21 Viral YouTube Channel Ideas for 2024: Boost Your Online Presence | Vlogging

Each & every person wants to have a name, fame & money. And we can say there is nothing wrong with it; everyone has the right to have recognition and money. And the quick source to get it is "YouTube." You can experience these by creating a YouTube channel and uploading videos on it. So what are you waiting for? Go, shoot and upload the videos to your YouTube channel.

Best YouTube Channel Ideas To Make Money Online
People used to ask, What are best YouTube channel ideas to make money? Most trendy youtube channel ideas for beginners? What are some creative ideas/things to start a YouTube channel? What are the new ways to create a popular YouTube channel? List of youtube channel ideas to make money? And so on...

It doesn't matter who you are, what you do or where you stay. You can shoot from the camera or even using the mobile phone. Upload and start earning name and money. But have some patience it is not that much easy thereto.

It's not like that you upload a video & got plenty of viewers. You also further required most working strategies for building youtube channel professionally. Your video content should have some base that may be entertaining enough/ somewhat funny or crazy/ informative. We have listed good ideas for a YouTube video and new youtube channel content ideas for you all vloggers.

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In this article, I’ll be listing the most trendy and most working YouTube video ideas for your skills or brand since there are more than enough YouTube channel ideas published for everyone. I'm going to try and discuss all the required things and skills that you can practice from the day-1 for launching your brand new YouTube channel.
Best YouTube Channel Ideas To Make Money Online: Most popular YouTube channel ideas to make money online by vlogging - You should have unique YouTube video ideas which enable more viewers to view your channel. Learn new ways to start and maintain a successful YouTube career and make money online.
Best YouTube Channel Ideas To Make Money Online: Most popular YouTube channel ideas to make money online by vlogging - You should have unique YouTube video ideas which enable more viewers to view your channel. Learn new ways to start and maintain a successful YouTube career and make money online.
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Best YouTube Video Ideas To Make Money Online

Before starting uploading videos on your YouTube channel, you should have unique ideas that enable more viewers to view your channel every time & it is not going to happen in one take. It also requires that much dedication. Still, stuck on nailing down a channel idea that can go viral? Check out the following topics.

Here I have listed some of the excellent YouTube ideas that you can undergo to have your choice of videos on YouTube:

1. Blog posts.

If you are a blogger, then you have ideas in your pocket. You can convert a blog post into a YouTube video.

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2. Unboxing.

The online shopping has opened many doors for the buyers to buy everything anytime sitting on their bed. So a video with detailed product specifications increases the rate of product selection for the customers.

It has become a habit these days to check the reviews & specifications about the product before going to buy it. So it should be a video of choice for someone who wants to buy something.

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3. Shoot a prank.

Make people foolish as we generally do on April fool or scare them wearing a mask & shoot a video.

You can start shooting prank with your friends, colleagues from your office/home. And once you get some experience & daring, you can shoot prank with strangers on roads also.

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4. Cooking.

There are huge no. of foodies in the world. Every person wants to try something new food every time. You can help them to fulfill their hunger by shooting a video of cooking with a recipe as if you are a Masterchef. So that they can enjoy a variety of food all the time & say a thank you for that.

5. "How to" videos.

Most of the time peoples are involved in searching some tricky solutions for their problems like how to do..., how to remove...., how to solve...... etc. Therefore a video that teaches people "how to" do a particular thing, may give you a chance to earn huge from YouTube.

People always like to see how you do which they find troublesome to do. Literally, you can teach anything; there are unlimited options for this kind of video. E.g., from 'how to remove shoes' to 'how to repair a mobile, bike, laptop' or 'how to treat.'

Note that; the video is the best teacher for practical learning & video tutorials are much more popular these days as you don't have to refer the books.

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6. A Review Video.

Peoples are every time hungry to know something hot & spicy about politics. So the idea to post a review video about political issues may be a gold mine for you.

Besides politics, you can discuss the latest books or movies, games, etc. There are lots of channels on YouTube that show reviews about gadgets like mobiles, laptops. So you have to do something new & entertaining to get your channel on top of search if you want to create a review video on gadgets as there is huge competition.

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7. Challenge Video.

People like challenges which create fun for them. Just like to hit a ball/tin with closed eyes or walking with knobbing shoeless, everyone will try to accept these kinds of challenges as they create so much fun.

