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Google search algorithms and signals are a very complex system and Google constantly changes, improves its ranking algorithms to provide the best search results by tine tweaks to modification of SERP. They impact your SEO and web content. Some getting a sudden drop in organic search traffic and experiencing a decrease in search rankings. Including bloggers, marketers, and SEO experts want to know how to recover the lost search traffic & SEO ranking inside a detailed list of Google search ranking algorithm updates and fixes.
Google broad core algorithm update rolling out June
Many websites and especially bloggers facing a dramatic drop in search traffic especially after the Google Core Algorithm updates rolling out in 1st August. Some websites helped from the Google search algorithm update, others noticed big drops in their organic traffic. No need to worry, it's not about you are guilty or your site has blacklisted. Check what Google has announced and what are the important SEO factors that Google focusing & expecting more from the website/blog.

Webmasters are used to knowing; What's new in Google algorithm updates? What you need to know in Google Panda updates? What is a Google broad core search algorithm update? Who got hurt, Who benefited, who dropped out, and what you can learn? What is meant by the broad core algorithm update on Google search results?

Google released a ‘broad core algorithm’ update or you can say 'Medic Update' announced and started working from 1st Aug, and now its fully rolled out globally. After the month it is seen that Google is focusing more on fulfilling the visitor's satisfaction. After the fully rolling out of the updates from Aug, the search traffic suddenly goes down for many of the bloggers, moreover, some bloggers are facing 50% to 80% traffic drops and their search rankings. The updates are not targeting the low-quality content websites, even more, there is nothing wrong to fix any in the website who are getting low traffic and lose search rankings.

Getting a sudden drop in search traffic, a continuously decreasing the search rankings, are the most important issues occurring after the Aug, and that is why many bloggers want to know more about this Google core broad search algorithm update.

One of my readers was asking, that he was able to drive much organic traffic from Google engine but after the 1st week of Aug. especially after Google algorithm updates, his traffic goes down and now he wanted to know about how to fix the site and how to recover lost traffic and Google rankings?

Here on this page, I'm going to talk about, why Google updates its algorithm? What Google brings new in this Core Search Google Algorithm update? Not only these, but I'm also focusing to find out how to recover the lost search traffic & SEO ranking. On this page, I'll describe in detail to figure out everything to fix why websites lose search traffic and how to restore it fast. Check out facts & fixes in Google Broad Core Search Algorithm Updates to fix a sudden drop in website traffic.
Fixing sudden drop in organic website traffic
Fixing sudden drop in organic website traffic
In the previous page, I was talking about Adsense optimization and suggesting you read it later;

What's New in Google Core Algorithm Update?

There is no proper notification nor definite information in detail about the guidelines declared in the Google algorithm updates especially from the Google officials; instead, there are only communications on Twitter. Therefore, there is no precise data about the solutions you could find on the internet. But some SEO experts are there to analyze everything and find out the actual key updates, updated in the Google's search updates and then web developers are able to find the fix & further solutions. And because of this, I'm posting late about recent Google panda updates.

Google has announced search guidelines and now completely deploys the latest algorithm update which is already started working from the first week of the month. Now after fully rolled out, we can discuss the things updated in the algorithm guidelines, and able to find the solutions for the affected website. This is the 3rd Google updated this year, where many website builders and bloggers facing the traffic drops. Some sites are getting more search traffic where are some have lost their search rankings. It is like the same update as compared to the regular updates usually announced from Google, but this time, many blog website facing low traffic that goes up to 50% drop.

PAGE SPEED: Google is much interested in user satisfaction who tends to search. Google brings the new algorithm updates so that the search engine results pages (SERP) tend to answer the queries properly and able to direct towards the suitable pages. And it is the reason, why Google focus on website speed more. They have seen that the users are more engaged with the website having faster loading time.

AMP: After every updated rolling out, the SERP looks good and works more effectively in searcher point of view. Previously Google announced Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) because the users are not only getting faster results but more satisfied.

Who hurt after Google Core Search Algorithm Update?

After some quick research, the SEO experts have able to find some important factors required for every website now. Accordingly, I also noticed some essential things updated in the search results.

Initially, I just wanted to test such websites whose traffic goes down after the core updates announced globally. It took much time to investigate but I got the following;

5 things because of which Google penalizes your website and its rankings:
  • Website Speed
  • Quality Content
  • Targeted Keywords
  • Internal Linking
  • Mobile-friendly design

Note that, these 5 reasons are based on my research and not defined or announced by Google or any. I am sure, because of the failure of fulfilling these factors many of your gettings affected by the recent core updates.

Those blogs having these 5 issues are failed to get Google's attention and so failing to drive organic traffic, whereas the websites which are following these factors are getting higher positions in search results and able to drive more traffic.

How to recover the traffic affected by the Google Core Search Algorithm Update?

The officials are already responded on Twitter that if you feel that your website is penalized by the Google algorithm and if you don't know what to do, then you don't need to do any. It means the updates are not about the content but QUALITY.

Furthermore, I would like to say, if you know the solutions to fix then you don't need to be calm & quiet rather I would encourage you to start working immediately to restore the lost search traffic now.

And recovering the search ranking is simple, you just need to fix the issues because of which your search rank goes down. And those issues are already mentioned above that you need to fix ASAP.

