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It's very important to know everything about what you are going to start. And particularly to be a successful blogger it's essential to know everything that need to know about blogging. That clears up all your queries & helps you to understand what precautions you should be taken. Today I want to suggest you; what to choose & what not to, & helps you to walk on the right path. The motive behind why I'm telling this is, there are a lot of newbies are coming in blogging and want to be a blogger. So it's important to let them understand the things they should know just before jumping into the blogging industry. Before Starting A Blog 2016 — Most of the people are used to search; how to start a blog for free? how making money from a blog? what to blog about? how to start a blog and make money? best blogging platforms? moreover, they find about how to start a blog on facebook? Or how to start a fashion blog? What should I blog about? But only those serious, try to search about major things to know before starting a blog. Indeed there are lots of newbies are coming & it's because of the earnings that the popular bloggers are getting. A skilled person may find it easy, but that doesn't happen with everybody. It's not like that you write a post & getting tons of traffic & earning huge; you certainly have to work hard. Clearly, the blogging is an art, and you will know it & learn it when you start writing. It's really not going to happen overnight; "Rome was not built in a day;" you need to wait till an opportunity strike. So here are few things that one should know before starting a blog so that they can save their time which they may gonna waste doing mistakes.
Things To Know Before Starting A Blog
Things To Know Before Starting A Blog

12 Major Things To Know Before Starting A Blog

1. Find the reasons to start blogging.

Before starting any work, we have some motive behind that. You must require being sure of why you actually want to start a blog & what exactly you wanted to share through it. Everyone has a different purpose. Someone want to start blogging as a passion or to build online reach, or to grow the business. So now it's up to you to know what's your reason to blog.

Whatever idea you have, the ultimate aim is to earn money. Those who want to blog as a passion will not worry too much. But most of the people start it as another source of making money blogging. Yes, it's right, the blogging has that much potential, but nobody guarantees it. Every business has uncertainty. It will worth, but nobody knows how much time it will take. It totally depends upon your ability, approach, working. Really it's not that easy that a newbie thinks. It's not that much difficult to earn from blogging. You need to get more traffic to your blog & should know how to monetize it.

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2. Discover your blogging purpose.

Yeah, its must & most important thing to do before starting a blog. You can't write anything you want. Your writing should be up to the mark & for that, you have to select a topic for your blog. You can choose a topic that you are interested in or the recent topic that people are interested in.

Choosing a topic of your interest will boost you to write more, but that doesn't mean choosing a subject of people's interest can't make you a successful blogger. It's all about being passionate. The more passionate you about a topic, more you can write, and more it will touch reader's heart, more you will get the traffic & the more you will be successful.

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3. Choosing a perfect domain for blogging niche.

Once you have chosen a topic that you are sure about, then it's time to choose a domain name. It's a name of your blog; your blog will be identified by the domain name you have selected. So be careful & selective while choosing domain as it's your online identity.

It should be short, easy to read & should clearly indicate what your blog is all about. It's better to have the keywords in your domain name which shows the theme of your blog. E.g., if you are blogging about cricket then it should be like

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4. Pay to get paid.

If you are planning to write a personal blog, then you can create it for free with blogger platform, only you have to spend to buy a domain name. But if you want to be a professional blogger & earn higher revenue from it then you have to think big & spend some money on it. If you select as your blogging platform, you don't have to invest too much instead of the domain name that is around $10. Google provides a free web hosting for blogger. But it is limited to some extent & better suits for newbies.

Wordpress is costly because you have to buy a domain as well as web hosting & it suits well for corporate sectors. Apart from this, you should spend for designing, coding, marketing, development, etc. & this actually costs more, so be prepared to spend enough whenever there is need if you want to be a successful blogger.

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5. Develope content writing skills.

Writing a big, indetailed content is still the first choice by Google to get your website in search ranking & it remarkably works till now. Google likes the contents written in detail. That also benefits you to get more internal links. If your writing contains only around 500-600 words, then nothing is gonna happen. You should write at least 1500-2000 words.

