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We all know is one of the best video streaming websites & #3rd most popular website in the world. This is only because of its convenience to stream & deliver videos online quickly to all of us, but still, it's limited in the case of downloading those videos hassle-free. But no need to worry now, today we are going to demonstrate one of the best way to download youtube videos without using any YouTube video downloader app or website.
YouTube downloader online
People used to search, Is there a way to download YouTube videos fast? How to get YouTube downloader mp3 to download songs? How fast YouTube downloader free download videos from YT? Any working YouTube downloader for android? Best YouTube downloader HD instead of internet video downloader or YouTube video downloader for pc to download music mp3, mp4 files in 1080p or 4k resolutions. And so on...

This is one of the fastest free YouTube Downloader trick ever. At the end of the page, you are able to download youtube videos quickly in just 3 sec without any YouTube video downloader tool.

You can save YouTube videos as FLV files, MP4 files, MP3 files, iPod file, AVI file, and more. This method generates youtube video link downloader so that you can download directly YouTube videos fast without using any software.

You can download youtube videos HD or SD. And also to watch your favorite YouTube videos offline on your PC in mp4 formats. So stop searching about Recorder, Converter, YouTube downloader & YouTube to MP3 converter or how to download youtube videos as mp3. And learn here how to download & save YouTube videos in just 3 Seconds by the fast, minimalistic, easy to use & easy to understand method.
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WhatsApp is well known and popular for free online messaging service. And previously WhatsApp has introduced TICK feature in last year, focused on knowing the receiver has read that message or not. But people are still want to know more about spy on WhatsApp messages, how to find out who has read your WhatsApp group messages and how to monitor WhatsApp messages iPhone, see others WhatsApp messages or hacking WhatsApp messages.
Who Has Read Your WhatsApp Group Messages
Users used to search; do read receipts work on group messages? How do you know if a text message has been read? How to know who has read your WhatsApp group message on Android/iOS? The questions are still there, How to know who has been reading your WhatsApp group messages on iPhone/Android? Can you track WhatsApp messages? How can I tell if someone has read my message? What about the messages sent to the group? How to find who has read your message in a WhatsApp group?

Nevertheless, when you are added to one or more WhatsApp group conversations, it can be simple to track down the WhatsApp messages, and you cannot actually know who has read the message and who didn't.

Learn to track WhatsApp messages, know how to WhatsApp messages spying and how to know who has read WhatsApp group message. By using this WhatsApp trick about WhatsApp group messaging, this will let you know by showing you which members of the group have seen your message.
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E-commerce businesses are seated with several challenges and possibilities with the growing web. Competition from well-known retailers as well as startups can make for a dizzying range of challenges for e-commerce companies. If you want to earn more shoppers and pull attention, you want to ensure that your website is as useful and as customer-friendly as possible.
E-commerce Website Tips: —
Web developers used to search about to improve your e-commerce website; how to grow e-commerce sales? increase e-commerce traffic? how to boost e-commerce sales? how to improve online shopping website? how to increase sales e-commerce website? recommendation for e-commerce business? marketing strategy for eCommerce business? how to drive traffic to your online store? And so on...

Professional E-commerce, website design, and model play an essential role in building an efficient e-commerce business. It is, therefore, essential to learning the crucial elements of custom website layout to help you to design top quality e-commerce websites from scratch.

