4 Steps Adding Blogger Custom Domain on GoDaddy - Link Blogger To GoDaddy 2022

Park blogger custom domain on GoDaddy - link your blogger blog blogspot URL to custom domain URL. To start a blog, you have to link your purchased Godaddy custom domain to your blogspot site. Guide to make Godaddy domain name pointing to Google blogger name servers with screenshots. Park Godaddy domain to blogspot by optimizing blogger nameservers.. Continue reading...

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In the previous article I was talking about; WordPress vs. Blogger – PROs & CONs for Choosing the Right Platform; it's a full comparison that helps you decide blogger or WordPress. But I found that new users know how to purchase domain name but some of them don't know about adding blogger custom domain name to Godaddy account to build own blogging URL addressing to Blogspot. I got the question; 'How do I connect my domain to the blogger in GoDaddy?' Let's see how to set up the BlogSpot custom domain name to GoDaddy quickly.
Setting up BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy
People used to search; how do I create a blog on Godaddy? How do I use my domain name on Blogger? How do I link my Godaddy domain to BlogSpot? How do I set up a BlogSpot custom domain? How to buy a domain url and link to BlogSpot? Learn to add blogger custom domain by optimizing blogger DNS settings and blogger nameservers to Godaddy. Showing quick set up blogger nameservers in GoDaddy by the changes in the blogger custom domain. Lets park domain to Blogspot and start your brand blogging journey.

You must know that the custom domain name helps in better blog branding. When you open a blogger account and specify a blog name, it gives you a link to a free domain name that looks like 'yourname.blogspot.com' whereas setting up a domain is nothing but 'yourname.com' shows better branding; e.g. problogbooster.com. The registering a domain name and linking it to BlogSpot is just like a display URL for your BlogSpot blog that allows you to create a valuable and simple to remember URL.

The custom domain setup in BlogSpot.com is applied to create your own blog URL. The web address (URL) is your online identity by which all your followers get connected to & it looks much more professional and indicate that you take your blog seriously. So it is highly recommended to get a custom domain name instead of free domain name. Even if you are blogging free on the BlogSpot platform, the first step you require to purchase custom domain name and link it to your BlogSpot site to start your own blog; like shifting from 'yourname.blogspot.com' to 'yourname.com.'
Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with Godaddy
Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with Godaddy

{tocify} $title={Table of Contents} Blogger allows you to quickly integrate & connect with any domain name registrar services like GoDaddy. When you buy a domain from Godaddy.com, they allocate an IP address for the domain you purchased in Godaddy account. Hereafter, you require making the changes in these records to point to your blogspot.com blog.

You just need to make your Godaddy Domain name pointing to Google servers assigned by Blogspot. This quick tutorial will help you step by step to get your own domain name with the screenshots & guidance to make it simpler for you. This DIY guide will assist you to change the A & CNAME records of Godaddy account to add a BlogSpot custom domain to your blogger blog.

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Add BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the largest domain registrar company, and it’s a reliable organization to purchase a domain. These custom domain names make it easier for others to identify and remember your link and furthermore, you can set up your own custom email name addresses with the domain name you assigned and purchased. But now in this tutorial, I will be helping you step-by-step with screenshots on how to set up a custom domain name with the custom domain purchased from GoDaddy.

Follow the steps to set up blogger custom domain name on GoDaddy:

1. Add the purchased domain name to BlogSpot Blog.

First, you need to add the custom domain name into Blogspot account.

Login into your Blogspot account >> go to your blog >> settings >> click on "Basic" >> Look for "Publishing" section >>

Now click on 'Edit' >> and type 'www.yourdomainname.com' (don't forget to add 'www')

Once you added; you will get an error in red saying "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12." And following this error; you will get CNAME records from blogger for Google server to use in GoDaddy.
Setting up BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy
Setting up BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy
Note: Make a screenshot of that window and also copy all the message into a notepad file and save it in a secure place. It may require in future use in case you want to switch Blogger to WordPress or want to use Cloudflare.

Now you need to use these records and add them to Godaddy. Proceed to step 2.

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2. Setup 'CNAME' records in GoDaddy.

You have CNAME records derived from blogger dashboard. You need to add those records to the Goddady domain control panel. The codes derived by Blogger will be unique for you, so don’t type any or alter just copy & paste these codes.

Login into your Godaddy account >> click on 'Domains' >> click 'All domains' >> choose your desired domain >> click on 'Manage' >>
Setting up BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy-Manage Domain
Setting up BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy-Manage Domain
At the bottom side of the page >> you will see the option for managing the DNS >> Click on "Manage DNS"
Setting up BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy-Manage DNS
Setting up BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy-Manage DNS
Then the "Records" table will be popped out on the next page (Shown below). If there is already 'www' name is available then you need to edit it or if not, then you need to add a new record.
Setting up BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy-Add CNAME A Records
Setting up BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy-Add CNAME A Records
Click on "ADD" >> In "Type" choose "CNAME" >> in "Host" type "www" >> and in "Points to" field type "ghs.google.com" as shown below;
Setting up BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy-Add CNAME
Setting up BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy-Add CNAME
Similarly; you need to add another CNAME provided by blogger account;

Click on "ADD" >> In "Type" choose "CNAME" >> in "Host" type Second CNAME record >> and in "Points to" field type the respective address. As shown below;
Setting up BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy-Add CNAME Record
Setting up BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy-Add CNAME Record
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3. Setup 'A' zone records in GoDaddy.

Now its time to update the A zone records; i.e. IP addresses provided by the BlogSpot server. The process is the same as that of shown in the above steps; let's do it.

Here you need to add 4 IP addresses which are common for all the blogger users at the same record table shown above.

Click on "ADD" >> In "Type" choose "A" >> in "Host" type "@" >> and in "Points to" field type "" As shown below;
Setting up BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy-Add A Name Record
Setting up BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy-Add A Name Record
Again as same as above, including all add following 4 address;

This is how you can set the domain IP addresses that now pointing to your Blogger server addresses. The final CNAME & A record table will be like this;
Setting up BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy-Add CNAME A Name Records
Setting up BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy-Add CNAME A Name Records

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4. Publish your Blogspot blog.

Once you completed all the above 3 steps, then its time to save all the settings and publish the blog.

Again go to the your blogger dashboard >> Settings >> Basic >> "Publishing" section >> check and SAVE it.

Make sure you check the option to redirect your "domainname.com" to "www.domainname.com"

The DNS settings which you made here (A & CNAME records) might take some time to generate. Now you required to wait for 1 to 4 hours for these changes to take effect globally.

Keep checking your custom domain should automatically direct from the blogspot.com URL to your new custom domain name address.

That’s all for now; your BlogSpot blog address is has been set up with a custom domain name. Do let me know if you have any doubts about configuring a domain for your blog. In case you need some help, feel free to let me know via the comment section shown below.

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