WordPress vs. Blogger: Which Platform is Best? Comparing 35 PROs & CONs

You stuck at Blogger versus WordPress, right? This is one of the most important and popular topics come across when you get confused in choosing between the WordPress and Blogger. In the blogging field, your goals are well organized from writing the quality content to making money online. But choosing a right blogging platform is also an essential part of establishing you as a brand in the blogging market. Initially, they asked how to start a blog but then they usually got stuck in a debate of WordPress Vs. Blogger - Which one is better? Which one should I use? Which is best for beginners?

WordPress Vs. Blogger
In today's connected world, many people want to share content online. From sharing ideas to building businesses, websites have become a popular medium for creating content. The most widely used website-building platforms are Blogger and WordPress, both of which have established themselves as reliable platforms for almost 20 years.

Choosing between these two 'WordPress or Blogger' depends on your needs and how you plan to use the platform. This WordPress vs blogger guide is intended to help you compare the WordPress & Blogger platforms and decide which one best suits your needs and budget. By measuring the pros and cons of each platform, you can make a reliable decision and prefer the best one for your website. 

Many newbies used to search; what is the difference between WordPress and Blogspot? Is a WordPress website free? Blogger or WordPress which is the best option for making money? Which is the best blogging platform? Which is the best tool to build a website? Blogger Vs. WordPress - Which will make You Earn more money? Which is the better place to start a free blog? And so on.

They want to have the ultimate comparison with the complete list of pros and cons comparing the two best blogging platforms WordPress and Blogger. Depending on your blogging activity and the type of blog you need to start, both WordPress & Blogger are good options for beginners and experienced users.

I would like to point out that; so you could stop yourself from slipping out to make mistakes on choosing the right platform according to your needs. And it is very important as there is no easy option to turn back once you have chosen your best blogging platform. So before taking a decision, it's better to know and re-think on Blogger vs WordPress comparison with the key aspects like which one better work in SEO, the technics on how you can control your blog, with the template customizing to the blog security and their support systems which will help to archive your desired future goals.
WordPress Vs Blogger - The Ultimate Guide With Detailed Comparison of Pros and Cons
WordPress Vs Blogger - The Ultimate Guide With Detailed Comparison of Pros and Cons
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BlogSpot vs. WordPress Unveiled


When it comes to choosing between Blogger and WordPress, WordPress.org is the most commonly used platform. It offers a wide range of WP themes and plugins that allow users to customize the design and feel of their websites without any coding knowledge. Moreover, if you have HTML & Java skills, WordPress can meet those requirements as well.

The WordPress platform itself is free to use, but to make your website accessible online, you will require to pay a hosting fees to a hosting company. Hosting costs are normally under $12/month and there are many hosting providers to choose from. After setting up your hosting, you can install WordPress and start creating your blog site with a wide range of features & customization options of WordPress. Blogger has its origins as a blogging platform, but WordPress is generally a better option for businesses.


BlogSpot(Blogger), on the other hand, is a free alternative but a hard competitor for WordPress. There are also free themes it offers, but those are basic and all look very similar, which can give the impression that you are working on a blogger platform. Still, Blogger is the best choice for users looking for a simple, hassle-free blogging platform.

There are no advanced features, but the learning standard is minimal and you can start publishing content in just minutes. So, if you're looking for a quick and easy way to start a blog, Blogger could be the perfect choice.

10 Things to consider when choosing a blogging platform

When selecting a blogging platform, there are numerous factors to take into account.

