Best 20 Blogging Communities To Promote That’ll Generate Huge Traffic To Your Website // Build Website Traffic 2017

If you are new to blogging then driving quality traffic to a quality content or your business website is not at all an easy task. It is harder for the newbies to this world of blogging to improve traffic stats for any website. The newbies have to depend on other referral traffic sources for generating traffic to the website to make its first impression in this blogging world. Best Blogging Communities for Building Your Blog Audience - There are several ways available to build website traffic. To increase online marketing traffic, Guest blogging, blog commenting are the most popular techniques used by the regular & professional bloggers. But if you want some quality referral traffic, it is essential to focus on joining blogging communities where all the blogger meet. These communities can help you stand better in the world of the internet without much effort. Google itself is the most famous blogging community. But there are chances of getting penalized by Google. In such cases, it becomes challenging for the blogger to survive especially for those who are new to this world, and then those tend to buy targeted traffic to a website. Here I would like to introduce few but best blogging communities to promote your content and drive free traffic to your site. It is one of the best ways to get more traffic to your website. With the help of several other blogging communities, it is possible to continue to build own blogging era in the blogging world. These Blogging Communities serve social networks for the bloggers from all around the world. Here the blogger can meet and interact with other bloggers. They can engage more readers and can drive a good amount of traffic for their content. Here today we are going to discuss; how to get more views on blogger? Know about free blog traffic generator, how to increase blog traffic WordPress? How to get traffic to blog for free? How do you get more readers for your blog? How to increase blog traffic for free? how to increase blog traffic fast? how to build traffic to your website? And a list of best blog communities to promote and drive traffic to blog for FREE. Let's check out what are those quality blogging communities that drive quality traffic to your quality blog posts.
Blogging Communities To Promote Drive Increase Free Traffic to Your Website
Blogging Communities To Promote Drive Increase Free Traffic to Your Website
Last time we have saw; Don’t Add Dynamic Meta Tags [SEO] - Advanced Tutorial and today here I am going to discuss best and working blogging communities that will help you to build website traffic and provides you lots of opportunities to promote and not only drive huge audience but more subscribers for your blog.

Top 20 Blogging Communities That Can Bring Huge Traffic To Your Blog

Blogging Community Fees Link
1. IndiBlogger Free Visit
2. Medium Free Visit
3. BizSugar Free Visit
4. Inbound Free Visit
5. Klinkk Free Visit
6. Blokube £9.99/Month Visit
7. Kingged Free Visit
8. Triberr Free Visit
9. BlogEngage £4.99/Month Visit
10. DoSplash Free Visit
11. StackStreet Free Visit
12. Google+ Free Visit
13. LinkedIn Groups Free Visit
14. TheWritersSocial Free Visit
15. Free Visit
16. ManageWP Free Visit
17. Blog Catalog Free Visit
18. BlogHer Free Visit
19. Bloglovin Free Visit
20. BlogAdda Free Visit

Get targeted web traffic - There are hundreds of blogging communities. Only a few of them serve best for the bloggers. Here is the list of some trustworthy blogging communities where you can find good exposure. These can serve you great social platforms to enjoy blogging experience. You can enjoy higher ranks, engaged traffic and brand building opportunities with the help of these blogging communities.

You must know; On-Page SEO Checklist That’ll Rank You TOP in SERP How to drive traffic to your e-commerce website? - The new e-commerce bloggers can find these blogging communities like a helping hand. They serve great support to the newbie bloggers making them stand in the competitive blogging world. Let us list out the best blogging communities those can help all type of bloggers from newbies to pro members.

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Build Website Traffic - These blogging communities are the social sharing, & networking sites for all type of bloggers and professional writers with a focus on social media marketing tips, & provides content marketing help for quality bloggers. These community websites provide all the bloggers a platform to share their recent blog posts, new videos, infographics, and photos then give opportunities to promote their contents on other social sites. All other members of the same community can also view and upvote on the submissions from other members to make higher networking connections. Ultimately all they build website traffic.

Here are some best blogging communities where a blogger can enjoy positive rewards from visitors:

1. IndiBlogger - Indian Blogger Community

IndiBlogger - Indian Blogger Community
This blogging community serves thousands of bloggers for FREE. Especially designed for Indian bloggers; the IndiBlogger can be a great place for Indian bloggers. Here it is possible to get engaged with community members and have up-votes for the blog posts. Getting approval from IndiBlogger is very hard. It accepts only original and appealing content.

2. Medium - Read, write and share

Medium - Read, write and share
This is a blogging community created by Twitter. This community serves an additional way to get connected with creative writers and like-minded industry professionals. This can be an excellent solution for sharing content and build a new network of followers and fans.

3. BizSugar - Small Business News & Network

BizSugar - Small Business News & Network
This is one more community that ships a large number of community members to your site. It's also a FREE community to join. Here you can post your blog, guest post; comment and can drive a good amount of traffic. Submit your business news, marketing tips, recent blog posts and updated information with BizSugar's community of active business owners & administrators, and those will vote and promote your content you shared.

