Boost Domain Authority (DA) Rapidly: 11 Proven Ways to Increase Authority in Your Niche

Learn simple but practical steps to Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority. But what is domain authority? To any website for its search ranking, the DOMAIN AUTHORITY (DA) is a comparative metric developed by Moz which indicates a score that predicts how much your site is likely to rank in Google's search result. That means it shows the potential of your site that is liable/able to get your site listed in Google search results.

Techniques to gain your blog authority & traffic of your website
Publishers, bloggers and SEO experts used to search, what is Domain Authority? How to improve the DA fast? How long does it take to increase domain authority? What is the difference between PageRank and domain authority? What is a good domain authority score? List of factors to consider to improve domain authority? How to increase DA and so organic traffic? How does the Domain Authority impact SEO or PageRank? How does domain authority help to get recognized as a brand? Domain authority vs. page authority vs. brand authority? Effect of toxic backlinks on DA? How to increase page authority? And so on.
Those days have been set down where the only 'PageRank' was mattered to get listed on search result pages. And if you have read about the facts in Google Broad Core Search Algorithm Updates you may know that with the high competition and with the changing SEO algorithm, the Domain Authority becomes one of the important SEO factors taken into consideration to calculate your search ranking. The domain authority is an output of several parts of your website and in order to improve your DA, you need to focus on all the elements especially that the Moz uses to determine your domain authority. The higher your online domain authority score, the more likely you're going to have higher rankings and so heavy organic traffic to your website.
Here I'm going to discuss practical ways to increase domain authority for your site. The domain authority score ranges from 0-100. Higher the score more chances of getting your site in search results plus greater chances to get more organic traffic on your site.

To discuss all the factors and suggestions to improve DA fast, I've listed top, practical, and actionable tips to know everything considerably required for understanding the domain authority and its effect on your website ranking and the percentage of the growth of organic traffic per month. Not only for understanding the Domain Authority, check out the ultimate guide to boost website's domain authority and get listed at the top of SERP.
11 Ways To Increase Domain Authority (DA) Fast in Your Blogging Niche: Accelerate the growth of your website Domain Authority (DA) quickly with proven strategies. Boost your online presence and search engine rankings.
Increase Domain Authority (DA) Fast: Accelerate the growth of your website Domain Authority (DA) quickly with proven strategies. Boost your online presence and search engine rankings.
Last time you have seen 10 Proven Steps to Find Profitable Niche, and today we are going to see, how to boost domain authority for those niches suitable to make a profit.

10 Steps To Increase Domain Authority of Your Website Fast

You can use domain authority to compare the weight of your website in social media with competitors site. Social networking sites like Facebook, Google have a DA score of 100, so never be disappointed if you are unable to get the 100 DA score.

The domain authority score keeps fluctuating over time so you can't expect your DA score to remain the same highest throughout once you got better DA score. It may remain the same, decrease or increase. One day it will show you low DA, & after a couple of days, it will go high. It changes with time.

The domain authority score is calculated by combining all those multiple link counts which are linking root domains, the numbers of total links including interlinks, outerlinks & quality backlinks. Moreover, the MozRank & MozTrust-score also determined for calculating a Domain Authority score.
Quality Content + Internal & External Linking + Quality Backlinks + Faster Site Loading + Social Popularity - Toxic Links - High Bounce Rate
To check the domain authority determined by Moz for your website you can use one of the best domain authority checker tool - smallseotools

Check out the list of ranking factors used by Moz to calculate your DA and follow the steps for increasing domain authority of your website fast:

Step 1: Keep technical on-page SEO updated.

According to the Moz, not only SEO friendly themes, you should also look for all the technical issues about on-page SEO to improve overall website SEO to increase your DA.
The onpage SEO mostly contains site structure, URL structure, meta tags, alt tags, keywords & also the word count of your pages. Make use of these contents to the best of your knowledge to get the best possible results. To fulfill all the technical things required to SEO has great importance to increase website domain authority.

An effective SEO can predict a high DA score for your site. So be sure about your SEO because this is the most important factor to have a better DA score.
For better user experience and lowering the bounce rate; you should always keep maintaining site structure clear & easy to read, navigate, and understand. The recent article; 7 Tips To Keep Your Customers From Leaving will help you to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Google finds it best to identify the synonyms of popular words. Use synonyms for your main keywords or phrases, put all your permalinks simple & relevant. My recommendation for the permalinks would be to worry less about the length and more about making them static, using keywords logically (but not in a spammy style) and assuring that they're also usable plus shareable. It is beneficial for the users to remember the page URL.

You must check; On-Page SEO Checklist That'll Rank You TOP in SERP

Step 2: Maintain quality content.

