HTML Meta Tags - Generate Meta Keywords That Improves Search Engine Ranking [PageRank]

Are you looking for "what is a meta tag" or how to create meta tags for SEO? How should I use meta keywords in a website? What is meta data SEO? do tags help SEO? This is one of the ultimate guides to know much about SEO and meta keywords with meta tags samples & SEO meta description examples. The "Google keywords" - What are these HTML Meta tags and all about??? Let's see how to generate meta tags for blogger and how meta description is important to build PageRank. Meta Tags Improves PageRank - After reading this article you will get to know about what are Google tags affects SEO? How to define metadata for the post? Know the details about SEO description of each page, how to write meta elements for each blog post in blogger or WordPress and how to improve PageRank by qualifying SEO purposes by generating meta elements. In simple words, meta keywords (also treated as Google keywords) are the descriptive keywords or list of keywords written in HTML or XML code and are specially used for providing the fundamental short information called as SEO description about the structured description of the site page. So it is also treated as "HTML keywords" Specifically, every blogger used to define metadata & SEO description in the section of each page. The SEO site description & metadata SEO is represented by the combination of post content, labels (say keywords), the title of the post and some portion or say a short abstract of the post. There are lots of varieties of meta keywords including DC Dublin Core meta tags, Twitter meta tags. Such meta-information is most important factor for any website to get higher search ranking in SERP. For those who asking "should I use meta keywords in a website" my straight answer is YES, you must use the SEO Meta tags and search description while publishing a new post.
Improve Search Engine Ranking [PageRank] by Generating HTML META TAGS
Improve Search Engine Ranking [PageRank]
Last time we have seen, 16 Ways To Quickly Improve SEO Ranking [2016] That’ll Generate Huge Traffic To Your Website and today we are going to see all about how to increase SEO to define metadata, SEO description for getting higher Google ranking.

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What is Meta Data SEO: Learn Meta Elements & SEO Description

Do tags help SEO? For every blog post, the Meta elements are used to describe the contents of that page in a short description, and hence it will help search engine to know easily the actual and accurate information of that particular page. If you have noticed while you searching something on Google search, it will not only show you those keywords you searching about but also the link, title and some description which also consists the key words you were searching about. This is only because of SEO meta description.

It's only because we define meta elements and that SEO descripton for each page so the Google search engine will index our page as quick as possible. Moreover, these, meta tags & SEO page also helps the engine to find some part of post, which causes the more traffic to your post directly from any search engine.

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How To Define Meta Keywords

Should I use meta keywords? Lots of bloggers are eager to use [automated] dynamic meta tags in their blog, but in reality it doesn't make any sense rather it work in opposite to what we thought for. Check out to get more detailed on Best SEO Tip: Don't Add Dynamic Meta Tags that will hurt SERP.

Before go further, one point should be noted that, whenever you go to write the meta keywords, make sure that the description should be actual high-quality descriptive content according to the page description. Since the meta information is significant, don't make redundant data (repetitive data) for getting promoted into search engines. Always try to provide correct information, which accurately describe the particular page about which the meta tag is being built. And ultimately, these SEO title description keywords help you to rank higher in Google search results.

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Meta Keywords & SEO Meta Description Examples

1. Go to your template HTML editor.
2. And ‘Expand Widgets Templates’ to see full source code of your HTML.
3. Find:
<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
If this line not found, find <head> and paste the following genarated meta tag exactly below <head>
4. Consider the following lines:

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;YOUR-SITE-URL&quot;'>
<META CONTENT='Select All to crawl contents easily' NAME='Robots'/>

5. In above code pattern you have to Just change the colored lines with your data.

Detail explanation with example:
(All fields are required for working meta tag)
YOUR-SITE-URL (Enter the URL of the blog post with http://)
Example :
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;//;'>

YOUR-TITLE (Maximum 100 Characters)
Example :
<TITLE>ProBlogBooster - For Bloggers, By ProBloggers</TITLE>

YOUR-DESCRIPTION (Maximum 250 Characters)
Example :
<META CONTENT='ProBlogBooster publishes software tips, blogging tips, how-to guides, SEO, making money online, affiliate marketing, mobile app reviews and tutorials.' NAME='Description'/>

YOUR-STE-OR-POST-KEYWORDS (Maximum 15 keywords separated by comma)
Example :
<META CONTENT='Blogging, SEO, Howto, Technology, Android, Tips, Money, Review, Software, Internet, Windows, Facebook, Firefox, Gmail, Google, Security, Blogger, Networking, Mobile, Adobe' NAME='Keywords'/>

AUTHOR-NAME-OF-SITE-OR-BLOG (Author of the post)
Example :
<META CONTENT='Vinayak' NAME='Author'/>

YOUR-CONTENT-LANGUAGE (Language of the post description)
Example :
<META CONTENT='English' NAME='Language'/>

Robots (Select All to crawl contents easily)
Example :
<META CONTENT='All' NAME='Robots'/>

At the end, add </b:if> (Must)

Finally, the meta tags sample will look like as shown below :

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;//;'>
<TITLE>ProBlogBooster - For Bloggers, By ProBloggers</TITLE>
<META CONTENT='ProBlogBooster publishes software tips, blogging tips, how-to guides, SEO, making money online, affiliate marketing, mobile app reviews and tutorials.' NAME='Description'/>
<META CONTENT='Blogging, SEO, Howto, Technology, Android, Tips, Money, Review, Software, Internet, Windows, Facebook, Firefox, Gmail, Google, Security, Blogger, Networking, Mobile, Adobe' NAME='Keywords'/>
<META CONTENT='Vinayak' NAME='Author'/>
<META CONTENT='English' NAME='Language'/>
<META CONTENT='All' NAME='Robots'/>

(this sample is of ProBlogBooster)
Building the meta keywords for the particular post or site is a very easy part, but in case the blog or site contains so much of posts or pages then it will become more lengthy work to do.

So I have made a tool to build a perfect meta tag for your blog or site:

Online META Tag Generator from URL For Website - Free SEO Tool

NOTE: Once you add this meta tag to your pages, it may take some time for changes to appear in the index and for crawling entire website.

Bottom Line:
The meta keywords are really helpful to bring more traffic to your site within a shorter period of time & gets much improved PageRank.

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