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TubeBuddy | The YouTube Certified Premier YouTube Channel Management Toolkit: TubeBuddy is the best tool for video SEO to manage YouTube account.. Continue reading...

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Success doesn't come out only with a lot of hard work & dedication, along with this it requires some smart work to stay alive in the competition. The same thing seems to happen with YouTubers. They upload a series of crazy, entertaining videos to make money vlogging on YouTube but unable to find themselves in YouTubes search rankings due to massive competition. As the study shows there are nearly 400-500 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube every minute. But the question is how to manage a youtube channel to get most out of your efforts.
TubeBuddy | The YouTube Certified Premier Channel Management Toolkit
People used to search; how do you manage YouTube channel? How to setup a youtube channel for business? How to manage your YouTube account settings? How to build the perfect YouTube channel? How to set up a YouTube channel? How to manage YouTube videos? What are the targeted keywords and how do YouTube channel keywords work? How to optimize and manage multiple youtube channels one account? How about increasing YouTube SEO? How to improve your YouTube search rankings? How to promote your YouTube channel? How to SEO optimize the corporate YouTube channel? How to rank your YouTube channel higher in YouTube search? YouTube SEO tags? How to optimise video for web? They are checking for top SEO tips for YouTube videos to rank higher in the search.

To answer all the questions, here today I'm going to share and introduce you YouTube tool which is officially certified by YouTube. It's the best tool for Video SEO to manage YouTube account.

Many YouTubers find a big question mark in front of them since there are lots of competition, they don't even think about their survival. In such a cases, if YouTubers do some smart work on YouTube optimization by following some special techniques like optimizing video title, tags & description they can get themselves a good number of viewers and even more subscribers for their channel.

The only tool that can make it happen smartly and quickly is TubeBuddy; really it is a buddy for YouTubers. It's a best YouTube analytics app for mobile video optimization as well to check YouTube analytics in detail view & video manager on YouTube to customize & manage YouTube channel for better YouTube marketing strategy. Don't forget to use TubeBuddy coupon code: 'PBBBUDDY' to get upto 90% discounts.
TubeBuddy Review The YouTube Certified Toolkit
TubeBuddy Review The YouTube Certified Toolkit
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TubeBuddy Review: Best tool for controlling you YouTube channel

Creating a video for YouTube channel is one part but managing those creative videos need a hard job. If you are professional YouTuber and regularly publishing new videos & managing a channel, then TubeBuddy is your best buddy to boost more video views and subscribers.

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that will automate all the operation for your all needs within YouTube Channel. It is a tool with automated operations for advanced use of YouTube for the YouTubers. It has lots of features for YouTubers who can save their time for managing their videos that they can spend on formulating videos.

TubeBuddy for controlling you YouTube channel

You can install TubeBuddy on Chrome, Safari & Firefox. Once you installed it, you will see a small TubeBuddy tab at the top.

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TubeBuddy Overview & features

TubeBuddy is the premiere YouTube channel management tool and video optimization app. Its innovative program added automatically with your YouTube channel and implements a set of more premium features that save the editing time of creators. It helps to make videos more appealing and productive. Moreover, it provides insights required to optimize video marketing strategies.

TubeBuddy gives you a FREE version of the toolkit with lots of useful features. You can get started FREE. In case you are looking for advanced full-featured premium plans, I have provided a coupon code to get you 25% discount quickly.
Use 'PBBBUDDY' to get 25% OFF

1. Stay Connected with Subscribers.

Staying in touch with your subscribers is most important thing & TubeBuddy has the feature to do so.

Go to subscribers panel where you can see subscribed users for your video. Then you can press the TubeBuddy button & from a list of welcome messages directly send a message to your new subscriber. After sending a message if you found a green dot, it indicates that you have already sent a message to that subscriber.

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2. Unique thumbnail generator.

Thumbnail is one of the best ideas to get more viewers for your video. You have to go through some steps to upload a thumbnail to your YouTube video & it takes too much time.

By the use of TubeBuddy, you can be free from this time-consuming process as it contains a feature to generate a thumbnail right on YouTube. It also has an animated gif generator feature that will work to attract subscriber's attention on most of the social networking sites.

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3. Bulk annotation support.

None other software provides one-click annotation support, but TubeBuddy does. You can automatically put an annotation on your YouTube video with just a click.

Also with one click, you can automatically add a link to the description of your YouTube video. With one click you can copy-paste all your selected annotation from one video to all other videos. That saves a lot of time and headaches.

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4. Bulk video sharing.

Just one hit on the share button & it posts your video to social media network. It shows you if you have already shared it on a certain network.

TubeBuddy also shows how many peoples have shared your video.

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5. Suggesting a right time to publish.

Nobody without TubeBuddy can guess the best time to post your YouTube videos. Just by one click, you can get all the necessary information to post your YouTube video at the right time.

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6. Quick copy tags.

With TubeBuddy you can copy all of your tags & your competitor tags as well. So you can know which tags are ranking at the top of YouTube search results & why your competitors are high up in the search rankings.

TubeBuddy will let you know the right keywords to get your video in YouTube search results. Also, it enables you to check your & competitor's place in search rankings.

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Update: 15 Jan

7. Search result analysis.

TubeBuddy Search result analysis
TubeBuddy Search result analysis
As shown in the picture; you'll now onwards able to get the best insight results about the search terms right from the YouTube Search Results screen.

8. Best practice Checks.

TubeBuddy Best practice Checks
TubeBuddy Best practice Checks
The active best practice checks now automatically work on the "Info and Settings" page. You can even add your own custom checks more in addition to what TubeBuddy gives you by default. Optimize your YouTube channel like a pro and follow YouTube's suggestions.

9. Custom video notes.

TubeBuddy Custom Video Notes
TubeBuddy Custom Video Notes
Now from the "My Videos" page as well as the "Info and Settings" page of any video, you can write and track your own custom video notes.

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Extra added TubeBuddy features

TubeBuddy is reliably best tool, and it's a YouTube Certified Company since 2015 that will help you to enhance your YouTube experience. For automation operation, TubeBuddy comes in the first place, and it is the first choice for professional channel YouTubers. I am sure you are going to appreciate the advantage of its user interface and its advanced features as specified below:
  • Send Well-Come Messages for new subscribers

  • Thumbnail Generator

  • Bulk Thumbnail Overlays

  • Pick a winner (for contest)

  • Advanced Video Embedding

  • Annotation Template

  • Comment Filter

  • Find & Replace

  • Bulk delete annotations

  • Bulk update annotations

  • Bulk copy annotations

  • Bulk delete cards

  • Bulk update cards

  • Bulk copy cards

  • Bulk Publish to Facebook

  • Uploading Videos Directly to Facebook

  • Check rankings

  • Copy all tags

  • Remove duplicate tags

  • Sort all tags

  • Suggest trending tags

  • Get trending results

TubeBuddy Review - Pros and Cons in 5 Minutes

TubeBuddy Review - Pros and Cons in 5 Minutes

Now you have understood how TubeBuddy browser extension can assist you with bulk annotations operation, managing, scheduling, optimizing, promoting and marketing your YouTube channel; so it’s time to try this best video SEO tool.

(Use 'PBBBUDDY' to get 25% OFF)

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To be honest, it is free and easy to use. You can get variety of statistics not just about your channel but about your videos too.

Try TubeBuddy and share your experience via the comment section below.

If you need to add some important things that you feel our reader should know, then we welcome all your suggestions and critics.

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