Top 15 Things Before Domain Name Registration | GoDaddy | BigRock | Namecheap

Top 15 Things Before Domain Name Registration | GoDaddy | BigRock | Namecheap

Before Domain Name Registration — how to buy a domain name? What to consider when buying a domain name? Things to know before buying your first domain name? Important tips before domain name registration. To build your online market you need to purchase a domain name for your brand website. Registering a domain name for the website is the most & first thing you need to focus more. Creating a website or buying a domain name is not at all a big deal but it has several aspects that you need to be considered. Here are some important guidelines that you can consider before you register the domain name.. Continue reading...
Are looking for creating a website? Are you looking for launching your business online? Do you want to reach more and more customers online? All you required to have an online presence on the internet. You need to create a website where you can display the products or services you deal with. Creating a website is thus an important step towards an online market of selling. And to build your online market you need to purchase a domain name for your brand website. Before Domain Name Registration
People used to search; how to buy a domain name? What to consider when buying a domain name? Things to know before buying your first domain name? Important tips before domain name registration; and so on...

Well, creating a website or buying a domain name is not at all a big deal but it has several aspects that you need to be considered. Registering a domain name for the website is the most & first thing you need to focus more.

Your domain name is the online identity for you and your brand. See, the domain name or the name of the website is the address of your business. So, it needs great consideration while registering.

It is the name that can make or destroy your online presence. And that is why it requires professional guidance.

There are different things you need to be considered before you register a domain name. Some things are very easy and small, but some are risky. Even a small mistake may get converted into a big risk. Better to safeguard every small and big aspect right from the beginning.

So my readers just follow the entire page you will learn all the important perspectives about domain names and things that you must know before buying a domain name.
Top 15 Things Before Domain Name Registration | GoDaddy | BigRock | Namecheap
Tips for buying a domain name
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15 things to consider before purchasing a domain name.

Domain name is nothing but your brand name. If you must be very serious with the same, and start your research about every letter or word you are going to add to it right from the beginning.

Before you finally go for domain name registration, think twice as once you register your domain name, you won’t be able to change it.

Here are some important guidelines that you can consider before you register the domain name:

1. Choose the best domain name registrar.

Before you register your domain name, check whether the service provider has ICANN approval. Because you required to pick one of the best and authorized registrars on the internet for the long run.

There are n numbers of domain name service providers on the internet. These services allow registration of your domain name fast, but some of these providers are not an actual ICANN approved registrar.

In the future when you tend to change hosting providers, you may get prevented from the same. Even you may find it difficult to add advanced configuration that you may require in the future.

GoDaddy, Bigrock these are the leading and authorized domain name registrars. One more is Namecheap. These are the best websites where you can register a domain name. You will find it affordable and easy to sign up.

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2. Register the website for more than 3 years.

See, it’s your business and definitely, you are investing a bigger portion of your hardcore earned money in order to gain out of it. No doubt, your dream is to have a successful business for several decades to come. That is why it is most recommended to register the website or domain name not for just one year but at least for 3 to 5 years.

Registering domain name for more years will save you hassles of maintaining, & finding domain renewal offers for registering the same domain every year. Again, the cost of registration comes down if you register your domain for 3 to 5 years.

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3. Privacy protection is very important for your domain.

While domain name registration, you need to provide your official details including your address and contact number.

In order to protect your private information & necessary data of your website, prefer paying extra for additional privacy protection.

With the protection, the registrar will then hide important information about your website that you need not want to disclose in the public. This will prevent a high volume of spams, junk emails, phone calls, phishing attacks, or any other Internet fraud.

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4. Create a non-www domain name.

Creating non-www domain will cut down conflicts on redirects and reduce the page load time on direct traffic.

It is a valuable recommendation to do this since you can't guess which URL your visitor will be going to type in the browser.

It is a part of the choice that which type of URL you want to use as your canonical link, then decide for redirecting it to the other type to sub-domains.