You need to keep in mind that, if your site is not that much engaging or better looking with easy navigation then you are going to lose your customer, and if your shoppers don't like your website, it will divert your sell to your competitors. Learn essential things that will boost your eCommerce online store to build a successful business.
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Success doesn't come out only with a lot of hard work & dedication, along with this it requires some smart work to stay alive in the competition. The same thing seems to happen with YouTubers. They upload a series of crazy, entertaining videos to make money vlogging on YouTube but unable to find themselves in YouTubes search rankings due to massive competition. As the study shows there are nearly 400-500 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube every minute. But the question is how to manage a youtube channel to get most out of your efforts.
TubeBuddy | The YouTube Certified Premier YouTube Channel Management Toolkit
People used to search; how do you manage YouTube channel? How to setup a youtube channel for business? How to manage your YouTube account settings? How to build the perfect YouTube channel? How to set up a YouTube channel? How to manage YouTube videos? What are the targeted keywords and how do YouTube channel keywords work? How to optimize and manage multiple youtube channels one account? How about increasing YouTube SEO? How to improve your YouTube search rankings? How to promote your YouTube channel? How to SEO optimize the corporate YouTube channel? How to rank your YouTube channel higher in YouTube search? YouTube SEO tags? How to optimise video for web? They are checking for top SEO tips for YouTube videos to rank higher in the search...

To answer all the questions, here today I'm going to share and introduce you YouTube tool which is officially certified by YouTube.

It's the Best tool for Video SEO to manage YouTube account. Many YouTubers find a big question mark in front of them since there are lots of competition, they don't even think about their survival. In such a cases, if YouTubers do some smart work on YouTube optimization by following some special techniques like optimizing video title, tags & description they can get themselves a good number of viewers and even more subscribers for their channel. And the only tool that can make it happen smartly and quickly is TubeBuddy; really it is a buddy for YouTubers. It's a best YouTube analytics app for mobile video optimization as well to check YouTube analytics in detail view & video manager on YouTube to customize & manage YouTube channel for better YouTube marketing strategy.
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The Google Chrome is the best browser if browsing speed is considered. If the surfing speed and browser performance are the main concerns for you then you must be interested for making the Google chrome faster to the maximum limit. I love Google Chrome browser but one of the issues is of consuming a lot of system RAM causing chrome crash & make me work slow. A slowdown in performance is one of the blame often labeled on the browser. But luckily Google have provided Chrome flags to fix crashing & optimize the Google Chrome for faster web browsing and it will improve your productivity.
Make Chrome 8x Faster
People used to search; how to increase browsing speed? How to make downloads faster? How to improve the speed of Google Chrome? How to get rid of Chrome keeps freezing quickly? How do you speed up Google Chrome using chrome flags? How to boost internet speed for faster surfing? How to fix Google Chrome not working? Why is google chrome so slow? How do you make my Google Chrome download faster? How to boost the speed of Google from the chrome to browse? How to optimize Google Chrome? How do you speed up your browser? How to fix Chrome browser getting sluggish at tabbed browsing? Ways to fix chrome freezing and to increase the speed for loading pages while surfing the net? How can you make your slow Web browser faster than before? And so on...

The slower web browsing is one of the common problems that many users getting irritated while visiting the websites on the net. And the sluggish web browser adds more to cause more trouble. With the factors of benchmark tests, better security measures & the ability of faster surfing speed, the Google chrome is at the top of best browser list, and it is the reason why Google Chrome is the best and most popular web browser available.

With most of the users, when they install and began to use chrome, it gives faster and smooth operations. But after few days, it gets started to slow down the browsing speed and even getting unresponsive and then going crashed invariably. Over the time Google chrome started providing sluggish performance and gets failed to achieve the fastest browsing speed possible. We know and appreciate the Google Chrome is the fastest web browser available on the market, but many of you notice that it’s often gets crashed by taking up too much RAM and slowing down the computer performance. Luckily with the optimization by implementing the better security measures and protocols, the Google chrome allows using simple flag modifications to improve the web browsing speed and making chrome blazing fast.

If you find your chrome browsers performing slower than it was, or its process has started using too much of RAM making your computer unresponsive or slow to perform, then you'll find this step-by-step tech guide to be extremely useful that can make your work done faster & ultimately make you productive. I’ll show you speed hacks on how you can make your Chrome run 200% faster, improve the performance and allows you browse the internet faster than before by reducing the amount of RAM usage by the browser.
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These are exciting & moving times. The technology has made new breakthroughs & tech trends, and we're fortunate to witness things that almost seemed impossible a couple of few years ago. Some time back, your children would rely entirely on their coaching staff to monitor their progress and fitness.
Wearable technology can change lives
People used to search; what is wearable technology? How wearable tech trends changing your life? How innovative wearable technology has improved your lives? What types of wearables making a better life? How are these wearable tech devices influencing our personal & professional life? How the future of wearable technology used to improve workplace productivity? How applications of wearable technology trend is transforming our digital life? And so on...