Maintain quality content
Maintain quality content
We have already discussed many times about the benefits of high-quality content. If you are providing quality content, then additional before-mentioned things don't matter that much. But how the quality content affects domain authority?

A quality content is that you show something new in your content every time. It should be easy to read & understand.

Quality content is supposed to be a soul of a successful website.

All your efforts will be worthless if you don't have maintained quality content. It's natural that if you have quality content, people will link to it automatically. That indirectly increases your authority & no doubt helps to improve your DA.

Your content should be good enough to reflect what you want to say because it drives and then controls the market for your business. Your content should be enough appealing that it let the users stay for a while to read the page and in case they interact with you. That will further improve page views help to create a low bounce rate which shows fewer people are leaving your site after getting interaction making a mark that you have satisfied the reader.

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Step 3: Build internal links intelligently.

Internal linking helps to improve link metrics of a website that makes it easy not only for your visitors and getting low bounce rate but also for the search engines to crawl your website as quickly as possible & start listing you in SERP.
Internal linking builds a channel between a website & the search engine. A site that has logical & intelligently organized internal linking is more likely to be listed & searched than the website that has spammy or no internal linking.
To have more internal links, you should have more content & that is the importance of having more content. More internal links, a better chance of getting searched & growing increased organic search traffic.

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Step 4: Optimize page loading speed.

Having patience really worthy, but will it actually deserving to let someone be patient while loading your site? Nobody will do so.

To let your users waiting while loading your page can increase your bounce rate.

Most of the web developer fail to consider most important factors to choose web hosting for their websites. If it takes too much time to load your page, users may leave the page immediately because loading speed means a lot for online readers. They want everything like lightning fast.

It will make a bad impact on the first impression & can send negative user-experience signals to Google and then cause result a decrease in search ranking. Try 10 Mobile-Friendly Testing Tools — Test Your Mobile Friendliness & Responsive Web Designs. Those web pages that take a maximum of 3 seconds to load or less than that will be read and shared more.

Page loading is the most important factor for improving domain authority for any website.

You also need to check: 5 Ways How To Make Your Website Load Faster

Step 5: Develop linking your root domain.

Develop linking your root domain
Develop linking your root domain
Linking the root domain is a No. 1 factor that affects the DA since it majorly relies on the number of sites linking to you. It is better to have links from different domains rather than having more links from one domain.

In simple words, having the links from 100 different sites is better than having 200 links from one site. And again it's proved that; the quality content is the root of linking root domain from other great authority sites.

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Step 6: Promote through content marketing.

This is the innovative & smart way of promoting your blog post contents.

It's not finished once you have done writing quality content, rather you must promote it all over the related sites. You can't get the success without promoting your content on social media sites only.

Content marketing is one of the best policies to promote & by this always stay in touch and your content gets shared amongst entire blogging communities & other platforms where you think you can sell your content.

Do whatever you can which is essential for your content promotion. How much effort you get to promote your content, that much shares, likes, link backs & that much authority you will get.

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Step 7: Go viral on social.

Go viral on social
Go viral on social
Go social but be viral on social media platforms including Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

All social sites have huge numbers of users & active subscribers. If you have an account for your personal use or with a brand page start posting your links with popular hashtags on these sites, then most of the active members may look and reach your site, plus start interacting with you, & if like, they share your content for more exposure.

Being viral and listed on trending news will weave a network like a spider.
Social sharing will increase your website's social-reach which apparently enhances your site authority and in turn, it will positively affect your site rankings in search results.
Google has recently updated some algorithms to rank those websites which have a significant presence on those high social media authority sites. You can do this by regularly connecting with those authority websites. Create a campaign with other higher DA sites with 'give-&-take' policy for sharing their content on your media. According to the readings, when a page gets 8000 & above tweets then it is likely to be in the top 5 search results of Google. This indicates the benefit of having the presence of social media to increase the DA of your site.

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Step 8: Invite authors for guest blogging.

It's all about 'give-&-take'. You must give something to take something, and guest blogging is one of them. You can publish & share some of the authoritative blogger's write-ups on your site.

The reason behind doing guest blogging is, if the authentic blogger likes your post then he may share your content on his website & that will benefit you hugely. You may get the extra attention of his followers & bloggers that will be extra traffic to your site which will be a bonus for you. It increases your reach & if once the audience found your content is pretty impressive, then you can imagine what difference and improve changes to make with your website & its content to drive organic traffic.

Guest blogging is the easiest, smart & effortless way to get the traffic to your site. Also, try to comment on the authority site in your niche, not just 2 lines but in a detailed & in-depth review of that post, just like you are writing a post/content. Try to comment more descriptively. The main idea behind doing this is, there are some users who read the blog & go through the comments also because they are in search of a new blog to subscribe and they may find you as their new problogger to follow.