10 things you should look for in your blog platform:
  1. Ease of use:
    A user-friendly platform with a simple interface makes it easy to build and manage your blog.
  2. Customization options:
    Look for platforms that offer a variety of website templates, widgets, and plugins to customize the design and functionality of your blog.
  3. SEO options:
    Your platform should have built-in SEO features or options that allow you to optimize your content for search engines.
  4. Security:
    Make sure your platform is secure and all web standards are in place to protect your blog from hacks and cyberattacks.
  5. Mobile Responsiveness:
    With more & more people accessing the internet through mobile devices, it's important to select a platform optimized for mobile viewing.
  6. Social Media Integration:
    The platform should allow you to easily share your content on social media platforms to extend your reach & grow social popularity.
  7. Analysis:
    Look for a blogging platform that offers analytics tools to track your blog's performance, including traffic, engagement, and conversion rates.
  8. Support:
    Check the easiness & quality of support your platform offers, including documentation, tutorials, and customer service.
  9. Scalability:
    As your blog grows, you need a platform that can handle more traffic and more content without sacrificing performance.
  10. Cost:
    Some platforms are free, while others require to pay for advanced features and hosting. Make a clear & wise decision by considering your budget and the features you need.

Wordpress Vs. Blogger: The ultimate guide

There are lots of options when you are looking to start a blog such as a BlogSpot, WordPress, Tumblr, Typepad, Joomla, etc. But Blogger and WordPress are the most popular blog platform for developers and amongst new bloggers.

One thing I want to first clarify that, both the blogging platform have their own advantages and disadvantages, pros & cons over each other. Some bloggers will choose BlogSpot because of the simple user interface while some will go with WordPress because of higher security & flexibility.

But which blog platform is better to use to make some additional income?

Everybody has their own perspective to choose their blogging platform for their blogging need and so the career. But this guide will describe you how to choose the best blogging platform for all of your special needs from sharing your knowledge to making money online.

The purpose of this article is to give a head-to-head comparison between Blogger and WordPress, showing the strengths and weaknesses of each. Our goal is to help you find the platform that best fits your needs.

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Lets find out a detailed blog platform comparison with key differences between Blogger and WordPress:

1. Blogging Platform: Which is the best places to start a blog?

Blogger is marked as a fine blogging platform - as it is so simple to use and easy to understand including how to start a blog, how to add more pages, writing new blog posts as quick as possible, and simple steps to add HTML widgets. This platform does not require technical education. It is best blog platform for the one who is looking for a hassle-free setup and to start a blog in a simple way without using any special skills. BlogSpot create your own blog quickly without paying a single penny for blog hosting. So it's a better choice to create your own blog free.

WordPress is the well known Content Management System [CMS] in the competition of blog creation sites - This is somewhat you can say the advanced version of blogging. It requires some technical knowledge, and that is somewhat complicated to start with, especially for beginners. It is best for those who want to expand their blog to the next level and make it for business use.

Create your own blog website but one thing should be noted that; Wordpress.org and Wordpress.com are two separate websites and they both use more or less the same Wordpress software that requires blog hosting, but Wordpress.com is the best decision for the people who want start a free business blog sites.

2. Blog Setup: Installation Requirement

BlogSpot is super easy to set up and start a blog. BlogSpot doesn't require any software to install & to run a blog, but it has limited functionality and that's why doesn't require technical knowledge. You don’t have to be good at coding to start a blog with a blogger. Easy to set up with no cost - is the main reason why some people choose BlogSpot over WordPress. In just a few minutes, you can start writing your posts. Initially, you start yourself as a blogger, but later, you become problogger and most of the probloggers soon realize the limitations and move to a self-hosted site.

BlogSpot is easy that doesn't mean WordPress is hard to set up. But yeah, it requires some technical know-how knowledge. WordPress allows you complete control over the blog set up for full blog optimization. And with the extra technical knowledge, you can tweak anything you want to do with your blog. To maintain your blog and to set up WordPress, you need to install WordPress software on your hosted server. If you really want to settle yourself as a brand in the online market and you have decided to start a professional blog to make money online then you have to go with WordPress.

3. Blog Hosting: Requirements

The BlogSpot platform is procured by the Google. So NO need to worry about BlogSpot hosting as it is a FREE and that is why the BLOGSPOT is much popular as it doesn't require the hosting cost. It's fair enough beneficial and reliable as well to start a blog to publish your articles online on the Internet. You need to note the most important fact that; your BlogSpot blog will be hosted with the Google only, you don't own your site, Google owns it; Google has all the rights and authority not only to remove all your indexed pages from search engine but also to take down your whole blog if it does spam on the web.