5. Create a domain name that can relate to your business.

Well, it is always advised not to create a domain name that contains an SEO keyword.

But try to compose your domain name catchy, interesting and related to your business. Your domain name has to convey your business and its services.

Make it sure that it contains your business name. It should build trust, communicate the products and something inviting. Business domain names are simple to remember & understand.

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6. Shield your website with a strong password.

To protect your website from hackers, ensure your website is properly protected with a password.

When it comes generating a password, design it the most unique one. Also save it somewhere you will not lose.

There are possibilities that the password gets stolen and the hijacking of the domain. There are possibilities that your domain may get used wrongly.

Better to secure your key with a genuine, unique, strong password. You may also add mobile authentication for better protection.

7. HTTPs certification is very important.

The 'domain validation' is the most important thing nowadays. By obtaining an SSL certificate encryption or HTTPs security certificates, it becomes easier to employ different advantages. It helps to authenticate a secure connection between the customer and the server by the secure protocol HTTPS.

For this, you can approach your registrar and sometimes to the web host. Always see to it that you are building the website that accommodates SSL or TLS.

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8. Choose the best short domain.

Purchasing a new domain name is not that much a hard job until you start looking for something a bit special.

As you see a short domain name is best. Shorter URL can help you to have domain name easy and memorable, but too much shorter will lose traffic and so the customers.

You must search for one that closely related to the niche, or suitable for the personal and business activities,

Brandable, available, catchy, and single word domain names might be your best choice! Always try to create it short, pronounceable, easily spelled.

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9. Consider alternative options for your domain name.

The possibilities are there that your domain name might remain unavailable. In such cases, it is ideal to have alternative domains for your website. This will save you time and will help you to find a better domain name for your website.

If you unable to find or buy a domain name of your choice, you can go with alternatives. Try prefixes and suffixes for the domain name. Add a verb or extend your domain URL with brand-related words. Test with different abbreviations.

Add country extensions like .in, .uk or .us that will help you to target country-specific website traffic.

10. Design the domain name that relates to your business.

It is obvious that the domain name is the brand identity of the business.

It is extremely important to own a domain name that has a full connection with the business you deals in.

It is recommended to create a domain that can match your business name, product, service, and the industry.

11. Design the domain name that is easy to remember and spell.

Difficulty pronounced or hard to remember domain names can really hamper your online world.

Your domain should be easy to remember that can appear in the mind quickly. Also, easy spelled domain names are always trusted by the customers. Create a domain name in a simple, unique manner.

12. Avoid registering multiple domain names for a single site.

It is required to manage your initial expenses as a startup company. Having a single domain name for a single site is always recommended.

This is your initial phase and is necessary to put your budget limited at this early stage of building the online presence.

13. Always add the most popular extensions to your domain name.

Be very careful while adding the extensions. As you see, '.com' is the web’s most popular extension. This extension is used for commercial purposes like when the website deals with selling the products online. Whereas, the '.net' and '.org' are also some popular extensions that you can add to your domain name.

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14. Get your own UNIQUE domain name.

Copying a domain name can be the biggest mistake for a long run of business.

Before registering the domain name, it is thus important to check whether there is any similar domain name used by the competitor.

It is must that you should go with a unique domain name for your business.

15. Try best domain name generators.

Consider online assistance for creating a domain name. If you find it difficult to purchase a domain name for your website, you can ask help from online domain name generators.

There are n number of websites those can help you in creating a catchy, attractive, easy domain names.

Domain name generators will help you provide a better idea or suggestion for creating a domain name that describes your business.

Bottom Line
Domain name is the brand name of the business. It is the name designed for the online presence of the window. Surely, it needs to be very unique, attractive and catchy. It needs to be easy spelled and easy to remember. It is ideal to design a domain name that can help you create a brand for your business.

A domain name is considered as the business’s identity. And thus it is very important to consider several aspects before you register the one that comes suddenly to your mind. A small mistake of such type can prove worst in the future. It is thus ideal to go for the suggestions listed above before registering a domain name.

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