6 Ways Making Firefox 10x Faster than Chrome by Config File| Increase Firefox Speed

Is your Firefox is slow - How to make it faster? Is Google Chrome better than Firefox? Firefox or Chrome, which one is faster? How to make Firefox run like chrome? Or if you are looking for how to speed up Mozilla Firefox quickly - then you are on right page. Here is All In One [AIO] trick about how to improve Firefox performance for all types of versions of Firefox quantum, to make it super fast than before by any other pipelining firefox trick.
Make firefox load pages faster
Many users used to search; How can I increase the speed of Mozilla Firefox? How can I speed up my Mozilla Firefox? How to increase firefox download speed? What is firefox pipelining? How do I make Firefox Quantum run faster? Does fasterfox works better? And so on...

With more than 22+ million users, the Mozilla Firefox is one of the top internet browsers in the World.

If you have been using Firefox for a long period of time, then you may have seen that it was getting slower as time passed. There are easy ways to make Firefox load pages faster. This is the ultimate guide to making Firefox faster than ever for faster web browsing. This is totally Tested OK boost to speed up Firefox about:config, and proved on all the versions of Firefox.

This booster not only make the Firefox speedy but also it retains RAM memory used that makes it more stabilized. These are very easy & powerful ways to speed up the Mozilla Firefox browser. Learn how to boost Firefox speed & how to speed up Firefox web browsing with the boost slow browser speed. Firefox is also the best web browsers for Android phones.

Anyways, if your Firefox very slow running out or Firefox keeps freezing then check out new tested and updated tricks and tips for Firefox to fix mozilla firefox slow loading pages & how to make pages load faster while you browsing on the same internet.
Make Firefox Faster
Make Firefox Faster
Most of us thinking about chrome vs safari and the Mozilla for iOS is also available, in-fact the safari browser reviews are good, but the Firefox is one of the best rated browser in browser comparison.

The best feature is firefox firewall and it makes Firefox more secure compared with others. Last time I have published that you may be interested to read; 28 Steps How To Make Google Chrome 8x Faster (100% Working) | How Chrome Flags Speedup Browsing

Benefits of fixes if your Firefox slows down by pipelining method

This is an ultimate guide that will cover all the proper and effective steps you need to follow to make Firefox run faster if your browser browsing slow.
  • This method provides the booster to the Firefox workflow.
  • Improves the loading of Web Pages.
  • Removes the heavy load on Firefox.
  • Reduce memory requirement by using minimum part of RAM.
To get all these benefits, you have to just follow these steps properly. [I said PROPERLY!!!].

6 Best Ways To Make Firefox Faster

Before reading all the following steps first you have to back up the setting as well as the profile of the Firefox. In case you don't know how to back up the Firefox, just read this topic: Backup/Restore Firefox: Simplest Method Ever.

These are best tips and tricks to speed up Mozilla Firefox & to have faster-browsing experience. But before starting;

You need to open 'Configuration Tab' in Firefox:
  1. Open Firefox and type in address bar: about:config & press enter.

  2. Now the Firefox shows the warning as:
    Firefox shows the warning: This might void your warranty
    Firefox shows the warning: This might void your warranty
  3. Click on "I'll be careful, I promise".

1. Speed up Firefox by browser history.

In the new address bar, means in tab window in front of filter;
Type: browser.sessionhistory.max_entries
Speed up Firefox by browser history
Speed up Firefox by browser history
You will see:
  • status: default
  • Type: Integer
  • Value: 50
This means that the browser keeps the history up to 50 URLs. You have to change it to a minimum value. For this double click on it. This will opens a new pop-up message with value 50, now change 50 to 10. This will reduce the load to browser

2: Make Firefox load the pages faster.

  • Now right-click on white space below the address bar in tab, go to New >> Integer >> enter 'Preference' name as nglayout.initialpaint.delay
  • Press OK and enter the value 0.
Now onwards the page will show as soon as it gets downloaded.

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3: Double Your Internet Browsing Speed by Defining Small Amount of Memory to Firefox

a. Similarly type: browser.cache.memory.enable in same address bar in tab.
And set the value to TRUE.(Most of the time it is False)

b. Now right click on white space below the address bar in tab, go to new >> Integer >> enter preference name as browser.cache.memory.capacity, press OK.
Now put the value according to following table:
128MB 2048
256MB 4096
512MB 8192
1GB+ 12288

This will make Firefox ridiculously 8X faster.

4: Boost Firefox by enabling its new HTTP cache: Set the Cache Capacity

Generally, the Firefox wants more RAM to work as well as for cache purpose, and we have to reduce this usage of extra memory for caching the data.
  • Type browser.cache.disk.capacity
  • You will notice that; the value: 102400 (or something like this)
  • Change it to 4096.
You must know; [Fix] Make Computer Run 10x Faster By Using Virtual Memory | RAM Optimization

5: Regain Memory when Firefox is not in action

Why the memory is to be kept for the Firefox when it minimizes state. To avoid this overflow of memory for Firefox;
  • Right-click on white space below the address bar in a tab.
  • Go to New >> Boolean >> enter preference name as config.trim_on_minimize, press OK.
  • And set the value to TRUE.
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6: Stop Prefetching

  • Now type network.prefetch-next.
  • You will see that its value is set to True.
  • Change this to FALSE (only double click on it).

Bottom Line
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What you learnt today? 6 Hacks to make Firefox ridiculously faster: Speed up Mozilla Firefox than Google Chrome. Make pages load faster while you are browsing on Firefox.

After making the changes according to these all steps, restart the Firefox. And then you will see the boost in the speed as well as the stability of the Firefox along with the memory improvement.

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