Since you are getting into the blogging field not just for sharing your knowledge with the world but also for making money online from home too. You want to establish yourself as a brand and looking for blogging as an income source then the WORDPRESS is the best choice for you. You need a WordPress hosting provider to host your blog or website. This hosting provider service not only allows you to have full access to your blog [like FTP, .htaccess file] but also to control your 'online visibility' of your site effectively. Wordpress truly owns all the rights to your website, and so your blog is in your hands only. And as compared to free blogging, the self-hosted WordPress blog makes a greater reputation on the online market. Some of the most popular WordPress hosting sites are Hostgator, BlueHost, GoDaddy.

4. Services: Offered to users

BlogSpot is NOT a commercial service platform. It is provided by Google for FREE in 2003 but still lacks behind in terms of services they were offering and the services offering by other platforms now. Still there is no improvement in default themes, same JavaScript/HTML widgets you need to be with it even you have chosen your own custom blogger templates.

WordPress.com is a commercial. And it implies their services with premium upgrades. Year by year WordPress becoming superior along with their premium plugins. Various numbers of WordPress plugins help you not only in writing your blog post but also in search engine optimization [SEO].

5. Customization & themes

BlogSpot provides a limited number of non-premium themes by default to choose from the blogger dashboard. Furthermore, you need to customize your design, template layouts, colors, typography as per your requirement. There is a limited number of blogger templates and you have to put enough effort in customizing those designs. Blogger has its own tools [Blogger widgets] to modify and optimize your theme with step-by-step instructions but it just doesn’t cut it in terms of flexibility and customization that means it becomes so hard to make your site look unique. But definitely, the BlogSpot provides the best user-friendly experience with default widgets or custom widgets that are easy for new users to masters that create the best visual interface which helps to keep their brand consistent.

WordPress provides a variety of themes from non-premium to highly customizable SEO friendly premium WordPress themes. Wordpress allows you to transform your blog into full-on static, dynamic or hybrid professional looking websites. Wordpress has lots of advanced blog optimization tools [Wordpress plugins] that allows you to change your template layout or make custom changes in your existing blog template. It makes tweaking your blog design very easy and enhances the layout, coloring, and typography of a blog - the sky is the limit in blog customization & optimization. And definitely, the WordPress templates and plugins are very rich in functionality. The Wordpress offers so many features like SEO plugin, responsive themes, and advanced support community, so it's much better for most of the probloggers than BlogSpot.

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Blogger vs. Wordpress Compared | Pros and Cons

# Blogger - BlogSpot Wordpress
PROS 1. It's FREE with NO ads.

2. You just need to buy your own custom domain and NO need to pay for hosting.

3. Start your blog in 5min. There is no installation of any kind of blogging software to start a blog.

4. You can manage your blog from the blogger dashboard.

5. Need NOT to worry about security as it is own by Google.

6. You can connect existing or new custom domain name.

7. You can display your own ads and you can earn money by using Ad network programs like Google Adsense, Media.net, Ezoic.

8. You can edit the template and customize the blog design.

9. BlogSpot will display a simplified version of the blog on mobile devices.

10. No storage limit.

11. You have the option to add HTML/Javascript as per your requirement.

12. Your blog posts will automatically submit to search engines.

13. You can optimize template to SEO friendly design.

14. You can use free CDN networks to load blogger blogs faster.

15. There is no limit on data transfer or bandwidth.

16. Your blog will AUTO upgrade with new features as soon as Google launches them.

17. You can publish your blog posts via email too.

18. You can add Google Analytics.

19. You can import posts from another BlogSpot blog.

20. You can organize all your published posts by labels.

21. There is NO issue of downtimes as your site is always live by Google.
1. It's FREE. No ads.

2. You have complete control of each and every aspect of your blog.

3. There are plenty of best WordPress plugins that allow you to optimize and customize your blog from scratch to top.

4. There is an incredible number of free plugins and themes to choose from.

5. No need to pay any cost to buy WordPress software. It's free Linux-based open-source software.

6. You can display your own ads, and you can earn money by using Ad network programs like Google Adsense, Media.net, Ezoic.

