10 Reasons Why Switch To AdSense Alternatives?

Google AdSense is one of the most popular and preferable Ad networks. Obviously, many bloggers and publishers wanted to make money from their blogs. And Google AdSense program is at top of the internet when it comes to earning money. It is the number one choice for almost every blogger. But you will see there are tons of AdSense alternative sites and networking programs are available on the internet that many bloggers looking for making money on top of their AdSense Ad revenue.
why AdSense alternatives?
Google AdSense is a professional kind of program. This is nothing but an Ad network service that was provided by Google. And till now AdSense is the best ad program to make money for bloggers and publishers. You have to understand that AdSense works with their particular rules and regulations, so it is obvious that every blogger has to do their blog pages according to AdSense requirements. But still, some people do not fit in Google AdSense rules and their regulations. So such people try to find another and alternative options to make money outside AdSense.

Whether you are looking for an alternative option for AdSense or just another complementary advertising option, then there are plenty of other services available that you can use to monetize your site on the internet. But not just this reason, there are few other reasons behind why bloggers are looking for alternatives to the Google AdSense. This is what we are going to discuss on this page. Make sure to read this article carefully.
Why AdSense Alternatives Are Good To Try? Why switch to AdSense Alternative? Google AdSense is the best ad network till now, but bloggers, publishers find more value in AdSense alternatives for reasons like a quick approval process, ad types, lower payout threshold, ad fill rate. Including all, many reasons to look for reliable AdSense alternatives. Many opportunities are there to grab like a contextual ad network, PPC ad campaign can generate higher revenue for your website or blog with maximum monetization strategies. Check out the top 10 reasons why bloggers/publishers may choose not to work with AdSense.
Why AdSense Alternatives Are Good To Try? Why switch to AdSense Alternative? Google AdSense is the best ad network till now, but bloggers, publishers find more value in AdSense alternatives for reasons like a quick approval process, ad types, lower payout threshold, ad fill rate. Including all, many reasons to look for reliable AdSense alternatives. Many opportunities are there to grab like a contextual ad network, PPC ad campaign can generate higher revenue for your website or blog with maximum monetization strategies. Check out the top 10 reasons why bloggers/publishers may choose not to work with AdSense.
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10 Reasons To Go For AdSense alternatives

Please checkout below points talks about the reasons behind why people looking for AdSense alternatives:

1. Google AdSense approval.

As we are all aware that, AdSense is one of the popular Ad network programs which provides Ad services to various websites. Since its being facilitated by Google, most of the bloggers prefer Google AdSense during the initial stages of their blogging journey. This helps bloggers to earn money by posting Google AdSense approved Ads on their website. There are thousands of websites created daily and to make money online, it is mandatory to create Google AdSense account.

However, let me make this very clear to you (which you might be already aware of), getting the AdSense account approved from Google is itself a challenge. It takes more time for getting this approval. There are tons of hurdles people face while they try to approve AdSense account. I've seen thousands of bloggers gave-up on blogging just because all their efforts couldn't be enough for getting the approval of the AdSense account. This is one of the primary reasons behind bloggers trying to look for alternatives to the AdSense ad network.

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2. Not having enough content.

Not having enough content
Not having enough content
It has its own AdSense term and conditions for every blogger. If you don't have enough content on your website, your Google AdSense account won't be approved. Obviously, you will not able to make money online unless your AdSense account gets approved. To approve the Google AdSense account, it is mandatory to have at minimum 10 to 15 pages on your website.

Google does not consider those websites which are failing to adhere to their terms and conditions. Google refuses the sites when there is no appropriate content for the advertisers. Also, Google continuously monitors the websites in terms of the content, information, author profile, visits, etc. And this yet another reason behind bloggers diverts their money-making decision and look for an alternative to AdSense when some publishers don't have enough content to present to the audience even though the information is demanding or promising.

3. Lack of web traffic.

Google AdSense always looking for a quality writeup and monitors the traffic coming onto your website. If you want to drive maximum people, you will have to write quality and useful content. This is the only way, you could generate huge traffic on your website. In Google world, "Content is the King" and you will have to follow this rule.

In nutshell, website traffic all depends upon how you write your blog, how qualitative and attractive content you presented to the people. So, to generate organic traffic for your website, you will have to enhance your writing skills, style, or format.

This is another reason why bloggers are looking for adsense alternatives when they don't have enough traffic for their websites. Obviously, bloggers switch to another option since they wanted to make money online.

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4. Unsupportable Niche to Google.