Sports training is getting smarter with wearable devices — Back in the day, injuries were a lot scarier than they are today. Concussions and broken bones have never been alien to professional athletes, but with technology now it's possible to measure the impact and analyze the condition of an athlete at a minimal cost and prevent major injuries.

Even the daily progress of our physical performance can be monitored using fitness trackers. Isn't it amazing that these tiny gadgets can monitor a range of other metrics like our heart rate, calories burnt, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, hydration, and the number of strokes made in the pool? There is a giant list of smart wearables in the making, so what we're seeing is just the beginning. This wearable technology Infographic shows how smart devices are benefiting the insurance industry.
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In previous tutorial we have seen some new ways in responsive web development & what does the mean of Responsive template for blogger and how to start with of.
How to make blogger template mobile friendly
Most of the bloggers are used to search; What is a responsive web design? Different blogger mobile template customize techniques? How to make blogger template responsive? How to make Blogspot theme layout as a responsive template? How can I make the blogger blog fully responsive & mobile-friendly to load faster? How to design blogger templates for mobile phones? How do you make your website mobile friendly? How to make my template responsive? What makes a web page responsive? Where to get mobile-friendly blogger template free? Responsive css blog and so on...

In short; Responsive = One Design for Multiple Screen - the responsive theme means the design which automatically adjusts itself with the width of screen-view or device resolution like for mobile, tablet, etc.

The responsive code is rarely used in case of bloggers since blogger cipher already comes with default templates for mobile visitors. But it's not that much smooth, flexible, fast & responsive blogger templates. That's why we are here to show you a step-by-step guide to designing mobile-friendly blogger templates.

Make your blog mobile responsive and improve your mobile traffic. Learn how to develop & design responsive blogger templates with CSS to convert theme into mobile-friendly HTML for BlogSpot blogs or blogger themes. So stop searching for FREE RESPONSIVE BLOGGER TEMPLATES and start making your own template more responsive that may help you improve your mobile search traffic and get higher CTR with a mobile-friendly user interface.
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Initially, I had decided to go to online store and click to buy new Windows or to buy home windows online. But after getting Windows news that Windows 10 is a FREE UPGRADE; I had upgraded to Windows 10 and started to update it automatically without using any windows installation tool. Inbuilt window downloader did all and I got new OS, and I am really thankful to Microsoft windows developer not only for free window installation but also for the free windows antivirus. But... but the things are not gone as it supposed to be.
Fix Windows Update errors
People used to search; How do you fix Windows Update? How do I restart Windows Update service when it gets stuck? Why does Windows Update hang? How to repair or reinstall Microsoft Windows updates in PC? How do you stop a Windows Update in Progress? How do you stop a Windows update? How do I force a Windows Update? How do I do Windows Update in Windows 10? How to resolve Windows update errors? And so on... Lots of Windows users have reported these errors. Normally these errors occur when you are trying to update the Windows system or to install Microsoft's latest updates for Windows programs. The best thing is that you can fix those errors easily. Check this page to fix all Windows update errors on windows 10,8.1,8 and 7 that'll help you finding and correcting most common update installation problems quickly.

I got stuck at Window bugs by showing Windows 10 Installation or Upgrade Failed Errors Code "0x80246008" or "0x80246007". There are various factors that may negatively affect the performance of the system services, that is why the Windows system may not receive the major updates for a long time. And so not most of the time, but sometimes the Windows Update failed to get, download, moreover, some are getting unable to install on your Windows computer even if you tried a couple of times. You get the message "Windows Update cannot currently check for updates because the service is not running."