7. Special SEO plugins boost your site listing in the search engine - SERP.

8. You can transform your blog into an E-commerce website easily.

9. Wordpress gives you great flexibility, especially when designing the website template.

10. Highly professional skilled developers are there if you have any queries to run your blog successfully.

11. You don't need any third party website to create your own custom domain name email IDs.

12. For any question, you will get help not only from active community support forums but also you will get premium support from your own hosting service provider too.

13. You can use free CDN networks to load your blog faster.

14. You can easily create custom URL [permamnt links] for each post.

15. Use of WordPress plugins will share all your blog posts automatically to social networking sites.

16. You can also control page loading with a lazy load.

17. You have full control over comments also, and you can edit them.

18. All of your visitors will have a great commenting experience.

19. You can organize all your published posts by tags and categories.

20. Themes look nicer, cleaner cut and more professional.

21. In the case of Indexing, PageRank, search engine optimization purposes they have free plugins to help increase visibility on Google listing or combat spam, etc. which the webmasters recommend it over anything else in the market.

22. You have FTP access.

23. Self-hosted WordPress blog itself proves that how much you are serious about blogging.
CONS 1. No full control over the blog.

2. Less number of [default] free blogger templates [less than 50].

3. No FTP access.

4. Blogspot template doesn't support CUSTOM URLs.

5. You can upload the images having a size of less than 2048×2048.

6. Your page size should be less than 1MB.

7. Currently, there is no premium or upgrade plans.

8. You need to use 3rd party website to AUTOMATICALLY share your blog posts to social networking sites.

9. There are no special plugins for blog optimization but the widget can do fair work for you.

10. The widgets that come with Blogspot are pretty basic.

11. No full control over page loading.

12. There is no option to import blog post from 3rd party websites.

13. There is no option to edit comments.

14. You can NOT organize all your published posts by tags and categories.

15. There is no option to transform your blog into an E-commerce website.

16. You need a third-party website to create your own custom domain name email IDs.

17. Support is limited from BlogSpot's side, rather you will get help from other bloggers who posted guides to customize your BlogSpot blog.

18. BlogSpot platform offers fewer options to help your blog’s SEO.

19. There is less number of widgets and themes to choose from.

20. Most of all Blogspot websites look the same. No uniqueness.

21. The BlogSpot platform has a bad permalink structure.

22. With BlogSpot, there is no advanced comment moderation system, for that you need to rely on 3rd part widgets like Disqus.

23. You have a mobile version of the site but it's not a fully responsive web design. You need to work yourself on it to work better for you on mobile devices.
1. You have to pay for own custom domain name, and also you need to find the best hosting company to host your all website data.

2. You need to pay high for premium WordPress templates.

3. It has a more complex dashboard to start with.

4. It is quite complex while you crossing the basics. If you are not techy, then you need to appoint someone to work for you.

5. You are dependent on plugins, so your recent blog posts take a few days to be indexed in search engines.

6. You need to keep an eye on downtimes that depend on your web hosting provider.

7. With WordPress, you can able to set up your blog in 5 min, but you have more than basics know-how about HTML, PHP, CSS or FTP, SQL, etc.

8. You have to keep all of your plugins up to date as it will harm your site loading.

9. You’ll have to pay for various “optional” extras like extra space for your blog, to host videos directly from your blog, etc.

10. With wordpress.org, you have to pay and manage your own custom domain name email IDs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to read through our FAQ section for quick answers to common questions.

What Is Blogger?

Blogger is a free blogging platform provided by Google. It allows users to create and manage blogs without requiring technical skills or coding expertise.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular content management system that allows users to create and manage their website or blog. It offers a wide range of customization options and features, making it extremely adaptable for many types of websites.

Which is better for blogging, WordPress or Blogger?

WordPress is generally considered a good choice for blogs due to its extensive features, flexibility, and large community support. It offers more customization options and extensibility compared to Blogger.

Which is best in WordPress vs Blogger for beginners?

