Adsense Disabled? 8 Ways To Make Money Blogging Without Adsense 2018

So the question is how to make money on blogger without Adsense? Here you will positively learn how to make money blogging by following Problogbooster blog as it is one of the making money online blogs like you all bloggers out there. There are best blog sites for making money with and without Adsense.
Make Money Without Google AdSense
Bloggers used to search; What are some other ways to earn money? How to make money on blog/YouTube without adsense? Can I make money on blog/YouTube without AdSense? How many pages do you need to get money? What is the best AdSense alternative? Can you still make money without Google AdSense? And so on...

Lots of newbies are moving towards BLOGGING as a way of career because they know the potential of making money that blogging has. They also better know how Google Adsense provides an earning platform for the bloggers through their quality of ads & ad revenue that accomplish their blogging needs. You can also use these ideas to make money with Google Adsense without a website and blog but with Vlogging.

No doubt, the Google AdSense is the best to make money through blogging. But what if you have failed to get the approval of Google AdSense account or if your earlier Adsense account has been disapproved or banned for a lifetime? Then what? How to make money through blogs? How to create a blog that makes money? Someone may think of stopping & quitting his blogging journey as because his primary purpose is to earn money from blogging.

But no need to worry, on the greater side, Google Adsense is not the only way to make money there are few ways other than Google Adsense through which you can earn equivalent or more than that the Google Adsense generates for you. No need to worry even if you don't have Google Adsense start to make money from WordPress blog. Read to build a new life without Adsense on how to blog and make money online even with your existing blog contents.

Money Making Blogging Without Adsense
Money Making Blogging Without Adsense

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7 Effective Ways To Make Money Blogging Without Adsense

You are blogging from many years or months & making money with Adsense, have you ever think to make money without Adsense? Can bloggers make money without Google Adsense? What secret trick fellow bloggers follow to make money blogging career? What are the best but practical ways to monetize a blog without AdSense? Check out.

The top and effective ways and smart ideas for making money without adsense with your existing blog contents:

1. Start affiliate marketing now.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online with or without adsense by earning commission through promoting, advertising & selling other companies's/businesspeople's services or products through your blog. When people buy products from your blog using your affiliate link, you are then able to get the commissions. Stop thinking about Adsense banned, here you can earn commission from 15% - 65% that depends on the brand authority of your blog & the reputation of the company in social media. Now you might be thinking of; you need to build a strong social network and lots of active subscribers for this to earn an immense amount of commissions.

But in actual, if you have a descriptive blog with enthusiastic readers then you can do it and make massive estimated revenue; although, note that it requires some hard work. You are supposed to be a central channel between the selling company & the closing customer. Just select the products of your choice according to your site niche & promote it on your blog. There are lots of companies who are looking for this kind of marketing. They search for some serious & well-disciplined blogs to market their products. But still, you need to have an eye on the quality of their product. Wisely choose those products you are aware of or that you already used since its most necessary to maintain your blogging reputation. There are plenty of marketers who promise to make you a multi-millionaire overnight, but such a fact doesn't exist in this world. You have to work hard & should have some skills to get this. Just like blogging, this also takes the time to earn huge money so be patient, don't fall down for foolish offers and always prefer and promote products according to users expectations.

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2. Buy & Sell Advertising Space Online.

The blogs that have more organic traffic are the PROBLOGGERS, generating more amount of money by selling the advertising spaces to the influencers, marketers or sponsors who are eager to advertise their products.

Here you can choose the space where & how to show their ads. You need to create an "advertise with us" page & allow the online marketers to promote their products by showing their products ads through banner ads on your blog.

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3. Get paid to write reviews.

There are plenty of people who like to read the blog post on each & every day. Keep this thing in mind; there are lots of companies who are willing to pay you for writing their product reviews & publishing in detailed articles about its features on your blog.

The writing content may be yours, or you have to write and publish according to their needs. Just be careful that the post should be related to your blogging niche. There are many best blog sites for making money from writing reviews & you can also earn equal to or more than Google Adsense.

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4. Promote & market your own products.

If nothing is happening for you, then you can market & sell your own products or services. If you have a desired number of readers on your blog & the skill to convert those readers into customers, then you can generate money by promoting your products or services through your blog.

You can sell ebooks, Softwares. Moreover, even for your educational training purpose, you can offer courses & in detail tutorial plus services related to web designing and development need. It depends on a lot more on your skill and presentation. The better skill you have, that much money you could able to generate with your blogging and also without Adsense.

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5. Apply best alternative to Google Adsense.

Adsense is the best & uncomparable ad network with the quality of ads & for money making blogging as an income source. You may say, there is no such alternative available to AdSense, but still, there are some exceptional high paying best Adsense alternative ad networks which may be turned out to be an excellent source for your existing blogging content to earn more money. You can have decent earnings by the use of special high CPM rates Adsense alternatives like AdsOptimal, Adversal, or high paying popunder network like PropellerAds. Don't forget to look for and never fail to try each ad network; you don't know which will suits you best for your traffic.
  • RevenueHits - it is the leading ad network helps publishers generate more revenues with targeted ad serving technology.
  • Infolinks - publishing in text ads on your blog is also another way of making money from the blog. This requests the services of Infolinks in your site & assists to earn huge from contextual text ads. You can be paid per links by the marketers. The important thing you should follow those post ads those are related to your niche. This is supposed to be the best alternative for AdSense; you can run your blog by the help of Infolink ads till you get approved by Adsense.
  • Clicksor- is another one ad network like Infolinks where you will be able to earn up to 85% your of total ad income. The criteria to have minimum 50,000 visitors every month on your blog.

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6. Sell with Amazon Shop.

Amazon is a leading online marketing company. You can earn both ways one by promoting, advertising and selling their products to earn money per sale and also allows you to make money by displaying Amazon CPM ads.

Amazon is one the best and leading affiliate commission generating company to make money without Adsense for most of the bloggers.

7. Earn cash by direct advertising.

The name itself suggests it is a direct marketing that means no any third party like an advertising network is involved in it. As I mentioned about you need to create an "advertising" page with all the traffic statistics about the blog & your audience and options for different advertising to promote products to let influencer know everything that he needs & grab your offers.

As there is no third party involved, so the margin of profit will be high enough & another best thing you will have the full authority to place the ads where & how you want.

8. Accept Donations

If you have built a solid, engaging community in your site niche, then you can request your native followers to donate. You can set up donation button by using Paypal services, and it can be installed quickly in your site template. I know, it's not that much you get, but it will help you cope up small expenses for your blogging journey.

Bottom Line
If you have a well-reputed blog which has high Domain Authority with a decent number of subscribers, then you will be able to attract many marketers to your blog. You can contact those marketers who are advertising on other similar blogs like your website simply by visiting their blogs.

These are the best ideas to generate money from your blog without Adsense. If you know anything better than these ideas, then don't hesitate to share via comment section shown below.

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