If you are searching for; "Windows 10 couldn't be installed" Error code "80070005", I get error code "0x80070643", fixing Windows update error "0x80070057", update installation error: "0x80070643", windows updates failing "0x80246008", "0x80246008" win8, "0x800705b4", "80070003", "0x8024402f", "0x8024a105", windows update error code "800b0100", error code "8000ffff", code "80246007" windows 10, windows failed to install the following update with error "0x80246007" or windows error code "80070002" or how to fix Windows 10 update installation has failed then you are arrived at right page.

If you getting these windows updates errors during downloading Windows Update in Windows 10, then you must try following methods here to troubleshoot and fix it asap. This detailed tutorial will help you to check and solve the problem of Windows updates.

Learn how to fix Windows 10 update install errors and other similar errors.
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Have you noticed a slightly new look for certain search results in SERP, it's because of Google announced a new schema markup type for all the visitors that those can be able to search on site within the search results itself. It will make it easier for site visitors to visit the direct specific content on your site with the help of this "sitelinks search box".
Adding sitelinks search box schema for site/blog shown in Google search pages
Website owners used to search how do I get a search box to appear in my site's search results? What is the markup to get a search box shown alongside the site listing in Google search results? How Google to display a search box for your site search results? Any sitelinks search box WordPress code? And so on...

Google has already announced a sitelinks search box. And that is why most of the blogger, WordPress users, website developers are looking for how to display the search box in sitelinks of Google search results.

With lots of benefits are there in terms of SEO that making Google's job very easy in collecting site data to increase traffic. Many of you tried to add Google's sitelink box but still, the required google sitelinks search box not showing in their SERP. Here we are going to see how to implement Google's Sitelinks Search Box in Blogger or any website by using markup.

Here is a step-by-step guide to enable or get the sitelinks search box in SERP. It's one of the advanced blogging tips help you learn how to show Google's sitelinks search box for your any website or blogger blog and increase Google web traffic.
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You might see lots of errors or alert messages when you use iTunes to update/upgrade or downgrade or restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. There is another error like iPhone is disabled. The question I got; how to fix iTunes error 3194 can't/not restore, downgrade? There are various ways that can easily fix the error 3194/3600/9006 in iTunes while restoring/ updating your iPhone or iPad.
How To Fix All iTunes Errors on Windows/Mac:
The Apple users used to search; Why my iPhone is not updating? What is error 9006 when updating iPhone software? How can I reupdate my iPhone? Why cannot restore iPhone on iTunes? Why is my phone stuck on verifying update? How can I restore my iPhone without updating? How to solve error 3194 occurs during iOS downgrade? And so on...

If you experience with unknown errors in iTunes while you trying to restore or upgrade iOS system then this article is for you and it will let you answer how to resolve iTunes errors while restoring/ updating/ upgrading or downgrading iOS quickly. Actually, these errors mostly occur because of the glitches and bugs in developing the OS platforms and you stuck aimlessly while updating, restoring or downgrading iOS on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

So your iPhone could not be restored because of an unknown error occurred 3504/3600. If you are searching for iTunes error 3194/3600 downgrades then you are on the right page. The jailbreak tweaks triggered error while updating your old iOS or restore iOS. You may also get the "This device isn't eligible for the requested build" error message if you are trying to update or downgrade your idevice. Commonly, these errors have occurred due to an older version of operating system on the computer or not able to connect to the server or older drivers or hardware cable problem even you have updated iOS.

Here I've provided the common solutions & the easiest ways to fix iTunes errors. Learn to fix error 3194/3600 and resolve iOS update and restore errors in iTunes during iPhone restore & get more help to resolve with iOS update and restore errors. Troubleshoot 100% working method to solve all ITUNES ERROR on Mac or Windows.

