge traffic to the blog or website. Engaging your subscribers, followers on social platforms is an excellent way to build a community to drive referral traffic.

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8. Domain Authority.

Website’s Authority also plays an important role in getting premium status from Google Adsense. It is, therefore, necessary to have a proper and highly authenticated weight of the website particularly in your chosen niche.

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Overall, to grab the attention from Google Adsense, you require:
  • Develop high-quality content.
  • The content must be unique, engaging and free from grammatical errors.
  • The content must be useful, understandable, and interesting one.
  • It should have the capacity to build an engaged audience.
  • You need to have an excellent reputation on the web.
With these commitments to excellence, the blogger can make it into the premium publisher program. As we discussed the Adsense always keeps an eye on the blogs posted every day. If the Adsense feel that the blogs posted are required to be considered as a brand quality and having the huge network of visitors, then Adsense will approach the blogger. Once, these minimum requirements are satisfied, the Adsense team mail the offer to become a premium AdSense publisher.

Advantages and Features of Premium Adsense account publisher

Upon becoming a premium AdSense publisher, the AdSense offer superb benefits, such as:
  • Your account will NEVER go to banned ever.
  • No limit for posting ads.
  • Third party ads serving facility by using the Double-Click.
  • Special monthly consultations.
  • The ad labels like 'Ads by Google' or 'ad choice' will be removed
  • Ability to customize the ads as per your site color and structure as well.
  • Negotiating the terms of the contract with Adsense
  • You are able to use 'Sticky Ads.'
  • Boosted CTR.
  • Higher CPM ads.
  • Negotiable CPC rates.
  • You will get a dedicated manager [google adsense expert] to support and help you in any instance.
Besides all these added benefits, the premium AdSense publishers also enjoy all the advantages the regular AdSense publishers have.

It’s really worth to get a call from Google Adsense. It is really worth to get an offer to become a premium AdSense publisher. Becoming a premium AdSense publisher is not a dream at all; it can be achieved. The only thing you need is to put consistent efforts for getting massive traffic for the quality blog you write.

Bottom Line
So what are you waiting for? Start working on your content! Start working to enhance the traffic for your post! Start making the full-time passive income from your quality post.

Put your all positive efforts and make your dreams come true! Become a premium AdSense publisher and earn extra than normal Adsense publisher!

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