"Niche" is basically a topic around which all your content is moving. Hence, while thinking over developing the blog, you will have to select a topic which is very well supported by Google. Otherwise, all your efforts will be pointless when the topic itself is not demanding from Google's perspective. For better understanding, you can read the recently published page; 10 Ways To Find Your Profitable Niche Market For Your Blog

I've seen Google AdSense rejects many websites for not having enough or appropriate content for advertisers or if "the subject" (niche) of their website is not enough promising to drive more traffic. Deciding your blog Niche is very much important according to Google. So, a blogging niche has to be selected carefully. Also, you will have to be very keen while publishing the content on your website.

You can't simply start a blog if something pops-up in your mind, the topic should last long and has to be something that falls within Google criteria. And this is one of the big reasons behind bloggers looking after AdSense alternatives when they are seriously working on a "unique niche" which stand outside Google's radar.

5. Violations in your blog.

As you know the Google AdSense have their own terms and conditions and it is mandatory to be followed by each and every blogger. I've seen many bloggers attempted to violate the rules of Google AdSense and got punished. If you try to break even single rule, AdSense does not just ban the website, they won't even let you open a new AdSense account either.

The "violations" are in terms of trying to post controversial topics, unwanted posts, copied content, or trying to bypass someone else's copyrights etc. In these cases, Google AdSense no longer supports you. In fact, Google may ban your website forever. And that's the thing where thousands of bloggers try to look for AdSense alternative.

6. Monetizing website to get extra income.

Monetizing website to get extra income
Monetizing website to get extra income
Obviously, many bloggers are eager to earn huge money by posting Ads on their websites. And, "Google AdSense" is mostly being referred by many bloggers. But it is not the only choice you guys have. Plenty of Google AdSense alternatives out there. Many bloggers who are not satisfied with their Google AdSense income, they look for AdSense alternative and monetize the website by following other Ad network programs.

There are many different alternative advertising programs available that offer you great features. They also allow you to make additional income from your website. And that's the thing where people turn from AdSense to another Ad network program.

7. Ad format.

No doubt that Google AdSense is one of the best and most popular ad networks on the internet. But as you can see, contextual texts or non-responsive ad formats are sometimes just doesn't fit-in correctly according to the design and layout. There are some set ad formats that bloggers had to follow instead of some customized ad formats which bloggers can use and post it anywhere on the website.

However, there are responsive advertisement formats as well as customized money-making ad formats are available on the internet that most bloggers are nowadays utilizing in their websites. So, to make high revenue, obviously, bloggers always look for other ad networks which will give them better results and better user engagements more than that of Google AdSense.

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8. Not enough AdSense revenue.

As I mentioned already in this article, Google AdSense always looking for quality writeup and content on your website. And because of the lack of the quality of your information, it will not generate huge traffic. Alternatively, you won't be able to generate enough revenue from Google AdSense.

But, not every blogger able to write quality content all the time. Still, there are some alternative options available that make money even though the quality of content is average. And this is another reason behind some bloggers are looking for AdSense alternatives that will respect average quality of their content.

9. Lower percentage of traffic from US/UK countries.

Your website traffic all depends on how you write content on your website. If the content is attractive, catchy, and promising, your page will drive huge traffic from well-developed countries like; USA and UK. Alternatively, it also generates huge Google AdSense revenue. The more traffic you will get, the more revenue gets generated from Google AdSense.

But millions of people out there who are using the internet and post billions of content on a daily basis and not everyone has the ability to write quality content. Obviously, they fail to drive huge traffic from US and UK countries. And since Google AdSense always look for these countries first, such bloggers are mostly affected by this just because their US/UK traffic is not enough (from Google AdSense perspective). As a result, these type of bloggers tends to switch to another ad network.

10. AdSense rules and leading.

Know AdSense rules
Know AdSense rules
So far you must have got this clear that, Google is very strict with the rules, regulations, terms & conditions. Even the design and layout of your website have to follow Google AdSense conditions.

And this is one of the biggest reasons many boggers are preferring to choose AdSense alternatives. Other ad networks easily support the customized layout and design of the website. Also, some ad network programs easily work with many websites where their ad formats are responsive too.

These are a couple of reasons behind bloggers are looking for AdSense alternative ad programs. However, if you find something else more promising than what I've enlisted above and want to suggest any other things, do not hesitate to use below comment section.

Feel free to get in touch with me anytime. Happy to hear from you and would like to share as much information as possible to help others.

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