This page will also help with iOS update and restore errors like iTunes Error 11, iTunes Error 21, iPhone Error 21, -1 iTunes restore, iTunes error -1 fix, what is iTunes error -39, iTunes unknown error (-1), iTunes error 3600, iTunes sync error -54.
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Learn simple but practical steps to Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority. To any website for its search ranking, the DOMAIN AUTHORITY (DA) is a comparative metric developed by Moz which indicates a score that predicts how much your site is likely to rank in Google's search result. That means it shows the potential of your site that is liable/able to get your site in Googles search results. Techniques to gain your blog authority & traffic of your website
Here we are going to discuss practical ways to increase domain authority for your site. It ranges from 0-100. Higher the score more chances of getting your site in search results plus greater chances to get more organic traffic on your site. Those days where the only PageRank was mattered to get listed on search result pages. But now with high competition and changing SEO algorithm, the domain authority becomes one of the important factor taken into consideration to calculate your search ranking. The domain authority is an output of several parts of your website and in order to improve your DA, you need to focus all the elements that Moz uses to determine your domain authority. The higher your online domain authority score, the more likely you're going to have higher rankings and so heavy organic traffic to your website.

The web publishers used to ask; What is Domain Authority in SEO & why it's important? How to increase domain authority of blog or website? How to increase DA and so organic traffic? How does Domain Authority impact SEO or PageRank? How does domain authority help to get recognized as a brand? Domain authority vs. page authority vs. brand authority? Effect of toxic backlinks on DA? How to increase page authority? And so on... To discuss all these questions and to improve DA fast, I've listed top, practical, and actionable tips to know everything considerably required for understanding the domain authority and its effect on your website ranking and the percentage of the growth of organic traffic per month. Not only for understanding the Domain Authority, check out ultimate guide to boost website's domain authority and get recognized.
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Now earn money using android. Here we are going to see top Indian money-earning apps, those special apps earn money by watching ads, earn money app referral code, money-earning apps on google play, top earn talktime apps, best apps to earn money for Amazon, updated apps to earn money online, other money-earning apps like PayTm and many more. Never pay for mobile balance from today onwards. Free Recharge | Free Talk time | Free Online Mobile Recharge — There are lots of people used to spend money to pay their bills or to get the recharge. But most of you Android users are not much aware that they can earn real cash and rewards by using mobile applications on your smartphone. Yeah, that's true.. you just need to install and do some really easy tasks like by Refer and Earn, downloading apps, surveys, playing the quiz, watching videos. There is no reason to search for free recharge apps for android, free recharge tricks, free recharge sites, free talk time offers, mobile balance, extra cashback, discount promo code on recharge, recharge coupons or recharge code generator, etc. As because today you're going to get the free mobile recharge, free Talktime, free Paytm cash, Freecharge promo codes, Snapdeal cash, Amazon Gift Voucher, Flipkart e-Gift Voucher & much more. Don't waste time on thinking because these are offers and don't know when they come to an end, and you seems just got up to try. There are lots of apps that not only give you a chance to earn yourself but also to make extra money in your free time with the apps listed below which will pay you to use them...
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Give your email address a pro and personal touch with your own custom domain name. Owning an email ID with your own domain shows you have a real business. Get a custom email name on your own domain, add it on your personal website or blogger blog and then get your online identity published as brand. Online businesses are looking more as a brand from their mailing solution. Having a custom email name & personalized email IDs are necessary for online success. Set Up an Email Account that Uses Your Domain Name FOR FREE
People used to search; how to make my own email domain free for a website? How do I get a custom email address? How to get free domain email address for the blog? How do I get a business email address for free? Where to get free email domain hosting for small business? How do you get a free email address? How to get a custom email ID? How to make my own email domain for better branding? How can I create my own domain name for free? And so on...