You also need to know; 25 Benefits of Guest Blogging | Why It’s Important for Better SEO | Build Website Traffic

Step 9: Ensure updated sitemap regularly.

The sitemap navigation allows the visitor to get convert into the reader & have a better user-experience & also makes it easy for search engines to push your site higher in search results.

Google states that the readers should find your most important pages within a maximum of 3 clicks from the homepage of your site. But it is not practically possible with old blog posts. So Google recommends a user-accessible sitemap so that your users drive & can able to navigate your site quickly.

The updated sitemap also create more chances for your older content to rank up in the search results, this will cause more organic traffic and ultimately boost your domain authority.

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Step 10: Kill toxic backlinks.

If you want to be successful, you need to quit all your bad (unwanted) habits & this fact also applies to websites.

If your link-profile is full (or almost) of dead backlinks, you are not gonna test the taste of success.

Toxic backlinks may hurt your website instead of helping it to grow and cause a bad impact on DA. So it's better to remove them once in a while. So go through your link profile & destroy the spammy links.

I have seen the webmasters realizing this when they have been hit by the penalties driven by Google algorithm & Panda updates. So there is no point to wait till a death hits you, as you can do it whenever you aware of it. Consequently, do it right now to stay away from penalties & make a habit of doing it once or twice in a month to increase your domain authority.

Domain Authority FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please take a moment to read through our FAQ section for quick answers to common questions.

Can we increase domain authority?

Yes, domain authority can be increased over time. By creating valuable content, earning high-quality backlinks, optimizing on-page SEO, and providing a positive user experience on your website, you can gradually enhance your domain authority. It's an ongoing process that requires consistent effort and a focus on improving your website's overall credibility and relevance in your niche.

How can I increase my domain authority for free?

Increasing your domain authority for free involves creating high-quality content that attracts backlinks from reputable websites. Focus on SEO optimization, improve site user experience, and engage with your audience on social media. Consistency, relevance, and earning natural, high-quality backlinks are key. Over time, these efforts can enhance your domain authority without incurring additional costs.

What does higher domain authority mean?

Higher domain authority indicates a website's credibility and influence in its niche. It's a score developed by Moz that predicts a site's potential to rank well in search engine results. A higher domain authority suggests that the site is well-regarded, has quality backlinks, and offers valuable content. While it's a useful metric for SEO, it's not the sole factor in determining a site's search engine ranking, and other SEO elements should be considered as well.

Is High Domain Authority good?

Yes, having a high domain authority is generally good for a website. It signifies credibility and influence in its niche, making it more likely to rank well in search engine results. However, it's not the only factor in SEO, so other aspects like content quality and relevance also play a significant role in achieving success online.

How quickly can domain authority increase?

Domain authority typically increases slowly over time as you build quality content and acquire authoritative backlinks. Rapid increases are rare, and patience is key. Focus on consistent SEO efforts, content improvement, and ethical link-building to gradually improve your domain authority. The exact timeline varies depending on your website's niche, competition, and the effectiveness of your strategies.

Why is my domain authority not increasing?

Several factors may prevent an increase in domain authority. These include a lack of high-quality backlinks, poor content quality, infrequent updates, and stiff competition. To improve domain authority, focus on creating exceptional content, earning authoritative backlinks, and maintaining a consistent and relevant online presence. It may take time for these efforts to reflect in your domain authority score.

Does domain authority affect ranking?

Yes, domain authority can influence a website's ranking in search engine results. Websites with higher domain authority scores tend to have a better chance of ranking well for their target keywords. However, it's essential to remember that domain authority is just one of many factors that search engines consider when determining rankings. Content quality, relevance, user experience, and other SEO elements also play significant roles in rankings.

How many backlinks needed for increase domain authority?

While having a diverse and quality backlink profile is important, there is no specific number requirement such as 40 to 50 backlinks to the homepage or 0 to 100 backlinks to each individual web page. The number of backlinks needed to increase domain authority varies widely and isn't solely determined by quantity. Quality matters more than quantity. Having a few high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites can significantly boost domain authority, while many low-quality backlinks may have little impact. Focus on acquiring backlinks from reputable sources and providing valuable content to naturally attract them, rather than setting a specific number as a goal.

Bottom Line

So what we understand from all these smart ways is for having greater Domain Authority score, you must give importance to every single point and preferably you have to give time for all necessary things which are responsible for having a better DA score.

Hopefully, these ideas should help you to get your desired Domain Authority. Moreover, if you have any suggestion or you know any better way to increase DA of any website then let share it with me via the comment section shown below.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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