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Give your email address a pro and personal touch with your own custom domain name. Owning an email ID with your own domain shows you have a real business. Get a custom email name on your own domain, add it on your personal website or blogger blog and then get your online identity published as brand. Online businesses are looking more like a brand from their mailing solution. Having a custom email name & personalized email IDs are necessary for online success. Set Up an Email Account that Uses Your Domain Name FOR FREE
People used to search; how to create your own email domain free for a website? How do I get a free custom email domain? How to get a free domain email address for the blog? How do I get a business email address for free? Where to get free email domain hosting for small business? How do you get a free email address? How to get a custom email ID? How to make my own email domain for better branding? How can I create my own domain name for free? And so on...

The custom email may seem like a small part of your business but in the larger branding scenario, but it’s too much influential. A few years ago, the "Google apps" is used for creating FREE domain-specific business email addresses, but now they have stopped their free service and you required to pay ($5/month) fees for custom domain email IDs. But luckily we have a few other best options to create a free business email address for your own domain as a free email account. Stop searching for best free email server hosting or email hosting services and you can easily get a professional email address using your domain FREE; like [email protected]

The custom email address shows that how much you have taken your business seriously and in what length you’ve built a real business. Show the world you mean business and create an email account. It's really easy to set up your professional email ID by your own name with custom domain email host.

You will not be able to get a custom email name without a domain of your own. First, buy the most suitable domain name for your business blog or website and then find you a good custom email name for that domain. Instead to buy domain name email address; learn how to create a company email domain free with your own web address with one the best domain name registration service. It's an ad-free business email Hosting with a clean, minimalist interface. With this guide about email hosting solution, you can create and manage an unlimited number of personalized custom email addresses based on your own domain.
Create Email Account by Own Name With The Best Custom Domain Email Host for FREE
Create Email Account by Own Name With The Best Custom Domain Email Host for FREE
In the previous post you have seen advanced tutorial about How to Build Responsive Blogger Template CSS for your website of blog, but instead of going in details about what is a domain name registrar; today we are focus on how to free email id with own domain name. This is one of the best blogging tip for all bloggers.

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What is Custom Email Name?

There are lots of small businesses willing to have an own email address with their own custom domain name. Along with Google App; Microsoft also has stopped their services and sign-ups for FREE email hosting. Google buried Google Apps free edition back in December 2012. They are now charging pretty high for any type of organizations. We are here not for talking about their comparisons but to know How to get FREE CUSTOM DOMAIN EMAIL HOST. An email address on your own domain is a permanent address that is independent of your Internet service provider [like GoDaddy] and completely free of advertisements. And in case of need of recognition, free email domain registration is a must.

Luckily, there is alternative still, which is stable and also completely FREE for those who want to track email for their custom domain through somewhat other than awful POP or IMAP email through their web host named as ZOHO.

Before starting to set up, you need to know some basic things:
  • You should have YOUR OWN DOMAIN.
  • Basic knowledge about how to change MX/DNS/TXT records at your domain registrar.
So follow the steps shown below to create and build email set up.

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How To Make My Own Email Domain Free To Have Custom Email Name? is the best choice now for FREE and ADS FREE CUSTOM DOMAIN EMAIL HOST. It offers 10 free email accounts. Zoho Mail is part of a complete online office suite with hosted email for email addresses under your business name. Their document management features allow real-time online editing and versioning for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

An integrated calendar solution completes the offering and helps you to organize meetings and schedule events for yourself and your team.

So without any doubt explore Zoho email hosting services today make your own email domain free.

The procedure of getting your own custom domain name email address is easy. Here are a few steps which you require to follow to create your personal domain email address free:

1. Open a Zoho Mail account.

[Your email ID will now be used as admin]
You need to first create your email address

Go to: Zoho Offer Page and sign up as a business email.

Signup and create your email account.

2. Add your domain.

[This link itself tell you how to configure your domain as per currently updated settings and trends]

Go to domain setup:

Add the name of your site as an organization name and continue. Then choose it to add your domain name.

3. Verify your domain ownership.

[As admin you need to prove that you are owner of your domain]

Choose DNS Hosting provider to verify your DNS settings they provided on the same page.

Go to your domain registrar and add new 'CNAME' and 'Point To' values accordingly. After adding, don't close the page as we need it for following steps.

And then click on 'Proceed to CNAME verification'

Next page you will get the message: "Congratulations! You have verified your domain..."

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4. Create the custom domain based email ID.

[These are the user's email IDs created on your domain.]

Now here you need to provide the username to create your custom domain based email account.

Add users like; or

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5. Add MX Records.

[Now you need to setup email settings for incoming and outgoing messages]

Now you need to change MX records as per your DNS [domain name providers].

Add the MX Records as shown in the domain settings and then click on 'MX Lookup'

You also get the help from the reference page; 4 Steps To Add BlogSpot Custom Domain With GoDaddy | Blogger To GoDaddy

6. Add SPF/DKIM settings.

Now its time to update SPF/DKIM settings.

Its a new security feature introduced to protect from email spoofing.

Add the 'TXT' & 'TXT Value' records as shown and then click on 'MX Lookup'

Now your mail gets migrated.

Wait for 40-60min and check all that your email is working.

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Why Zoho Mail ?

Zoho Mail is really easy to configure, quick setup and strong customer service support.
  1. Get Up To 25 Free Mailboxes, Minus Ads
    Because running a business on a modest budget does not mean you have to compromise on quality and privacy by accepting ads.

  2. Secure & Reliable
    Being a provider of more than 25+ apps that go beyond email, Zoho data-centers are protected with multiple layers of secure infrastructure with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

  3. Email Plus Online Office
    Experience the charm of online office with Zoho Docs. Store & manage your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, anytime, anywhere.

  4. Seamless Access On-the-go
    Stay connected while on the go from anywhere with push mail, 2-way sync and mobile sites optimized for phones & tablets.

If you are now able to receive emails to your newly set up email accounts then make sure that there are no other MX records pointing to @ or the naked domain.

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