The custom email may seem like a small part of your business but in the larger branding scenario, but it’s too much influential. A few years ago, the "Google apps" is used for creating FREE domain specific business email addresses, but now they have stopped their free service and you required to pay ($5/month) fees for custom domain email IDs. But luckily we have few other best options to create a free business email address for your own domain as a free email account. Stop searching for best free email server hosting or email hosting services and you can easily get a professional email address using your domain FREE; like [email protected]

The custom email address shows that how much you have taken your business seriously and in what length you’ve built a real business. Show the world you mean business and create an email account. It's really easy to set up your professional email ID by your own name with custom domain email host. You will not be able to get a custom email name without a domain of your own. First, buy the most suitable domain name for your business blog or website and then find you a good custom email name for that domain. Instead to buy domain name email address; learn how to create a company email domain free with your own web address with one the best domain name registration service. It's an ad-free business email Hosting with a clean, minimalist interface. With this guide about email hosting solution, you can create and manage an unlimited number of personalized custom email addresses based on your own domain.
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The PAGE LOADING is one of the major factors in case if you want to improve PageRank & increase domain authority fast. Yeah, off-course, the content is also important for any page, but what if? when it is taking too much time to load to display, the reader will not wait and eventually will switch to another site. This slow page loading affects your page-views and so the PageRank. The quick and effective solution is CLOUDFLARE, but how to configure your website DNS for CloudFlare and how get rid of slow page loading? Let's start. How to install Cloudflare & speedup your website
People used to search; Can I use Cloudflare with a Blogger .com custom domain? How to make your Blogger blog faster with content delivery networks? What is Cloudflare? How cloudflare works? What is CDN and how to integrate into Blogspot? What are the benefits of the content delivery network? How to boost page rendering by CDN performance? How to install FREE CDN on WordPress/Blogger? Why you required a CDN for your Blogger/WordPress Blog? How setting up a CDN make the website loading faster quickly? How to quickly setup CloudFlare free CDN service on your website? And so on...

If you are interested in an easy way to optimize your site's Speed and improve the security on your WordPress website, then using the free CDN service by CloudFlare is the best option to install. With the recent Google updates; not only the page loading but also HTTPS will be counted as a ranking factor from now. So, CDN will help you to improve higher google ranking in search results. There are lots of ways to improve page loading of a website, but one of the best is by using CDN [Content Delivery Network].

CDN improves your page load speed, reduce bounce rate, and security [HTTPS]. Moreover, CloudFlare provides caching the content up to 100MB per day with the free plan. For security purpose, it helps to protect the website against DDoS attacks & with the DNS lookup as an extra layer of security to decide which visitors will get a challenge & determine how long that restricted visitor with bad IP reputation is granted access to your site after passing a challenge. You can not only speeding up your WordPress with PageSpeed Service by this Free CloudFlare CDN plugins but also able to install HTTPS on your custom domain name. That will cause your visitor to love your site and that'll convert them from visitor to regular reader of your pages.

You can use CloudFlare with any custom Wordpress or Blogger domain to decreases the server load automatically; you just have the full control over managing it's DNS settings. The CloudFlare optimizes your website by minifying JavaScripts, CSS & HTML, and in case your server goes offline for website maintenance, it delivers the cached version of web pages of your site.

