What Is Page Authority (PA) and Why PA Important For Your Website SEO?

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After reading the title of this page, you got an idea what we're going to learn today! As a blogger, we all know about SEO term and how it works so you’ve likely heard the term Page Authority (PA) as well. Before we are going to dive into, what is page authority, I would like to tell you about its made by Moz. Moz is an SEO web tool and data analytic engine to help you increase traffic, rankings, and visibility in search results. Domain authority and the page authority is the way developed by Moz, where the digital marketers determine how well the page should rank in SERPs
Page Authority
Many bloggers and beginner people, used to search on the Internet about what is page authority? How does page authority works? and so on. When it comes to digital marketing and search engine optimization [SEO] there are so many different elements to remember. But domain authority and page authority, both metrics provide some great insight into how strong your website's SEO is and how strongly your website and pages will grab positions on Google result pages.

Here I gonna cover the fundamentals of page authority and how these elements are important for our website SEO.

PA is the most important factor for your website in order to build better SEO. As we know, the domain authority measures the predictive ranking strength of entire domains or subdomains, but the page authority measures the strength of individual pages of your site. Let's check it out about its importance and how you integrate PA with your website.
What Is Page Authority (PA) and Why PA Important For Your Website SEO?
What Is Page Authority (PA) and Why PA Important For Your Website SEO?
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1. What is Page Authority?

Like DA, Page Authority [PA] is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz.

Page authority is slightly different from the domain authority but the purpose of its task and its work are all same in order to boosting website search rankings or you can say improving the page ranking on search results.
Page authority is all about predicting how well a specific web/blog page will rank on the search engine result pages [SERPs].
Like domain authority, the Page Authority also scores range from 1 to 100, the higher scores you will get, the greater your page ability to rank, as similar as domain authority.

2. What's The Importance Of Page Authority (PA)?

To make your page apeal to search bot, in there are many important SEO factors and strategies involved in search algorithm. The higher the page authority score your page able to archive, the better chance your page will get to comes up on the first page of Google search results.

Boosting your page authority a good thing for SEO. Sometimes it becomes easy to predict and think that you covered all the elements and basics of what an optimized page needs. But later you find out the important silly mistake that is something crucial for SEO.

Many professionals and bloggers use the page authority as a checklist to determine the areas that need to be changed or updated on a particular page. This is how page authority helps and the higher PA score is important to make your page not just to come in the search result but to build an overall website rank to drive attention from guest bloggers, advertisers, influencers, ad market, and social media too.

3. How Is Page Authority Scored?

Like I said page authority score is important for better SEO of your site. All pages start with a score of 1. And page authority score uses a logarithmic scale. It is harder to improve your score from 80 to 90 than to improve it from 40 to 60.

Technically, you might now got to know that page authority is much similar to domain authority.

When it comes to scoring a page, it does not take on-page SEO elements like keyword usage into your page. Instead, it relies more heavily on backlinking on your page than only site.

Most of the times it is seen that, a perticular website has lover domain authority score but one of the page of that site has higher page authority score, and hence that perticular page will get higher ranking, so the positions and higher organic traffic from search engines.

Put backlinks and quality content on your site to grab the higher PA score for better SEO. When the search crawler constantly update the algorithm to calculate page authority, you may see your score fluctuate from time to time.

4. How Can You Boost Your Page Authority?

Like your domain authority, page authority also has an important algorithm and strategies to improve your PA score.

Page Authority is a holistic ranking. As such, it’s not easy to affect it directly, nor is it even desirable to do so. The best way to improve your page authority is to improve your website profile and web pages and its content qulatiy.

Improve the number of backlinks from authority sites and make better link profile through quality backlinks.

Not only this but you need to think about what things matter for better SEO ranking and your page. It may your blog content, CPC, keywords, backlinks and so on. Check out your competition and it helps you to make changes in order to better ranking in SERPs.

Create great content and grow your link profile. Remove low-quality backlinks and so it helps to boost your page ranking.

Sometimes its good to add backlinks which are not adding too much value to the page but it is essential to add them in to the page. In such cases your page authority will not harm highly, but if you have too much garbage or toxic links then definitly your PA score will get affected negatively.

5. Why Page Authority Score Changes?

As we see, the page authority depends on many factors and thus it can fluctuate for a wide number of reasons. It may high-ranking sites have increased further of you and reducing the overall proportion. Some of your links are not accounted for by Moz’s PA rankings. Lack of backlinks or inappropriate links contains on your pages.

It is also possible that your domain authority is lower than competitors.

The reason for fluctuating your page authority could be due to a variety of factors. All you need to solve all these things on every page that you uploaded on your site.

6. Domain authority and page authority: Key Takeaways

Both domain authority and the page authority is the mirror of how well your site will rank in the SERPs.

Your website publishing whatever your niche is all trying to create unique, original, and compelling content that naturally attracts readers. Domain authority and page authority can provide insight into how well you’re reaching high ranking goal.

Eventually, the DA and PA is important for relative rankings and to know how your site stand out on the internet. Don’t try for perfection, but just try to get a score that’s higher than your competitors.

Bottom Lines
After all, the website and blog pages that you write is not just enough to make them visible in the search result but fulfilling the overall factors and archiving SEO strategies matter a lot to make it ranked.

Once you start working on your site healthy SEO, it will help to increase your DA and PA scores and ranking of your pages in SERP.

I hope above all important aspects will help you to rank your website and webpage in the list of Google search results.

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