4. - Smartest Marketing Community Online - Smartest Marketing Community Online
This is one more blogging community for the newbie bloggers. If you are interested in Internet marketing and want to see more about the blogging industry, you may have listened Inbound.Org; this platform serves significantly to the bloggers to get engagement and drive traffic to their content. It also FREE & accepts the vote for the submitted posts.

5. Klinkk - Submit, Vote & Get Promoted

Klinkk - Submit, Vote & Get Promoted
Get quality traffic & build new connections for your blog. Though Klinkk is a newer blogging community, it is getting popular rapidly. Here the blogger can share the latest posts for FREE and get up-votes. It also facilitates commenting and getting engage with the members.

6. Blokube - Blogging community & Social Media Network

Blokube -  Blogging community & Social Media Network
It's like BlogEngage. It's NOT FREE. This is the blogging community founded by young blogger. It lets you to share the post links. The blogger can upvote links that he or she like the most. This platform facilitates displaying the article or blog on the homepage of the site provided the post gets maximum up-votes.

7. Kingged - Internet Marketing Social Networking Site

Kingged - Internet Marketing Social Networking Site
Kingged has gain relatively good popularity in recent years. It is one more option available for bloggers. Here the community members are very engaging and helpful. The most amazing feature of this community is, it offers an excellent monetary reward for commenting on other kingged blog posts.

8. Triberr - An Influencer Marketing Platform

Triberr - An Influencer Marketing Platform
Here in the blogging community, you can meet with many top bloggers. You can share your opinion and thoughts with them. Triberr, the blogging community is really a great place to have engaged traffic for the blog and website.

9. BlogEngage - Blogging Community and Social Network

BlogEngage - Blogging Community and Social Network
This is one of the premium blogging communities (Not FREE). It has a huge number of members. Blog Engage provides you for submitting your blog posts that will be reconsidered by the community members and will be promoted by visitors to its front page. This serves a great platform to get engaged with bloggers and like-minded people.

10. DoSplash - Targeted Traffic For Your Website And Business Blog

DoSplash - Targeted Traffic For Your Website And Business Blog
This blogging community is growing quickly. It's FREE to use. Submit your blog posts to the community, get your content likes, promoted and draw more engagement on your site. It lets the bloggers interact with other bloggers. Here blogger can comment, Up-vote post and can drive a good amount of targeted traffic for the blog post.

11. StackStreet - New Professional Network

StackStreet - New Professional Network
It's like Medium and free to join. StackStreet is a by-application-only blogging community. It offers a clean interface, focused audience, curated contributors and new network of fans. Here you can contribute beautiful profiles and can build your audience.

12. Google+ Communities

Google plus Communities
This is Google’s community and is ideal for building millions of audience. It facilitates sharing the post within the community. It lets the followers get connected with you easily just by sharing the blog URL. The community facilitates quick sharing of the content with other community members and builds the relationships.

13. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups
The LinkedIn group puts your shared blog content in front of the fellow professionals. This is one of the highly respected social platforms for the bloggers to share their content. You will not only get best reviewers but also get connected to very professional members. Best community to build professional relationships.

14. - VP Marketing & Sales - VP Marketing & Sales
This serves a great platform for the bloggers to learn from other bloggers. At the same time, it serves a great platform for promoting the blog post. This is the most social platform the newbie writers can enjoy blogging. (Update March'17: Opening the new accounts is stopped now)

15. - Social Lists - Social Lists
If you share the content on you can experience a great result. It is a great platform to share your content. This platform serves a great community of fans and followers.

16. ManageWP - Manage WordPress Sites

ManageWP - Manage WordPress Sites
ManageWP is one more community which is specially designed for WordPress users. This community enables the user to share their posts freely and vote on the content. The bloggers whose articles are based on WordPress, the ManageWP can serve a great platform.

17. Blog Catalog - All Blogs in One Place

Blog Catalog - All Blogs in One Place
This platform serves a great place for the bloggers those can create unique content. The community allows its members to submit the blog posts by RSS feed as well and create their unique personal profile. It also facilitates communicating with other bloggers.

18. BlogHer - by women online

BlogHer - by women online
This is one more platform that facilitates free blogging and sharing the content. It's the Web's advance model to the hottest news and trends amongst women in social media. Here especially women bloggers can communicate with other bloggers and can find a high amount of traffic for their posts.

19. Bloglovin - Follow & Discover Your Favorite Blogs

Bloglovin - Follow & Discover Your Favorite Blogs
This is a new blogging community which is growing very fast. It is designed for serious bloggers where they can find the target audience for their blog post.

20. BlogAdda - Directory of Popular Indian Bloggers

BlogAdda - Directory of Popular Indian Bloggers
This is one more Indian blogging community. It is one of the best blogging communities. Many bloggers especially Indian bloggers use it for getting followers and fans for their unique contents.

Promoting websites or blog content can be now very easy. There are several ways & platforms available to promote your blog posts. Apart from common names, there are much more in the blogging community. Joining different blogging communities can be a great way to find high exposure. It can facilitate reaching the target audience and getting traffic for the posts in the most incredible way.

There are several blogging communities. But some of them can offer significant exposure. So, if you want to remain active blogger and wants to build a brand authority, it is ideal to go with different blogging communities and share your blog post there. You will be pleased with the high amount of traffic for your blog post.

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