This page describes a step-by-step Cloudflare setup tutorial to create an account & setting up CloudFlare with Your Website and adding your custom domain successfully. So stop searching how do I set up CloudFlare’s free CDN for WordPress or BlogSpot sites? Learn more about adding DNS records for your domain in CloudFlare CDN service & get to know how to use CDN for blogger blog or any website to improve the user experience.
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More Real Simple Syndication RSS feeds subscribers means more popularity. More popularity means more organic traffic. By using RSS feeds, you can easily publish your site content to your readers. One of the fastest growing methods for enhancing a website traffic is to submit your RSS feed to the top ranked RSS feed directories and RSS search engines. Get the collection of free high page rank RSS feed submission websites list to promote and make your RSS feeds more popular by submitting your feed link to RSS directories. These high PR sites are required to drive huge traffic to your blog or website and especially if you are a new blogger. Still you can find some high PR directories over the Internet, but here we provide top high PR 8 - PR 4 RSS Feed Directory Submission site list so you can submit your blog RSS Feed easily. Learn how to increase site traffic and page rank by RSS feed that you can submit RSS feeds to syndicate your website or blog content.
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As you are come to see this page, that means you obviously facing one of the common Android errors while downloading or updating apps on your Android device. No worries; we are here again, learn how to get solved and be ready for future issues mostly happened with App Store. The 'play store app down' is one of the major error in play store in addition to it there are lots of errors have also existed. Fix Common Google Play Store Error 2018
People used to search; Why does it say server error on Google Play? How do I reinstall Google Play store? Why is my google play store not working? Why does the Google Play store keep crashing? How to fix play store not downloading apps? play store error retrieving information from server failed? What is error code 491? Fixing Google play store server error codes? can't download apps from play store? Why does your phone say "Unfortunately Google Play store has stopped"? How do you reset Google Play store app? And so on...

Have these some of the most common Google Play Store errors ever faced by you? Anyhow, we've all seen these Google Play Store problems in many times. You might experience an error that contains random numbers when you download or update android apps from the Google Play store. Here you're going to learn, how to fix google play services has stopped, Google play store server error, No Connection - Retry error message, Google Play Store Error 963, Error 491, Error 18, Error 495, Error 103, play store not downloading apps, 'insufficient storage available' error message, or error retrieving information from the server, error downloading, authentication error, insufficient storage error, check your connection and try again error, Google play store has stopped. Learn how to fix common Google play store app error codes 491, 413, 495, 941, 921, 924, 923, 926, 961, 963, 504, -506, 693, 919, DF-BPA_09, Df-Dferh-01 & Error -24. Google play store is nothing but the online market website to download and installs various apps for user requirements. After upgrading to Nougat you can't download apps from play store and also all other Google related services are not connecting to the WiFi home network. Most of the times, it shows download pending in play store while downloading or updating the app. Whereas, the next problem is that Google play services won't update as it is "not compatible with the version" even by resetting all Google apps to their factor default version as a fix.