For beginners, WordPress may be a better choice for its flexibility, user-friendly interface, extensive documentation, and support. It gives beginners an opportunity to grow their blog or website according to their skills and needs.

Can I make money blogging with a free BlogSpot platform?

Yes, you can earn money with the free BlogSpot (Blogger) platform. However, monetization options may be limited compared to WordPress. WordPress offers even more monetization opportunities through a variety of methods, including advertising, sponsored content, and selling products and services.

Which is easier, Blogger or WordPress?

Blogger is generally considered to be more user-friendly, especially for beginners. It has a simple interface and easy setup process, making it accessible even for non-technical users. WordPress, on the other hand, can have a steep learning curve due to its rich set of features and customization options.

Is Blogger better than WordPress?

Choosing between Blogger and WordPress comes down to personal needs and preferences. A blogger may be suitable for simple, basic blogs, but WordPress offers advanced features, customization options, and extensibility. WordPress is often preferred by professional bloggers, businesses, and those looking for long-term growth and flexibility.

Is Blogger easier than WordPress?

Blogger is normally considered easier to use than WordPress, especially for beginners. The easy setup process and user interface. However, WordPress has more flexibility and customization options, and while it may take longer to learn, it gives you greater control and growth opportunities in the long run.

Which pays more Blogger or WordPress?

Blogger and WordPress income potential depends on many factors such as the monetization strategy implemented, blog traffic and engagement, and the type of advertising used. Both platforms offer opportunities to make money, but WordPress often offers more monetization opportunities and flexibility, which can lead to increased revenue.

Which is better for Google AdSense: Blogger or WordPress?

Both Blogger and WordPress can be used with Google AdSense, but some users find it easier to set up and manage their AdSense on their Blogger. Blogger is owned by Google, which simplifies the integration process. However, WordPress offers more control and customization options, making it the preferred choice for those looking to optimize AdSense performance and have more flexibility in ad placement.

Is Blogger the same as WordPress?

No, Blogger and WordPress are different platforms. Blogger is Google's free blogging platform, while WordPress is a versatile content management system that offers both hosted (WordPress.com) and self-hosted (WordPress.org) versions. They have different features, customization options, and user interfaces.

How can I monetize a blog on Blogger?

To monetize your blog with Blogger, you can use Google AdSense to display ads on your blog and earn money based on clicks and impressions. Additionally, you may consider other options such as affiliate marketing, sponsored content, selling products and services, and joining ad networks designed specifically for bloggers.To monetize your blog with Blogger, you can use Google AdSense to display ads on your blog and earn money based on clicks and impressions. Additionally, you may consider other options such as affiliate marketing, sponsored content, selling products and services, and joining ad networks designed specifically for bloggers.

Can I use affiliate marketing and other ad networks in Blogger or WordPress?

Both Blogger and WordPress allow you to monetize your blog using affiliate marketing and other advertising networks. However, WordPress is more flexible in terms of integrating various ad networks, plugins, and customizations. This gives you more control over your monetization strategy compared to the limitations you may face with blogger platforms.

Which is better for SEO - Blogger or self-hosted WordPress?

Self-hosted WordPress is generally considered good for SEO (search engine optimization) due to its extended plugin options, customization options, and control over various aspects of SEO. Blogger offers some basic SEO features, but WordPress offers advanced SEO tools like installing SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, meta tag optimization, and the ability to create search engine-friendly URLs.

How much traffic can Blogger BlogSpot free hosting handle?

Blogger's free BlogSpot hosting can handle massive amounts of traffic with no limits on bandwidth or page views. However, be aware that excessive traffic or sudden spikes can affect your blog's performance. If you anticipate a significant increase in traffic, we recommend considering self-hosted WordPress or other hosting options that offer more scalability and resources.

Which blog platform is better to use to make additional income, WordPress or Blogger?

Due to its flexibility, customization options, and extensive monetization methods, WordPress is considered to be the better platform for generating additional income. WordPress gives you more control over your blog's appearance, functionality, and revenue streams. However, it's important to note that whether or not you can make money from your blog depends on many factors, including content quality, audience engagement, marketing strategies, and monetization methods implemented.

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