Fixing the SEO factors to recover lost traffic and search rankings:

1. Website Speed

Website Speed
Website Speed
Website loading time is the most important factor considered in calculating the search ranking. It is very must important that your website required very little time to load else you will not able to get the higher positions in search results even if you have great content on the site.

Earlier, those quality sites had a better ranking even they having poor loading time, but now its changed after last year Google Panda updates. Now with the quality content, it is also equally important to focus on site loading speed. Your website loading time will now decide your search ranking.

To check the current performance of your website you must check; Top 10 Free Tools For Checking Website Speed And Performance Optimization // Web Page Speed Test

Here you must test your website loading time and try to load your website under two seconds. Google like the website which has loading time less than 2 sec.

Google is more tends to deliver great service to its searcher. In this 'Broad Core Algorithm Updates' by Google, it has given more weight to the website speed to get better user experience. It is somewhat difficult to archive the balance between the best design and working features along with the faster loading time, but if you want to rank higher you must know how to speed up your website loading.

The following articles will help you to get the fast loading time for your blog or website

2. Quality Content

Quality Content
Quality Content
In this world of online information, the content is the king, and whose website has the greater content, his search ranking is that much higher in the search results.

Every search engine including Google wants to provide the required but quality information to each searcher. And if you have unique, helpful, clear, and updated original information on your site/blog then the search engine love to crawl your every page and will list them at the top of search results. Just writing 'SEO friendly content' only is not the quality content you writing but the information which has great user engagement able to drive better organic traffic.

Whatever you write on your blog or website, you must have unique and original information. You must share complete information, up to the mark; the points you have posted must be clear and should be easily understood.

If you regularly posted such articles with high-quality content then it will not only reduce the bounce rate but improve the average time spent by any visitors on your website. And such websites get the first preference from the Google search crawler.

The following pages will help you build the quality pages on your website or blog:

You must know; 101 SEO Tips and Tricks For Ranking Higher in Google Search Results - Top SEO Tips

3. Targeted Keywords

Targeted Keywords
Targeted Keywords
Not just high paying but the targetted keywords are one of the most important factors in your SEO strategy. You can pick the most relevant keywords after the strong keywords research & analysis. I also used to add the most relevant keywords before writing any articles on the Problogbooster.

Many online publishers use the SEO keyword tools to generate the best but high paying keywords, but after the Google core algorithm updates, many of them are now thinking twice before placing the targeted words into their new pages.

The keyword research is one of the most essential parts for making site SEO friendly, and has two sections;
  • Short tail keywords: These are the short words or phrases that carry one or two words. These are the commonly used keywords in writing the SEO friendly pages.
  • Long tail keywords: These are the most trending words; they mostly added to the content as long sentences so that the search engine able to know the topic of the page to index it quickly.

You can practice the free keyword suggestion tools like Keyword Planner by Google for generating targeted keywords to amplify your SEO efforts.

I used to insert short as well as the long-tail keywords in most of the blog pages. I like the Google keywords planner to decide the best-targeted keywords. It is one of the best keyword research tools in the market. I suggest you know more about the organic keyword research as it is the most valuable element that you required to focus as a professional blogger.

The following page will help you to know better about the targetted keywords and importance of keyword research:

4. Internal Linking

Internal Linking
Internal Linking
Publishing only quality content is not enough, internal linking and external linking is also that much essential.

I know, you already inserting internal links into your articles, but it is the time you required to take extra efforts to remove bad links and increase internal linking. This will definitely improve your search rank.

Now you need to remove those dead links and useless external links from your website and only keep the valuable links. Moreover, you required to NOFOLLOW the unknown links especially those you don't believe or not related to your page.

First, you need to find the broken links with or without any tool and remove them right now. And for internal linking, you need to do it manually from the HTML body. I confirm this technique that after the Google algorithm update, I have doubled the traffic to my website.

For better understanding, you need to check;

5. Mobile-friendly Design

Mobile-friendly Design
Mobile-friendly Design
After the recent updates from the last 3 years in the Google algorithm, mobile first-indexing become the most essential factor for ranking and it is officially announced by the Google. Those websites not following the guidelines and don't have a mobile version or mobile-friendly responsive design are failing to drive search traffic and are affected because of search ranking drop.

Mobile traffic is surpassing the desktop traffic. More than 55% of traffic is coming from mobile devices and if you want to get that mobile traffic you need to build your website mobile-friendly as soon as possible. Even if you previously have a mobile responsive design, it may not be accepted as a mobile-friendly template by Google, and this can impact on how your website is ranked in search results.

The following pages help you to build your mobile-friendly template for your website:

As I answered above, Google announced there is nothing you required to do since there is no particular solution. But Furthermore, Google has been advising that you can stay updated and work on developing your content, improving the site reputation, build reliable content, make better user experience and eventually, the next update may lead to your website or blog better ranking.

if you fix these 5 issues on your website, your lost traffic and search ranking will be recovered quickly. It will not produce immediate results, but it will take time to recover everything.

Google doesn't tell everything in details about the algorithm updates, but after some research, you can able to know the important things you need to follow and accordingly change in your website.

That much SEO strategy you must know as a professional blogger to recover from the Google penalty and if you are not that much able to fix it, then you can get help from any professional blogger or SEO expert to recover the traffic & rankings.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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