For the Google play mobile application download is easy but these Google play service app download errors like play store stop working, are generally caused with many of us in several times, that when you are going to try to download or update the application on the Android devices. The result is only a cryptic error message having some random numbers from Google play store. It's not only disturbing you but make the panic situation. Here's the list of most common playstore errors and their solutions you can follow when the Google play store app doesn't work for you.
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After updating new OS, Android phones getting screen flicking problems with the display. Do you have an idea about why this flickering occurs? Yeah, I know, and that's why you are here. Don't worry, it's not a PROBLEM neither with your phone nor OS. When the screen is on low brightness, browsing through web pages causes the screen to flicker. Fix Android Phone Screen Keeps Flashing - With the new release of Android 4.2 Jellybean or KitKat 4.4 or Lollypop 5.0* Marshmallow 6.0* or even custom firmware CM10* including ROM & TeamEOS 4; everyone is getting this problem where the screen starts flickering. The device screen would irregularly fluctuate between being bright – blurry – unclear – dim and this occurs more in a low light location. It's incredibly annoying. So stop searching for Android screen flickering, or display flickering problem and learn how to fix constant screen flickering, flashing, jittering backlight error on screen display after updating Android ROM.
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Your play store app down and it seems you are facing the error: "Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped", that is why you are here on this page... If you do, here we have few simple things you can try to resolve the issue related to Android developer service. Now I used to get the Android errors when some of the apps have stopped working, and meanwhile, I get this error messages showing that "unfortunately google play services has stopped" and later this, the error began popping up more and more repeatedly. Solved Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped - How do I fix my Google Play services? How do I fix the Play Store? How do I turn on Google Play services? Why does Google Play store stop working? How do you reset Google Play store? I get that popup message about every minute. If you too getting the same error message, then there is no reason to get panic. Everything is not lost yet. Even though the problem from Google framework services that showing an error message when you downloading apps, or the problem came when at the Play Store app is not opening, we always have working tutorials with proper solutions. Here's what you can do when the Google Play Store doesn't work for you. Till now we have seen lots of most common Google Play Services issues and their working solutions. It's not that much hard but surely you will get out of this play store error messages. With the latest google play services updates from the Android, most the users still getting the problem of google play services has stopped unexpectedly. Selecting "System updates" will cause this error again and again. Learn how to fix & solve Unfortunately Google Play Services Has stopped message continually popping up on the screen. And check out to fix unfortunately google play services has stopped Samsung, Lollipop, CM13, CyanogenMod, Mi4i
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So it seems your mobile device is also missing the voice input button on the standard keyboard. Recently I was using the Google keyboard app on my S6 and most of the time with the help of microphone; for typing, I used to use voice-to-text input button from this Android keyboard settings. Fix Missing Microphone Button on Android/Samsung Keyboard - How do I get the microphone back on my keyboard? How do you turn on Google Voice typing? Where is the microphone on my Samsung keyboard? How do I get my microphone back on my phone? Recently Google Keyboard updated to ver. 3.2+; and what I found is the voice input key in Google Keyboard has been disappeared. Most of the times, we like to input the text by dictating the words on the microphone with the help of Android keyboard. But what if the microphone icon has been gone? No worries. There is a solution to bring it back again to serve you, so stop searching for voice input key, android keyboard missing microphone, voice input key missing Google keyboard or Google voice typing missing. There are several voice input apps in Play Store but learn how to fix missing microphone voice-to-text input button comes with standard Android keyboard.
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How to view Full and original size of privacy protected unclickable current profile pic of Facebook [FB] users. Well, it is really interesting that you are so much eager to know HOW TO do this... LOL. It's not a huge task neither needs any kind of software trick to do. You don't need to know programming nor hacking as well. It's really simple as like you surf on any browser, indeed! Unlock facebook private profile pictures
People used to search; how to see locked photos on facebook? How to view private facebook pictures without being a friend? How to view facebook profile picture full size? How to see locked albums on facebook? Any facebook profile unlocker v.5.0 free download, facebook profile picture hack online solution, tricks to full-size facebook profile picture, how to see pictures on facebook without being friends? How to check view hidden profile picture in enlarge view on Facebook? And so on...

Facebook is the most popular and largest social networking site. Facebook has many features according to various users. where you can create business pages, personal groups and even use as normal FB profile to be connected with your friends. Facebook allows adding a profile picture to all your personal details. Privacy settings on Facebook allow their users to hide/lock their profile pictures and other photos from public or any targeted people. A locked profile picture indicates to a one which cannot be seen in enlarged view. Users are not allowed to comment on it as the privacy applied by the user who doesn’t want to share a high-resolution pic in public. Because all of these features of Facebook the privacy maintenance becomes a big issue requiring huge efforts in implementing best protection to the users. The security experts and the application hackers exposed security vulnerability on the Facebook that allowed anyone to view locked Facebook private profile photos on by following simple tricks. Some of the small bugs & other privacy issues continually remain the same. Due to these security issues are directly accessed from the database, it becomes hard to secure those security bugs for the Facebook users.

As the Facebook uses the common type of URLs for the photos, that cause anyone to track down the public URL of pictorial view of locked profile photo. And just by altering some parts of URL entities you can easily view the locked picture in enlarged form.

If you are searching about Facebook profile picture hack - a trick to view private profile pic of any Facebook user or How to open or view locked Facebook profile pictures, how to make facebook profile picture full size? how to see Facebook profile picture in full-size? How to get a full-size image of a Facebook profile picture? New ways to hack your Facebook profile photo? Then you are on the right page to learn to View full size private/locked Facebook profile picture of anyone.

Even this trick also used to view a blocked Facebook profile pictures tagged by others. Check bonus Facebook trick.

Note: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Do not misuse it!
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