Doing something entertaining, funny but sometimes safe act can give your video a lot more hits. You can use any challenge right from asking frequent questions about breaking balloons.

8. Parody Videos.

Parody means a humorous, funny imitation. There is a lot more competition in these kinds of videos as this is easy than a prank video. So you have to be very unique to compete if you want to shoot a parody video.

You can also create a parody of movies, games, animation, music, fashion, etc.

9. FAQ video.

You can quickly shoot funny FAQ videos with your friends, colleagues, family members. You can also touch some sensitive topics like sexuality or some controversial issues in your videos. You have plenty of chances because there are not many FAQ videos on YouTube.

10. DIY video.

No one is perfect, but still, everyone has something different to show off their so-called hidden talent. They want to create something funny, creative, extra trying to be unique. In such a case, 'Do-it-yourself' is the best option. You can choose any topic. And don't mind these have turned out to be very much useful also.

11. Shoot your baby movements.

Nobody hates a cute baby; everybody likes babies & due to this reason although YouTube is filled with baby videos every new video gets much more hits.

You can shoot your babies every movement like laughing, playing or you can catch baby's expressions like; eating a lemon for the first time. You can also shoot your baby playing with animals. This is an easy kind of video only you just need to maintain the video quality.

12. Beauty tips.

Everybody wants to look fair & handsome both males & females but hesitate to spend money on a professional stylist/ salon. So a video with beauty tips can save their money & increase your money.

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13. Testimonials.

Testimonials reveal the benefits that a person has experienced. You can shoot testimonials asking people what benefits they have experienced.

You may earn both ways here through YouTube & people may directly come to you. That will add to your reputation also. This may be the best YouTube idea one can get. Best suitable for Dr's marketers.

14. Reenact scenes.

This is a most entertaining video. Choose famous scenes from movie or song & re-enact it.

15. Introductory video.

Nothing better if you start your channel with a small introductory video describing you, or about your video/channel or what you have gone show in your videos, or about your business if you have any.

It is important because the user may want to know about you before visiting your YouTube channel. This is applicable only when you don't go change featured videos later.

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16. Health tips.

People are pretty much aware of their health & fitness these days. They try to do yoga & workouts to stay fit. So a video loaded with new tips, moves & exercises with an improved version can improve people's health & so as your wealth.

Create something different & extraordinary so as to be a motivation for people searching for health tips daily.

17. video contest.

Arrange a video contest & let your followers do it for you. This is a very good opportunity for your followers to show their video skills, they also could unaware of it. And you also as they will work for you. You can let it happen with great planning, proper execution & rewarding them with the best prize.

18. Screencast.

This is one of the best youtube channel ideas without showing your face. If you are a shy person, don't want to come in front of the camera then the screencast is the best choice for you to upload.

It is very easy as you have to do nothing extra instead of recording your computer screen. Even there is no necessity of a camera just get a screencasting software.

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19. Interview video.

It is a professional thing as it looks similar to FAQ video which is a bit informal in approach.

You can interview members of your home, office or people on the street. Ask them questions about their day to day life, the problems they face, above their queries. If you the ability to touch their topics you can get more views.

20. Time-lapse.

Put a camera on your door, on office table to shoot what you do the whole day, or in a whole week and then play it in fast forward motion. This is a great challenge as you have to cover & explain your entire day or a whole week in a 10 - 15-minute video.

You have to create something new & crazy than others to get your views to bounce high.

21. Motivation video.

If you are supposed to be a motivator & want to help people to overcome their problems with your motivation, then you are always welcome on YouTube.

You can motivate people & at the same time you can earn money. Not many motivators find it easy but if you have some, you have the last chance.

22. Magic tricks.

People use to copy the tricks that they watch on TV or in any video. So a video on YouTube with some best magic tricks can give you a huge amount of views.

23. Skill video.

If you are aware that you have some extra skills like singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or you can mimic, then go & shoot it.

Getting published in the public is not the thing, but it will help you get better skills in your expertise. This is the best way to expose yourself & to get fame.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you should have made your mind choose any one of these for your youtube channel. So all the very best, & do well, and I am sure you will get what you are looking for...

Mind that; the 1st step is half the distance to success. But don't dare to forget me once you have fame because you surely gonna have something from this article. Share your thoughts and share this article with all your friends...

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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