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Every day thousands of people are entering into the world of blogging. But not everyone is able to see success in this field. The reasons might be many. Most common one is, a huge number of people do not research their most working blogging niche, required hosting plan & most suitable blog theme. Choosing Web Host Services
Many people used to search; Which website hosting is best? How do I choose a good web hosting plan? Do you need a web hosting service? Why Web hosting is important? What to look for in a web host? Best web hosting USA plans? And so on...

As a newbie, you might think that going with some free blogging platform is more or less, ok. But if you are serious about making your blog successful and want to make money blogging, then you need to invest some bucks while setting up your blog. Recently I have shared one page Free Vs Premium WordPress Hosted Themes: Which is Better? Pros & Cons and that'll clear all the confusion for using FREE website themes.

Remember, web hosting is the backbone of any blog/ website. And choosing the right web host has a great impact on your site speed, search ranking, and overall traffic. But there are many web hosting companies; how to choose a web hosting service provider? What factors do you need to consider before choosing the right web host? What to look for in a web hosting plan? To get these answers, I have listed most important factors, helpful tips, and the working criteria you need to consider before choosing & picking most powerful, flexible, secure and reliable web hosting service provider for your website.

Go through this comprehensive guide to building your online work on the secure & stable foundation by choosing the best hosting for your site.
Choose the best web hosting
Choose the best web hosting
Last time you have seen; WordPress Vs. Blogger - Choose the Best Blogging Platform | Comparison | Pros & Cons and today we are going to discuss the key factors for selecting a best web host services for blog or website.

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Quick overlook:

Guide to choose a web hosting?

  1. Check your disk space requirements & traffic load.
  2. Know hosting security & uptime guarantees.
  3. Technical support & other feature.
  4. Check pre-installed applications.
  5. Don't forget to check free bonuses & discounts.

Before go into the details; you must know about the requirements & then web hosting...

Your requirements & suitable web-hosting plans

Web hosting is referred to as the complexity of functions and hardware features. This signifies the importance of understanding some of the technical processes of a web host that will help you to find the most suitable hosting plan for your blog.

There aren't too many complications in this system. Just keep in mind that a certain web host awards most of the abundant or unlimited features those do not actually indicate that the plan is what you exactly need. There are many web hosting myths that you must know about.

Whether you are choosing a web host for your new blog or planning to transfer your WordPress site to a new blog, you need to understand your exact hosting needs.

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To determine your hosting needs you might ask some questions to yourself like:
Where are the majority of your target visitors are based out of, do you need an International or local server, if you require some additional services like email services, backups, What type of support channel is convenient for you (phone, chat or email), etc.

You can also check out with a webmaster to give you explicit details about what needs to be accomplished and what needs to be left alone. However, here I have listed the most important features that you should look for in a web host.

But do you know how to choose the best web hosting for your blog?
If not, then this article is especially for you to know the few facts and myths about your hosting needs. In this article, I will consider the primary yet most important question about choosing the right hosting service.

5 Key factors to look for in a web host

Giving the best suggestions to decide and choose the hosting plan that best suits your requirements. You must know the recommended key features to look for while choosing a Web Host.

Following factors that'll help in choosing the best web hosting plan for your website and blog:

1. Space requirement & traffic load.

Hosting a website requires some disk space which will be used for databases, media, and different code files. Actually, it is the size of your website that determines the amount of disk space that is needed.

Also, bandwidth comes in; at the time when you want the users to access the data file after you have hosted some files into a website. Though most of the web host companies claim to offer unlimited bandwidth, however, the performance of your website might be influenced by the restricted traffic speed offered by them.

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2. Web security & uptime guarantees.

This is the time when your website starts working online, and users have access to the site without any difficulties.

Uptime is often measured in percentages using the total number of expected uptime which is between the 24 hours a day & 7 days a week. Although, this depends entirely on your website which has to be online at all time (100%).

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3. Technical support.

This is a highly important factor especially for those who are new to web hosting. You may face many website issues every now and then. That's why support becomes like both eyes and hands for anyone starting the blogging journey.

Thus, it is very important for you first to do a proper research by reading several reviews and available information about the customer support for the existing customers of your preferred web hosting company.

Also, the customer support should be quick because when you start making your first steps in the web hosting management, many questions will pop up and they will require immediate answers.

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4. Check pre-installed apps.

Several additional features are being included into shared plans by a majority of the web hosting companies such that, it sometimes gets messy. Thus various unlimited options, extra fee services, pre-installed apps and many such should be made available by these web hosts.

Your concentration should majorly be on the pre-installed apps; this is because these are special widgets and these can help you to create and manage a website faster and more efficiently.

Using apps with hosting is good, but you must know; 3 Best Ways To Make Your Blog Load Faster [2018] | Blogging Tips

5. Offers & discounts.

This is the best part of the web hosting plans. Free bonuses and promotional offers are used to attract a variety of clients by most of the big companies as a consequence of the size of the shared web hosting plan. An example of these bonuses is free domain names, site building tools, website transfers, and many other exciting features.

Also at these times, the hosting companies share some amazing offers like Web Hosting Black Friday Deals, Summer Sale, Memorial Day Offer, etc. where you can receive some great discounts on new hosting plans and as well as upgrades. However, the most important part about these free bonuses and discounts is the amount that is often required by the company for renewal. This is because after using the free domain name for the first year, you will be required to pay renewal fees so as to keep using this domain name.

Thus, it is important to pay close attention to the agreement when a company offers you these discounts and bonuses. Also, ensure that your web host has a good reliability and price ratio.

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Bottom Line
These are the key five features that you should look for while opting for a web host. And I'm sure it has helped you for making a decision. So what are your ways to choose the best Web Hosting for your blog? Did you give preference to any other hosting feature while selecting a web hosting provider? Please feel free to share the experience of buying your first hosting plan.

Article By Manidipa Bhaumik - is a blogging enthusiast who loves to write about Blogging Tips & Passive Income Ways at her blog WPBlogging360(.)com. Along with her online engagements, books & road trips are her other fascinations.

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