Enable TraceMonkey JavaScript Engine in Firefox To Speed up Browsing

The question is that How to Enable TraceMonkey JavaScript Engine in Firefox to Speed Up Web Browsing Response Time?
TraceMonkey JavaScript Engine in Firefox
There is another good improvement known as TraceMonkey that is worth to be mentioned here. Most softwares we run in computer are already compiled in binary codes in order to make the programs execute faster. However, JavaScript usually is interpreted line-by-line during its execution causes longer time to respond.

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I've been hearing a lot about Firefox innovative and upgraded JavaScript engine entitled TraceMonkey. This new scripting engine expects to make JavaScript up to speed with natively compiled code rather than be stuck in the slow lane like other rendered coding languages.

But does TraceMonkey boosts internet speed? Let's check out.
TraceMonkey JavaScript Engine
TraceMonkey JavaScript Engine
TraceMonkey JavaScript Engine
TraceMonkey or known as just-in-time(JIT) compiler, is designed to only concentrate on translating selected high-priority portion of software. It finds loop of repeated activity where program often spend lot of time, then compile into native instructions the computer can understand, eventually improves the web browsing performance significantly.

Although TraceMonkey is off in Firefox 3.1 by default as it is not entirely bug-free, but you can turn this feature ON to have a try and to make web browsing faster by changing the value in the configuration settings with only a few simple steps.
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TraceMonkey JavaScript Engine in Firefox TraceMonkey is one of the best tricks to speed up firefox surfing that makes the new Firefox much quicker.

Unfortunately, by default, the beta version has this feature is deactivated. By switching the value of a few configuration settings, you can immediately enable TraceMonkey and experience its speedy behavior.

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Enable TraceMonkey JavaScript Engine in Firefox

The modern engine, which is called TraceMonkey, gives unique JavaScript performance. The benchmarks reveal that TraceMonkey is clearly quicker than Google's V8. Mozilla determines that the optimization techniques used in TraceMonkey have the power to open even more performance boosts while surfing the web. So follow the steps to make Firefox faster quickly.

Follow below steps to enable TraceMonkey in Firefox:
  1. Launch Firefox browser.

  2. In the location bar, type “about:config” then press enter.

  3. A warning page “This might void your warranty!” will be displayed. Click “I’II be careful, I promise!” button to proceed.

  4. In the Filter textbox, type “JavaScript.options.jit.chrome”.

  5. Double click JavaScript.options.jit.chrome under 'Preference Name' to change the value from 'false' to 'TRUE'.

Bottom Line
Like other benchmarks, I tested TraceMonkey on a variety of websites that I normally visit and discovered there to be a large performance improvement to be achieved from TraceMonkey. Websites such as Gmail signified quickly responsive, much faster than what I usually see from them even while using the latest Firefox versions.

TraceMonkey allows a much faster and smoother internet experience.

Hopefully this will help you to enable TraceMonkey and eventually make your net surfing a more pleasurable with this improvement.

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