Pre-Post Checklist of 15 Things To Do BEFORE PUBLISHING A New Blog Post

Before publishing your next post, there are a few things you must consider before hitting the publish button. Know a list of useful things you should do before publishing a blog post. It will help you make it error-free to drive more visibility and to reach a maximum audience. Presenting 'Before Publishing' Guide - a must-have page for every blogger as a routine to follow while publishing new articles. To be honest the list consists of endless things to check from keyword research and then go on to writing a perfect quality blog post. So be careful what to do before you publish any blog post. Your job’s not completed once you wrote your post. If you want to give it the best chance you can, do these 15 things before you click publish. Blogging work is far less about writing pages than many newbie bloggers think. Find out how professional bloggers have some sort of checklist to use before publishing their blog posts. Here sharing my 15-point blog post checklist that you should follow before posting your page on the website. Just make sure it’s optimized to give you the best results while posting a new page. Simply follow our 15-step checklist before you hit the publish button and even after you launch your blog post there are some things that you need to do to make sure that you get as much online visibility of your blog posts as possible. Here are 15 things you surely require to perform BEFORE you publish a blog post. Having that said here’s the pre-posting checklist that I use before publishing a new post.. Continue reading...

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And the question; how to publish a blog on the internet that'll increase blog's traffic; you have done with writing quality content for all of your readers and going to publish a new blog post on your website, but wait... wait and check some important blog post checklist before publishing a blog post.
Things to do before publishing a blog post
Blogger and online publishers used to search; what to do before publishing a blog post? How new posts up on the blog to drive traffic? Important things to do before hitting the publish button? Checklist before publishing a new blog post on the website, blog, or online article? And so on...

You are learning from how to create a blog, how to share your writings and how to make money blogging. But as like the IT task management people, you also need to manage all your tasks carefully ahead to publishing the articles online. And I'm sure, this article definitely helps you to complete the necessary checks just similar to the project task management software. Since you are managing your business blog sites, and unlike the SEO plugins works for the organic search engines, this blog post checklist will improve the method to build websites SEO strategy.

These are the top 15 marketing steps to take BEFORE you publish a new article. No need to remember all the things, just bookmark this page as a Blog Post Checklist - you can then able to open it and follow every check for your new blog post BEFORE you hit the PUBLISH button.

This page will work just like a blog post editing service that will not only help you to improve PageRank but also to drive massive targeted & organic traffic to your website.
Things To Consider Before Publishing Blog Post
Things To Consider Before Publishing Blog Post
Last time we have seen; On-Page SEO Checklist - Most IMP Factors That’ll Rank You TOP in SERP | Website Optimization. Search engine optimization is most important just like a published article on writing or developing a blog. Therefore, follow this SEO checklist that includes 15 items you need to consider before publishing new blog posts.

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15 To-Dos Before Publishing New Blog Post

Wait before pressing PUBLISH button, check your posts with the following most important things that will determine your article will be useful enough & truly great:

1. Check post titles.

Your post title should be catchy, attractive, beautiful, sticky and proper enough irresistible headline to convert your visitor to readers.

For make you more easy, you can check here; Top 10 Best Free Blog Post Title Generators To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website

2. Proper permalink or permanent links.

Your first 3 words of the link are the key points that decide post position in SERP.

For better understandings, you also like to know; Top 5 Features of High-Quality Backlinks That’ll Rank Your Website on the 1st Page of Google

3. Have you added high paying keywords?

Don't forget to add high paying CPC keywords as well as search related long tail keywords that will help you to bring more organic traffic.

You must check out; 9 Tips on How To Perform Keyword Research & Analysis For SEO To Drive Search Traffic | Beginners Guide

4. Check spellings.

Keep an eye on spellings. Regular spellcheck, grammar and content formatting are most important for the better online reputation.

No long paragraphs and no short length content posts - keep these points in your mind.

Recently I have published a separate on writing blog pages; Top 10 Tips For Writing A Successful Blog Post For Bloggers

5. Add images with ALT tag, description, caption.

Don't forget to add the required attributes to featured images & links as well. Also, you need to add the caption for indexing your images.

For better understandings you need to follow; Top 15 SEO Image Optimization Tips for Search Engine Traffic

6. Add internal links or external links.

Whenever there is a need you need to add inbound/internal links, this will surely help for better page views. Make sure all links are working properly. You can set external links to open in a new tab in SEO point of view.

You must aware about; Top 9 Best Link Building Tools for Better SEO | Improve Your Search Rankings

7. Add DOFOLLOW tags to internal links.

Don't forget to add DOFOLLOW tags for internal links.

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8. Add NOFOLLOW tags to external links.

Don't forget to add NOFOLLOW tags for external links.

9. Add categories, tags, labels.

Your post should be categorised with proper tags or labels for better navigation of new readers. This will improve user experience and so page views.

Do you know; List of Google “Stop Words” To Avoid // PRO SEO TIPS

10. Add search META description.

You need to add proper and convincing meta description which will bring the user that searching on Google to directly on your page.

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11. Proper H1, H2 tag, and bold, italic phrases.

Use heading and sub-heading from <H1> to <H3> tags to break the contents wisely. This will help search engine to prioritise your title, links to determine your content properly. Whenever you need use bold and italic phrases to get more attention to those keywords that describe the subject of the post. This will help to improve readability & SEO in On-Page web Optimization.

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12. Add jump-link.

Insert jump link properly since most of the template not support auto link.

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13. If required, add AD codes.

In some cases, plugins help to place ads in content automatically, but it works only when we placed ad codes properly into the content.

Beware; Top 15 Biggest Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

14. Add LOCATION to the post.

If you are driving traffic from country targeting audience then you need to add proper location to each post.

To know more about country targetting I have a separate article; Drive Geo-targeted Website Traffic To Increase Domain Authority & Adsense Earnings | Build Website Traffic

15. Add 'Call For Comment' (CTA).

Call to action (CTA) - Last but not least, after each post you need to add some lines at the bottom of the post that will encourage readers to comment and call your regular readers to post their reviews via comments. This will improve user engagement on your site.

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Bottom Line
This is a quick checklist and I must say you need to consider these things before publishing new blog posts. If anything I have missed out, or if you want to add something to this list, you can share it via comments, I would like to add it directly to this list.

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