If you see the Google's result page SERP; you will notice that all the top ranked sites contain a minimum of 1200 words. But it doesn't mean, you extend your writing without any base. Your content still should express what you want to say. There is a huge population who like to read every day & writing a short content will obviously upset them.

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6. Connect & grow frindly blogging network.

It's just like making it large for me. From performing to being a regular blogger can be a hard job but when you have other similar minded people in your niche those are selling in the same boat, it makes that stress so much lighter. In this blogging industry, I have been so much fortunate to find a great community of bloggers who have now become my friends. They are always ready to answer my queries, give me an encouraging piece of advice, like my photos, regularly comment on posts, and yeah, they genuinely want me to succeed. It's extraordinary for me.

With the social media, it's remarkably simple to find your related group. There are an immense number of groups for bloggers on the Facebook which is a great place to begin to get connected on social sites. Visiting webinars or online seminars, hangout conferences or YouTube live channels can also help you to get connected with other professional bloggers to join with.

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7. Fitness First.

For blogging, you need spend hours & hours by sitting in front of the computer. It's not gonna complete in one or two hours. According to the recent studies, sitting for a longer time can increase the chances of early death. Sitting for an extended period of time decreases the peristalsis movement of the stomach which results in indigestion, acidity, headache, back problems, etc. & it's a fact. You may have to face such kind of challenges in future. So stopping writing or quitting blogging is not the ultimate solution for this. Just be sure to find some solution like stretch your muscles by moving your parts of the body, take a break for few minutes at some intervals, but take a long break as it can cut off your writing link.

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8. You have to be consistent.

A consistent hammer succeeds to break the rock. You need to be consistent to retain & grow your readers throughout. Someone may not realize this until they are affected by the loss of readers. People want to read daily & if you are not consistent, they may leave and run away from you creating, almost null chances to get back to you again & losing reader means a decrease in income. So consistency is a must, you can attract more readers through it.

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9. Pick sober & catchy website design.

Design your blog site in such a way that, once a reader read your blog he/she shouldn't go anywhere since then. Think carefully about every little thing. It should be best enough to retain your readers & attract more. Look at your font size, create content easy to read & understand, have enough space for ads.

Also, design your blog mobile & tablet friendly because these are the first choice for internet these days. Google has started to remove those sites which don't support to mobiles.

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10. Know social media power.

As a newbie, if you think that you also will get the same amount of traffic as most of the popular blogs are getting, then its time to rebuild your thoughts. You won't get the same no. of traffic because you are new in the field. It takes years to build such kind of traffic. The best way to get traffic is social media. Promote your blog posts through social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. because anything posted on it goes viral within a short time.

Social networking sites are the best ways for social marketing these days. You can drive massive traffic through this, just be active on it. Chat with people, share & comment stories, make new friends etc. This is the best way to make your blog popular, just be sure that you shouldn't spend all your time on it. Your success depends on a lot on the network that you create. So make connections early on.

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11. Focus reader & his needs.

Everybody finds it easy to write the content that they are passionate about, but writing a content of readers interest is a challenging job. But don't forget this is a perfect way to get readers attraction. Along with the content, the reader is also a prominent factor to consider, its all up to them. They like to read what they are interested in. Therefore you should learn the tricks to know what they want. They keep your blog alive. 'No readers' means 'No income.'

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12. Start as a part-time work.

Blogging takes too much time to open its doors for you as there is a huge competition in the blogging industry. So start it as part time & once you started your desired earnings then you may think to start it for full time. This is because I have seen a lot of newbies start it as a full time being unaware of the time it takes to earn. Sometimes it makes them difficult to pay their bills. Also as I mentioned earlier, it requires some investment. So it's better to start it as part time.

Bottom Line
If you see; there are major advantages & disadvantages of full-time blogging, but hopefully, this will give you a better idea that what precautions you have to take before & after starting a blog. I know its bit hard to follow all the precautions at the start, but you will make it easier once you have the practice.

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