[FIX] Stop Desktop Screen/Monitor Flickering, Blinking Error in Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC [2018]

After installing the Microsoft Windows developer updates, my windows getting screen flickering problems with the display. And the quick questions I was asking myself - Do you have an idea about this screen flickering issue with the monitor of a laptop in windows PC? Why this LCD screen flickering and how to stop an LCD monitor from Flickering or flashing? And after the solution I got, I just realized that I needed to know about the troubleshooting the Refresh Rate. Let me clarify you. Troubleshoot PC/laptop LCD/LED Screen Flickering in Windows — Fix Laptop Screen Flickering/Blinking - Don't worry, troubleshoot screen flickering in Windows is much easy and quick. It's has been proved that - it is not a problem neither with your updated operating system nor your CRT or LCD monitor hardware. After troubleshooting the laptop screen keeps flickering issue, it's seen that — outdated display drivers, incorrect display settings for monitor refresh rate & incompatible apps are the basic reasons for screen flickering in windows. Not only in Windows, but Macbook Pro screen flicker problem also exists in some cases. Learn how to reduce, eliminate & fix laptop screen flickering, flashing, shaking error in simple steps.
Fix Display Screen Flickering Error in Windows
Fix Display Screen Flickering Error in Windows
In the previous article, we have seen the same tutorial about How to fix display flickering error for Android phones and today we are going to see the same issue but in windows so the solution is also somewhat different than that of Android. One of the readers commented that "how to fix dell laptop screen flicker? My PC display flickering and blinking, it's very irritating". Learn how to get rid of this on screen display flickering error in windows.

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Why the screen flickering continuously and why it's quickly required to fixed

And this error extends to Windows laptop screen — affecting to our eyes terribly. There are three prominent reasons behind why laptop screen keeps flickering that — 1. display drivers, 2. incompatible apps & 3. monitor refresh rate. We really need to focus on how to fix laptop screen flashing and repeatedly blinking, since it becomes difficult for the eyes to see & focus on the screen and that points to get eye strain & headaches; furthermore, this consistent blinking will cause the pupil to tighten and constrict, which results in a bigger eye range to focus [Vision Disorder] as you are spending lots of time in-front of computer.

[Solved] Laptop Screen Keeps Flickering

The issue is got to related to the resolution, we need to change the frequency. Basically horizontal flickering lines when the screen flickers caused by vibrations on the screen and people started to belive that their computer system becomes OLD or elcecticity signal is not proper or graphic drivers are not updated. And I think, that might be true upto some extend, but those are not the practicle reasons. Here we are not only remove screen flickering but also going to reduce backgroud vibrations called as screen shaking. Before starting to fix screen flickering error, make sure you are using the latest driver for graphics card for your LCD monitor.

Luckily, there are few steps you need to follow to stop the screen flickering and to avoid these problems.

Step 1. Click on Start

Step 2. Go to Control Panel >> Appearance and Personalization

Step 3. Open Display and click "Change display settings"

Step 4. You will get "Screen Resolution" Window which showing 'Change the appearance of your display'

Step 5. Click on "Advanced settings" and small window pop out.

Step 6. Go to "Monitor" tab

Step 7. Now change "Screen refresh rate" to higher value. Set it as per your monitor settings to remove screen flicker.

Step 8. Close all opened windows and check screen behavior, this should fix laptop screen keeps flickering error ever.

Hope this solution has applied to fix your screen flickering error. If you know any better way to solve screen flickering, then you may share it via the comment section shown below. I would glad to add it directly to this page.

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